They make a good cut flower from which the plant benefits by producing more blooms. Request a custom product See item details. across (15 cm). Product ID: 3355. Double Zahara Bright Orange (Zinnia) Starting at CAD $4.45. OR. These spreading zinnia plants make great groundcover in summers, but they are also bright and lovely in beds or pots. Zinnia Seeds. Vegetable Seeds, Organic Seeds, Flower Seeds,Wildflower Seeds, Herb Seeds, Annual Flower Seeds and Perennial Flower Seeds from 2BSeeds. However, in reality, I've been saving and growing seeds from my white/cherry red/orange Profusion mix for the last few years and I always get white, cherry, and orange flowers on zinnias that are low and floriforous like the originals. You will be rewarded with sturdy plants and abundant flowers. Zinnias, our most popular flower seeds, are very easy to start from seed. Zinnias are annuals and can go from seed to beautiful cut flowers very quickly. Decorate any bouquet, garden, or tabletop with vivid colored zinnia flowers using top-notch zinnia seeds in stock at Burpee today. This mix includes shades of red, pink, purple, gold, orange, cream and salmon. Cut and gather the essence of summer itself, grandma's brown ceramic pitcher will do just fine as a container. Buy high yield zinnia seeds and plants that thrive in any home garden environment from Burpee seeds. Plants are covered with an abundance of big blooms in both single and double forms. Duration Type: Annual Light Needs: Full sun Water Needs: Normal Dead Heading Recommended: No Staking Required: No. Zinnia elegans 'Pumila Mix' (Zinnia) 100 seeds $2.75 Zinnia 'Cactus Flowered Mix' has large, 4-5" blooms in a wide range of colors. Foliage Color: Green … Dwarf Zinnas Many Colors Garden Landscape Plant Red Yellow Orange White Pink Peach - Duration: 2:24. They were created from selected hybrid crosses between Z. violacea and Z. angustifolia. Profusion Series Zinnias have won numerous AAS and Fleuroselect gold medals and, as noted by AAS judges, are prized for their “compact form, dise It’s an annual with daisy-like flowers in vivid orange, yellow, pink or white. Innovative addition to the Queen series. Qty: seeds. Zinnia plants are half hardy annuals that range from 20 to 90 cm (8 to 36 inches) in height. Secure Online Shopping. We have a huge range of sizes, colors, and styles of Zinnia seeds. Or start indoors . Jun 10, 2015 - Commander des plantes pour balcons et jardins. Mexican zinnia flowers bloom prolifically all season long in sunny locations. Bloom size: 2". 25+ ZINNIA CALIFORNIA GIANTS Eleganz Heirloom Mix / Annual Flower Seeds GrandmaSeedsandGifts $ 4.36. Plants are covered with an abundance of big blooms in both single and double forms. Glowing apricot blooms with a blush of lime and bright-rose centers. ZINNIA Annual. Mostly double and semidouble 2-3 1/2" blooms with a small percentage of singles. Seeds from hybrid plants typically do not come true to the parent plant, so if you love a specific attribute of the zinnia, such as its double flowers or special colorings, you might be disappointed by the offspring of hybrid zinnias. Profusion Series Zinnia flower seeds promise to turn your tired summer bedding into an award-winning garden this season! 50 seeds 2nd generation Profusion Red zinnias are easy to grow. Spacing 12". Buy Now. Just £1.79 within 24 hours. Drought hardy Flowers are edible They are intolerant of frosts, but they are well-regarded as drought-resistant and heat-tolerant. Compact, uniform, vigorous basal branching plants smothered in bright, 2", single blooms all season long. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email Stunning color. Profusions' performance is truly outstanding! Bloom size: 2". Bloom type: Semi-double.Color: Deep Orange PACKAGING Approximately 72,69 Item #: 1575F . Zinnia elegans 'Purple Prince' 5 Reviews. There are now many cultivated forms of Zinnia elegans, which are grown as bushy annual bedding plants in vivid shades of red, orange and deep pink.Single varieties are attractive to pollinating insects, particularly hoverflies. 54 - 70 days. Online shopping from a great selection at Home & Kitchen Store. Zinnias thrive in hot, dry conditions, so grow them in well-drained soil in a … Seed (Film Coat) / Untreated / 250 Seeds 1 to 3: $15.25: Seed (Film Coat) / Untreated / 250 Seeds 4 or more: $13.45: The Zahara series offers a selection of AAS Award winning varieties and novel colors, making this the most diverse series of zinnias. PLANT NEEDS. Seed size varies according to type from 2,500-6,200 seeds per oz/28 g. GREENHOUSE: Sow Mar. The Dahlia style zinnias … 20 seeds ZINNIA elegans PROFUSION ORANGE is available for purchase in increments of 500 seeds. Germinate at 80°F/27°C soil temp. Transplant outdoors after all danger of frost is past and the weather is warm and settled. Seeds germinate in about one week. nine (20x12 in/51x31 cm) flats @ 800 - 900 seedlings per flat. Zinnia Profusion Orange ... Price Each: Seed (Film Coat) / Untreated / 250 Seeds 1 to 3: $16.65: Seed (Film Coat) / Untreated / 250 Seeds 4 or more: $14.60: The tolerance for both cool and hot humid conditions, along with excellent disease and weather tolerance make this a favorite garden zinnia series. This zinnia plant will ultimately grow up to 12 - 15 inches tall and wide. Guide to Growing Zinnia, Profusion flower. Latin Name: Zinnia elegans. Zinnia x hybrida 'Profusion Orange' (Garden Ready) 11 Reviews. PVP 9800013 AAS Winner Orange blooms. They bloom from summer through to the first frost, and carry double blooms with flowers of pink, purple, red, orange, or white. Aug 23, 2012 - The tolerance for both cool and hot humid conditions, along with excellent disease and weather tolerance make this a favorite garden zinnia series. Of course, I don't generally grow other zinnias, so both parents of the seed I harvest are likely to be Profusion descendants. Sun shade: Full sun ; Grows in: Borders Flower Colour: Orange Longevity: Annual . 