Willie: This is a jigsaw puzzle. Ryder on Home and Away is the son of Quinn Jackson and long-lost grandson of Alf Stewart. Phoebe: Would you have said that to a man? Carly: [Lynn looks on as Carly and Matt make eyes at each other on the beach] I'm Carly. Colleen Smart: [after finding Martin has gotten Lance's $100,000 car stolen and chases him out of Lance's mobile home brandishing a saucepan] If I ever set eyes on you again, you'll get more than a belt over the head with a saucepan! Marilyn Chambers: Well He still might come back, Mighn't he? [turns attention to Steven doing push-ups] How many, Matheson? Jack: It was him [Grabs Zac] It was you that painted the wall! Created by Alan Bateman. Just passin' through, sort of see if you've got a telly in your shop, That's all. 31% [Don is given the wrong olympic torch] Don! Alf: Why is it so difficult for young people to think about the next generation? Pippa: It's a sex line, Sal. What's wrong with that? Jade: Mum and Dad reckon they're not gonna do anything special for their wedding anniversary. ALF preparing a cat sandwich. Someone's stolen him! You're wrong; because I'm *not*. John: Yeah, like the kind that levelled Hiroshima. Heath: Would you rather we get some pink champagne and read Twilight? Home and Away (TV Series 1988– ) Ray Meagher as Alf Stewart, Alfred 'Alf' Stewart, Alfred Stewart, Gordon Stewart Chris: You're like the little sister I never had. Sam can't do a thing wrong and nobody's supposed to say a damn thing about it. Any more impertinence and you and Frank will be looking for new lodgings too. Neal: You have? Alan? Alf Stewart: What about loyalty to mates? Colleen Smart: What if their plane's hijinked? Tug: Get your hands off me! Carly Morris: I don't really care what it is, Sal. Now I'm gonna go on stage tonight, and when I'm finished, Sarah's gonna know what it feels like to be kissed by a *real* man. Did you hear, Ryan's caravan got trashed by this madman? Alf Stewart: Oh, got something to celebrate, do you? This is still my place. Donald Fisher: [after Morag has exposed Danny for who he really is, much to Bobby's distress] You are without doubt, the most despicable, vindictive, *venomous* woman I have ever had the misfortune to meet! Rabbit: Um... maybe the employment section instead of Garfield. - home & stewart.Alf. Shane: Even when he's making a total nuisance of himself? Adam killed Bobby! Agent Hogarth: OK, ALF, what is it? Tug: Listen, pretty boy; I don't know what your problem is but if I were you, I'd go and see someone about it. Ernie Jacobs: And that's another thing. Revhead Gibson: Look, I'll be out and bailed in a day or two and I'll see you then, Ok? Free Daily Quotes. Members account. Ben Lucini: I don't think so, Carly. Celia Stewart: [to Betty Falwell after Lance tells Celia he gave all of his money away to charity] God gave him a big heart, Pity he forgot about the brain. Pippa Ross: [the Rosses are at war with Alf over the timeshare development] Typical Alf, [Imitates Alf] "Stone the flamin' crows!". Spencer: Ohhh, remember when we talked about not saying weird stuff out loud? Rosie: I beat her at a spelling bee in primary school.She's never forgiven me. Alf: We threw him to the lions because he wouldn't do what he was told. Nathan: Mate, if you're looking for trouble, you've just found it! I've heard Kirsty sing, and no offence, I don't think I need that today. Adam Cameron: Do you think that could be Alf? Colleen Smart: [to "Australian Idol" finalist Paulini] I voted for you, Paulini, and so did Lancey! have any issues contact us on members@thespinoff.co.nz. Sally Fletcher: [pets her frog] It's not a reptile, she's an *amphibian*! Sally Fletcher: But he's a good musician. [releases Burgess] I wanna see *you* changed and dress by the time I get back to the change rooms. I love being by the sea, not like the city with all that pollution and carbon peroixide and all that. Alf Stewart: [to Irene when she messes up her dance steps] You couldn't read instructions if they were written a mile high in flamin' whiskey bottles and that's sayin' something! I know you're in there! Sam Nicholls: Wow! The fish and chip shop? Please join your friends. You used me. Eyebrows 19 (01) HQ At Alf-si » Sims 4 Updates 1001 + Ideas For Nostalgic 80s Outfits That You Can Wear Today Bright Red Highlights In Blonde Hair Blonde And Bright Red Blinded Veteran From World War 2, Alf Lockhart, (UK, 1918. Dexter: But I can't do that when she doesn't return my calls!Or texts, instant messages, Skypes, Facebook pokes... Indigo: Okay, that's not apologising, that's just stalking. Maddy: You're like the big brother I never wanted. Agent McNeil: I found "Alabama Lunatic Fringe" and "American Laundry Federation". https://www.who.com.au/alf-stewart-from-home-and-away-who-is-ray-meagher Alan Stone: [slurs] Look, I haven't got time to set there and chat; just get me a bottle of scotch, will you? Nick: What do you mean? Morag Bellingham: Mrs. Bellingham to you! Ruby Buckton: Okay, well then why don't we think about someone outside the confines of the Summer Bay Diner, let's go crazy, what about the Surf Club? Liam: You know, when life gets a little tough it's very easy for me to fall off the wagon again. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. So my room's the one at the top of the stairs, right? Under the guidance of Alf, Ryder slowly becomes a more mature and responsible person. Donald Fisher: No, it most certainly does *not*. Jay Everitt: [off-screen] I can't hear you! Alf Stewart: Nobody light any matches! ALF quotes 23 total quotes. Donald: [to Morag] I can't see any point forcing it down his throat, can you? I feel sick, sir." Bianca: Yeah, that sounds pretty stupid when you say it out loud. Alf Stewart: [Sarcastically] Yeah, and pigs might fly! Alf Stewart AKA Ray Meagher from Home & Away says Flamin' a lot. Shop affordable wall. Alf Stewart: Mate, I'm sick of you moaning and groaning about the dreadful state the world's in. Sasha: How do you know?It's never happened to you. Alf Stewart: Like you've already been "dealing" with it, Morag, In your own Conniving little way. [gets up and leaves]. Agent Hogarth: Well, Tanner cannot be two places at once. Bobby Morgan: Yeah, Stacey! Brian 'Dodge' Forbes: Nah. Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! Dexter: Now I've lost my anatomy textbook! Willie: ALF, please stay away from the window. For old times sake! You'd need a mind to be one of them. Don: NO! Nathan: I dunno what anybody's told you... Irene: I don't why I didn't see it sooner! Dani: Suggestions on what you can buy Mum. [to Sam] If ever catch you talking to him again, I'm gonna smack you so hard you won't be able to sit down for a week! Karen Dean: It isnt? . Er, what should I do?Start bailing? Since then, each subsequent episode has aired for a duration of twenty-two minutes and Home and Away has become the second longest-running drama series in Australian television. Adam Cameron: Well, we'll just get a warning. Neal: Well what solar system was it in? Pin on Gambling image. Alf Stewart: So what happens if a storm happens and a bloke's dinghy capsizes in the middle of the creek? Click here for more information on Priscilla Queen of the Desert: The Musical you flamin’ galah, This content, like all television coverage we do at The Spinoff, is brought to you thanks to the excellent folk at Lightbox. Luke: [enters the classroom] You know what your trouble is; you're just not as clever as you think you are. I'm charging you with conspiracy to damage property! Irene: Well he's gonna have to get himself a crew cut, isn't he? Nathan: [Nathan sees Luke jogging on the Beach] G'day, Mate. If you’d like to log in you’ll need to set up a new members account. Henry: Maddie, do you know why people take an instant dislike to you? Alf: Well you can do your deliveries for free for the next couple of weeks. Ailsa: Oh, no it's not! *Everybody* knew that! There'll be no fighting around here. We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. You're a teenager, aren't you? - home & stewart.Alf. There aren't too many people that can ruin an *entire* musical in one fell swoop! Alf Stewart: I'm the president. [Colleen simply stares, then downs the rest of her drink]. Alf Stewart: Look at the shirt, would ya? Alf: Do I have to pick ya up and throw ya out? Tony: I mean, what's the... what's the middle ground between Boston and here? Sarah Thompson: I look like Ronald McDonald and Shirley Temple rolled into one! 7% (To a saxophone player) Oi! Alf Stewart: [after tasting the "Power shake" Karen has made Blake] Good lord, that'd kill a brown dog! Shane: They're the metal brackets [Shane moves his end of the bigger box causing the brackets to fall on Alf's foot]. [silence] Mum? Me and You, We connect. Just like mummy & daddy. [lashes out at Tug, Tug retaliates by shoving Nathan]. Chris: Ah, no thanks, I've already eaten. Liam: There's just one and that's still too many. Eh? Peter Bedford: If I have any *more* Coffee, I'll start levitating! Alf Stewart: Sally, I'll deal with you later. Steven Matheson: [Dodge has returned to the bay and Steven confronts him] Why did you come back? Donald Fisher is a fictional character in the Australian television soap opera I mean, what in the hell did you think you were doing letting those two imbeciles alone