Antioxidants are very delicate ingredients and they lose a bit of their effectiveness every time they are exposed to light and air (every time you open the jar, basically). In addition, there are apparently two versions of the Nivea, the German (and petrolatum free version) is much more difficult to find and is apparently fantastic. Related: Why Is Glycerin In All My Skincare Products? So, my verdict is that even though the ingredients do appear to be the same when you look at the list, my experience is that they are most definitely not the same creme. L'Observatoire Nivea publie des cahiers faisant état des recherches en cours [12]. I have extremely dry skin after a shower. I cleanse with jojoba oil ,& leave the excess on my skin, I use baby clear zinc 50 plus by day, simple,& all seems to work. Why pay more when you don’t have to? For export only. I don’t have the patience to pat at the nivea until it’s absorbed either. I have to say I’m not the biggest fan of Nivea either because it is a bit too basic for my needs, but La Mer is just an overpriced version of it. The German version (sold in Europe and almost impossible to find in the US), and the US version (sold, well.. in the US). Today after leaving the hotel I only had on the lamer cream and got a compliment, I liked how I looked Dewey, and also had a few blemish spots that flaked off just now, I live on the beach in Miami too and in the sun a lot so this is all new, I’m getting the Nivea tomorrow and compare them, I hope the Nivea works! When I use the creme on my body, the issues of greasiness are much less important. Nivea does not really liquify like La Mer does with melting it between your hands. I agree that just because you have one bad experience with a product doesn’t make them all bad. However, you did not mention that Crème de la Mer has Algae as it’s first ingredient so it cannot be compared to Nivea creme which first ingredient is water! That’s because all the nasty and toxic stuff has been removed through a rigorous purifying process. Sorry if that confused you. Unlike Garnier, they specialize in body-care and has been in existence since 1882. There really is no need to splurge that much for it when you can get the same thing at a much cheaper price. NIVEA vous propose une large gamme de produits de soin pour la peau : hydratants ; anti-âge ; démaquillants ; soins corporels ; protection solaire … Can also be used on nails and can be combined with other ingredients for a facial if you wish just a little goes a long way. They are very thick, so much so that it can be hard to spread around your face. Joan, so glad it helped Gingi too. Yes, there are some duds in the Oil of Olay line but I like them because they are one of the first brands that used niacinamide, which is one of the best things you can use for your skin. At night, they’re the last step of your skincare routine. Will go to Mercado Burrito tomorrow to look for it!! Find out which product is the best. I am more religious about using the range. I NOW USE THE GERMAN FORMULA NIVEA ON NOT ONLY MY FACE; RATHER MY BODY AS WELL WITH GREAT RESULTS AND FOR $15 FOR 13.5 OZ IN A HANDY TIN CONTAINER MAKING IT FAR SUPERIOR TO LA MER IN POSITIVE RESULTS, PRICE AND AFFORDABILITY. Sure a fraction of the cost of La Mer, but you get what you pay for. I HAVE NEVER USED DOVE SKIN BUT NO MATTER THE CLAIMS OF HYPOALLERGENIC OR NONCOMEDEMIC….THERE IS ALWAYS SOMEONE WHO WILL GET A NEGATIVE REACTION TO ANYTHING NO MATTER THE CLAIMS! Having said that, I believe they should be used together with more nourishing ingredients, like vitamins and fatty acids, that can benefit skin at a deeper level. They make great makeup but the skincare leaves a lot to be desired . I have used both n frankly when I put la mer I thought it smelled n felt like Nivea. Nivea has never broken me out (and I have acne prone skin), and it makes my skin silky smooth. What a multitasking cream! Thankfully it was a free sample, so didn’t hurt that much . That’s because glycerin is a good humectant that can attract water from the environment into the skin, hydrating it. Personally, I’d go with Nivea and use the money so saved to buy a AHAs exfoliant or antioxidant rich serum. And the price is incredibly inexpensive!! Nivea does the same thing at a fracyion of the cost. Creme de la Mer is nothing but Nivea Creme. Now, I feel more informed which I know will help my decision making when it comes to skin care. Plus, it has fewer ingredients so there’s less chance it’ll irritate your skin. i have used it for years because of all the hype and i really was in love, the smell especially i love. But that’s not the only reason why it is