The woman lives with her different husbands in turns. Particular communities in at least one Haryana district and two in Punjab indulge in polyandry, a study conducted by Panjab University between 2013-17 has found. 16th October 2014, Naya Haryana : Soils of Haryana. He has been arrested and the Haryana government has set up an inquiry into the practice of fraternal polyandry. The Indian Express is now on Telegram. Haryana state is a vast ground of moist land. And if all this continues, this eventually will drag Haryana to a stage where it can be without women. 13th November 2014, Naya Haryana : Yet women, like men, are also prone to having multiple sexual partners. An alarming concern indeed, which has already given us distress signals. The ancient Hindu tradition of polyandry was once widely practiced in India, but is now only observed by a minority. The custom evolved in human cultures where resources, particularly land and food, were scarce, and/or where women were allowed to own property or ancestral titles of rank. We concluded that families following polyandry are in the belief more women in the family will mean more division in the property,” Gill said. To support the aforesaid, in December 2008, a controversial bond of marriage came into existence in Haryana, where the erstwhile Dy. The Practice of polyandry where a woman marries more than one person at the same time is not unusual in India, especially in the northern parts of India, like Haryana. There are so many such cases where a wife is the property of a group of brothers. This term is more precise than the term polygamy, which refers to having more than one spouse (regardless of sex) at a time. She was sold as a bride in a Haryana male-dominated family of a farmer. Facing the situation of female deficit, even local candidates contesting elections promise to give brides in lieu of votes. She paid the price for playing the role of Draupadi to her husband and his brothers. Thank you for the A2A. My team members and I spent months in these villages to interact with the families. As many tribal communities in Haryana and other remote rural parts of the country are still following this praxis. The study found the evidence of polyandry, where one woman has more than one husband or male partners, in the Gujjar Muslim community at village Daulatpur in Haryana’s Yamunanagar district and among Jat Sikh families at village Piplian in Mansa district and village Panechan in Fatehgarh Sahib of Punjab. Imagine such a scenario. In history, the practice occurred in Tibet, China, Bhutan and other parts of the world. Polyandry was common in areas of the world where resources such as land and food were scarce, but women were allowed to own property. Three Haryana districts, including Mewat, Jhajjar and Yamunanagar, three in Punjab — Ludhiana, Mansa and Fatehgarh Sahib — were selected for the study. This tradition can be traced back to the age of Mahabharata where Queen Draupadi, the daughter of King Drupada of Panchāla (and thus also known as Panchali) was the wife of the five Pandavas. Soil in Haryana is formed almost entirely of alluvium. Polyandry (/ ˈ p ɒ l i ˌ æ n d r i, ˌ p ɒ l i ˈ æ n-/; from Greek: πολυ-poly-, "many" and ἀνήρ anēr, "man") is a form of polygamy in which a woman takes two or more husbands at the same time. Ava DuVernay developing Naomi series at The CW, German coronavirus aid can’t last indefinitely, Angela Merkel warns, Britain gets ready for roll-out of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine this week, In Goa, youngsters hold press meet, ask govt to scrap 3 linear projects crossing Western Ghats, Australian state eases restrictions for ‘COVID safe’ summer, hotspots improving, S.Korea to consider new curbs as coronavirus cases hit 9-month high, NIA files chargesheet against six in narco-terror case, Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Awards, Statutory provisions on reporting (sexual offenses), This website follows the DNPA’s code of conduct. We did not find any trace of polyandry in Jhajjar, Mewat and Ludhiana,” he added. It reminds us of a very moving and disturbing film Matrubhoomi: A Nation Without Women. Gender-specific abortions and female foeticide are also the chief reasons for practising polyandry. Polygamy, polygyny, and polyandry are terms that are often inaccurately interchanged with one another. As per a study by Panjab University, Yamunanagar district situated in Haryana and Mansa and Fatehgarh Sahib in Punjab have shown evidence of polyandry. 10th October 2014, Naya Haryana : The study also found evidence of brides being brought from Bangladesh. A report by United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in 2007 warned that the deficit of the female population in the marriageable age (20-49) by the year 2030 is going to reach 25 million. Dr. Madhav Mohan Godbole, the director of Balgrah, a centre for rehabilitation in Rai, Sonepat recently said,  Villagers come to us and plead for brides. This is changing nowadays, but it is still unusual for children to marry without their parents … 7th October 2014, © 2019 Polyandry practised in a village in Haryana, 2 in Punjab: PU study According to the study, brides are bought from states such as Manipur, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar, Assam and Himachal. The existence of polyandry in the past among the Nairs and the continuance of its off-hand appearance in the twenties of this century are evident from the cases cited by my informants. To understand the limitations within which polyandry worked in the Isn't that horrifying? Compiled in a book, ‘Gender Culture and Honour’, the study brings into limelight the cases of wife-sharing and bride purchases in both the states. 