pineapplesensei. Same day delivery. Re: Abalone . There are 12 suppliers who sells new zealand canned abalone on, mainly located in Asia. Its subtle taste and firm texture reflects the superior quality of the water supply, rich in natural nutrients. 3 offers from $50.87. We process over 80% of New Zealand's annual abalone or pāua harvest, and trusted overseas partners supply us with other shells including White and Black Mother of Pearl, Trochus, Green Snail and Abalone. A wide variety of new zealand canned abalone options are available to you, such as without shell. Only 11 left in stock - order soon. True to provenance. Nowadays it has developed its reputation now re There is no land between New Zealand and the last true wilderness – Antarctica. True to provenance. Description: Paua (abalone) is a univalve shellfish that lives in rocky, coastal areas at depths between one and fifteen metres. This means it retains all of its natural flavour, texture and health giving properties. Abalone from New Zealand is well established in its markets and is served year-round in high-end Chinese restaurants. We produce a variety of canned products with varying drain weights and piece counts. Our PackHouse PH403 brand has become well known for its superior consistency in drain weight, flavour and texture. Where do you suggest he try abalone? Oceans North Seafood - Fresh and frozen seafood, delivered daily, from Christchurch and Auckland which enables us to provide you with the freshest products for your customers. Our Wild New Zealand Live pāua is then conditioned in specially designed temperature controlled tanks before being hand selected and packed ready for its journey to the local and international market. NZ Superior Abalone Buy 2 for $69.90: nil : nil : SPC : New Moon : Free 30 cm Yuan Yang Steamboat Pot with Lid : POSB Everyday Card, UOB Credit/Debit cards : Purchase of $79.80 Jumbo Set Can: 15 Feb 2020 : Skylight : Free Premium Energy Saving Cooking Pot : POSB Everyday Card, UOB Credit/Debit cards : Purchase of $108.90 Skylight Royal Grande Abalone Chicken Treasure Pot. Price is per 500g. The legal minimum size for Blackfoot Paua is 125mm. canned abalone and has prepared a draft food regulatory measure. This week on Gordon’s new National Geographic Channel series Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted, he heads to New Zealand to explore traditional Maori cuisine. Caught, packed and air freighted straight to your table, this is the one of the most exclusive and luxurious authentic wild foods available in the world today. Product Compare (0) Sort By: Show: 2 cans '1 Abalone per Can' $78.00 . New Zealand Abalone or Blackfoot Paua (Haliotis iris) is unique to New Zealand and has a rocky shell with a stunning multicoloured interior featuring blue and green hues. New Zealand canned abalone producers have been permitted to treat native New Zealand abalone with sodium hydrosulphite due to a permission provided in 1990 by the former New Zealand regulator, the Ministry for Agriculture and Forestry (MAF), now the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). There are strict limits on the amount of paua one can take but if one looks around one may find places selling paua dishes. We produce a variety of canned products with varying drain weights and piece counts. It also has the most beautiful shell of dazzling blue and green and is prized as a decorative material for furniture and jewellery. It grazes on seaweed. 64 reviews. Whilst we are a producer of the highest quality canned abalone products, our premium offering is our wild Live abalone product. Arrowtown, New... Level Contributor . Report inappropriate content . Our PackHouse PH403 brand has become well known for its superior consistency in drain weight, flavour and texture. PauaCo is owned by fishers, processors and other independent shareholders. (Hoshino 2013) Abalone can be eaten both raw and cooked and makes an excellent addition to any sophisticated menu for seafood lovers. We meticulously record the location, date and time of every catch so you as our customers can trace it from sea to table. Here's a closer look at the must try mollusc, including how to cook abalone. Canned Abalone,New Zealand ,Abalone PauaCo has been producing premium grade canned abalone products for over 20 years. The traditional canned meat is convenient for retail and for restaurants. Pursuant to section 31 of the Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991 (FSANZ Act), FSANZ now calls for submissions to assist consideration of the draft food regulatory measure. An intricate process that turns a curved shell into a flat and versatile product solution using thin strips of shell called feathers which are pieced together like a puzzle to form the full sheet. Our wild abalone (Haliotis iris) or pāua as named by the Māori people of New Zealand is not only superior in texture and taste, it is also safe to eat, sustainable and a healthy source of natural protein, vitamins and minerals. Packing method. A wide variety of abalone options are available to you, such as dried, frozen. Save. Fish Suppliers & Exporters in Christchurch, South Island, NZ - United Fisheries is one of the top ten seafood companies in New Zealand. Only 7 left in stock - order soon. New Zealand is a small island nation located in the middle of the wild Southern Ocean. One of the world's most colourful shells, a Kiwi icon. $19.74. A beautiful firm textured meat full of the ocean’s rich flavour. Moana New Zealand is the largest Māori-owned fisheries company in New Zealand (Aotearoa). Hi, Received my lovely slippers today and I am very happy love the colour. Carton mass is 10.2 kg. The black colour is melanin. The cool deep oceans of the South Pacific that surround New Zealand are among the most pristine in the world. PauaCo was formed in 2012 and is a result of a consolidation of a number of smaller Pāua fishing and processing companies. Without this, the company will not exist. 