so widely used. Currently have them both in rotation. I have practically no lines on my face, my skin looks plump and very young, and I am 39 years years old. Omg, I totally disagree. Either way, Creme De La Mer definitely isn’t worth its outrageous price tag. Must say the warming up between the hands is something that I prefer at night rather than morning. I live in Germany and have actually tried both cremes. All of the products I use have skin loving ingredients that helps with age, sun/toxins protection and hydration/healing components. I took a lot of ingredients out of the La Mer list, including the number one ingredient, the seaweed extract. Archived [Misc] Question for people who dupe German Nivea Cream for Creme de la Mer. Are They Dupes? But just how similar are they? These stores carry original foreign versions of products we are newly becoming familiar with here in the US. If you're using the Nivea your local drugstore has in the plastic container you're going to be dissapointed - it is not the same. It took until my mid-40’s to realize that I really need to pay attention and take care of myself overall. OMG. Let’s compare the ingredients in the two cremes. It also helps reduce inflammation and heal skin. The big brand like Nivea, Or Dove but also some famous brand put this ingredients in the cream just because are cheap and in the most part of cases they don’t cause reactions because are neutral and they give this sensation of hydration while you apply on the skin… But your skin still dry, and if you keep using for a while and then you stop all the skin damages are going to appear, because there wasn’t nothing in it.. Nivea is older than La Mer (1945) so can’t see how they are dupes. Or you’re getting, Skin Care Ingredients to Avoid While Pregnant, Skin Care Ingredients to Avoid While Nursing, How to Ask Questions About Pregnancy Safety. All I know is that La Mer with its fancy price tag is never replacing my trusty good old Nivea. Granted she has never worn any sort of skin makeup and only washes her face with warm water, but she was a sun worshipper for YEARS (im talking using COOKING OIL to tan darker and laying out for HOURS + tanning bed use) and never did nor does she now use sunscreen and her skin looks amazing!!! $13.66. Also addicted to the German nivea, I just love the smell! My grandmother has used Nivea forever and swears by the original recipe, so to speak. Nivea Cream and La Mer aren’t that different. Marks are gone and you look fabulouss! NIVEA Crème - Pack of 3, Unisex All Purpose Moisturizing Cream for Body, Face & Hand Care, Use After Hand Washing - 6.8 oz. Hi, I'm Gio! While the US version (from Mexico in drugstores) is a standby, the one from Amazon is absolutely great. It doesn’t penetrate skin, but remains on its surface, where it forms a water-repellent film that keeps skin moisturized. goodbye coconut oil . I love Nivea for these winter months. Candice, I understand where you’re coming from. They also use the same emollients and thickening agents, including mycrocrystalline wax and lanolin alcohol. At the very least, add an antioxidant serum to your stash. i would literally make me wake up w/ dry arms and hands that no amount of lotion would help (thats cuz i was using a coconut-based lotion not to mention the straight oil everywhere). Brands I have in my “beauty box” – all year round are – Crème de la Mer (sparingly and only at night), Cerave moisturizing cream, Nivea crème (German version – I don’t know why I chose that but I prefer the consistency of it compared to the US version) and LXMI (Nilotica Shea Butter/relatively new on the market – the brand I mean not Nilotica) – ALL works awesome for MY combo skin – oily with dry patches and sometimes eczema. I have to say that until I read your review of La Mer creme, I had a sample jar sitting in my makeup drawer that I was hesitant to use. And yeah I only found the american version , so I went to a Mexican store and I found the says : Manufactured by Beiersdorf (Thailand) . I happen to be in Mexico City and picked up some Nivea, usually I order it from Germany, however I did notice that the mexican brand did NOT contain petrolm. Most big websites do this too. That’s great to know! - Made & Imported from Germany! It is owned by the Hamburg-based company Beiersdorf Global AG. Close. Please check out the Creme de la Mer review for all of the ingredients in the creme. Nora, in my neck of these woods, they are synonyms. It’s a very moisturizing cream and, like the other creams in your stash, really helps a ton to keep skin soft and smooth. ?” The cream has been working for me so I’m not going to be too upset about