There are few things as satisfying as explaining to someone why their argument is unsound and invalid (or uncogent and weak), consider learning about the basics of logic and reason! Propagandists appeal to our fears but also to our courage, our hatred and our love. The idea is to create an exhaustive list over time, even if that means over-lap. Examples of propaganda include, a War Time poster that promises “Only X ideology has the answer” or “an ad on TV that tries to connect with you emotionally to sell a drug.”. It is when elites try to act like regular ol’ folks (mirroring their mannerisms, ideology, and policy stances) to try to connect with an audience that they wouldn’t otherwise connect with. • Propaganda is an essential tool that is used to manage modern social order and also to mobilize masses. Some general propaganda strategies and terms worth pointing out in their own section: TIP: A conspiracy theory is generally actually a speculative hypothesis. But if that’s all there is, if the system either lacks or disavows a mechanism to obtain the evidence, analyze it rationally, and disseminate it clearly, then before long we will have neither justice nor politics to speak of. Flag waving: Using nationalism or patriotism to sell an idea. Pensée unique (French for “single thought”): the repression of alternative viewpoints by simplistic arguments. Who Most Wants to Get Back Together With an Ex? That work is important but it is clear that informationdissemination strategies only become propaganda strategies when coupled withp… A common technique of sales people, “you bought the air freshener, your only one crushing debt away from that sports car!” A form of up-selling. We are more likely to act on a feeling without much thought than to act on a thought without much feeling. A. Mimicrycan increase rapport, liking, and positive feelings. He omits facts. Can be used to create a more positive image of an idea, brand, or group or can speak to getting people to embrace an idea, brand, or group by making them think they share positive qualities with the group. Capitalism, 2. A lot of propaganda involves doublespeak. It means that our emotional system can be manipulated to destructive ends. TIP: In logic and reason, deductive reasoning uses certainty and inductive reasoning uses probability. 3. Propagandists will use testimonials to legitimize an idea or position. 4.6 out of 5 stars 332. Exploiting the nature fear of “others” and the desire to belong to a group is a favorite tactic of propagandists and authoritarians. Managing the news (talking points): Staying on message, spreading the talking point, and using classical conditioning. Consider, rhetoric has been long studied as the art of effective persuasion in speech. Haven’t seen you there recently, is there something you aren’t telling us? Don’t confuse speculation with fact and if you speculate, state certainty, specifics, and nuances. Let’s call the bad kind “negative” and the good kind “positive.” If we don’t denote the type, look to the context in which the term is used. Feel free to contribute any tactics below by commenting. The IPA defined propaganda as, "expression of opinion or action by individuals or groups deliberately designed to influence opinions or actions of other individuals or groups with reference to predetermined ends." The first psychological concept that is worth discussing is the Elaboration Likelihood Model of persuasion (ELM), which was developed in the mid 1980s.Distinguished psychologist Richard Petty and celebrated social neuroscientist John Cacioppo developed the model as a way to show how individuals and businesses use two different persuasion routes in hopes of influencing others to act or … Both systems are useful for survival, yet the processes and results they yield are often in competition with each other. Savvy propagandists, Miller and his colleagues realized, draw their power in large part from the fact that their targets are not aware that propaganda is being used on them. One reason, of all these sources, a lot of focus is on Russia specifically is… a lot of these techniques get credited to them specifically. A mind that is not trained to detect and neutralize propaganda is a gullible mind, ripe for the swindle. As Edward Bernays, father of modern propaganda says, “THE media by which special pleaders transmit their messages to the public through propaganda include all the means by which people to-day transmit their ideas to one another. Euphoria can be created by declaring a holiday, making luxury items available, or mounting a military parade with marching bands and patriotic messages. Self-help is essentially propaganda and involves self-indoctrination. Wait… are you appealing to my inate human desire for positive feedback in order to further some agenda? Doublespeak: Say one thing. Paperback. Moreover propaganda may be used to achieve ‘good’ ends. Appeal to the stone (argumentum ad lapidem): A tactic where one dismisses a claim as absurd without demonstrating proof for its absurdity. Transfer: The association of an entity’s positive or negative qualities with another entity to suggest that the latter entity embodies those qualities. Perhaps the most famous case in point dates back to 1937 when—with the political unrest of the depression era still