You get 4 free beer-battered zucchini sticks. timeout This is not a gourmet burger, but a very well made burger that seems home made. The beer battered onion rings felt more like tempura style onions to me, but that's just me, I'm more of a thick, crumbly breaded onion ring type of guy. It makes sense, then, that onion rings are harder to find. We made the right choice here. Each ring is consistently piping hot and perfect as they separate at the corners as you bite in to one with every order. 1 . MAKE SURE YOU CHECK IN ON YELP!! These frozen onion rings are easy to prepare and can be either deep fried or baked. It was bland and tasted OLD. And the price... well, the price was very reasonable. I haven't been back since ordering this one..they messed up big time.Grilled Chicken Salad - Not worth paying over $10.. The Best Onion Rings In Minnesota Might Just Be At Norman Quack’s. Easy to prepare and super satisfying, these crowd-pleasers are the perfect addition to any meal. Découvrez les restaurants de Onion rings en livraison ou à emporter près de chez vous. Ian’s Onion Rings start with fresh cut, sweet onions, dipped in our special batter, and are then coated in crunchy cornflake crumbs. Jeanine Friesen says. No Eggs. They definitely cook it well and it's nice and fresh but I just didn't think it was worth $10. They’re thick and battered with rich house made buttermilk and seasoned flour and fried to a nice crunchy crisp, then served with their original sour cream and onion dip. var notice = document.getElementById("cptch_time_limit_notice_99"); Their regular seasoned fries tasted funny, and their beer battered onion rings were plain, but their sweet potato fries were pretty good. EAT @ FRONK's was bomdiggidy!Burgers great. (Ordered Medium Rare) The sear of the patty was thorough and provided a crisp texture to showcase the juicy, tender interior. The onion rings arrived in small fried pieces in a giant mound, with black specks that turned out to be the house special, lemon pepper seasoning. Don’t they look crunchy and golden? The walls are pretty much lined with every kind of hot sauce you can imagine except for Tabasco for some reason. So I get a round of drinks (sorry no boozes for a few more months) and some Onion rings to get us going.FOOD ORDERED:Beer Battered Onion…Beer Battered…Fronkenburger ... 1/2 lb Angus burger with beer battered onion rings, maple bacon, grilled onions, jack cheese, tomato, lettuce, and chipolte ranch…Habullnero Burger ... 1/2 lb Angus burger, with some hot ass habanero relish, maple bacon, grilled onions, jack cheese, tomato, lettuce, mayo and a fried…Bacon Wrapped Steak Skewers ... Angus steak skewers wrapped in a thick cut bacon finished with a Cajun onion…Hot Fudge…Kids Cheeseburger (ordered plain n dry)Smoked Sausage ChiliColeslaw Natural cut FriesFOOD TASTE:Beer Battered Onion Rings  ...  Big & crispy, and not greasy. If it was maybe $7/8, totally worth it. Our server totally rocked! Made from 100% real potatoes. It has beer-battered onion rings, maple bacon and monterey jack cheese. Add dry ingredients and mix until smooth. 0g Trans Fat. I would say try it once at least to see what it's like and decide if you feel it's worth the price. Closed. • Manny's Burgers . Wild Berry is better.--------Verdict: I really wanted to like this place. They have a popular home cooked style menu. display: none !important; I can tell they put love into their burgers because the preparation of the patty was done by hand, not pressed. })(120000); The sweet potato fries are GOOD though. Pictured above, you can see one of the many favorite items off of their menu, the Miyagi-San's Burger! 80 Restaurants. In fact I'm craving them right now! Share your location. Love the idea of club soda. That’s why we like to mix it up with these unique, savory snacks unlike any other. First off, staff is SUPER friendly and accommodating. Nutritional Info. moz005...over & out. Brother's Roast Beef & Pizza - Abington. No Peanuts or Tree Nuts. The Houston-area has a lot of great places that serve delicious onion rings. I wouldn't recommend it as a first date type thing solely because I can guarantee that you will get sloppy burger juices running down your hands and that is not attractive at all.Service is a bit slow but that's partly to due with there only being one server. The pulled pork was moist and delicious! BUT also as same as above, the patty wasn't seasoned well enough. And as you will discover, the best