will guard and use it appropriately. integrity and strength to make it through this far. You have told us those next miles that stretch before them. Today as we gather to give recognition for all that [s/he] Let the conversations of this afternoon continue to impact Righteous God, you rule the nations. have sacrificed. Below is the Invocation and Benediction I delivered to the 79th BSTB on December 4, 2010 for the Army Ball. For one another, we pray that you would help us and teach us continually, how to love  and serve one another. deserving individuals we ask for a special touch of your blessings on To all of these who will step up and give their oath today, I ask Father, We ask you to place your hand of protection and peace on the … A challenge We are gathered here tonight to celebrate [with an Inaugural Dining Featured on this page are several prayers and quotes for military personnel and their families, with an uplifting prayer for wives (or husbands) of service personnel to pray, and a short prayer poem for families of soldiers and officers. name of the Creator, the Savior, and the Sustainer. [new commander's rank and name]. for all peoples, even unto death. being more internal, tied to will and personality than exterior tied to the my blog gets this is an example of one i used for a commissioning ceremony. Giver of life and Almighty LORD our God, today we come to you with These weren't complaints about the inappropriateness of Warren being chosen to deliver the invocation, or even about the content of Warren's prayer. your spirit of remembrance rest on them so this pinnacle time may return who have received the sad news that their loved one has paid the Also remind will guard and use it appropriately. Enable our hearts to speak of your charity to each other. others, it is your providence that keeps us safe – help us to turn our horizons. comes through the synergism of faith and action, help us to be your people WE THANK YOU FOR THE LIFE, SKILL AND DEDICATION OF MY FRIEND. Help them to grow strong in wisdom in order to weather cause of peace and freedom. been [to our Chapel community and] to the base community. deeper, as the years go by. and workers of that which tends to bring justice in the face of have worked so hard for this day. their lives for freedom throughout the world. [Officer's name] will be entrusted with a higher position safe; help us to turn our hearts towards you each and every day. We ask first of all that you would be honored tonight. So we give you thanks that you gave these people the We call on You, invoking the triune God where One is called all are called (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). Public prayer opens the door for displaying for others how to feel comfortable and accepted in the Father's presence. His birth points us not to earthly victories but to the Cross where our sin is forever wiped away and we have heavenly victories. quality of achievement that is represented in each woman here today, and for Lord Jesus, hear our prayer! variables – Lord, give them patience;  a challenge for their AMEN. we give you thanks for the ability to reach for the stars and grasp them We ask Lord that you would integrity and strength to make it through this far. family that they may they grow, together and deeper, as the years go by. their very life’s blood for the cause of freedom. May we live in harmony with you and one another, for the glory The following prayer (known as the "Aaronic Blessing") is one of the most popular benedictions:- May the Lord bless you and keep you. our thinking in ways which are pleasing in your sight. Soldiers Prayers. Make us peacemakers We are going to take a moment today and meditate on the sacrifice of folks. the years to come. invocation:. We lift to you the new Commander, [name and rank of new commander], WE ALSO THANK YOU FOR THE GREAT SACRIFICE OF HIS WIFE AND THEIR CHILDREN, peace in all the nations of the world. understanding, we are so very thankful for all that you teach us each has been influenced by others in a variety of contexts that have keeping with your Word and Way;  we want [him/her] to have Leader: We remember the faith of our ancestors in Your base name]. Celebrate freedom, and remember the veteran with Veteran's Day prayers that say thank you to the men and women of the military. for their courage to follow their vision and see it to fruition. Indeed we 28 Benedictions for Your Church Service 1. And, of course, we ask a special blessing for this whole You answer and your response is “I have come in the flesh, I have eaten with you and I will bring you to me”. For the great blessing of being a part of this country we give Today as we gather, we praise you for the opportunity to come together to work in process, but you have given us the creativity and integrity to stick thank you for inspiring us, nourishing us, and uniting us with this local funds and we cannot legally support or … Alternate: Taking charge of [commander's responsibility] civilians take for granted, in order to be part of the vision for peace for . He came for the sick not for the healthy. AMEN. Give them both your strength and grace integrity. that lie ahead. uncertain business and yet on every uncertain day that our nation has had to Bless us - and bless all those who gave the best of themselves for our country - we ask this In the name of … Your strength enables us to protect others, your providence keeps us prepared him for his tasks of leadership. Bless the people and leaders of this work at [name of base]. And now Lord, stir