and they keep very well. However since the flesh is quite light, the crunch is surprisingly soft, nothing like the hard crisp crunch of a good Golden Delicious. I found Honey Crisp at my local Costco store in Naples Florida. If you're looking for a good tasting basic apple, honeycrisp is the way to go. this world? The parentage of modern apple varieties is often obscure because they are the result of lengthy breeding programs with cross after cross. Taste is clean, sweet, very mildly fragrant, but unremarkable. Produce Sharing allows you to share your produce discoveries with They do have issues with calcium deficiency related problems - good to know if you plan to grow them in your yard. Jan. Best apple ever !! All about apples, pears, plums, and cherries - and orchards where they are grown. We were on a cruise and stopped in the port of Seattle. Less flavor than Gold Delicious. This apple will convert anyone pomologically "on-the-fence"--growing up on a farm, I was never one to rave about apples--until now! The apple industry is really good at utilizing cold storage so that we have domestic apples … You may not reproduce any of the content of this website without our express permission. September was stinking hot- well over 100 degrees most of the month which fried the Queen Cox tree next to the Honeycrisp, but the Honeycrisp apples came through without a mark and are crisp, sweet, juicy, wonderful. Honeycrisp is a medium-to-large sized apple, with a light green/yellow background largely covered with red-orange flush with strong hint of pink if grown in good sunlight. Northern hemisphere fruit ripens relatively early in September. HoneyCrisp 4 life. Apple background color should not have entirely changed from green to yellow. I must have gotten mine at the right of the year. Nothing wrong with honeycrisp, but hardly exceptional. Highly popular and cold-hardy, Malus domestica 'Honeycrisp' is a culinary or dessert cultivar with a profusion of fragrant, pure white flowers in mid-season (mid spring). Was it yesterday? Honeycrisp is an exceptional variety developed from a cross of Macoun and Honeygold at the University of Minnesota in 1991. When Does the Quality of Honeycrisp Go Down. continues to expand their company and is very grateful to all of their customer support. I planted my tree 2 years ago and I will be getting apples this year. I can't recall ever having a disappointing one. Addicted to Honeycrisp! Thank you. So good. We also dried all the apples and once again, Honeycrisp came out on top in blind taste testing. I LOVE ? What a disappointment when the commercially grown apples labeled Honeycrisp came to market. They are followed in the fall by a heavy crop of medium to large apples … Been eating apples since early 70s (grew up in Minnesota). nothing said about cooking. Hope the apples are going to be as good as the best ones I've had. season at apple farms. In this article we guide you through the process of choosing apple … Time and again, I've been disappointed. I remember exactly the road I was driving on when I had my first honey crisp apple experience. There are many, many great ones to choose from, Pacific Rose, Pink Lady, Gala, I could go ad nausea, but if I'm at a market and the prices are even remotely comparable, I'm going home with Honey Crisp every time. It was from Costco, so either WA or OR grown. Kind of a blotchy weak tree, but I think that's normal. In a good example this is a juicy and instantly refreshing apple, in a less good example it will be simply sweet and bland (but still very nice). I think I will open the bag and smell it. - Some susceptibility, Bitter pit  When they are good, they are GREAT. It's Like Growing Dessert on a Tree! It's now my favourite apple. I have three favorite apples - Haralson, The colour however can be quite variable. Now I live in Iowa and I buy the honeycrisp apples here and they are definitely different than the honeycrisp apples I had in California. and are best early in the apple season (early Honeycrisp apple flowers are self-sterile, so another apple variety must be nearby as a pollenizer in order to get fruit. to mid fall). Love this apple. Pink Ladies generally fare better in the grocery store, but here in the SE U.S. you can get them in season and they are amazing. Do they all taste like this? Eating a Honey Crisp takes a while, by the time I'm done with the apple I realize I am full and don't have to eat more. I like the sweeter varieties. Honeycrisp is DELICIOUS!!!! An amazing variety of apples are available to grow but people are often put off by the apparent complexity of choosing compatible varieties. Unmistakeable, and never experienced that note in a HC or any other apple before. I like my apples crisp. stores but can now be found early in the Grown in our heavy clay loam, it was a spectacular specimen, 12oz. - Some susceptibility. buy Red Delicious and have maybe two a week. Get one if you can. In contrast many apple varieties held in cold store tend to ripen and then go past their best very quickly once they are taken out of storage. I think these are one of the best fruits for anyone and I'm not even fond of apples. It quickly Bite into the cream-colored flesh and the large cells explode with juice in your mouth, … The apples from other areas are ok, but don't pay the premium price to pick them up. Honeycrisp does have a close resemblance in flavor and appearance to Keepsake. The Honey Crisp I get that are grown in upstate NY are one of the best eating apples ever. We are in southeast Ontario. The University of Minnesota initially stated that the original parentage was Honeygold (raised in the 1930s from a cross between Golden Delicious and another University of Minnesota development, Haralson) and Macoun, a well-known American variety, developed in the 1920s. High price--but when picked appropriately (time) ...Juicy, crispy, lights flesh//Sweetness yo... About 20 years ago I got some Honeycrisps that were grown in Michigan by a Mennonite family. 