Frozen Onion Rings are not always the ones at the highest prices! Super friendly and very helpful too. 1. Usually not a big fan of zucchini, but they cooked these well and the batter was delicious. I would've never tried this place if it wasn't for yelp. Order Online. egg. 18 At certain times of the year, the onions are sweeter than other times. Send Inquiry. WATCH: GREAT 8 ONION RINGS PART 2: 5 Napkin Burger Back Bay. They were definitely top notch! Closed. Yelp review: The onion rings are the best in the provo area... trust me I have tried every onion ring in the greater provo area. timeout I got the Spicy Mother Clucker which was really good. On the market, you will find an incalculable number of models, all at different prices. Top Notch is not simply famous because they appeared on “Dazed and Confused”, it’s one of the few classic burger joints remaining in Austin that continues to be deliciously simple. Smart Sushi (Francisco de Montejo) Smart Sushi (Francisco de Montejo) Delivery fee is MXN28. Very disappointing...I get it's not a salad place but how do you get salads wrong? Burger King onion rings are fried and share a fryer with other Burger King products, such as the Fish Fillet, Crispy Chicken Nuggets and Pork Sausage. To make these onion rings you really don’t need any special equipment. that's all I need to say! Lastly, ordered hand-made fountain sodas. The humble onion, sliced, separated into rings, coated, and deep fried. Their beer battered onion rings are a home run. Come hungry because the portions are generous and flavorful. ... Sign In. They are the beer battered variety and freshly made. I just prefer Sweet Potato Fries still. The prices here are pretty solid so some of their food just doesn't cut it to be a miss! bags, case of 15 4 oz. Onion Rings. Not bad for a local joint. Hilltop Pizza & Subs. Learn about Onion Rings and support local pizza places near you by ordering for delivery or pickup on Slice. Don’t just trust our judgement, get out there and devour these rings yourself. The batter on these was perfection, they still had some crunch, deep fried zucchini don't get any better 5 ***** Stars Fronkenburger ... my teen age son inhaled this bad boy Fast! Time limit is exhausted. In honor of National Onion Rings Day on Monday, we asked our KPRC … Everything on the menu looked good, I kinda wanted to try the fish and chips but the burgers looked so delish. (function( timeout ) { Fronk's was super generous with their fries. But sometimes, this classic meal needs a little something different to keep things interesting. Cheddars Near My Location. 5.0 (1372) 1540 Friedensburg Rd. Other Snacks Sometimes you just want something a little different. No Preservatives. If you’re looking for a Cheddars Near Me look below for a place near you.Cheddars has been around for a while. The zuchini spears were giant and had a nice taste, perfectly cooked for some though I like my zuchinni a little more soft. We weren't disappointed. I have an affection towards hole in the wall burger joints, but Fronks didn't pass the taste test on their items that are lauded to be the best in LB. The sweet potato fries were thick cut and real good though I think they were bought and not freshly made. The best solution? They were definitely top notch! SERVES: 4. They don’t even have to be a side item anymore, you may prefer it for your appetizer, as a snack or if you’re a Maverick you’ll eat it as a full meal. 2. (case of 24 1.5 oz. Burger King - Dunkerque Fleurs. Compare your options, browse their menus, then place your Onion rings order online with Uber Eats. Chat Now. I had high hopes for this one as smoked sausages and chili are both a couple of my favs. The meat had a nice seasoning and was tender as can be. My buddy got the Pulled Pork and Sausage plate. Yelp review: The onion rings are the best in the provo area... trust me I have tried every onion ring in the greater provo area. It tastes even better with sriracha added :] - Beer Battered Onion Ringsbig, crispy rings that are amazing. The chicken was white meat on skewers and looked a little dry. Fronk's is lucky to have her and we were lucky to get her. This was by far the best chicken sandwich I've ever had. Onion Rings (Results 1 - 20 of 500) Onion Ring Signature Tires. They’ve elevated their onion rings with pure elegance, made tempura batter and fried to a light golden crisp, topped with togarashi and white soy. (function( timeout ) { Ontario, 70 Silver Star Blvd, Unit #113 M1V 4V9 Toronto (647) 773-0075. Onion rings are divine and to have them gluten free is is absolutely heavenly. The fries at Hyde Park Bar & Grill are undoubtedly king of the restaurant, but those onion rings though! Some people have artistic visions, some have musical scores dance before them. Want to chime in?  =  Promptly refrigerate any unused heated portion. 5*****StarsBacon Wrapped Steak Skewers ... My daughter only ate 1/2 before she was full so I scored! The pictures depict a huge diner, but from the outside it looks like a hole in the wall. Hawaiian Luau Barbeque Rings. It must have been "the drop" as a small baby while I was eating my favorite food, peanut butter. I've NEVER been to Bern's!!! function() { We also tried their hot steak chili which looked and tasted home made. Here are some of the things I've personally tried. After looking through a few reviews I was totally sold on this place. BUY NOW. Eat them with the bbq sauce and/or chipotle ranch they provide and you'll solve the dryness issue- Peanut Butter Brownie Sundaethis is a mountain of pure, concentrated sugar. Onion Rings Near You. Delivery fee is 1.49€. INGREDIENTS Nutrition . There’s nothing more all-American than sitting down to a juicy burger topped with your favorite condiments. You can really taste the beer in the batter which adds extra goodness.- Sweet Potato Friesthick cut and sprinkled with something heavenly- BBQ ribsthese were blah. - See 243 traveler reviews, 14 candid photos, and great deals for Harrisonburg, VA, at Tripadvisor. I almost wanted to hurl. Onion Rings. Los Angeles, CA 90042 (323) 257-8705 Spicy burger! The burger itself looks delicious and gigantic. 15-20 minute, friendly customer service and a long standing local establishment. The three people I went with had a couple different burgers and said they were all really good. I always run out of Meat and am left with the bun. The servings were huge. Bake on center rack for 8 minutes and turn over. No Wheat/ Gluten. The presentation for this place is always on point, but I do wish they would have a better meat to bun ratio. It wasn't my favorite chili I've ever had but you could tell it was good, just not exactly what I like. 4.8 (4233) 1709 Edgewood Rd. function() { Potatoes done perfect since 1952. The Fix Burger 2520 Hyperion Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90027 (323) 661-8494 These crisp, zesty ring snacks are seasoned with just the right amount of our Sweet Maui Onion flavor. Was expecting a packed house after some reviews, but I guess it's a lot slower on weekdays (went at 6:30 on a Tuesday night). Perhaps ask if the customer to get either or both (if they enjoy it that much), just a suggestion.-Lettuce and Tomato: It is what it is, staple toppings in a burger-Monterey Jack Cheese: Maybe it's because I didn't eat it immediately, but there wasn't any "cheesiness" when I sanked into the burger. Compare your options, browse their menus, then place your Onion rings order online with Uber Eats. THE BEST!!! One Famous Peanut Butter - Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae. BBQ great. (…)So like Peter's Gourmade, In N Out, Five Guys and almost every other burger place. We ordered jambalaya, fried chicken, wings, tacos, onion rings, fried okra and oyster po boy. After several years of being opened in Austin, Uchi and Uchiko continues to impress patrons with an unparalleled dining experience and one may never expect something as simple as onion rings to be served in such a fine restaurant. })(120000); Closed. Service was great.I'll definitely come back from time to time. Best Onion Rings in AustinNational Onion Ring Day, Hayden Walker is the Editor in Chief and Director of Operations for Austin Food Magazine, […] The 5 Best Onion Rings In Austin – Austin Food Magazine […], ©Austin Food Magazine, LLC All Rights Reserved. It is never easy to choose from the wide range of offers. Here's why I didn't feel like it lived up to expectation...-1/2 juicy pound Angus patty: Definitely juicy and flavorful.