I love my dog because I can take her anywhere. Now, don't get me wrong, Gloria is no saint - she can test me at times, and when she wants to manipulate me, she definately tries. •Obedience will begin. Clients prepare a list of concerns. While Building the Comfort Zone is This course includes telephone support. Help us refine your search by telling us your requirements and we’ll contact service providers in your area to help you. •The secret to raising the calm, confident, socialized fun dog of your dreams His course (provided you work hard) teaches you how to have a happy, and successful life with your dog. 7 years ago we were the proud owners of an eight week old chocolate brown Standard Poodle named Jack (Jack-a-poo). puppy- its about getting the information to you while your puppy is still so very young, so you we have discussed days or number of days you would like me to work on the command with your dog. -bathroom on command training- for you to know •Behaviors that prevent them from being able to live successfully in the house with us. Boarding is always in my home. and more! What at first seems to be an expensive investment was exactly what it is... an expensive investment (haha) but the payoff is astronomical and well worth it. There is a standard of training that must be acheieved by BOTH owner and dog first. He is completely socialized around dogs (big, small, old and young), cats, and people and can go on long car rides, on subways and up and down escalators without flinching. Puppy foundations consults for new puppy owners wanting to make a great start. Eric provided all that was needed. Eric and his staff have also taught us that while there's a lot of work to do, there also needs to be a lot of play, balance is key. $650.00, •4 week duration i will use his methods for all of my future dogs. •Over exuberant behavior when guests arrive Our maximum capacity In order to change our dog’s behavior, we must change our own. ... Find one of our numerous convenient training locations across the Greater Toronto … 5. •What your role in training is So, after re-doing all that work, and getting rid of the boyfriend, Gloria and I finally had success. Usually these issues begin during the dog’s socialization period (8-16 weeks). Owner education and training is the key. Beginner level (for dogs over 16 weeks) •Bathroom Training Our only requirement with new boarding clients is that we meet your dog before it They can guide you through the services that best suit your needs. body language It's an entirely different kind of amazing. comes for its first stay with us and that we see proof of vaccination. I know how to manage my dog when he's freaked out, it's beautiful. It was very hard work when I first started the Comfort Zone course. He is a unique dog trainer … -predatory games We have had an absolutely wonderful experience with this trainer, he is patient thoughtful and puts the dog, feelings and needs above the owner, he is never violent and I would go as far as to say, overly careful with the dogs. Consult take place in your home. thanks Shawna for all the extra support I can always count on you guys! Professional Dog Training Services for Dog Owners in the Toronto Area For over 15 years, many dog owners in Toronto and the surrounding areas have trusted the professionals from Alpha Paws to … •Barking or whining at owners for attention Telephone support is included and necessary for 8 weeks of follow up. 2. Forward dog training is a Toronto based dog training business. We are always complimented on what a great dog we have. Because our training is all about the dog … Now walk in to my house and watch my lab collie (who is "a crazy" breed who needs attention all the time) and watch my couch potato at her best. If yes, you have landed at the right place. Well, after doing Puppy Classes and moving on to Building The Comfort Zone and Finishing Touches we had a dog that was amazingly obedient and never ever a problem with the wheelchair, or anything else. -socialization what it means and how to do it thoroughly outside your home Cooper, (a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, a herding dog originally used to herd cattle and familiarized by the Queen) went straight to work, herding both Matt and I everywhere we went. Cooper came into our lives at 8 weeks of age, on a Sunday afternoon in late February. •2 Heel sessions in week 2 Building the Comfort Zone •Bolting out doors or running away Training needs to be both fun and successful and rewarding to work! First week of heel and I have to carry my now 14 week old 20lb dog around unless I'm healing her. And sure she isn't perfect...she even has a little tourette's (as we like to call it) from time to time and she loves to test her boundaries. 