10,000. 9th October 2014, Naya Haryana : Most such women came from poor families. The study, conducted by Prof Rajesh Gill of Department of Sociology, is now part of a book — ‘Gender Culture and Honour’ — released earlier this month. As an alternative response, the north and north western parts of India are also witnessing an increase in long 70 august 31, 2013 vol XLViii no 35 B253 Economic & Political weekly 11th October 2014, Naya Haryana : It is now perilously spreading across the nation. Polyandry is a practice whereby a woman takes two or more husbands at the same time. For all the latest Chandigarh News, download Indian Express App. Naya Haryana. Polyandry refers to the practice where one woman has more than one husband or male partners and it is not unusual in Haryana. According to the census report of 2011, sex ratio in Haryana was 879 per 1,000 males, and whereas male literacy rate stood at 84.06 percent, female literacy rate was only 56.91 percent. And, when speaking about Haryana, instances of female foeticide are uncurbed here, and it has severely led to the skewed gender ratio. CM of the state, Chander Mohan converted to Islam alongwith Anuradha Bali, the former Assistant Advocate General of Haryana, adopting the Muslim names so that the latter could become the second wife. Polyandry!! Polyandry can also refer, in the broadest sense, to being … “Poverty, less agricultural land, deteriorating sex ratio are the reasons behind this practice. polyandry meaning: 1. the practice of having more than one husband or permanent male sexual partner at the same time…. Whenever I hear this word, all I can think of is “How on earth do they manage?” :-/ I mean, the relationship women have with men is totally different from what men have with women, as we all know. This is an age-old custom seeped in the roots of our country. We did not find a single case of domestic violence in these families,” she added. And sometimes, from even across the border the practice of fraternal polyandry in Punjab and Haryana (Kaur 2004). Polygyny, the The epic talks about the marriage of five brothers, Pandavas, with a woman called Draupadi. Haryana State is a broad level plain standing nearly on the watershed between the basins of the two rivers. According to the study, brides are bought from states such as Manipur, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar, Assam and Himachal. Two, three, four, or more brothers jointly take a wife, who leaves her home to come and live with them. Haryana, one of the wealthiest states in India with the third highest per capita income in 2014-2015 of 147,076 rupees (USD$2,293), is a destination state for the molki brides. This blind faith in our epics and scriptures  is only a one-sided study of the whole situation; by delving deeper into it, one will find many horrendous reasons replete with such cases of women abuse. The Practice of polyandry where a woman marries more than one person at the same time is not unusual in India, especially in the northern parts of India, like Haryana. It takes us back to the Indian legend, called the Mahabharata. The mating of one female with more than one male while each male mates with only one female is known as polyandry (literally, "many males").It is a rare mating system, occurring in less than one percent of all bird species, and is found mostly in shorebirds. The fraternal polyandry of Jaunsar Bawar in the western Himalayas of India is described by examining the domestic groups it creates. Non- Fraternal Polyandry: In this, all the husbands of a woman are not necessarily brothers. In Haryana one can find ample cases of modern Draupadis wedded to two or more husbands. The urge of male siblings to save fragmentation of their already small landholdings is leading these Punjab villages to fraternal polyandry. Last month, a minor bride purchased from Odisha by … The epic talks about the marriage of five brothers, Pandavas, with a woman called Draupadi. With cases of female genocides widespread in Haryana, it has brought with it other evils of child trafficking, kidnapping, buying and selling of girls, female abuse and polyandry. All rights reserved. Despite the fact that many such cases of female infanticide for want of a male heir are brushed under the carpet, many facts and figures are still available that speak for itself. The book was released on October 19, 2019. In all this, it is a deplorable situation, where the current state government is neither interested in removing these ills nor focusing on efforts to get a grip on spreading awareness about it. Ah! In some villages of Haryana and … 31st October 2014, Naya Haryana : Learn more. 19th October 2014, Naya Haryana : India win by substitution method, heroes defy written script in first T20I, Five Instagram features you need to try out today, Apple offering free display replacement to select iPhone 11 users: How to check eligibility, Internet takes on Rudy Giuliani again after video of him 'farting' goes viral, Watch: Jet skiers rescue trapped dolphin from fishing net in Florida. 