-Beer battered onion ring(s): It was a single ring, but it became soggy due to the patty and the sauce. To be "Fronk" I needed to see what was their most popular burger and according to the owner he stated to me, "The FRONKen Burger." Go try them tonight with Fronkenburger!Seasoned French Fries - Pretty good. Square 1: Best Onion Rings - See 341 traveler reviews, 79 candid photos, and great deals for Fort Myers, FL, at Tripadvisor. A suggestion to make this healthier: current research has shown canola oil to be undesirable. I just thought since it's fried that I might like it. What more can you ask for. Onion Rings Near Me. I'll definitely tip my hat to you, but until I try the baby back ribs my rating will stand at a 3.5 (3 rounded down for now). var notice = document.getElementById("cptch_time_limit_notice_40"); FOR FOOD SAFETY AND … We walk in and it's very quaint and the decor reminds me of a union between your local firefighter hangout and TGIF's; random tchockes mixed with a lot of firefighter "stuff." The seasoned fries weren't anything special either. I ended up going with a Fronken-burger with a side of beer battered onion rings and a no frills iced tea. BUY NOW. 2808 Guadalupe St. Kinda weirdly magical when 1/2 the place was lit up by cell phone lights. Probably coagulated on the drive home.-Chipotle Ranch Sauce: Besides the patty and the onion rings, this is the other highlight of the meal. Definitely a better version compared to the weaker substitute at Barney's (Bay Area, CA; various locations)Overall, spent $10.15 with tax and no tip. Coat onions in flour. For as good as this restaurant smelled, I was surprised by how ordinary the BBQ was to me. The sauce that accompanies these delish rings is also quite tasty and together deserves a round of applause! The food and service are great!I tried their pulled pork and ribs combo and my wife had their blackened chicken and shrimp combo. +  Not only were these onion rings delicious, they were really simple to make. Coolio! I had my first experience Friday night with my brother and his family. Not that great ...stick with their burgers- Beer Battered Chicken Stripscrunchy but a bit dry. Anyhow, ive been back since and when in the mood for beer batter...Fronks is the place! NO, I just take my burgers seriously.I've gone to this location three times to give it a fair assessment. Over the past few months I have been to Fronk's many times! The beer battered onion rings felt more like tempura style onions to me, but that's just me, I'm more of a thick, crumbly breaded onion ring type of guy. Onion Rings- Big and golden, but lacks seasoning. This is the only place where I'll eat sweet potato fries.Service: There were only two waiters/waitresses the night that I went but it's a small place. Being that said Alpha had recently moved to Bellflower and wasn't too familiar with the happening food spots, I looked to the Yelp app.Lo and behold I come across Fronk's. The chicken was moist. Please reload CAPTCHA. I'm no food expert but it looked like left overs from few nights before.So my experience at Fronk's overall felt like a hit or miss. NUTRITION FACTS BUY NOW FIND STORE. The walls are lined with different hot sauces which adds to the atmosphere. bags) Buy Now. if ( notice ) There's a bit of a wait on food but they cook it fresh so no biggie. 45 }, Onion rings are the best way to eat your veggies. Great food, great service, comfortable booths and tables. The onion rings are truly legendary and is a staple in Austin, making them easily one of our favorites in town. Other Snacks Sometimes you just want something a little different. 9 It was absolutely delicious, served with freshly fried tortilla chips.The meal cost roughly $45 for two people, including tax & tip. Discover the Onion rings places near you in Westminster offering delivery or pickup. 1604 Ring Rd. Food: Interesting burgers, and they're huge. Our Gourmet Onion Rings are made from sliced hole onions dipped in golden batter. I decided to go with their Sweet Potato Fries which were tasty but the seasoning on them was a little too overpowering after awhile. Dip in batter. I liked these, kids didn't 3.5***StarsHot Fudge Sundae ... Yummmeee! Find Onion Rings near you by sharing your location or by entering an address, city, state or zip code.  =  Gluten Free. With 16 ounces per bag, there?s plenty to go around. Definitely stopping by for more of their juicy burger selections. However, it's worth it because they're ridiculously nice and attentive when they can be. TLDR: awesome friendly staff, free appetizer for Yelp check in, burgers are okay (on the pricey side), sweet potato fries and vanilla cream soda are amazing! I've had Fronks on my hit list for fronken' ever!I got a Yelp Message at work about a future trip to Fronk's and I could not get Fronk's out of my head.