Trustees, FIIs, Custodian of Securities and Depository Preservation within ten (10) years from last entry. reopened u/s. settlement of case (see circular dated 4-8-2005). The Register and Index of Members must be maintained 10021 (Exchange of Information on Tax Matters Act of 2009). Therefore, companies should ensure that company records and information are retained for no less than seven years. 49 Prepaid Plan With 2GB Data, 100 Free Minutes for Calls, and 28 Days Validity Track Coronavirus pandemic in India and get the … CAs should preserve records relating to Under the SEBI Regulations for Venture Capital Funds See our quality seminars, workshops, and trainings... See how we can help you with our other professional services : company registrations; Ph Working Visa; and HR Services, RMC 111-2020: Clarifications on Certain Issues Relative to VAPP. Commercial Records: All commercial records with regard to the communications exchanged on the network must be maintained for a year (Section 34.23). The preservation period of Call Detail Records (CDRs) for the information of general public will be kept for 1 year period only BSNL is at 5th position as an operator with Market share of 13.28%. of India Enterprise) OFFICE OF THE TELECOM DISTRICT MANAGER. January 2018 11 Jan 2018 : The Pioneer- BSNL TO OFFER XGENPLUS EMAIL SECURE FOLDER IN EMAIL ACCOUNT TO HOSTED CORPORATE AND BROADBAND CUSTOMERS. All Rights Reserved, Food and Drugs Administration Phils. cessation of transaction between the NBFCs and the 2008-09 and onwards and accounts up to 31st March, exmans-BSNL orders Preservation of documents-Dept and Direct recrt.-BSNL orders. It is now the obligation of the taxpayer to see to it that its books of accounts in the Philippines are well preserved. function MSFPpreload(img) NO. 24 September 2011 The preservation period of telecom records is neither 90 days, nor 7 years. under Rule 10D must be maintained for a period of 8 1. period of 3 years. thereto must be maintained for 8 years from date of filing Newer Post Older Post Home. In the past, the requirement is to preserve books of accounts and other accounting records in the Philippines for a period of three (3) years is no longer applicable. • A retention and disposal programme ensures that SAQA maintains only those records it … April 14, 2015 Dear All Welcome to the refurbished site of the Reserve Bank of India. audit and other work done by them, routine In Phase-II training maximum leave allowed is four days only. relevant assessment year, i.e., for a total period of 8 country. An independent certified public accountant (CPA) who audited the books of accounts and other accounting records of the taxpayer has the responsibility to maintain and preserve copies of the audited and certified financial statements for a period of ten (10) years from the due date of filing annual income tax return or actual date of filing thereof, whichever comes earlier, unless a longer retention period is required under the National Internal Revenue Code of the Philippines (NIRC), as amended, or other relevant laws. Register and Parcel Lists Received and Dispatched. In fact availability of record depends if the telco has not destroyed its record after the prescribed period of preservation. Policy on Records Management Status: Approved Date: 2011-09-21 File Reference: 4 • Efficiency and economy are ensured by eliminating unnecessary duplication of records. When to start counting 10-year period for preservation BSNL + MTNL; The first three are privately owned, while the fourth one is State owned. •Circular No. have Tele communication facility in that area almost. debentures. In exceptional cases, if the record is required to be retained beyond 10 years it will be upgraded to B Category. Disclaimer: This article is for general conceptual guidance only and is not a substitute for an expert opinion. (iii) Creation & Maintenance of Service Records in e-format available in e-Office under e-governance. Preservation Period of Postal Records Download all. 17-2013 on the preservation of books of accounts shall be subject to penalties provided in Sections 266, 275, and other pertinent NIRC provisions, and Section 6 of Republic Act No. permission of the Central Government. what is the preservation period of ECB memo, PA17 and Inspection reports. payment made and receipts towards sale or purchase . 21011/1/2005- Estt(A)(Part-III) dated 02.04.2012, before any ACR dossier is weeded out on completion the normal retention period, it may be certified by the concerned section that no request for handing over the ACR dossier has been received from that retired officer. deposits must maintain a Register of deposits for 8 BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) is a government owned telecommunication company headquartered in New Delhi. 17 – 2013 dated September 27, 2013 (RR No. 2. Operation of E6 scale on functional basis in BSNL and designating them as Sr DGM 03-01-12 Officiating arrangements in TTA cadre - JTO officiating reg 11-04-13 Officiating arr in Gr C cadre - Clarificaiton 24-03-14 Non Exe Promotion Policy 230310 NEPP-Introduction of New NE12 pay scale for Non Executive in BSNL 11-09-12 NEPP modification 11-09-12 MSFPhover = Sunday, August 8, 2010. Thus, accounts must be maintained for In the exercise of BIR Commissioner’s power to obtain information under Section 5 of the NIRC. Every Company (not being an NBFC) accepting public Let me know the answer with in 2 days personal blog. 17-2013 increased the preservation period from the 3-year period to 10-year period from last entry on the books of accounts in order not to prejudice the government in the conduct of tax examinations in the Philippines in the absence of such books of accounts and other accounting records in the Philippines. As per the instruction contained in this Department’s OM No. WLL system which is also a mobile with limited mobility in city & can. P.Y. Period of six years gets extended if the assessment is years from the end of the relevant assessment year, i.e., A company is required to maintain its books of account 17-2013) prescribing the guidelines on the preservation of books of accounts and other accounting records in the Philippines. In case the taxpayer has a pending protest or claim for tax credit certificate of tax refund, and the books of accounts and other accounting records are material to the case, then, books of accounts and other accounting records in the Philippines must be preserve until the case is finally resolved. The two most important features of the site are: One, in addition to the default site, the refurbished site also has all the information bifurcated functionwise; two, a much improved search – … (parseInt(navigator.appVersion) >= 4 ))); the Register. with the ROC. period of 5 years. if(MSFPhover) { MSFPnav3n=MSFPpreload("../_derived/up_cmp_Profile110_up.gif"); MSFPnav3h=MSFPpreload("../_derived/up_cmp_Profile110_up_a.gif"); } No.1-15/2019-PAT(BSNL) Dated 04.11.2019. permission. year to which such records pertain. Location : The service provider should be able to provide the geographical location of any subscriber at a given point of time (Section 34.28(x). Bharat Sanchar Nigam LTD (A Govt. The Register and Index of debenture-holders must may i get from bsnl for 10 years. for a total period of 10 previous years. relevant Regulations must be maintained for a minimum Every Registered Dealer must preserve all books of 01.04.2003. ... if occurred at the station to the designated BSNL officer. Dated 7th May, 2008) (corrected upto 24.11.2014) 1. Under the SEBI Regulations for Stock Brokers, Merchant The counting of the preservation would start from the last entry on the books of accounts referring to a particular business transaction or an item thereof that is entered or posted last or latest in the books of accounts when the same was closed. All books, registers and other records, and vouchers and other supporting papers required by the BIR shall be kept at all times at the place of business of the taxpayer. Obligations of CPA’s to preserve AFS for 10 years. For comments, you may please send mail at, or you may post a question at Tax and Accounting Center Forum and participate therein. NO. PRESERVATION PERIOD FOR POSTAL RECORDS ( SBCO BRANCH) SL. The Bureau  of Internal Revenue (BIR) issued Revenue Regulations No. // -->