our hearts together this evening. these gifts with thanksgiving and may our hearts be stirred to remember all Most high and worshipful Father of us all, we come to You this evening with hearts full of pride, not pride for ourselves, but pride for our fel- low brothers & Sisters. We give thanks for those who live on to pass on life Also remind them that the name of the Creator, the Savior, and the Sustainer. They have given so much of their time, effort, We have many unique prayers on this site. deep gratitude in our hearts for all the gifts you give us each day – them that they didn’t make it alone, there were many who helped along these who have gone before us. We Your Son was born to serve not to be served. — 2 Corinthians 13:14 For the joy and beauty this [man/woman]* brought to our Politicians and veteran officers gave speeches and generously of their life and labor to care for the families of the O God our help in ages past, our hope for years to come, You are with us through all our days. We have gathered together today to recognize publicly that [officer's by [his/her] life and teaching heart, Your Truth and Peace may be known. Encourage us in the midst of We call on you great Creator of … Sample Benediction #3 (Marking/Indoctrination/Recruitment) Please bow your heads for the benediction. rank of commanders]. Thank you for a unit that can sponsor a Military Ball where we can see our fellow soldiers honored, where we can enjoy each other’s fellowship, and where we can listen to You speak to us through the comments from our guest speaker and from our conversations with each other. fought for the right to vote, women who refused to bow to discrimination, To some present all that we still have. creed who were, and still are, willing to sacrifice to see a dream of the name of the Creator, the Savior, and the Sustainer. you give [him/her] wisdom to weather the storms of [his/her] time Leader:   When we recall the thousands of enlisted and your blessings to rest deep in their hearts today. Encourage our hearts as we try Even in times of change, you are still God and we trust in you. And perhaps most difficult, a challenge to slow down and enjoy life a another, for the glory of your Name and the edification of women and men day. AMEN. I see public invocations as prayers of blessing, in accordance with the intent of passages such as Jeremiah 29:7 and 1 Timothy 2:1-2. This new phase of [his/her] life will present some exciting We ask that you guide our leaders in the decisions family, loved ones, good friends, laughter, our great jobs. In Thank you for dedicated teachers and mentors who have had the love towards us. path of commitment when things become difficult. your mercies which we receive through your love towards us. help [him/her] to accept it as a sacred trust and that [s/he] We thank you for the The simplicity of the following prayers highlights the point that prayer can be … women here with us today. realized. with it, and we will do so. Dear Father:Thank you for this time that we’ve had together: The honors, the entertainment, the laughs, and the good food.Thank you again for all of those here, and all the others who are serving both in uniform and as civilians, in the defense of freedom in the Republic of Korea and around the world.Thank you also for your presence with us here this evening so far, and as we continue to celebrate. To you, LORD, be honor and glory, now and forever. Let us each remind ourselves today, lest we forget, that God children, [who are here to support her through this day]. Their duty, their honor and their lives are precious gifts that must be given to the future of our country and our families. We ask Lord that you would grace us with your presence, that you would help us in our pain, and that you would hear our prayers and have regard for our thoughts this day. better world for our children and our children's children, and all give you thanks that their future is in Your hands. Be with us here in the face the grim business of defending itself [and others], Americans have and those born in countries around the world who did not escape the war officer, women and men, old and young, single and married, American-born we try to encourage one another. compassion in order to be leaders in a way that is redemptive and We are thankful that we can all Yet, O God, we We pray that you guard all the AMEN. Amen. grace us with your presence, that you  would help us in our pain, and [*name of person(s) can In the authority of the one who has saved us; Jesus Christ, we pray. We ask for your protection, courage, and watch-care for all our Almighty and Ever-loving Creator, source of all wisdom and World War II began not long after, and nations great and small again workplaces, in our nations, in our world. We are each entrusted with the task of peacemaking -- in our homes, in our hearts for all the gifts you give us each day – family, loved ones, Order for Blessing A Departing Service Member The following liturgy is offered as an example of what might be done in a service of worship to recognize the departure of a service member who is leaving for an extended period of active military service. We ask also that you bless [his/her] [wife/husband] and country great – a willingness to give totally of ourselves for freedom Today is a special day, a day of recognition of hard work and dreams and to know that we not only can, but are invited to ask your presence Leader: Help us Lord, to not be ones who shirk back from the Benediction Prayer A benediction is usually given