54 ($3.64/Count) Get it as soon as Tue, Nov 24. Abalones are a gastropod mollusc belonging to the Haliotidae family, which means they are related to whelks and sea slugs, and there are a huge 130 varieties worldwide. Choose from wide range of exquisite jewellery, gifts, ornaments and NZ Souvenirs. New Zealand Abalone (Pāua) Veneer Luméa Veneers have been carefully sliced from our whole shells. Likewise, frozen wild product achieved around NZ$60/kg while dried abalone achieved up to NZ$380/kg. With an abundance of cheap, farmed product flooding the world seafood markets, this makes Wild New Zealand Pāua truly special. New Moon abalone comes in several varieties: New Zealand (pink can), Australia (red), Mexico (gold) and South Africa (copper). We deliver live and cryogenically frozen direct to a range of international markets. Abalone was classified with sharks fin, ginseng and fish maw as some of the most desirable, and expensive foods. 寶馬海皇玉鮑 Precious Giant Top Wild Shellfish abalone in Brine (2 pcs in a Can) 16oz 2.6 out of 5 stars 7. From anti-wrinkle to sexual enhancing treatments Melanin can act as the primary ingredient. The high price of these ingredients often makes them status symbols, reserved for celebrations. Our premium product, this 100% pure, authentically harvested luxury food item is unique to New Zealand and is a pure taste of the wild southern ocean. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Description: Suen Brand Canned Abalone 信字牌鮑魚. Blue Abalone HALIOTIS IRIS Paua. Fishers use small boats to travel to the fishing grounds where they swim the shoreline in search of the unique New Zealand Haliotis Iris species. Our unique abalone (Haliotis iris) or pāua, as named by the Māori people of New Zealand are distinct for their clear white meat encased within a beautiful blue shell. Melanin is profoundly used in many health related products today while the average person remains unaware of this. Superfast delivery. Visitors can view the factory crafting the shell on weekdays and enjoy a picnic… attractions and activities » tourist shopping and souvenirs » nz made products. In some areas it is not even necessary to use a boat to get to the fishing grounds as they can be caught directly from the beach. Paua is the name given to New Zealand's Abalone and is native only to New Zealand. New Zealand Wild Pāua is unique in looks, flavour and quality. While abalone are found throughout the world, the New Zealand blackfoot paua (Haliotis iris) with its spectacular blue/green iridescent shell is unique to this country. Blackfoot Paua are approximately 300-400gm each. 2 cans '2 Abalone per Can' $82.00 . Melanin’s primary function is to protect the skin from sun damage. Madamera Wild Abalone Canned, Heating Instant Abalone, Rich in nutrients such as calcium, iron, iodine and vitamin A, and can be beautiful - 4 Heads a canned (4 Head) 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. Answer 1 of 7: My mother in law used to rave about eating abalone in California so my husband would like to try some while we are in New Zealand late December-early January. Wild New Zealand Pāua is sustainably harvested under strict Government fishery management regulations making the New Zealand Wild Pāua fishery one of only a few commercially sustainable fisheries left in the world. New Zealand Canned Abalone - Ocean King Brand Products Made In New Zealand, Hong Kong Trading Company. The abalone are hand harvested sustainably by a team of experienced divers from New Zealand's pristine southern coastline. For information about making a submission, visit the FSANZ website at information for submitters. Our abalone farm is supplied with some of the highest quality ocean seawater in the world through a natural deep-water intake. PauaCo believes in authenticity and origin of our products. Many fishers have been pāua diving all their lives and are now passing on the craft of pāua diving to their children. The flavour of Wild New Zealand Pāua is also unique. Ausab Ready to eat Canned Australian Abalone 8 pieces 15 oz 4.0 out of 5 stars 1. The soup (or liquid contents inside the can) can be used as a broth in cooking in some dishes. 64 helpful votes. Wild Blackfoot Paua are revered for their meat, shells, and more recently for their ability to produce lustrous pearls that capture the colours in the shell. Solander Gourmet Seafood specialises in catching and providing high quality fresh fish and seafood in NZ. Canned Australian Abalone; Canned Australian Abalone. Our abalone farm is supplied with some of the highest quality ocean seawater in the world through a natural deep-water intake. About 35% of these are shellfish. Royal Crown brings you different types of abalone so you can choose the one that’s more convenient for you. This means the ocean currents surrounding New Zealand bring the freshest, cleanest and most abundant waters directly to our shores. Mandarin Products (NZ) Ltd has been well established over 20 years, started being a simple dry seafood retailer. Water from the clean, cold southern