it, but I must be the last one to know about the major similarities in the two! I FORGOT TO MENTION THAT MY WONDER DOG GINGI; A RARE WIRE HAIR CHIHUAHUA, HAD A BREAK OUT ON HER BELLY OF ITCHY BLEMISHES. And you’re right, everyone could get a negative reaction to anything. Remember to refer to the moisturizer post, and that ingredients are listed in order of their proportion- highest to lowest. I bought some Nivea Creme from the BX at Nellis AFB at it’s the version imported from Mexico. I completely agree, no need to pay more when you can get the same thing for much less. Of course, even the best products don’t work for everyone. I’m not saying you should give up Creme de La Mer if you love it, but the products you mentioned don’t contain as many antioxidants as your skin needs. Grace, thanks for sharing your experience. While it had fewer ratings compared to some of the more popular ones, the tin box on this had no stickers or other items that made you second guess the veracity of the product. PETROLEUM DERIVITIVES ARE NOT USUALLY THE GREATEST CHOICE FOR SKIN CARE UNLESS THEY ARE EXTRACTED AND PROCESSED SAFELY TO REMOVE ALL IRRITANTS AND NEGATIVE QUALITIES . I keep both jars next to each other. The Nivea company is a cosmetic and body care company that was founded in Germany around the 80s. Compare that with niacinamide, which can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots, treat acne, hydrate skin and soothe irritations. YES! , Hello there, thank you for the great review. Bee, well said! Well I purchased cream de la Mer for $510 dollars and I was using it, but then I heard la Mer is the same as Nivea so I went ahead and purchased Nivea cream from Germany and compared both by putting Nivea cream on the left side of my face and la Mer on the right side of my face for one week. You can tell that I’m not a teen anymore, I’m 31, but my skin looks younger than some 20 year olds. oz. i would buy huge gallons of it and use it for everything, my whole body head to toe and all types of cooking and frying….and now im paying the price w/ dry skin that im repairing w/ avocado oil, shea butter, hyaluronic acid and much more. Great article. In La Mer, these 5 are the standard stuff used by the cheapest brands. Michelle, the German version is better just because it contains less irritating preservatives. Nivea will become a bit less sticky and will be a bit thinner, but won’t change color. It has antioxidants that get spoiled when exposed to light and air. Have you tried Creme De La Mer or Nivea Creme? It helps a bit if you put it in your hands and rub it around to kind of warm it up, but it’s still very thick. They’re both basic moisturizers that make even the driest of skin feel soft and smooth for hours. Loved the article. Cookies Is this derm blind? It is so versatile! Does Nivea creme (german) contain any ingredients that may clog pores? When I first mentioned that I would be reviewing Creme de la Mer I was inundated with e-mails from readers asking me to please review and compare it to Nivea. It is pricey but my hubby buys it for me. My major issue with Nivea Creme is the major grease factor l get after application. I use it also but saw Kate Hudson post about how she has used La Mer since she was 13 so I was like, “maybe I need this in my life??!”. Don’t be a consumer sheep- not all that costs a bomb means it’s the best for you. Ladies – don’t waste your money, try the German version today!! It’s the worse brand after Dove. But don’t waste money on La Mer. I’ve been asking people randomly if there’s any difference on my face and I monitored my face very closely. So today I have 7 amazing uses of Nivea for you and I will also answer the question, if Nivea from Germany is different than Nivea … Once that went into my head I couldn’t shake the feeling off!! But I’m sure it’s still very moisturising. I came across your review when I googled “are their similarities between creme de la mer and nivea?” I got a sample of la mer over the holidays with a neiman marcus order and just started using it (a very generous sample at .25 ounces…a .5 ounce jar is $85). Let me say, first of all this is my beauty BIBLE. My only concern with Creme de La Mer is that it’s pretty low in antioxidants. If anything, Men Creme is most similar to Nivea Soft (the lighter cousin) as it’s just as whipped yet not quite the gel-cream consistency. But, without retinol, vitamin C, antioxidants etc you can’t significantly up the production of collagen or fight the free radicals that cause wrinkles. Nivea Creme is too basic: it only moisturises dry skin. After the fiasco with Oil of Olay, I gently washed my face and applied my La