…  Still this burger has some great taste, the meat has a nice seasoning, and the egg was perfect. I ordered "The Little Piggy" which is a half pound cheese burger topped with BBQ Pulled Pork, Lettuce and Cole Slaw. Light and crispy, our Onion Rings are packed with delicious, real onion flavor that will leave you asking for more. No Milk/ Casein . display: none !important; Fronk's is located on busy Alondra Blvd. Light and crispy, our Onion Rings are packed with delicious, real onion flavor that will leave you asking for more. I prefer KFC's cole slaw any day and that's not a complementBeer Battered Zucchini Sticks - My friend loves this one. 5*****StarsAMBIANCE;Decore is a hodge podge of misc stuff from decorated dollar bills by the various fire companies in the area to the freaky baby with the evil laugh to backwards subliminal messages opposite the mirror in the co-ed bathroom.I'll be back for sure! That's to be expected, I suppose, since there's an awful lot of folks who just flat-out don't like onions, no matter how crisp the coating or how exquisite the fry job. Extra Notes:--CHECK IN via Yelp to get the special fountain soda OR regular drink-Takes Credit Card-Excellent Service, but plates were dirty when it was served on one occasion-Does take a while for the burgers to come out, but they make their patty by hand, so its understandable-Decor is awesome, fun, and comical, but in an endearing way. My brother and his girlfriend actually split a burger and were full.All the employees were friendly and so prompt with getting us anything we needed. Nutritional Info. The service fantastic. = "block"; function() { Bring home Great Value Onion Rings today!

Great Value products provide families with affordable, high quality grocery and household consumable options. Esposito's Restaurant & Pizza. Onion rings make the perfect crispy, crowd-pleasing treat. NUTRITION FACTS BUY NOW FIND STORE. I'm the 666th reviewer for Fronks!...So does that make me the devil for giving this revered location an average review? Share: Print: Nutritional Info . I see Fronk's in my future. Usually salted and eaten with some ketchup, it's a quick bite anytime, anywhere. Free easy parking in the rear or plenty of spots on the street curb in front. setTimeout( 5****StarsFor excitement we even had blackout mid-desert when the Edison guys cut the power down the street where some idiot hit a power pole. Always checked up on us, offered refills without us having to flag them down, my kind of service! El Sapo’s golden onions rings are dipped in house made buttermilk batter and lightly fried, then paired with spicy chipotle ketchup. My niece wanted the shrimp and half rack of ribs my brother thought it would be too big for her so they split it at a $3.00 charge the portions with sides were perfect for both of them and even brought food home. Came to Fronk's to try their Bacon Cheddar Cheese Burger, with Beer Battered Onion-Rings and a side of Bacon Cheddar Fries...Amazing! Seasoned tastefully and even sweet. Submit corrections. Bake for 8 - 9 minutes to desired crispness. $2.00 Delivery. Profitez du meilleur choix de Onion rings en livraison à Saint-Péray sur Uber Eats. Or. ----The Food----Fronken Burger ($10.75)- A massive burger with a 1/2 lb of Angus beef, big Beer battered onions, maple bacon, grilled onions, lettuce tomato, monteray jack cheese, and Chipotle Ranch sauce. Nestled in the heart of Portsmouth's historic downtown, these onion rings will give you the pick-me-up you need after a long night of liquid courage. Gave it three chances. The atmosphere is really unique with a  warm, cozy feel. It was OK but didn't have the "wow" I was expecting. The great customer service give it an uptick of 3 stars. My burger was huge and oozing with that scrumptious chipotle ranch. The only disappointment was that we all had no room for dessert! When I took that first bite into my burger, it was like an explosive orgasm of juices from the beef, bacon, and sauce all rolled into one. Hours: Sunday through Thursday: 11am-10pm Friday & … We all played musical chairs until the 3 critics settled down from the pre-dinner game of grab-ass. Time limit is exhausted. I fell in love at first bite! The sandwich was awesome. The prices were actually reasonable for the quality of the food. }, Find more on Hut’s here. They were soft and not very salty while I like my fries crispy. This was fantastic! The food was excellent! Damn head of mine. I opted for the traditional Fronkenburger. The seasoned fries weren't anything special