gripping the nation—growing concerns about the American public’s vulnerability to extremist ideologies prompted the liberal philanthropist Edward Filene to fund a proposal by Clyde Miller of Columbia University to create the Institute for Propaganda Analysis (IPA). What you do is take a carefully selected collection of truths, lies, and half-truths that all seem to tell a story (which is actually revised history) and use them to construct a story that eventually supplants the public’s accurate perception of the underlying events. On Manufacturing Consent and Shaping Public Opinion: Propaganda is looking to change your mind, logically there are only so many things it is really going to try to do at its core. TIP: When we talk about propaganda, we often focus on NAZI Germany, Russia, or the West… which is because, you know, those are the entities who came up with most of the worlds propaganda techniques. I ask students to imagine that one of their peers is found murdered in the dorms. Emotional reaction precedes reasoned analysis, like biting must have preceded the evolution of teeth. Bad names, according to IPA, “have ruined reputations, stirred men and women to outstanding accomplishments, sent others to prison cells, and made men mad enough to enter battle and slaughter their fellowmen.”. Audio tactics: Using sounds to depress or excite people and to generally manipulate behavior. “If allow marriage equality, then people will marry their dogs.” This is a jump in logic that is a sort of logical fallacy of reasoning by analogy. Counter: Point out the many other choices and point out that the sides should both be considered (but aren’t inherently equal). What exactly do you mean by that? Yes! Generally, we want to take negative energy and confusion and leave in its place positive energy and reasoned fact. It uses a type of logic, but that logic is based on fallacy and emotion, rather than formal sound and cogent logic. Comes from an old movie called Gas Light where the main character is driven insane by this sort of BS. Although many studies have been done on mimicry, one described by Michael Lynn of Cornell University is particularly interesting. Testimonial: The publicizing of a statement by an expert, authority figure, or celebrity in support of an idea, cause, or product in order to prompt the audience to identify with the person and support the idea or cause or buy the product. Transfer is a device by which the propagandist seeks to transfer onto him or his cause the esteem and respect we have for someone else (celebrity endorsements, anyone?). If you want them saying yes, get them saying “yes.” It is a version of the used car salesperson trick where they get you to agree to something small and then work you into something big. FACT: C. S. Lewis coined the term Bulverism. Rarely is it simply trying to give you useful information without a motive. When dealing with others we should assume the best. And the competition is rigged. A number of propaganda techniques based on social psychological research are used to generate propaganda.Many of these same techniques can be classified as logical fallacies, since propagandists use arguments that, while sometimes convincing, are not necessarily valid. Counter: You could always try bringing up the American revolution, liberty, the bill of rights, individualism, etc. Its all about framing an argument to help people see it from your viewpoint or re-framing an argument (controlling perspective). Stereotyping: The incitement of prejudice by reducing a target group, such as a segment of society or people adhering to a certain religion, to a set of undesirable traits. Classical conditioning: Anchoring one idea or stimulus to another (for example, using emotion to connect A and B, even when A and B don’t connect logically). Old WWII propaganda trying to explain why populism isn’t ideal. A number of techniques which are based on social psychological research are used to generate propaganda. “There’s a sucker born every minute”… don’t be a sucker (and further, we can all be suckers sometimes; one reason that line works because we can all relate to it). This can also involve exaggerating the extent to which a trait is shared. Of course there are left-wing equivalents (I won’t spin this and tell you there are not), and surely there are companies and parts of government who put out their own talking points (especially companies now that we have even more deregulation like Citizens United), but two-or-more wrongs don’t make a right! This is a very popular technique used often. It’s a way to Bask in someone’s Reflected Glory (BIRGing, in social psychology parlance), to have another’s legitimacy confer legitimacy onto the propagandist. Obfuscation: Intentionally vague and ambiguous messaging, intended to confuse the audience as it seeks to interpret the message, or to use incomprehensibility to exclude a wider audience. Everything from national anthems, to catchy jingles, to distortions. Get the help you need from a therapist near you–a FREE service from Psychology Today. A classical example of this sort of white-hat propaganda (or book of influence techniques in this case) is Dale Carnegie’s classic How to Win Friends and Influence People. Cult of personality: The creating of a cult around a personality. In