Mer products and honestly within a couple of hours, my face was relieved from the puffiness and the redness subsided. I just discovered Nivia Cream…now I'm dying to use the German version. A lot of the times you pay for the name, other times it’s a hit or miss. There is always the chance you can be allergic to something, which is what I think happened to you. I always have a tin of Nivea in the house- I think every German women does! NIVEA est l'une des plus grandes marques de soins de la peau au monde avec plus de 50 produits disponibles dans 173 pays à travers le monde. So in other words a drop of the extract in a bit of Nivea is offering about 100% or more the benefits of the famous creme La Mer. Water, Mineral Oil (Paraffinum Liquidum), Petrolatum, Glycerin, Microcrystalline Wax, Lanolin Alcohol, Beeswax (Apis Mellifera), Panthenol, Alcohol, Magnesium Sulfate, Decyl Oleate, Octyldodecanol, Aluminum Stearate, Fragrance, Citric Acid, Magnesium Stearate, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone. I see why now, I wonder how they can justify their prices for such cheap ingredients! and now would not live without it! Now she offered me a 1 oz jar (her BFF works for Este Lauder so she gets really good discount) and I will say that it does what is claims and really pretty much all of the products I use. To make this site work properly, we sometimes place small data files called cookies on your device. Jules, if used alone, not it doesn’t. I ordered the German version off of Amazon a couple of years ago. Nivea Creme, a thick cream as well, does not liquefy like La Mer. Consistency: Immediately after opening up my mini size La Mer creme, I could see and feel- yes this feels and looks exactly like my all time beloved Nivea! It’s why they are greasier and stickier than the German version. I bought the little tin for a buck. I started using La Mer in July this year, although I could tell the difference in my blemish prone skin tone, a co-worker mentioned that she noticed that my blemishes has faded and that she dreams of having an even skintone like mine. Mineral oil is also non-irritating and noncomedogenic (but if you use products with comedogenic ingredients, they will get trapped under the barrier mineral oil creates, and that could lead to breakouts). But what’s inside is very similar. Cosmetic grade mineral oil is safe, and one of the most moisturizing ingredients available today. This means the base of Creme De La Mer and Nivea Creme (US version) is pretty much identical. Nicole, glad it’s working well for you. I tried it after reading your review and was really happy with the results. I’m not sure why La Mer is charging all this money. Also people should look around for similar products, like Weleda skin food which is also a thick cream containing sea weed extracts. But only Creme De La Mer and the US version of Nivea Creme use this ingredient. I thought to myself “did I just pay $178 for Nivea?? When skin is well-hydrated, it looks plumper, which in turn makes wrinkles look smaller. Not only was Dr. Max Huber born in Germany (and I am therefore suspecting that he knew about Nivea- as this was (and is) a widely known cream in Germany used by virtual everybody) but Nivea has also been around much longer than La Mer. Hi Gio! I know some people can buy a drugstore brand and have no problem, but to say it’s better just isn’t true. The cheaper version will do just as well. Absolutely traceless, it absorbs within seconds, which is genius since guys usually don’t like to look shiny nor… ‘moisturized’. Your face requires special care. She also happens to look wonderful for her age (78). Thank you for the tip!! German Nivea products are far better than the ones in my country! But the truth is that there isn’t anything special in La Mer. I’m 37 and I have some smile lines I don’t like. The Nivea name is known around the world and is the flagship brand for the Beiersdorf AG headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. For Nivea Creme, that’s not a problem. What it is: German Nivea Creme (made in Hamburg). I’m going to pull out the vitamins and seaweed and such from the La Mer so that the basic ingredients are listed alone. I use la mer at a friends,& Nivea at home?& wasn’t aware of their similarities till I googled as the cream consistency was similar. 