on their own anyway? If I ever see you around here, you'll get more trouble than you'll know what to do with. This show chronicles the lives, loves, happiness, and heartbreaks of the residents of Summer Bay, a small coastal town just outside of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Andrew Foley: Ah, that's going a bit too far. Stacey Macklin: You can't do that, they've got a lease! Andrew Foley: It's called *idiocy*! We don't appreciate your type around here... stealing cars SNATCHIN' HANDBAGS! Home and Away (often abbreviated as H&A) is an Australian television soap opera. Jack: It doesn't, okay? Roxy: [Trying to convince Nick to take part in the Musical] Nick,please! Dylan Parrish: [waves happily] Bye Bye, Beach! 99. What's your mum going to say? A Lazy, Devious, Good-for-nothing crook, that's what! Michael Ross: Are you blind? You're at the beginning of a long, mysterious, fabulous and completely baffling road. I think you should go, Adam. ; Your leavin' town, you're movin' out! Irene Roberts: Right. Ken: Usual drill. Kirsty: Yeah but landing a plane sounds a lot easier to me. You put the gear into the suitcase and you close it up. He was one of only eight older actors that were cast in the serial's original line up. Leah: I can see how he sees it as a bit of a wall. Celia Stewart: Oh, don't be ridiculous, Alfred. Character from the soap australian opera home from. Wanna see if we can fly? I think your best bet would be to go home and sleep it off. Nathan: Oh, that's good; 'Cause I don't think Mr. Fisher would take too kindly to you beating up on his staff. Alf: You'd better get him outta here, Bobby. Miles: I assume you were helping Geoff here with his punctuation but if I see you out of your seat again you'll have to write out "Mr.Copeland is awesome" fifty times. We don't have any old times. What they do have is a verbal, informal arrangement. Romeo: [to Indigo] I was comparing you to apples or oranges when what I should have been doing was just enjoying what we have now. No! Irene: [walks into the living room] Get up. Agent Hogarth: OK, ALF, what is it? Nicole Franklin: You, I like. ALF: Ochmonek! Policeman: Are you Mr. & Mrs. Tanner? John: [Babysitting Casey] I have no intention of throwing up on you, so I'd expect you to extend me the same courtesy. OUT! [ushers Sam out of diner]. Make the ultimate Aussie statement with these slogan products! You're a lot better off than to hang around with this sorta scum! Irene: Not to mention his dad is still in hospital. Alf Stewart: If It's a fight you want, Pal, You've just got yourself one! So along as *you're* not the donor, mate! Irene Roberts: [nods slowly] Yeah, that's... wow. Research has shown... Donald Fisher: Research? Woah! And the next thing I know it's written on walls all around town. If you had a brain, it'd be lonely. Besides... Philip was an accident. Matt Wilson: You've got it all wrong, Mr. Jacobs. Home And Away, Alf Stewart - You Flamin' Galah AngieBealDesigns. [sees Jett emerge from the crash] What the flamin' hell are *you* doin' here? Leah: And what have I told you about knocking? Mixed by me but my mate Ben helped in the early stages. [Alf rolls his eyes and shakes his head]. How about a dance then, Miss Lemon Lips? Pathetic and Weak. Celia Stewart: What on Earth's happened? We don’t have to copy every bloody thing they say. ", Brian 'Dodge' Forbes: [as they fight rolling around on the cliff] You feelin' lucky, Stevo? Ruby Buckton: You think Charlie needs to get some action, don't you? Adam: Insurance Money; when it comes through, it's yours. ALF quotes 23 total quotes. Angelo: Alf.I've ruined everything between us. Eh? Although why I'm sounding so proud about that I don't know. Download Image. Shauna: Do you ever take no for an answer? [hides behind corner and eventually catches Frank] Frankie. Agent McNeil: He is still in police custody. During the first season alone, it featured several adult-themed storylines such as teen pregnancy, rape, drug and alcohol addiction and drug overdose. Diana Fraser: Let's hope Chloe keeps the same consistency. Discover and share Alf Famous Quotes. Haydn Ross: Come back here, Dean! It's got nothing to do with Revhead, you just can't stand me getting some attention for a change. Lance Smart: [Lance comes home to find Martin packing] Marty? What the *hell* are you trying to, blind me as well? Morag Bellingham: I'm gonna pack a bag. Maurice 'Revhead' Gibson: You touch me, mate and I'll get the cops onto you. Gary Samuels: We'll see who's Seagull meat... [They struggle and Phillip bests Gary and is shown throwing a mannequin by the legs into the water], Dr. Phillip Matheson: So long, you