Listed below are some of the most popular sport fish. New York state fishing regulations prohibit any angler to have a brook trout, walleye, lake trout, Atlantic salmon or black bass that has been dismembered, skinned, cut, filleted or altered in any other way that prevents the length of the fish from being accurately measured. Learn the fishing rules and regulations for New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, Long Island, New Jersey and New York. Listed below are some of the most popular sport fish. The three overland transportation corridors are defined as follows: Upper Niagara River/Lake Erie Overland Transportation Corridor shall mean the geographical area associated with the New York portion of Lake Erie and the Upper Niagara River west of and including a line starting at I-90 at the Pennsylvania border, then continuing east to its intersection with I-290, then continuing north along I-290 to its intersection with State Route 62, then continuing west to its intersection with I-190, then north to its intersection with the Lower Niagara River. In order to reduce printing costs, the guide was printed in a magazine format with advertising. NY fishing licenses are valid for one full year from the date of purchase. Minimum Length. Purchased Baitfish Green List Baitfish. Licenses must be renewed annually. Blueback herring and Atlantic menhaden: Hudson River downstream from Lock C-4 and its associated dam in Stillwater to the Battery at the southern tip of Manhattan Island; and the Mohawk River and tributaries to the first barrier impassable by fish. To see the full list of special regulations vist NYS DEC's website. Title 10 (Health) 2. Individuals fishing during free fishing days. Except for baitfish sold for use on the same water they were collected from, all baitfish must also be certified to be disease free. DUMP unused bait in the trash or other receptacle, or in an appropriate location on dry land. The new fishing regulations decrease the brown trout daily creel limit on Lake Ontario tributaries (excluding the Lower Niagara River) to one fish/day (down from three). Fish Rules app. In addition to the “Green List,” the following baitfish may be purchased and used in specified waters and their tributaries to the first impassable barrier only. Fish caught outside of NY may be transported into New York in any manner, except parcel post, in the number that may be legally exported from the place of … Title 10 (Health) 2. Waters where the use of baitfish is prohibited can be found on the Special Regulations by County pages.. The result is a rapid and dramatic decline in the total weight of trout in a pond after competing fishes become established. April 1 through Oct 15. Governor Andrew M. Cuomo continues to invest in ensuring New York’s renowned fisheries remain healthy and productive. In addition, alewives are the only fish that may be taken as follows: maximum length 25 feet, maximum area 200 square feet, maximum size 1″ bar. All tributaries to Canadice Lake, Canandaigua Lake, Hemlock Lake, Keuka Lake, and Seneca Lake upstream to the first barrier impassable by fish NEW YORK FISHING LAWS AND REGULATIONS. Certified baitfish are those that have been tested and found to be free of specified diseases. Refer to Title 17 of the New York Codes, Rules and Regulations (NYCRR) Part 820 for specific requirements. Mud Pond: Trout. Transportation of personally harvested baitfish overland by a motorized vehicle is prohibited except within a designated overland transportation corridor. PO Box 57 12997-0057` 518-946-3474. For baitfish to be considered certified, the seller must provide a receipt that contains: The buyer must retain that receipt while in possession of the baitfish. A stocking permit application may be obtained from your regional DEC Fisheries Office. Possession or use of minnow traps and nets is prohibited on units of state land/waters where the use or possession of baitfish is prohibited (see Special Regulations by County). The new regulation only allow anglers to keep one fish per day and its … (. 5 in combination. Certified baitfish purchased from a bait dealer can be transported overland in a motorized vehicle and used in any water body where it is legal to do so. All the saltwater fishing regulations are at your fingertips. Regulatory Agenda (NYS Department of Health) 4. (631) 654-2311 If you are saltwater recreational fishing; You Need To Register. Regulations. Collection, Use and Transportation of Personally Harvested Baitfish Use of certified baitfish helps prevent the spread of fish diseases. Lake Trout. Beaver Kill from State Route 206 (County Route 7) bridge downstream except sections below: Trout. Proposed Rulemaking 6. Coyotes are defined as a furbearer in New York. West Branch of the Ausable River (except below) Species: Trout. Upper Chateaugay Lake, Chazy Lake: Trout. See dip net exceptions for smelt, suckers, alewives and blueback herring taken for human consumption. Carp, goldfish, lamprey larvae, round goby, as well as species listed as endangered or threatened in New York State may not be used for bait. Submit 5698 Nys Rt. Lawrence River Overland Transportation Corridor (PDF) (585 kB). 1. In the Hudson River downstream of the Troy Dam and in Lake Champlain, Upper and Lower Saranac Lakes, Lake Clear (Franklin Co.), Chazy Lake and their tributaries to the first barrier, smelt may be taken only by angling.. Species. Daily Limit. The following baitfish are the only species that can be purchased and used in any water body in New York where it is legal to use fish as bait. DON’T move bait or other fish from one water to another. Don't Go Fishing Until You Know The Rules Fishing regulations for all of New England are listed here. ; Individuals fishing at a free fishing clinic approved by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. NOTE: The red abalone season closure has been extended through April, 2021. Uncertified baitfish purchased from a bait dealer may be transported within a designated overland transportation corridor provided a receipt, issued by the seller and retained by the purchaser while in possession of the baitfish, contains (1) the seller’s name, (2) date of sale, (3) the species of fish, (4) the number of each species sold, (5) the water body the baitfish must be used in, (6) the overland transportation corridor the baitfish must be transported within, and (7) a warning that the baitfish may only be transported within that overland transportation corridor.

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