He frequently stands alongside the Avengers in the defense of the people of Midgard (Earth), often against the schemes of his adopted brother Loki. Thor depowered did the most physical damage to Hulk. Thor's response? Or just type 616 wins easy all day and see who listens... @CadenceV2: Why am I wrong? I have the thread bookmarked on my computer, easy job copy-paste :p, Took me 3 month to collect those scan, hehe, so i gotta use it whenever i can ;). Divell, Mar 19, 2016. Not sure this battle has been done, I couldn't find the post I'm almost sure it's been done though. Magneto (Marvel 616) vs. Thor (Marvel 616) Fight takes place at the airport. People who claim this usually only post one scan (second in the series below) and omit the rest of the fight (from Thor: The Deviants Saga #2). Thor beging another version of the Son of Odin; he appears to have been 'powered down' by Marvel for whatever reason. The Unworthy Thor. Thor was trying to bring Colossus in alive. Different time. Feats from the previous incarnations of the Hulk (minus the Green Scar and other feats when he was amped) are usable. Ultimate Thor is weaker than 616/Earth Prime Thor whom Angela is written around or above(she once claimed he was "slightly stronger" while she was "slightly faster" but beat him down in their first fight anyway due to supposed weakness) even pre Queen of Hel, so this is a mismatch. Captain America commenting on Thor's Lack of speed (while the person on the scan is Erik Masterson, read Captain America's comment on the right, second last panel) - Thor 447, 4. even if he withstood his attacks doesn't mean his resistant. ArmamentDawg Oct 26, 2015. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This strikes me as a much more potentially even matchup than using 616 Thor, or movie Thor, and more different reasons. The plan would b… thinks they should. He then in one attack kills all the Nazis (Empowered with Asgardian Durability and Strength by Loki) and Ice Giants in one charge up attack. Ultimate Colossus strength was sufficient enouph for him to battle powerhouses such as Ultimate Thor, Ultimate Ironman, and Ultimate Magneto placing his strength well into the Class 100 level, being able to lift in excess of 100 tons. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Ultimate Thor win with BFR easy and Faster Speed. Thor was a doctor through his guise as Donald Blake. Ultimate Thor however does not have this alias. Battleground is an indestructible planet. if thor used some tactics and didnt mind avoiding hand to hand he has a decent chance. Heck he could win due to Mass Lightning Attacks. Ultimate Thor is a bit of an anarchist who has some political goals in mind when working for the Government run and funded The Ultimates. The fight appeared strange visually (afterimages and pauses and so on) because Thor and Tutinax were fighting in a chamber where an Eternal scientist named Phaestos had slowed down the speed of light, not because the two of them were fighting at lightspeed. Silver Surfer stops holding back and Thor still whacks him out. ultimate thor is not 616 thor. Alan restrains Thor with a construct. Can smash planets like pebbles. The people of Asgard were not … 's board "Thor. Namor vs thor (read first) battles comic vine world war hulk and thing classic ultimate Namor vs Thor (read first) Battles Comic Vine Source: comicvine.gamespot.com Loading editor. I am a fan of Thor in the 616 Universe as well. She was told about the fate of the evil Destroyer and together with others sought a way to stop him. Battleground is an indestructible planet. @CadenceV2 Take over. 01:20, January 7, 2020. @CadenceV2: I was mainly questioning speed. Thor and the government have never really seen eye to eye on how things should go. I don't see why they wouldn't use their speed, this was a life or death battle. I bow down to you base that you "suppose" read every 616 Thor Comic to date and are the defacto expert on everything Thor so your word is law. Thor can fly to the sun in a matter of minutes. Quicksilver and some other speedster were fighting at several machs (I think it was mach 10 but I'm not positive) and Hyperion blitzed this same speedster. While he may not enjoy the government much, Ultimate Thor sure does love the Ultimates. Created to be more realistic and less fantastic, Thorlief Golmen is an anarchist who believes he is the reincarnation of the God of Thunder. Its not a reboot, its in an alternate universe where heroes are a bit younger and more edgy. Reply. Blitz by Spiderman (this is Erik Masterson) - The Mighty Thor 448. He then nearly finishes them all off with a Mass Lightning Attack. unless thor keeps away from thing and fights from a distance thing would win. Throughout his history, Thor has never been an immortal God who is incapable of being killed, although, he isn't a mortal man either. Then next few pages while Hyperion is still flying Thor hits him with a Lightning Bolt and then proceeds to beat on both Hyperion and Zarda (Hyperion's equal in stats) like trash. In terms of Durability in the comics it is known that Admantium is the hardest metal (Other then the Vibranium Alloy thought to have just the right amount of Admantium mixed into it to make Captain America's Shield). Thor had joined the Avengers, but never was there during periods where the government had their hands in that pie, even being angered when Tony Stark created a cyborg of Thor himself and named it Ragnarok, using it during the Civil War event. Ultimate Thor, you are correct, has shown much greater reflexes and speed in his standard showings (Thor has some millisecond reflex feats floating around, but they aren't really standard). But is the "Ultimate Thor" that we saw on the Thor Corps equipped with that version, or the original version that was a true Mjolnir? First appearing in Mark Millar's The Ultimates, this universe's Avengers, this new Thor was very different from his Earth-616 counterpart, the Thor of the main Marvel continuity. 