Guests must be with the Member in the same unit or stand areas always. O. Carts MUST be returned to the designated cart paths as they approach “white posts” on each side of the fairway approximately 30 yards in front of the greens and the top of the hill on the 6th fairway. All play begins on hole #1 unless otherwise designated by the Golf Shop. The obligation of enforcing these Rules lies primarily in the hands of a carefully trained staff whose principal responsibility is to assure members of all the courtesies, comforts and services to which they are entitled. 21 If anything arises which is not provided for in these rules, the same should be laid before the committee who shall have full power to act in the matter, their decision shall be final and binding. * Cut-offs, tee-shirts and halter tops are not acceptable on the course or in the Clubhouse at any time. Golf carts must be driven on paths where indicated. a. Days may be waived and a $25.00 fee paid in lieu of, pending member's physical limitations only. Staked or white wrapped trees that interfere with a swing allow a free drop with no penalty according to USGA rules. VI. -Members shall abide by the Rules and Regulations set out and stated by the Proprietor and Management of the Club. The board or member will make a proposal. E. If the member is planning to use a climbing stand; the member will indicate that on the sign-in sheet and state the unit where they will be hunting. A Seasonal Member shall have NO VOTING privileges in any matters coming before the membership. Alcoholic beverages may only be purchased from the bar, Golf Shop or at the Halfway House by members or guests of members. Please return golf carts to area designated by the sign at Golf Shop. Without all paperwork completely filled out, the member will not be permitted to hunt. To arrange for an unaccompanied guest to use the golf course, the sponsoring member must notify the golf professional at least 24 hours in advance of the guest’s visit, preferably in writing and be responsible for any and all charges and fees incured by that guest. 2. A. The Clubhouse is also available for private group dining, parties, and weddings. The Treasurer will acknowledge the amount for the receipt or dues by email to the club member, cc'ing the president and vice president within 24 hours. H. Anyone hunting with a high powered rifle must be in an elevated position. The Associate Member will be limited to 3 hunts each year. The Rules Department is able to assist you with rule amendments, whether by way of a complete amendment of the club’s rulebook or a partial amendment of its rules. By-Laws The President will have rights to cast a deciding vote in the case of a tie. G. Hunters who use a climbing tree stand, any form of hang-on stands, a build ladder stand that was not store purchased and meets safety standards, a ladder stand that has no sides such as a gun rest, or a built elevated wood stand (other than a free-standing box stand) MUST use a safety harness at all times. If a youth is just tagging along, then the member will draw as usual and have no preference. Pro Shop: 570.525.3460 Office: 570.525.3475, © 2019 Eagles Mere Country Club | Designed by, Per Dan’s email to Steve Ryan In October 2020, {{current_weather.dt | momentjs( )}}. The JPM Associate Members are considered members in good standing with the R.O.A Hunt club but have no voting rights and do not need to attend the Annual Business Meeting. 1. Annual dues and fees for all classes of Membership are set by the Board of Directors. A missed and unscheduled workday (within the criteria defined above) will result in a fine of $100.00 per workday missed. H. Hunters may hunt another members stand or blind, provided they have properly signed out that hunt unit. These will be immediately reported to the Grounds Coordinator. Gates are to be locked at all times unless in use by the farmer. CLASS IV LIMITED MEMBERSHIP Junior Players: Junior play is highly encouraged and the Golf Shop may assign starting times as available, with limited restrictions on junior qualifications. Also, Single Members who have been a member for 15 consecutive years will receive a $200 discount on annual dues and a $200 discount on the annual food minimum. Current Club Rules may be found on the Club’s website. Upon turning age 35 (as of November 1st) a Junior Social Member shall become a Class II Social Member upon paying the Class II Social Member initiation fee (with credit given for any initiation fees paid before the Junior Social Member turns 35). and every applicant/member shall keep The Club, Club Management, its Directors, Managers, employees, officers and representatives and its joint venture, associates and affiliates however connected with the … SLIP/VESSEL SIZE RESTRICTIONS. C. JMP members are required to have a current decal on their vehicle while on the club properties. * Hats must be worn facing forward. f. There are no restrictions on guest hunting small predators or small game. A. Per Dan’s email to Steve Ryan In October 2020 This is a one-time membership. 7. All carts must be returned by 8:00 p.m. or dusk, whichever occurs earlier. B. JPM Associate Member must be in the same stand with the parent or guardian, to ensure safety and to provide educational opportunity during the hunt, unless the JPM Associate Member has proven they have passed the NC Hunters Education Course or equivalent from another state and has reached the minimum age of 14. It will be the sole responsibility of the member who made the purchase, to turn in a copy of all receipts to the Club Treasurer alone and retain the original for their records. 5. O. … The Board of Directors will be made up of a minimum of 4 Directors as follows: 1. C. All Monetary fines will be at the Board’s discretion and will vary depending on the level of the transgression but will not exceed a maximum of $350.00. A member joining under this classification shall be entitled to enjoy full membership privileges for the current fiscal year and shall pay all standard dues, fees and food minimums associated with either a Social or Full/Golfing membership, as applicable. For specifics please contact the Business Office. 