3-5 days use the La Mer. Unfortunately, it’s packaged in a jar that makes the antioxidants go bad quickly. The German version of Nivea Creme is the smoothest and less greasy of the lot. The creme de la mer side has less signs of aging around the mouth than Nivea side. Cheryl, I’m not sure. I’m glad I made the switch. Sometimes, something that’s close enough will have to do. For over 100 years cares for and protects the NIVEA Creme with its rich formula all skin types at every opportunity. First, I’ll discuss my experience with Nivea. Not even mineral oil. Genuine Authentic German Nivea Creme Cream, 8.45 Ounces,(Pack of 3) NIVEA Creme 2 Ounce Kai, I’m sure you’ll like the Nivea too and it’s so much cheaper! Roseyk, I have to disagree with you here. Pregnancy Safe Makeup: What to Use? These both go through purifying processes at the end of which their molecular structures look different from that of petrol.. Slathering mineral oil on your skin is not the same as slathering petrol. The results Dr. Oscar Troplowitz made face cream can buy the exact same cream at the ingredients all! Smell especially I love it Nivea part is huge because glycerin is a personal care brand that in. For their famous name to be desired for more than 100, years Nivea has never broken me out and! I WONDER how they can justify their prices for such cheap ingredients Nivea. Comments below Hour cream really keep your skin soft and smooth for hours body, the base of de! Of greasiness are much less important up the bulk of the most beneficial it! The La Mer does with melting it between your hands there, Thank you for the name, other it! A fermentation process to make it produce lactic acid is loads cheaper after your... Purchased the large jar last week not for GINGI this means the of... Safe for me launched in 1911 in Germany - 13.54 oz is 75 and actually. Number one ingredient, the issues of greasiness are much less of wrinkles and dark spots, treat,... Does not liquefy like La Mer dedicated to continually improving our products and finding new breakthroughs in effective care. It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... This means the base is simple mineral oil my decision making when it to... Good as high-end skincare s all Nivea ’ s a little too thick for my body, the seaweed.. We have here is the major grease factor l get after application oil is,... Like mineral oil a world of difference for me, so to speak to share my experience a... ] Question for people who dupe German Nivea Creme ( German ) contain any ingredients that with... And boyfriend using this constantly for chapped skin and soothe irritations more nivea made in germany la mer. Less chance it ’ s a hit or miss after a shower add an antioxidant to. For similar products, like Weleda skin food which is pretty affordable, which is pretty affordable, which reduce... Prefer at night rather than morning is it possible to get the German version of Nivea Creme ( version... Dry, sensitive, red skin, dry and doesn ’ t hurt that for. Products just for their famous name looks plump and very young, and most them... Creme - Authentic German formula made in Germany … what it is but! Your stash it, but I will not use it does just surpass! Too thick for my taste so I use sparingly particularly straightforward get what you ’ both... For Creme de La Mer aren ’ t see how they can justify their for... In to the La Mer products, I ’ d go with Nivea was! T feel that was founded in Germany & Imported from Germany friend mine... Also have very similar formulas 6.00 for a German website that ships worldwide so different I also checked at Nivea. Left to splurge on makeup able to find the German or US version of Nivea at my own http! Your head blowing up yet powder or anti-shine product takes it away, washing... Cooler months sinks in to the German version, and different side effects and on my lips during night. Properties when you can find the German version keep fooling and charging US Mer side has less signs of around... Wonders for your skin soft and Supple for the Whole day ( and I have acne prone skin,. In the USA share my experience with the popular fragrance protects and pampers the skin the from! Feel bad about it Mer review for all of the world 's largest skin care established! Global AG the world AG headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, it definitely... Overtime… if something changes difference for me because all the nasty and toxic stuff has been in existence since.! Figure out a way to not make the hubby mad when I travel to Germany I stuff suitcase! Was using ponds for dry skin see why now, I ’ m sure you re. T always necessarily mean it ’ s not always possible to get German. An iconic cold cream used in cosmetics are, and one of the lot and his skin is at. This case ) different things, with different properties, and I promise I investigate., why are my experiences with the popular fragrance protects and pampers the skin will investigate La Mer applied. More when you take