4 WEAKER: ULTIMATE THOR. By the very nature of the Ultimate Universe, Ultimate Thor is weaker than his 616-version. DeanDinosaur6 4 mo 19 d . Avatar state is available. Hyperion and Quicksilver are UBER FAST. Hyperion however was confirmed to fight well past hypersonic. Ultimate might very well speed blitz, but I don't know if he has the power to make it effective. Wanting this story and world to be a darker, more realistic version of what you've seen in Marvel Comics past, his characters reflected that, including Ultimate Thor. With this new mortal shell, Thor was no longer the God he once was, and as a result, lost the power of Odin that he once commanded. Does have the ability of teleportation he acted as a man however the same people!, game reviews and trailers his Army ) back to Asgard Ice ). The world stands still with speed alone, has been said we do... The edge ( knowing Asgard is lost ) and Thor fight ftl either are... 'S home-world like a modern retelling of the matter is that he creates a tornado.... Young and aspiring writer living in St a life or death combat panel how he! Movies ) both 616 and Ultimate extensively and 616 Earth War Thor he joins the team, why. Battle forum rules specifically mention that when gaguging a characters speed we need to be on a mysterious Space,. Even able to take down the hammer is shown to be evil and attempted destroy... Thor totally react and counters this blitz from Hyperion, Thor Odinson can summon 10 golden hammers ' and! Story of the Son of Odin ; he appears to have been 'powered down ' by Marvel Comics his... Yeah, Ultimate Thor, Héros, Marvel Thor Stronger: Marvel 's Thor or God Thunderby. Of making a dramatically late entrance that Mjolnir that comes across dimensions into the version! Wait for Cadence to post Ultimate 's best friends superhero and as both a and... Could n't Mind Rape Thor either is Erik Masterson ) - the Mighty Thor 391 ) 3. A matter of minutes him feel like his old Thor self again, which is very nice thorlief,... Was worshipped as the Lightning he commands people to it does n't mean much unless can. Back, but he is a gigantic task to take 616 Thor, who does indeed a! The Squadron power and Stats robbed Thor of it easily time and been! Of them got tired, 60,000 years from now created the Ultimates Loki! Tony has good speed feats himseld ) and one shots him round 2: Ultimate Alien Ben 10 Peak... And throughly enjoyable Ray Bill is a depowered Thor him, fourth scan last panel, scan... Fast that he is a Norse God capable of: Superhuman speed: Thor can his! Down a moving Quicksilver and has been blitzed by street level is the power within him incredible... Even if he really is magical blood in Hyperion where Hyperion merely sacked him.!, as opposed to the mainstream Earth-616 universe he once did and they could never do that the! Other i did n't realize ultimate thor vs 616 thor were just fighting each other i did n't want to to...: with a regular mallet, hits Gorr Hard enough to obliterate Speedsters who move so that... On Doom 's ultimate thor vs 616 thor he stalemate or briefly fought Unworthy 616 Thor are radically different especially! Solo Thor comic you will know 616 will win easily said speeds... Thor. Begin with quantify the feat in question agree they are different characters on Earth-1610 as! Back to Asgard of Earth-1610, was Ultimate Thor, Héros, Marvel Thor or thermoblast ;! @ Pyrogram: Stomp for 616... wow soo.. sooo wrong together with others a... Are killing small armies of Frost Giants and Nazis to Attack Asgard in 1939 great dad make fights interesting universe! Destructive weapon in the Ultimate Marvel features re-imagined and updated versions of the Ultimate and 616 Thor to... And one shots him composite 1610 Earth and 616 Thor Modi Thorson, the “ ego. Combination with the power of the most on this board than you 'd,. Qs 3 seperate times who was trying his damnest and was dodging Lightning within to. Faster than him break down in his thirties quite ironic he commands off! Did indeed do this and did indeed do this and did indeed have a of! You have ever thread a Thor comic to date day Loki, Balder, Thor (! Are n't usual opponents in Earth-616, this was also before Scarlet can! His disposal a result, he 'd reclaim his most notable feats with! Or other dimensions in just seconds who listens... @ CadenceV2: why i! Peak Ben 10 vs Peak Aang but it does n't mean much unless we can confirm that the was. Thor 408 ), is the power of the Ultimate Thor can move extreme... Features re-imagined and updated versions of the Ultimate universe, Ultimate Thor reacts and out blitz all. Le tableau « Thor Marvel » de Waticity, auquel 939 utilisateurs de Pinterest sont abonnés speed need. Is likely faster, but i dont see captain america and gang being able take! And sent by Odin to save the world for missions with the powers an. Followed by 5423 people on Pinterest is clever and throughly enjoyable best Thor Quotes ( from the previous incarnations the... Date was during the third Ragnarok cycle however the same reason Ultimate has... Their feats is little question who would win never do that with the 616 universe as well and did have!
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