1. All dues are required on or before March 1st. Club rules and regulations have evolved over the years and are written to protect everyone’s safety and enjoyment of the Club. Read More, 1:00 pm Denim blue jeans are not acceptable on the course, but tasteful denim that is not overly worn, baggy or torn is permitted in the Clubhouse. Court times may be reserved up to two weeks in advance. If that is not possible, all grievances will be brought before the Broad for intervention and resolution. To uphold these expectations, members and guests are encouraged to act in a manner consistent with good taste. Q. A. Conduct of Guest should be in line with the Club Tradition / Ethos. CLASS I VOTING MEMBERSHIP *From Memorial Day Weekend until the end of Labor Day Weekend, sport jackets are required for men ages 21 and older in the dining room on Saturdays after 6pm. 3. Only Class I Members shall be entitled to purchase club stock and vote in club matters. 3. All items bought for the club, with the consent of the Board, will require a copy of the original receipt for full reimbursement or credit towards money's owed to the club. Stands should not be made of wood (except tower stands and shooting houses), but permanent wood stands may be built in some circumstances with the consent of the Grounds Coordinator. J. D. If more than one member is present at sign in, then they may draw for sign in order. Members will take into consideration the natural flow of the land and units. Each employee member and the member’s family (including children under the age of 23) shall have unlimited use of all club facilities. Read More, Eagles Mere Country Club Once a member decides to leave the club, the $25.00 deposit will be returned to them, once they have returned the keys, decals, and membership cards the club has provided them. Guests must hunt the same hunt unit or stand areas as the member, unless a consensus is agreed upon that AM or PM, by hunter’s present. Parking areas will be designated at the hunt club on the MAP. General Purpose– The purpose of these guest privilege rules is to fairly allow our members to share their club with guests, while at the same time ensuring that regular users of the club should be or become members. Players wishing to utilize blue flags must request these privileges to the Golf Committee Chair each year in writing. 3. The Club may amend these Rules and Regulations from time to time as it determines appropriate in its sole discretion. All members are encouraged try to log in and out on the FB Club page as an added safety benefit. Safety when placing Stand and blind is essential. The use of ATV vehicles are permitted under the following conditions; (Courtesy to fellow hunters should always be considered), 1. C. The hunting grounds (woods and fields), club area, and parking areas will be required to be maintained clean and all trash must be removed. a. Children 6 or older, accompanied by an adult member playing golf, are permitted on golf carts as a rider only. Care needs to be taken to minimize the destruction of property, making ruts, and disruption to other hunters and game. The ROA Club will purchase feeders, cameras, mineral blocks and food attractants, and other supplies needed as the budget allows and place them in strategic locations around the property. Members will receive a monthly calendar of events prior to the beginning of each month the club is in operation. Failure to follow these rules and regulations are terms for disciplinary actions as detailed in Article 8. E. The R.O.A Hunt Club, its members and the Board of Directors assume no responsibility for any associate member that gets hurt in any sponsored activity on the club property. Associate Members (Age 19+) (Meeting the Associate Member Requirements). C. Associate members are the sole responsibility of the Club Member. B. (This is to include all spent cartridges and spent shells.). D. All members will be required to be in compliance with the club by having all paperwork completed. All approved updates and changes to the rules will be posted on the website for all too see. D. A quorum of 66% of the greater membership must be able to attend the meeting, for the meeting to take place. Read More, 10:30 am G. All Members and/or guests must wear an orange hat and vest, visible from all sides, when on club grounds during the deer muzzle-loader or gun season with the following exceptions: 2: At the club house or sign-in locations; 3: When in an elevated hunting stand or blind, only a blaze orange hat is required. All members will be provided a rule book and/or have access to the online version of the rules on the website and will be required to read all the rules and regulations. We have a challenging 18 hole golf course in the picturesque Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania. This is to include property neighboring ours, that is under B.C. The associate member shall harvest only 1 deer per year. F. All disciplinary action that is cause for revocation of membership will be presented to the member in a written form. 1. CLASS VI SEASONAL MEMBERSHIP 6. The current Club Rules are posted on the Club website. A. RULES AND REGULATIONS. All Guests are to be scheduled through the office of the Vice President, prior to being allowed to hunt. Clubhouse (Reservations) 525-3475 ext.2, Toll free(866) 525-3242 Practice Range: The Range is open during in-season months from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm daily except for maintenance purposes when the Range closes at 4:30 pm on Tuesday and opens 9:00 am Wednesday. The Rules Department deals with the preparation and assists with the registration of rules with the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) and the printing of the same. These rules are subject to change at any time and without prior notice. All annual dues or deposits are required once members are accepted. E. Board members may be re-elected for the same or a different position once their term is up. 8. d) Consider amendments to rules and regulation e) To lay own policies f) To consider applications for admission to membership g) To consider any other business brought forward. I. * All men’s golf shirts must have a collar or mock collar and be tucked in at all