1 item(s) Showing Page 1 of 1 <> Item Code : 32580 : Offer : Added by Offer : Discount Amount : Line Total : Item Code print : 32580 : Zinnia Peaches & Cream Mixed Flower Seeds. Bees and butterflies are attracted to them. Resembling dahlias, they are borne on very long, sturdy stems and make a big statement in the landscape. Tolerates heat, humidity, and has resistant to powdery mildew. Bloom type: Semi-double.Color: Deep Orange PACKAGING Approximately 72,69 They are able to grown in zones 2 through 10, and can be sown out in the garden after the last frost. 1 oz/28 g sows approx. Zinnia 'Benary's Giant Orange' Nothing could be easier than sowing seeds of zinnias direct into the garden when the weather has warmed. Zinnia Profusion Cultural Information for: Zinnia ‘Profusion’ Annual Common Name: Zinnia Botanical Name: Zinnia hybrida Seed Count: 7,000-11,500/oz. Plants continue to bloom all summer Loved by butterflies. 1st for May-June bedding plant sales. Zinnia elegans x angustifolia. Plants are covered with an abundance of big blooms in both single and double forms. Flower Seeds "Orange Zinnia Profusion" for the garden. They handle hot temperatures and full sun quite well. pots or cell packs about 3 weeks after sowing or when roots fill the starter cell. 18 oct. 2015 - Cette épingle a été découverte par Armo Ni. As the flower matures, a circle of small golden stars surrounds its center disk. Profusion Lemon (Zinnia) Starting at CAD $3.50. Details. Mexican zinnia flowers are ideal for sunny locations in warm climates. Sun shade: Full sun ; Grows in: Borders Flower Colour: Pink Longevity: Annual . for 6 days. Découvrez vos propres épingles sur Pinterest et enregistrez-les. Zinnia (Zinnia Hybrida Profusion Double Mix) - Features 2 inch, daisylike double blooms on very uniform plants for big color impact in the flower garden.Excellent tolerance to disease including powdery mildew and leaf spot making this apricot zinnia excellent for arid regions. SKU #: S390. They like full sun and—surprise, surprise—well-draining soil. Similar items on Etsy . Zinnia 'Benary's Giant Coral' features rounded, fully double flowers packed with brilliant coral petals and opening up to 6 in. 250-400/gr. 20th - Apr. Acheter des plantes méditerranéennes, plantes à feuillage, grimpantes, retombantes, plantes de plein soleil en ligne sur la boutique Just £14.99 Out of Stock Zinnia 'Miss Wilmott' 3 Reviews. All our Mr Fothergill's seeds are trialled and selected for their quality . Profusion Sunrise Mix Zinnia Seeds LIke all Zinnia Profusion, Sunrise Mix laughs at mildew, withstands heat, humidity, cold, drought, and poor soil, and blooms for months! Full sun. Add to Cart. Annual. Zinnia 'Profusion Orange' Zinnias are long flowering annual plants with bright coloured flowers, ranging from white yellow, orange, reds and purple. Seedlings may be transplanted into 4-inch/10 cm. Questions? The quilled petals are intriguing. This is a blend of Profusion white, yellow, and fire (deep orange/red). Zinnia Profusion,Zinnia Seeds,Annual Flowers,Container garden,Dwarf Zinnia,Flowers seeds,flower seed packet, flower seeds annual happyhopemade. 4-5 weeks early. 75 Seeds . Cover seeds lightly. Preciosa Mix (Zinnia) Starting at CAD $4.95. Call 1-800-322-7288. Browse 40 types of zinnia seeds … Home >> Annual Seed >> Annuals R-Z >> Zinnias >> Profusion Hybrid Series >> Orange Profusion Zinnia Orange Profusion Zinnia #08118. Email to a Friend; Share Facebook ; Share on Twitter; Description. View full-size image. Our range of Zinnia Seeds are perfect for garden borders, patio pots and containers. Zinnia Profusion will ultimately grow up to 14 inches/35 cm. Always use warm 70°F/21°C water do not lower soil temp. PLANT CHARACTERISTICS. Class: Zinnia Variety Name: Profusion Orange Genus: Zinnia Species: interspecific hybrid Year: 1999 Common Name: Zinnia Type: Flowers from Seed Breeder: Sakata Seed Close Market Comparison: Rose Pinwheel. Sold Request a custom product See item details. Category: Seeds. Availability: Sold Out. Grows 14-18” and is great to use for the edge of pathways, mass plantings, or in containers. Profusion Orange seeds will come true, because all of the commercially available Profusion seeds are open pollinated varieties. (obtention Sakata seed Japon) Le zinnia "profusion" est un hybride interspécifique, c'est à dire un croisement entre deux espèces de zinnia: le zinnia élégans et le zinnia augustifolia. Seeds from open-pollinated plants, though, will grow true to the parent plant, so it makes sense to harvest those seeds. Zinnia Seed. They can be singles, semi doubles or doubles and vary in size of bloom and height. Sow zinnia seeds outdoors after the last frost date, 1/8" deep. … The flowers are around 2 “, in the vibrant colors of red, cherry, orange, and white. Mar 9, 2019 - The tolerance for both cool and hot humid conditions, along with excellent disease and weather tolerance make this a favorite garden zinnia series. A popular color combination suitable for market flowers and sophisticated design work. Those hybrids had 23 chromosomes, and hybrids with an odd-numbered chromosome count are usually sterile.
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