1. What is more surprising is as I write this testimonial we are going on to week 4 in training and hence the training may not be finished but it has made such a dramatic change in the way we live with her and most importantly the way she lives with us. Tuesday I called The Dog House, thinking a 5 min chat would book us in for some kind of puppy class. I will be returning with my next puppy. We are proud to offer the highest quality instruction and classroom experience for Toronto dog owners that … •Predatory Games He teaches you more then just simple obedience. What is dog training? Although he is expensive, you don't have to see him weekly, so you'll be paying way less than most of the other trainers … I knew it was imperative, having a breed like that, that I get myself in classes immediately. This course is absolutely the most important, time sensitive, course we teach. But a strong, nurturing owner-dog relationship based on trust and mutual respect doesn't … Sure they wouldn't drag me down the street when I walked them and they would sometimes sit and lay down when asked, and this would ultimately precede them running away for hours on end while my dad was away at work. The Centre for Canine Education delivers a variety of services ranging from early puppy socialization (8wks+) all the way to advanced training, specialist reactive dog courses, various seminars, interactive coaching, pet expert counselling, and enhancement of private actions for specific challenges. Here’s The Deal:"Gemini K9 Obedience Inc. was founded in 1995 to create an informative and friendly place to share news about dogs. •4 additional heel support sessions. This 4 week course covers home training, bathroom, crate training, predatory games, socialization I don't think some have even been to his store or met the man eg. Toronto Humane Society is proud to offer a variety of training classes for you and your canine companion. They aim to improve the dog's behaviour in the most stress-free way possible and help build and maintain the relationship between the owners and their pets. -Puppy Biting/Mouthing. Good dog training starts with a good dog trainer who must know all about obedience training and the critical period of development in a dog’s life. As a dog owner I live with 2 wonderful dogs who walk beside me beautifully anywhere I'd like without requiring a leash. They have trained over 9000 dogs (and their families!) The last 3 classes are 1 hour long. If you presently feed raw you are welcome to send your food but other wise we feed it at no extra cost to you. We are passionate about advocating for, and educating pet owners about humane, compassionate, and trust … •2 Heel sessions in week 1 We called him the “crazy pterodactyl” due to the incessant screeching noise he would make when placed in his crate. I have 2 German Shepherd pups just about 9 months and needless to say they are a handful. ", SPECIALITY:Behaviour Modification, Private Training, Scent Detection, Behaviour Problems, Fear and Aggression Issues, Puppy Socialization, Fear-Free Vet and Groomer Visits, Rally Obedience, Foundation Skill & Canine Good Neighbour Tricks, Mon - Thu 6:30 am - 8:30 pmSat & Sun 10:00 am - 1:00 pmFri Closed, © 2020, Canada Three Best Rated®, All Rights Reserved. But here she is! When my boyfriend Tony and I adopted Dutchy a German Shepherd-Husky cross at the age of 8 months we had no clue how life would be with a bigger dog (we also own 2 shihtzu-yorkie dogs). All of Laurie’s training methods are based on positive, motivational training. She is much more respectful, well mannered, calm and relaxed which makes my boyfriend and I much more relaxed parents. Our course attracts both beginners and those who have attended other programs and would like to train towards a successful off leash existence in the city. •How dogs learn I wanted to have a very social dog, one that never jumped on people, was great with all dogs, and in all scenarios, as I wanted to bring her with me everywhere. Heel sessions are 20 to 30 minutes in length and arranged at class one or after. John Alexander Breslau, ON N0B1M0 Canada Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed. After spending over 15 years as a high-level French Ring handler, trainer, and decoy, and having the opportunity to work with the highest quality trainers in France, I decided to come to Canada in order to share my love and knowledge of dog training. While the extent of the dog’s improvement will vary from dog to dog, this program has had an unblemished record of success for clients following up on our recommendations consistently. Good dog training starts with a good dog trainer who must know all about obedience training and the critical period of development in a dog… And he's got a great fun personality, I enjoy talking with him, you know he loves animals and spoils the crap out of them lol. 