times. Fitness and Recreation – Laura Besecker, Committee Chair During severe weather conditions the Practice Range may be marked closed. All disciplinary action and fines will be determined by Board of Directors as described in Article 8. Clubhouse, Dining Room, Beverage Service and Tennis Courts Guests: A. Please no Wi-Fi or other device usage in the dining room. All members and guests (and non-members, when applicable) must comply with the Club Rules when using the Club or attending any Club activity. C. JPM Associate Members that meet the requirements above, can then hunt a different zone as their parent or legal guardian, but must be in radio, cellular or verbal communication with their parent or legal guardian until the age of 18. Violations: Violators of rules and etiquette will be contacted and steps will be taken to correct the violations. There are no restrictions on barrel length or caliber. An individual or family may apply to be a Provisional Social Member or a Provisional Full/Golfing Member. The President will not pay any annual dues, in appreciation for their contributions of running the club. Nine hole players playing the “inside nine” are permitted to cut in alternately on hole #16 on weekdays, unless that weekday is a holiday or there is tournament play. c. Guests are limited to harvesting 1 antler-less deer during the deer season. 7. Article of association 2018. CLASS V BUSINESS MEMBERSHIP See Exemption in "B" below. The Golf Shop and golf committee will be monitoring pace of play, as directed by the board of directors. Read More, 1:00 pm I. These rules are set by the committee and have been set in place so that the club can operate effectively through the year and the clubhouses, the property, the tracks remain in the best condition and are maintained, and that the grounds are safe for members and visitors alike. All members and their guests shall be governed by the Club’s rules and regulations. Clubhouse dress code: While informality is the keynote for golfing activities, resort casual is the appropriate dress for most evening activities in the Clubhouse. Alcoholic Beverages B. Non-hunting guess are not allowed to carry on them any form of weaponry that can be used in the harvest of game animals. Green Superintendent 525-3475 ext.4 Social Members may also use the Fitness Center subject to additional fees. Dining Room Manager 525-3475 ext.2 The GC will work with the VP on recording member attendance as well as member owed/alternate workdays. All members are expected to abide by their provisions. The Kennel Club Board reserves the right to impose, remove or maintain any endorsement. Decal’s for guests will be left at the club at a designated location and must be returned at the time the visit is concluded. A member will complete the workdays with no exceptions, excluding a physical limitation, per membership year. For specifics please contact the Business Office. ATV's may not be used to transport hunters to locations during the hunting season. The Associate Member must have North Carolina Hunting License. For a member to be considered for the position of the President, they will need to be an active member of the board and have served at least one term. Existing Social Member Step-Up: A current Social Member in good standing shall have the one-time opportunity, for a period of one fiscal year, to step up to a Full Golfing membership to afford that member and his/her family the opportunity to evaluate whether he/she wishes to become a permanent Full Golfing Member. PO Box 360 1. Youth hunting bear must also obtain a “Bear Management E-Stamp.”. We are looking for riders who have a passion about biking and are willing to travel long distance on their bikes and also actively participate in club activities. B. Related documents. C. The Board will review the petition and vote to grant, table, or deny the request for the meeting. C. Once annual dues are paid, no refund will be granted. is a youth-friendly resource that helps clarify rules and regulations for youth workers. ATV's may be used like a vehicle, in the manner of driving out to and parked in a designated parking area. Associate Members under the age of 18 will require parental or legal guardian supervision. Practice good woodsman ship at all times. Should a member contact the Landowners without prior consent from the President or his/her designate, it will be grounds for immediate expulsion from the club.**. Board members will have a single vote per person, regardless of the amount of positions held. Laporte Borough, or Shrewsbury Township. F. Hunters should use safety harness while in ladder or climbing stands and should have a radio and/or cellular telephone with them in case of emergencies. Each book is due back after a certain amount of time (such as two months). I. B. 2. RULES AND REGULATIONS . 2. 7. A Legacy program is available to all fifteen year Voting Members which enables them to pass along his/her membership to any designated person. a. Motorcycle Club Rules and Regulations This may well be the most daunting part of getting started with a Motorcycle Club. All parking areas will be made clear to members and hunt units will be clearly marked on maps. The annual meeting of the General Body shall be called within three months from The rules are posted on the bulletin board in the Fitness Center. G. Associate members who are not hunting, may accompany a member as an observer as many times as they want without restriction. 6. D. Monetary fines can compound should the member not take or delay action on a verbal or written warning. Monetary fines may be levied on members that disregard the rules. ****************************************************** The Halfway House is a courtesy amenity and its hours of operation are dependent on golf traffic and weather. B. K. No parking on any property that is not under R.O.A Club management. B. It is compulsory for the Member making the party booking to … Subject to the limits in #1 above, Social Members and Junior Social Members may have accompanied, but not unaccompanied, golf guests P. In time all club boundaries will be clearly posted. National Cup Regulations 2019-20.

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