Here are the best resorts for traveling with kids of any age. Among all the tropical beaches in Costa Rica you will find white sand beaches, pink sand beaches, black sand beaches, clear water beaches, surfing beaches, swimming beaches, snorkeling beaches and more. Here you will find info about planning a surf trip to Costa Rica and beach destinations like Jaco, Nosara, Santa Teresa, Tamarindo, and Puerto Viejo. The beachfront BEST WESTERN Jaco Beach Resort offers all-inclusive rates that cover all activities, meals, beverages and entertainment for families. We know how important finding the right destination is when you’re traveling with kids and hope that our recommendations have helped narrow your family’s itinerary. This is your glorious sun-soaked crash pad. Best for: families, the fee-averse. “ We chose to stay longer (almost 2 weeks) and get a family suite with a separate bedroom and bathroom for our kids, than to stay a week in one small room at the RIU Palace. Along the central and southern Pacific coast, for example, you’ll find mostly surfing beaches with bigger waves. Many of the beautiful beaches found in Costa Rica are perfect for families while others are great for nightlife, yoga, all inclusive vacations, hiking and wildlife. Kelly Creek Inn is an interesting little hotel right at the North entrance of the park. Ohh, and we won’t have a car. But if you want nightlife and excellent … To learn more about Samara, read our separate post, Tamarindo is Guanacaste’s most well-known destination, but for families looking for a quiet beach escape, we recommend, Gently lapping waves at Playa Hermosa in Guanacaste, Playa Conchal is isolated and harder to access. Located along the Pacific coast, Samara is one of the best beach destinations in Costa Rica for families. You’ll see plenty of Manta Rays and other colorful fish. Experience Pacific ocean waves and get to know some locals. Playa Conchal is isolated and harder to access. Language isn’t a problem. This is a surfing beach, but at low tide, you can access the amazing tidepools that are perfect to explore with kids. Hi, my wife, two kids (age 4 and 7) and I are currently planning a trip to Costa Rica for the beginning of May. It’s a 100% yes! In and around town, you can see three types of monkeys, sloths, deer, lizards and iguanas, and birds like toucans, trogons, and hummingbirds. A nearby eco-adventure park offers zip lining, a nicely maintained animal sanctuary, and cultural tours. The list of Best Beaches in Costa Rica is lengthy; you won’t just find your run-of-the-mill sandy island beach here. These are both around 3.5 hours away and have great beaches for kids. Manuel Antonio National Park is one of the most visited places in Costa Rica and home to beaches of its own. National Geographic named Playa Guiones one of the … Over the past few years, we’ve explored many of Costa Rica’s beaches with our boys. Costa Rica has long been famous for having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. If you’re planning to take shuttles instead, shuttle companies provide car seats for free. . Learn all about this wildlife sanctuary near San Jose and how to plan a visit. Visit this small paradise near Jaco and find yourself at the best spot on the beach to relax after surfing. “ Bars, 3 floors, lovely balcony with tables and chairs, dark-sand beach just a stone throw away, but one would have to get dressed to go there. One of the most common requests from families traveling to Costa Rica is a hotel where the kids can have fun while the adults can relax without being too far. Any suggestions? This gorgeous shoreline with great surfing and incredible wildlife has lured expats for decades. You won't have as many amenities but the beaches will also be less cramped. Relax at the beach after you walk through Manuel Antonio National Park! Tamarindo is Guanacaste’s most well-known destination, but for families looking for a quiet beach escape, we recommend Playa Hermosa. Expect to find lovely white sand beaches lined with palm trees, rugged beach coves, and volcanic black sand beaches. Thank you!! Here we are focusing on the best beaches in Costa Rica for families. There’s also a lot of differences in how beach towns are set up and what activities they offer. Samara is one of the most popular Costa Rican tourist destinations for families. You will be astonished at all the marine life on this diving expedition. There’s no charge. | Privacy Policy. Family Travel: Why Costa Rica is the Perfect Destination – Learn why Costa Rica is a great option for a first international family trip. Catamaran tours are available locally or you could explore the bay in a kayak or on a stand-up paddleboard. It’s one of the best places to see wildlife and a great spot with kids. The idea of lots of moving around and 5 hour drives with a toddler sounds awful! Kids can swim and play in the sandbar and then relax on the warm, soft sand. The most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica - rating by 1001beach. Whether you are zipping through the leafy canopy or spying a lazy sloth, this little dynamo of a country offers a plethora of fun experiences that every family member can enjoy. Playa Samara, Costa Rica TOP of the best beaches. I was hoping that you could suggest a place that is close or on the beach that is safe for kids to swim. Costa Rica is famous for its miles of coastline along both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Surfers come from all over the world to experience the surfing at Pavones Beach. Looking for more information to plan your trip to Costa Rica? There’s also a great chocolate tour, surfing, horseback riding, SUP and kayak tours, and hiking. While most visitors want to experience the country’s tropical beaches, many don’t realize how diverse the choices are. A country inspiring kids and adults alike, it is a lively place with friendly locals. Conchal is a good place to sit back and work on your tan or even go snorkeling. Hi Natasha, Playa Herradura is a rocky cove but the water is nice and calm so good for swimming. If you ask visitors which Costa Rican beach is the most beautiful, no two people would agree. Sea turtles also come to the park to nest from May to November. Santa Teresa is one of the best beaches in Costa Rica for surfing. Hi Jenn and Matt, we are two families traveling to Costa Rica for the first time with four kids (ages 4, 3, 1 and 1). Some are fashionable and full of amenities, like those in Samara or Manuel Antonio. The beach– Playa Jaco– is also great for surfing.
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