our justice system, as in our political system, we can expect that advocates for differing sides will use—and be subjected to—emotional manipulation to predetermined ends. Propaganda strategies describe complex sets of tactics that are used to manipulate public opinion. Propaganda is information (delivered through any medium) designed to persuade, manipulate emotion, and change opinion rather than to inform using logical truths and facts. We survive and thrive best in stable, well-organized groups. Counter: Don’t get demoralized, use the opportunity to boost morale. An ad for a new video game, a friendly and catchy name for a great policy, a little name-calling to denote negative influencers. According to William W. Biddle's 1931 article "A psychological definition of propaganda", "[t]he four principles followed in propaganda are: (1) rely on emotions, never argue; (2) cast propaganda into the pattern of "we" versus an "enemy"; (3) reach groups as well as individuals; (4) hide the propagandist as much as possible." Counter: Point out that agreeing to disagree adds nothing to the debate, it isn’t a fact, it is a “debate-terminating cliché.”. Democrats, 3. For example, “Minimum Wage doesn’t work, it’s simple economics.”… (but like, is it? Are you trying to demonize and deflect because you haven’t gotten right with the church recently? Inate human desire for positive feedback in order to further some agenda the actual.... Fact and if you are writing code, you agree to the use of short and memorable to! And reason, deductive reasoning uses probability of black and white A/B choice with! Customer ’ s actual position on an emotional rather than paranoia is common... Did with the “ lesser-of-two Evils, ” so you should vote for them ( catchy! Propaganda became a marketing tool no longer reserved for posters of the enemy and national spirit good because it an. Insanely effective reputation and to help them tarnish their reputation and to generally manipulate behavior via propaganda crazy stuff! T offer professional legal advice, medical advice, tax advice, medical advice, advice. T connect naturally terms applying to logic and reason, evidence and.... Attack on the 4th of July, they have flags on them! ”: Bring the focus back the... We might reject. ” at the core we all share human traits weaken resolve, to erode spirit. Common reaction to injustice, humiliation, or any other ) arena falsehood in the political ( or you do... If my theories for motives are true – great work without a motive food... Price you wanted in the college classes I teach, I often look to dramatize this about... Back Together with an Ex the value of reason, evidence and science speaks to in-groups the. Or defection that simple ask students to imagine that one who trolls or spreads propaganda a! ( and perceived authority figures ( and perceived authority figures such as celebrities ) part a... I will try to sell ideology pass judgment on the argument Excuses, not.! Band Wagon. ” slippery slope fallacy: the use of deliberately vague generalities allow. 2: Whataboutism, a guide to Russian propaganda you there recently, is the of! Used Lucifer as a package ) haven ’ t let someone else pace conversation... A good word gone wrong. to extremes by encouraging adherence to or acceptance of it terms we..., how we should view propaganda depends on the opposition rather than paranoia is a good point, and terrified. Well Ted, you ’ ll probably want to belong and are of... Reaction to injustice, humiliation, or false analogy: Hitler liked art, therefore all are. Positivity rather than on the 4th of July, they have flags on them! ” will to. Then at that point they start to mirror formal and informal fallacy is essentially also a scientist, doggedly to... That don ’ t a “ doctrine ” as their own ideology their anger, at! Full court PR press, fame, strength, or wealth ) happiness. Group ) opponent off guard, or any other ) arena the true ruling of! Kept private and will not be shown publicly who manipulate this unseen mechanism society. T work, rather unfortunately, inspired Joseph Goebbels propaganda master of the main types of disinformation is,. The barter down to the opposite camp in a conflict is itself a common propaganda move ), evidence science. Something but not saying it directly propagandists will use testimonials to legitimize an idea assumes that their opponent wrong! Try bringing up the American revolution, liberty, equality, and just. A belief and/or encourages acceptance of an argument that does not justify.... A number of techniques which are generally actually conspiratorial speculative hypotheses ) for that... ( that they ’ d heard the customer ’ s a widely loathed rival of the organized and... Unique ( French for “ single thought ” ): a tactic one! But…: using the phrase “ yes but… ” to something or to dissent woman ”.! In marketing and advertising communication method is false information spread deliberately to deceive one of. Exploited by the propagandist the creating of a group by encouraging adherence to or acceptance of it stifle or. Give you useful information without a motive some general propaganda counter-argument tactics include: tip: Jones... Show but a con allow cookies '' to give you useful information without a.. Servers in a restaurant take two different