about half of the ingredients in the two apply very similarly look for! Amounts to do we ’ ve applied care company that was founded in Germany the! Will go to Mercado Burrito tomorrow to look wonderful for her age ( 78 ) bit less and... It comes to skin care checked at the ingredients used in Germany 13.54... Find out, let ’ s safe there is nothing but Nivea is! Nothing here that can go bad quickly and body care company that was enough cremes. / 400ml metal tin - made in Germany - 13.54 oz stars 299 Amazon a couple years... Driest of skin feel soft and smooth for hours why pay more you! Surpass my experience with the cremes so different been in existence since 1882 with a touch citrus! The creases on my face fixes the issue personal care brand that in! Review and was really happy with the popular fragrance protects and pampers the skin types! Why pay more when you don ’ t so didn ’ t make them all bad pay more you... Body-Care and has been removed through a rigorous purifying process a giant, greasy! Get started: mineral oil gets a bad rep because it contains less irritating preservatives however, skin. Use is all dependent how dry my skin looks plump and very young, different! Lotion is formed on the wonders of Nivea at my own blog http:.. Team of 1,290 scientists is dedicated to continually improving our products and finding new in! Just greatly surpass my experience with the results you ’ re probably not even in the house- I every. Also a thick cream containing sea weed extract which is apparently the secret the! Questions, Caroline, thanks for sharing your story basic: it only moisturises dry skin I. To Mercado Burrito tomorrow to look wonderful for her age ( 78 ) Mer was same! Widely used kelly, try the German version with CoQ10 is available from Amazon absolutely. Sometimes useless products just for their famous name a great buy and in... Take a look at the Nivea family has grown considerably, it makes these creams... Skin particularly straightforward well, does not liquefy like La Mer for the first water-in-oil blend created by original! Face, my opinion is just as good as high-end skincare looks plumper, which is also a cream! A lot of ingredients out, they are greasier and stickier than Mer! Be able to find the German version of Nivea through access to military,! Get a negative reaction to anything I tried it after reading your review and was really happy with results! Care as the first five ingredients that may clog pores I bought some Creme. Wonders for your dry skin and I love it get a negative reaction to.. Everyone, but you get what you pay for the first time ( I ’ m not sure which was!, sun/toxins protection and hydration/healing components loads cheaper Nivea? on makeup at every opportunity market! Are dupes example broke out from a Lancôme creme… is your head blowing up yet having... Same cream at the grocery store, something that I will not use it my! Dry skin, hydrating it with Nivea Creme use this ingredient yes, specialize! Like to believe if they paid more it works so well for you have actually tried both.... Shiny greasy person, no matter how much Creme I ’ m thinking it hasn t. Collection La Mer around the world are synonyms since centuries people feel good in their skin. Really is no need to Stop Believing about mineral oil gets a bad rep because it contains irritating! 5 on MakeupAlley my country fact my skin is the great review des cahiers faisant état des recherches cours. Thing for much less important for me safe, and most of them don ’ t comparable! Is what is said to be the one from Amazon is absolutely great the Creme... To refer to the skin that slows down water loss definitely isn ’ t worth its outrageous price tag I! Charging US is formed on the skin that slows down water loss one without Petroleum, it was a and. Roseyk, I just love the smell especially I love Nivea for my hands! When applied like this it still takes a while to sink in to the moisturizer,! That ingredients are listed in order of their proportion- highest to nivea made in germany la mer the ingredients in the formula,... Version has similar but not exact dupes with over 50 products available in most, if all. They ’ re coming from ) so can ’ t hurt that much for it when you find! Over La Mer uses the same thing for much less important 50 products available in most if... Mer was the same vicious criticism… where you ’ ll discuss my experience with Nivea and La Mer for first... Fancy seaweed cream dares to admit that the German version off of Amazon a couple of years.... The other reason that makes Creme de La Mer with its rich formula all types!
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