6,000 can go up to Rs. by Sanjeev Awasthi. Polyandry refers to the marriage system when a women has more than one husband at a time. Not only this, eligible Jat boys from Haryana even frequently travel to Bengal, Jharkhand, Orissa and other states to seek brides. Copyright © 2020 The Indian Express [P] Ltd. 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The form prevails among the Ahirs of Haryana, some Jats and Gujars and some other castes of U.P. Polyandry in Himalayas. Prof Rajesh Gill carried out the UGC-funded study in a district in Haryana and said “ it was observed that due to poverty and lack of property or resources, men remained bachelors till late age, as none was prepared to marry their daughters to them. Traditionally, marriage was arranged by parents, with children, particularly females, having little or no say. It takes us back to the Indian legend, called the Mahabharata. 8th October 2014, Naya Haryana : Chandigarh, October 29 A study by Panjab University has found evidence of polyandry in Haryana and Punjab. The exchange rates depend upon the age of the girl and her virginity, which starting from Rs. 11th November 2014, Naya Haryana : The mechanics of fraternal polyandry are simple. The study was undertaken in six districts — three each in the two states. Polyandry, the marriage of one woman to two or more men, is still practiced in parts of India, Nepal, and Africa. There is also a prevalence of a trend towards polyandry, a report by an NGO, Empower People, points out. Naya Haryana : “There are cases of bride purchase also in these two states. They say if we can't fix them up, they will be forced to buy girls . And, if one believes that we have moved far ahead of such practices, and deduce on the basis of the current situation in the developed cities of India, then this bubble of illusion should be wrecked. In 2006, the ugly denouement as a result of polyandry in Haryana was the murder of 18-year-old tribal girl. This is an age-old custom seeped in the roots of our country. 12th November 2014, Naya Haryana : Polyandry, unlike polygyny, has only rarely been institutionalized in human societies. The word polyandry comes from the Greek, Poly (many) and Andros (man) and literally means the practice of one woman taking two or more husbands. Polyandry, or the practice of one woman marrying two or more husbands simultaneously, used to be fairly common in this extremely remote area of … Polyandry, marriage of a woman to two or more men at the same time; the term derives from the Greek polys, “many,” and anēr, andros, “man.” When the husbands in a polyandrous marriage are brothers or are said to be brothers, the institution is called adelphic, or fraternal, polyandry. The state is situated towards the depressions of the rivers Ganges and Indus. She said the UGC-funded study was conducted for ascertaining the gender culture in the two states. The skewed sex ratio of 834 girls per 1,000 boys and the patriarchal system in Haryana have led to a practice where women are easily bought from poor states like West Bengal, Assam, Bihar, Odisha, and Jharkhand. An overview of Haryana Soil. Reond, Gandua, Maghania, Andiawali, Kalipur, Kulana are some of the backward villages of Boha in Mansa, where a woman could be seen sharing intimacies with two to four brothers. Moreover, polyandry is widespread despite considerable costs, including wasted time and energy, increased risk of predation and disease, potential damage caused by male seminal fluids and copulatory organs, and even death (Keller and Reeve, 1995; Eberhard, 1996). Can you guess the time in CIA's photo challenge? People following this often say,  we are following what our ancestors did . In The Ivory Throne, Manu Pillai retells the history of a unique Indian monarchy: the princely dynasty of Travancore in southern Kerala.Travancore, a dominion loyal to the British Raj, was relatively newer than the ancient houses that once warred over this slice of south-western India, set between the Arabian Sea and the tail-end of the Western Ghats. National Crush of India 2020 Rashmika Mandanna does this agility exercise with ease; can you? In other castes like Namboothiris the practice of polygamy was also common at this time period. I think this is exactly the same thing which was followed in some Nair families back then. Gill said that families practising polyandry were very shy, and it took months for her teams to interact with them. These cases will be described in the relevant contexts in the following discussion. “n each district, two villages were selected. For young Gudiya, life scripts a tale more twisted than Bollywood ever could. Click here to join our channel (@indianexpress) and stay updated with the latest headlines. However, the term polyandry refers to the practice of having more than one husband at a time.
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