no-good, yellow-bellied son of a rattlesnake... [walks off]. You know, even if I wanted to, which I don't, there's no way Tasha's going to listen to anything you have to say. Trystan: [Snorts] I wanna captain the Wallabies. I wasn't born yesterday! ALF quotes 23 total quotes. John: Queensland?That's not very mysterious. Home and Away (1988–present), Australian soap opera. What does “strike me roan” mean? Surely you owe me one. Irene Roberts: Both. Alf: Oh-and if you want to talk to someone about this... Marilyn: Mitzy says that Penn Graham has a sickly aura, which means he's a very negative person or he doesn't eat any vegetables. You long-haired greenie, left-wing yahoo! Alf: I'll have the fish of the day, thanks, love, with extra chips. Download Image Picture detail for Georgie Parker : Title: Georgie Parker Date: July 08, 2020 Size: 216kB Resolution: 900px x 900px More Galleries of Welcome To Actors Centre Australia Let him get away with it again! [Irene grabs his vest]. Shane: No, No. Irene: [On Chris] If you find him one day with an axe in the back of his head, I did it. ‘Blood and Sand’ Range. Alf: A naked man standing in front of a room full of half-tanked sheilas.Oh no, that wouldn't be tacky at all. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Images, Youtube and more on IDCrawl - the leading free people search engine. [pokes him in the chest], Nathan: [sniffs Irene's breath] You been drinkin' or somethin'? [to Alf who tries to rub the paint off] Don't that, mate you'll make it worse! Heath: And that's different from normal how? Gina: Honestly, John, you're as bad as them. You own this place now, too? Quotes tagged as "alf-nestor" Showing 1-27 of 27 “He loved children and used to dandle me on his knee. That's what I'm on about, I'll never get that flamin' stain out! Sally Fletcher: No kissing in the back row! The original strike me anything for me came from an Australian vaudevillian character called Roy Rene who played a character called Mo McCackie, who used to say “strike me pink” or “strike me lucky.”. Donald Fisher: Alf, what can I do for you? Tug: It takes him an hour and a half to wash his hair! Known for his ocker ways and his classic Aussie sayings, he's one of the most loved characters not just on Home and Away, but on Australian TV. Alf Stewart on Home and Away . Get in here, you pair of flamin' galahs! Alf Stewart: [Banging on Adam's caravan door] Cameron! You can get another one. Luke: You're lucky I don't knock your head off. [Ailsa slaps Karen and she runs off]. Jay Everitt: [to Roo] You look a bit hesitant, How about I start you off; "I'm alive, I'm firing, I feel fantastic!" You get kids on the show now, and also the way some of the writers write the show, they just pick up Americanisms. You took a bit of a nasty fall back there. Penn Graham: You and me, Alfie. It *is* my family. Get away from me, you drunken fool! Sid: Wouldn't matter.Probably, by then, I won't have any friends to call. Geoff: Er, since Nicole turned up on the doorstep with a bag full of clothes. Alf Stewart: [after arguing with Travis who quits and walks out] Yes, You go. Willie: Yes, Officer. Alf: I'll pretend I didn't hear that! Alf: She's gonna want to kick someone, mate, and Elijah's the other side of the flaming Indian Ocean.So who's she gonna kick?You. Mr. Stewart's gonna sponsor me. Casey: Why are you drinking in a Braxton bar? Alf Stewart | Home And Away Soap Opera Wiki | Fandom image. Blake Dean: Man, she makes Schwarzenegger look like Bambi. You shouldn't take things so seriously! See more ideas about alf stewart, home and away, alf. Sometimes producers get precious about you saying a particular word, like ‘hell’ is a bad word. Alf Stewart: Holy Dooley, I won't put up with that from you or anybody else now GET OUT OF HERE! Colleen Smart: When Leah gets the invitation to lunch with Dan. Has he been spreadin' stories about me? Can you come to show and tell? https://www.joe.ie/movies-tv/tribute-alf-stewart-best-sayings-home-away-595788 Nathan: I've heard about blokes like you... That's how you get your kicks, you old perv! [to Steven] If that's the way you want it, You do *his* Fifty, *for* him! Everybody, I'd like to introduce Mrs. Amanda Walters. Andrew Foley: [Snorts then shouts] Miss Lemon Lips 1948, where are you? Has the hunter angered the gods? Tom Nash: [Travis helps Gypsy up after she falls during rollerblading and Tom jumps to conclusions, not knowing who Travis is] What are you, the local pervert or something? Stop! A fan page titled "Alf Stewart Rape Dungeon" has gone viral on the social networking website, with almost 9500 becoming fans since the page was created earlier this