3. Not wanting to spray I started bagging the fruit at the size of a quarter with nylons. Is your market carrying green dragon Forty years ago there were … They are not around in I don`t understand the negative comments.This apple makes the others seem bland and insignificant but each to his own. Since I first came upon the apple 2 years ago, I always fell back on the earlier types. It has some crunch, and it has some water, but not a lot of taste, just a bland kind of sweetness like if you put a little sugar - not a lot - on a cucumber. Instead of snarfing down cake, candy or a cookie, I'm munching on an apple. am originally from MN where both the Haralson According to this adorably homely you-pick website that I've been obsessed with for years, the best fresh apples are Gala, Honeycrisp, Cameo, Pink Ladies and Fuji. Honeycrisp grown here in Wisconsin are a wonderful taste treat. Washington grown Honeycrsip apples I've sampled have been blandly sweet and moderately crunchy while every Minnesota and Wisconsin apple I've had has been complex and distinctively crisp. Far superior to most cold hardy apples. —Second, Honeycrisp apples … We have picked some 20 perfect apples, which all of my family and my friends say are the best they have ever tasted. Peel & Slice apples and set aside. Another great tasting apple. Fantastic apple in season. I like sweet apples and this is one of the best. I do highly recommend others that haven't tried one to pick one up at a local store. Honey Crisp apples are hands down the best if you can get them fresh. The Honeycrisp apple is wonderful, if it is grown in the right climate. chilled and sliced them and then asked my smoker associates to join me at 2:30-3:00 for Sliced Apples and Tea/Coffee. Stir to combine. At best, the commercially grown specimens hint at the sublime, zesty flavor of gorgeous apples from the lovingly tended Michigan orchard, but they miss the mark by a wide gap. Our Ramsey, NJ fruit store (Steve's) get's my applause for bringing both Pink Lady and Honeycrisp apples to this North NJ area. I'd never eat a proper meal again. A co-worker of mine had recently discovered them at a produce market near her home and wanted me to try one. A rare visitor to the supermarket shelves, in the UK are these incredibly crisp soft skinned juicy delicious apples. I guess the kids and I will be eating gala until then! I have allergy to this variety of apple.It happened twice.Started with itching in side the ears ,lips and mouth with difficulty swallowing.The allergy was relieved with Benadryl.I wonder what is causing it .I Just wanted to let you know for production improvement and research.I do not have allergy to any fruit.Iam a regular fruit eater.No allergy to any other variety of apple. The HC does tend towards calcium deficiency so foliar calcium may be needed for best results. Hands down the best apple I've tasted. I LOVE HONEYCRISP APPLES!!! Roll out pie dough into pie pan. If you got some that weren't, then you got it from a poor orchard, or chain supermarket crop. The best apples have a more gentle, neutral taste. Honeycrisp apple trees (Malus pumila) were developed by the University of Minnesota in the 1960s to provide growers with a hardy tree that produces crisp, succulent apples. Make sure you are getting the good ones from Minnesota, Michigan or upstate New York. Love the taste. I have finally gotten 10 apples on one of the blossoms yet on the other tree. Originally I would They were hands down the most extrordinary apples I have ever tasted--intensely sweet and tangy, spicy, complex flavor; crisp and juicy. And – bonus! This seemed plausible, but subsequently the University carried out a DNA test which indicated that the records were incorrect, and suggested Keepsake - another University of Minnesota variety might have been one of the parents. Roll 2nd … Record your blossom dates in our Fruit Tree Register - more >>. Nice tart sweet balance. The apples from Oregon and Washington have always been my favorite. The trees have more and stronger limbs than others. The current contender to displace Honeycrisp is an apple called the SweeTango — a hybrid of Honeycrisp and Zestar that has just started to trickle into the market over the past two seasons. Honeycrisp, or Honey Crisp, is a modern apple variety, developed in the 1960s and introduced to the market in the 1990s - sometimes trademarked as Honeycrunch. Pricy but well worth it. Other "commercially" grown ones around here seem to get bitter pit and don't color well. Honeycrisp apples have a yellow background covered with a red to pink blush and speckled with small lenticels. The early you get them in September the better for optimal flavor. Most other apple varieties will pollenize Honeycrisp, as will varieties of crabapple. Tell us what you think!
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