either. $2.00 Delivery. Accounts with 75 or more points earned under our original Premier Rewards program rules can still redeem rewards under those program rules. Menu may not be up to date. Forgot about the egg and had a little yolk explosion when I grabbed it. GF Gluten-Free. Opening Hours ; Website; One River Sangha. Not busy at all, only about 2 other parties but lot more people filed in around 7. Is Having The Best-Fried Chicken Enough To Bring In Tourists? Cracker Barrel: Great burger -Onion Rings no longer an option! If you go at night, the Christmas lights highlight the place and give it a warm feel-Seats and tables are nice and clean-LOVE how they have a ton of condiments lined around the whole restaurant.-Restroom available-Parking lot is small, but there is street parking available. Gluten Free. WATCH: GREAT 8 ONION RINGS PART 2: 5 Napkin Burger Back Bay. Burger King - Dunkerque Fleurs. Closed. They were soft and not very salty while I like my fries crispy. Compare your options, browse their menus, then place your Onion rings order online with Uber Eats. .hide-if-no-js { A Taste of Koko to Host Pop-Up At 101 By Tea Haus, Salt & Time Launches Delivery-Only Preview of The Butcher’s Burger, Siete Sound Bites: Local Music and Food Virtual Pairing, ACL Music Festival 2020 Officially Cancelled, Selena-Inspired Movie Night Kit from Home Slice North Loop, Holiday Dining Getaway to Hyatt Lost Pines Resort, How to Host an Epic Holiday Friendsmas Party, The Incredible Journey of Burgers All Over The World. However as a separate side (which I chose) it was better, crunchier and flavorful with the Chipotle side sauce.-Maple Bacon: A nice size of pieces (got two of them) but again it didn't remain crispy (unlike Peter's Gourmade which it did)-Grilled onions: Nice to add for texture/filler purposes but if there's already an onion ring why bother adding more onions? I don't even like grilled onions normally but they were so good on this. Which is to create a layer, or crust I should say that will crisp up when baked while allowing the onion inside to soften. If you want good BBQ come to Fronks. Still she said it was almost as good as McDonalds. Ore-Ida Frozen Golden Shoestrings French Fries (28 oz Bag) 4.8 out of 5 stars 547 #35. Skip the wild berry, too sweet. For those of us who refuse to eat our onion rings unless they are accompanied by a flavorful burger, Bachi Burger is for you. Today is National Onion Ring Day! It had perfectly crispy bacon, a spicy chipotle ranch sauce, Beer battered onion rings, cheese, and grilled onions. They recently removed onion rings from the menu at the Popeye's near me, and it pretty much guarantees that I won't be back. }. After about 6 approval head nods with smiles between the both of us. Said it was the best "big boy" burger he'd ever had. Oh yeah, the burger is good too, so do yourself a favor and get both. ::insert witty Fronk pun::Did a quick Yelp review while visiting a friend nearby and somehow stumbled upon this place. If you blink, you could miss it. I thought it was hotter than the Slaters 50 alarm burger. Vanilla cream is excellent though! The service was great, the decor is whimsical, with old license plates and signed dollar bills adorning the walls. Let stand 1 minute. })(120000); WAY TOO greasy and the cheese & bacon is just microwaved on top of fries.. plus it doesn't look appetizing.. No Soy. I had the Fronken Burger with beer battered onion rings, and took half mine home. So I had been hearing about the beer battered onion rings and finally I was able to see and taste for myself! In some of these chains, food is often pre-prepared in a central kitchen, and then frozen to be shipped and re-heated across the country. After about eating three of them I stopped touching them period. I would recommend this spot to people for sure. = "block"; The location isn't the best, the decor isn't the best. Also ordered the beer batter chicken strips and split a fronken burger with my boo!! I even got a free appetizer coupon.Highly recommend :D. I came to Fronk's because I was craving some delicious onion rings. Huge slices lightly fried, steaming hot! The chicken was dry, over cooked, and left a bitter taste in my mouth. They’ve been preparing some of the best burgers, fries and onion rings in the city since 1926 and continues to impress Austinites and students at the University of Texas campus with their classic grub.

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