'When Hounds Fly' works with all breeds and all ages and … But show me anywhere in the world where there is a perfect dog. This can happen either because of our misunderstanding, undersocialization, or just not enough good positive training. I'll admit it was hard to leave Joss and have no contact with him for 3 weeks, but I honestly believe it was the best thing I could have done for both of us. Duke and I have been going wherever we want ever since thanks to Eric and his work with us. YesNoWith People Only, Have you ever attended obedience class before? •Destructive behaviour with owners present And even if part of the homework doesn't make any sense this week, we know that next week it will be perfectly aligned with the next exercise. Have you wanted to improve your dogs retrieve?..or wanted them to give or drop when you asked?..or find something you hid on them? I am able to predict her behaviour because Eric has trained ME how to handle her, and she is the most polite and gentle dog. When Eric was tough, he was tough on us, not Dexter, and that actually helped us do the training properly.I would (and have) recommend him to anyone looking for a successful training experience. Dog training is based on the science of animal behavior, so look for schools whose curricula are … Dankroft K9 is a locally owned dog facility in both Toronto … They offer puppy socialization, foundation skills, basic training for dogs of any age. •We’ll be training your dog to walk beautifully on leash and off (our precourse assessment of both your dog and your ownership type will tell you how possible the off leash heel will be for you and your dog) in a very busy city enviornment where people, children, other dogs and traffic flow by us daily You have the option of dropping off and picking up your dog daily or leaving your dog overnight at no extra charge with this service. We have a havanese named Dexter who was  tugging on his leash to the point of choking himself and who was always chewing things in the house (ie - pulling toilet paper off of rolls and shredding it everywhere). Eric trained Duke and myself. Not all dogs and owners can off leash heel. ... Donating to Toronto Humane Society will not only improve the … After all, successful obedience training works best for both the owner (and the dog trainer) with a comfortable dog. I am now able to get my dog out around loud construction. Zen Dog Services has been providing pet care since 2013, with its fixed location … -crate training and location 3. Very good value for money and a great guy. -anchor spots and why we have them Clients need to draft a list of concerns, if any, that come with the dog. I acknowledge that I fully understand the terms and provisions of this WAIVER, ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND AGREEMENT TO HOLD HARMLESS and that I am setting my hand hereto delivering the same freely and voluntarily and unconditionally. We teach you how to measure the dog’s progress and comfort or lack of it -very comforting for owner and dog. Leadership programs 350.00 are at your home and are 1-3 hours in length and usually address a variety of owner concerns. I wanted my dogs to be able to be included in every aspect of my life successfully and they are. Puppy Foundations •Recall All rights reserved. •More successful non-stressful communication Telephone support is free for 8 weeks. Boarding 50.00 per day includes raw diet. Our most successful owners see us an average of once a week for 4-8 after and keep in touch by phone if there are concerns or questions in between sessions if nessecary. I was passed on to Eric, and the anticipated 5 min chat turned into a half an hour briefing. At home she is happy to chill out all day and she is calm and relaxed. I adopted Duke ( a stafforshire bull terrier in March of 1996). •A relaxed confident stay. He came back to me much calmer, obedient and is now completely quiet while in his crate. What we don't realize is that when you are not happy with your dog, they are not happy with you. Scroll down! •”Untrustworthy” off leash (dogs that have already been trained) Kennels are based in the small family-oriented town of Whitby, Ontario approximately 41miles east of the city of Toronto … An initially shy and timid puppy came home with us to our condo and fell asleep on the floor. -How to puppy proof your home I would say my dog was around 15% comfortable around LOUD noises when Eric got him, it was sad, now i would say he's at 70% comfortable around LOUD noises, a HUGE improvement, gotta love it!!! Eric has been working with my boyfriend and I to make them the most well behaved dogs on the planet. •A dog we can trust off leash •Aggressive behaviors towards humans and other dogs They aim to provide top quality training and classroom experience to dog owners who want the best for their pups. •Puppy Biting/Mouthing Servicing Areas: Toronto Etobicoke Bloor West Village Roncesvalles Village Parkdale Liberty Village … ", SPECIALITY:Puppy Classes, Socialization, Group Primary and Secondary School, Demand-Barking, Post-Secondary School Policies, Private Training, Separation Anxiety, One-On-One Virtual Consults, Jumping on Guests, Reactive Dog Class & Pulling on Leash, Mon - Wed 1:00 am - 8:00 pm Thu 4:30 am - 8:00 pm Fri 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Sat & Sun Closed, Here’s The Deal:"'When Hounds Fly' is one of the leading dog training companies in Toronto, ON.
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