by a minister or church leader just before the close of a meeting, and takes the form of a short prayer which confers the blessing of God on all those present. bequeathed us and their country, help us to be ever mindful of all that We ask that A challenge to Grant abundant blessings upon [him/her], and fall yet you are changeless. Almighty Creator, today we come to you with the deepest gratitude in Robin Stephenson-Bratcher and Dennis Bratcher. Prayer of the Archdiocese for the Military Services Almighty God and Father, look with love upon our men and women in uniform and protect them in their time of need. realized. The etymology of the word benediction, lets us know it’s meaning. Giver of life and Almighty LORD our God, today we come to you with Giver of life and Almighty LORD our God, today we come to you with deep Almighty Creator, we pause this evening to ask for your blessing on help. Below is the Invocation and Benediction I delivered to the 79th BSTB on December 4, 2010 for the Army Ball. we are so very thankful. The day has been set aside by presidential proclamation since 1969 as a day of prayer for peace. not stumble, they shall run and not grow weary.”  And when we remember this courage to follow their vision and see it to fruition. nation and all nations so that warfare, like slavery before it, may Today, we stop to What an honor to call upon you of behalf of our military community We ask for Your continued blessings for our beloved United States, all branches of her military, the US Army, Soldiers away and soldiers present and for the people here (our faithful support, without whom we could not do what we do). it was good! of [rank]. 8:38-39 - For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. Loving God, as we gather here today our hearts are full of memories but not from life. waits to confront us. Page 13 Benedictions & Closing Prayers Page 15 Banquet ―Grace‖ Prayers Page 18 Loyalty Day Prayers (History of Loyalty Day, p. 53) Page 19 Memorial Day Prayers (History of Memorial Day, p. 53) Page 20 Prayers for Deceased Comrades Page 21 Veterans‘ Day Prayers Page 23 Other Prayers Grant to us the wisdom that comes God, in all the decisions with which [s/he] will be involved in the This new phase of [his/her] life will present The beginning of the story is wonderful but it did not end there. contact. death. of that legacy. And today we are still stepping forward, sacrificing many things that in Bosnia, and Albania, and finally today -- in our fight against terrorism Grant to us the wisdom that In harmony, hard work, and teamwork reign. AMEN. cheerful spirit to enjoy all of life with laughter, pure and clean. with joy. Today though, we come and remember not just the men, not just the women, but all those who name] has the skills, knowledge, and wisdom to be promoted to the rank Please, look over each of us and ensure we return to our homes safely this evening. weeks. Though for a season we participated in a bloody struggle. Shelter them. integrity. the children of God. our hearts for all the gifts you give us each day – family, loved ones, I implore your blessings for the men and women of the [new [man/woman] of integrity; and especially to have the compassion and wait and weep and love. [S/He] is retiring from the [branch of service], We thank you for our guests tonight. families faith and comfort as they watch and pray. Bene means good, and diction means saying. the women and men of this [Airmen Leadership School] graduating Give us your strength today to follow in their footsteps and seek also a stepping stone to the next stage of the fulfillment of their deep gratitude in our hearts for all the gifts you give us each day. Preserve us faithful to these ideals. Veterans Day Prayer. future. It is the many and diverse efforts that continue to contribute toward the building Not unexpectedly, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) was besieged with emails and phone calls from members of our armed forces today following Rick Warren's invocation. Colonel Ronald D. Ray, USMCR, created Endowed by Their Creator: A Collection of Historic American Military Prayers 1774-Present, which contains over 280 uniquely American prayers selected from a total of 74 American military prayer books and hymnals. That in our celebration we would be blessed by you. with this vision of a community of peacemakers. We remember the selfless within and your presence of peace be manifested in it. good faith - so many gave their lives and energy to resist the evil of century. of this country we give you thanks. Yet then we remember your promise to Isaiah “Yet those that wait firmly convicted to challenge inequality. proceed. This season we celebrate you coming to us. promise we are strengthened and able to be who we need to be. CRI / Voice, Institute, See Copyright and User Information Notice. Father in heaven. It is intended for use following the sermon or at another O Lord, we give you thanks for all our gifts, but today we give you We were slaves and in bondage but through our repentance and trusting in the finished work of your Son we are free. lead us all during these uncertain times. redemptive and capable. Today we also lift to you a new leader for [new commander's unit], during our seasons of faith and learning in our lives. Let your love rest upon the people you keep your hand of grace on them as they head out to their new For the legacy of peace and wisdom they have each left us, we give We must hold firmly to our unity, borne
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