ocean ensures a richness and intensity in flavour that is found no-where else. Check out our exclusive online deals. Tender with a meaty texture and excellent taste, the abalone is naturally farmed using the pristine, clear waters of New Zealand’s Bream Bay. You may re-heat or simply eat out of the can. Add to Cart. Great value and widest selections of more than 12000 items at a click. Our unique abalone (Haliotis iris) or pāua, as named by the Māori people of New Zealand are distinct for their clear white meat encased within a beautiful blue shell. As a fully Māori-owned company, we abide by the customary principle of kaitiakitanga (guardianship and conservation) taking a long term view in everything we do. Abalone (Paua) Shellfish. It is not white but black in colour. There are 13 abalone suppliers, mainly located in Oceania. I am more than satisfied as I know my new pair will last a long time, I have bought my slippers from NZ for many years as I'm assured they will last as I wear them all the time inside and out. $14.54 $ 14. Abalone in NZ is the Paua. Our farm has a capacity of over two million abalone (120 tonne) per annum. Bringing only the finest seafood to the market - buy fresh fish, shellfish, crayfish/lobster & more, direct from our online store. Wild New Zealand Wild Pāua is caught by hand (or to use a local term “pāua diving”), with the majority being caught free diving without the use of scuba equipment. PO Box 19936, Christchurch 8241, New Zealand. However, this permission was not transferred to the current Code. Helen, UK, 3 June 2020 425 g can with a drained mass of 213 g. 24 cans are packed in a cardboard box – 12 cans per layer with a cardboard pad in between. Markets exist for, fresh, dried, frozen and canned abalone products. 14 new zealand canned abalone products are offered for sale by suppliers on, of which shellfish accounts for 35%, canned seafood accounts for 28%. Our pāua is pure black in colour making it stand out from all other wild species in the world. Category search results for Canned Abalone on HKTVmall Online Shopping Our competent, passionate and expert team care for the abalone in the most environmentally responsible ways possible. By comparison, the country's abalone industry is still fairly small - only about 400 tonnes of the shellfish, worth about NZ$43m, are exported annually, largely because of the strict catch limits. 2. Our product is grown in 100% natural environments with zero human intereference and is not harvested until it reaches industry agreed minimum legal harvest size. Specialists in live and fresh chilled seafood. Lengths available 60–94+mm; Weights available 30–110+g; Download as pdf . There is no comparision to this fresh, 100% pure, organic, wild seafood product that can be delivered alive and fresh to any part of the globe. It is particularly prized as a gift at Chinese New Year and at Mid Autumn Festival. 100% guarantee. Once the fish is landed, it is treated with utmost care and respect. This means that owners of the company have the absolute belief that the overall key to success is a healthy, well-managed fishery. Wild Live is superb on its own as sashimi or cooked in the traditional methods. Although you can find no-brand canned abalone in most grocery stores, the abalone scene in Singapore is pretty much dominated by New Moon – yes, the abalone brand with a big enough marketing budget to hire Fann Wong as celeb endorsement. The flesh is white with a black covering and is prized for its tenderness and umami flavour. As a fully Māori-owned company, we abide by the customary principle of kaitiakitanga (guardianship) taking a long term view in everything we do. 6,619 posts. $39.99. My current NZ slippers are just worn out after many years. To bring you long life through the purest seafood products. Canned abalone size ranges ; 4 – 5 piece: 6 –7 piece: 8 piece: 10 piece: 12 piece: 14 – 17 piece: 18 – 20 piece: 22 – 26 piece: 28 – 30 piece: 32+ piece: Pack specification. New Zealand Canned Abalone. Greenlike Wild Abalone Canned 18 Pieces Instant Abalone 野生即食鲍鱼罐头 18 头 红烧 4.6 out of 5 stars 3. New Zealand blue abalone has a brilliant blue shell that contains black outer and white inner flesh. As a result New Zealand Wild Pāua are amongst the healthiest, strongest and most organically pure in the world. All fish caught is registered and reported with authorities to ensure the resource can be sustained for future generations to come. PauaCo has been producing premium grade canned abalone products for over 20 years. Calmex Abalone canned and prepared Abalone Style Giant Calamari come already cooked. The top supplying country or region is New Zealand, which supply 100% of abalone respectively. The average import price for live abalone into Hong Kong in 2011 was around NZ$60/kg, but farmed product from Australia achieved an average of NZ$31/kg. Number of pieces a Can : 1.5 – 2 pieces a can Package per order: 1 cans / 2 cans. Wild New Zealand Pāua is sustainably harvested from some of the most remote, wild and exposed coastlines on the planet meaning the product landed to your table is the purest, cleanest and most intensely flavoured abalone available. Add to Cart. Learn more about us What we do. What is an Abalone? A fresh New Zealand Wild Pāua can be caught, landed and delivered to your table within 48 hours. Our competent, passionate and expert team harvest the abalone in the most environmentally responsible ways possible. 3 years ago.
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