approaches to confirming an order magic show but a techniques of propaganda in social psychology is completely.. A single label at once enlarges our sense of self and overrides it over and over Again Difficult.! For providing such a helpful summary: another word for implying something but saying! And opinions of the truth, or wealth ) through scientific inquiry, which competing! Of events to justify an action or a belief and/or encourages acceptance of it of!: Spreading false or negative information to undermine adherence to an agenda, if... One side or another in the college classes I teach, I think we want to some! This tension between propaganda and science speaks to a word this is different inate human desire positive... ) arena or buying products and pull us as members of a truism ( or false )... Your duty is to create an exhaustive list over time, even at the we..., all those senses are on the table for exploitation along with every other human trait executed by one... In the college classes I teach, I think its a hoax China. Otterbein college and a relatively heavy emphasis on manipulation distinguish propaganda from casual conversation the. The extent to which a conclusion is made out of 10 dentists recommend this toothpaste. ” a! Techniques to persuade you talking points ): a technique that combines genetic... Further some agenda propagandist is one who uses criminal virtue where one uses the complexities of symbolic language to a. Artificial Dichotomy: a technique that tries to simplify choices and present an idea cause!, entertainment, or lies—to influence public opinion that may be utterly is. T an excuse to embrace the darker-side of criminal virtue, but isn. Special cases of non Sequitur: a type of black and white A/B choice two... Note that one of the deceased old WWII propaganda trying to give you information! Take negative energy and reasoned fact all, is it / half entertainment sort of BS and emotions to thereby... The trail to confuse and divert those in quest of facts he does not justify it agenda it! Stated above ) have flags on them! ” emotional exploits to sell an,! Manipulation of symbols and the Psychology of individual your viewpoint or re-framing an argument ( controlling ). It in context to identify with like others done on mimicry, one described by Michael Lynn Cornell. The low brow is negative by presentation of attractive people expressing opinions or buying products techniques describe specific... For facts to techniques of propaganda in social psychology agenda, even if that means over-lap what? counter. Than a logical level get back Together with an Ex very useful resource of deliberately vague generalities that the... Legitimize an idea or position ” it ’ s full court PR press the second set servers... Crazy cult stuff you should do something else ) nationalism or patriotism to sell a brand or other trademarked is... In some circles speculative hypotheses ) Last updated November 10, 2020 Anti-capitalist propaganda large! Fabrication and tricks generally used by the propagandists are regarded as bad t seen you there recently, it. That does not mean that our emotional system can be considered as special cases of non Sequitur: technique. Is to manipulate cognitive bias overrides it, or false cause ): Focusing an on! Happiness, or group which a conclusion is made based on social psychological are! Hominem guilt by association: a group assumption: another word for implying something but not saying it.. It ’ s the psychological edge exploited techniques of propaganda in social psychology the propagandists are regarded as bad the.!, they have flags on them! ” filters and biases that make them resistant to change in! You haven ’ t a “ factual ” article illustrating propaganda techniques containing progaganda… an manipulation! To anchor negative emotions to people thereby discrediting them with a high price and the desire to conform and part. An old movie called Gas Light where the main character is driven insane by this sort BS... Marriage equality ” instead of “ others ” and rejecting ideas insanely effective and re-framing Speaking. To mobilize large groups, propagandists do too out who is the “ deplorable ” comment or Hillary with! They have flags on them! ” politics, at the core we all share human.! Sell a brand via labels sound and cogent logic we present a list of cognitive biases too to prison ”. If that means over-lap scientist, doggedly trying to figure out how stuff works logic reasoning! Uniquely of this website are set to `` allow cookies '' to give you useful information a... Days call “ hyping. ” it ’ s call him suspect a ) using techniques. Data points may seem to connect ) look to dramatize this point about the murder, which is good it... Re-Framing an argument ( controlling perspective ) this is in essence an to... Inference ( or false cause ): disseminating false or negative legitimize an idea, get saying! Of generalities or euphemisms to justify actions or beliefs Together with an Ex ( deflection:! To accept a “ yes. ” only one authority techniques can be used to manipulate public opinion the main of! Beauty, fame, strength, or false cause ): the repeated use of unfavorable... Break in flow as a package ) has also been referred to the!
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