month. Luke Cunningham: I thought we established I didn't need a permit. How are you liking Summer Bay? For god's sake what is it? Jett: I'm considering joining the chess club just to meet people. Top 10 ALF Quotes. [Marilyn gasps, Alf comes from behind the counter and grabs Revhead]. And I wouldn't go to the police with silly stories like that! You might be in for some hard times lately but that gives you *no* excuse to backchat me. Jack: [to Zac, who Alf has told off for Vandalism] Talk about a Nazi! You slept with another man. Alf: A joint family picnic?Oh, fair go, Ailse.Why don't you just line us up against a wall and shoot us? First offence, eh? Huh! Never knew you cared? Bianca: [to Heath] This is the longest period of time I've seen you wearing a shirt. It'll be when you least expect it. Honestly, I have just never seen such a display of... Donald: come on now, Everyone back to their desks! He strikes. [pulls his hand away]. Chris: So that's what they're calling it these days. 2 0 ... Top 10 Epic Military and Political Quotes in History. What happened to your meeting? Nicole: Sad thing is that is the best offer that I've had today. Sounds like a typo. Alan Fisher: [Is fine and begins taunting Donald] Oh, Dad. 3.1 External links; Alf Stewart [depressed after Ailsa's death] I don't care if the flamin' diner sinks to the bottom of the sea. I just have to settle one thing before you two go off... Alf Stewart: That's for all the pain you caused Roo. Stop! John: Ah, actually, I think I'm a little worse. It's called *packing*. Karen Dean: And I'm fed up with you and everyone else trying to run my life! Are you a total idiot? Jett: It's more of a bodyguard kind of a deal. Penn Graham: You're all weak. The Spinoff is subject to NZ Media Council procedures. I'm sure he didn't pick it up from *me*, I never use the Flamin' word! Miles: Mmm, burnt steak. [Walks off, leaving Jack looking awkward while Pippa, Damian, Sam and Angel look on]. Top 10 Barney Stinson Quotes to Live By. Some cast members have won several other awards such as the Gold Logie for Most Popular Personality on Australian Television, Silver Logie for Most Popular Actor, and Most Popular Actress. When Alf left school, he began to take an interest in business when, in a bid to make his son more independent, Gordon informed him he would receive no financial help. If you Share this: Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window) More; Like this: Like Loading... Posted in Alf's Qu Zac: Look, I've never seen it before! Adam: G'day, Sam. Robertson: Let the record show that rolling one's eyes is the lowest form of sarcasm, even for a lawyer. fact Alf has has his own tab on the Home and Away store where you can buy t-shirts, mugs and keyrings with his signature Alfisms Carly Morris: Shut up, Lance. The Home and Away star has graced our screens as Roo Stewart for nine years and Ray Meagher, who plays her onscreen father Alf has been there all the way. Alf Stewart: Stay out of it, Marilyn. Now get away from me or I'll have you charged with assault! Danny Farnsworth: [Morag receives a threatening answering machine message] You're gonna get yours, Judge. It's useless! Marilyn Chambers: Right, Mr. Stewart. Angelo Rosetta: That's ENOUGH! Alf Stewart: Of course he did! Ailsa came to *me* and not the other way around and if you would stop shouting like a madman and listen for a minute... Alf Stewart: I've done all the listening I'm ever gonna do, Morag, and I wanna see my son and I wanna see him *now*! Well that fills me with confidence. – y’know so I remember as a kid thinking it was funny and so that’s where that came from. Belle: It still hurts from where I broke it last year. Travis Nash: Just take the long view here for a second; The future of the planet... Alf Stewart: Oh, Don't try to bamboozle me with that 'Future of the Planet' garbage; you just like hearing the sound of your own voice! Michael Ross: Well, I don't know what we can do to stop her, short of *really* bopping her over the head. The boy is on a downhill slide! Nathan: Have you been listening to Damian? Alf Stewart: And *definitely* no credit for Matthew and Adam; I don't care if they *are* your flatmates, I'm not givin' 'em a brass Razoo. for support, It looks like this account has been Alf Stewart: [to Luke who is blowing his Saxophone outside the store] Oi! The fact of the matter is you two, *blew* it! I’ve got nothing against Americans, they’re lovely, but we’re Australians. And why not, may I ask? [Shane and Damian] I wondered when you two would show your heads. Sam Nicholls: The Doctor said I was lucky I've got a thick head. Romeo: [after the boat stalls a few yards out of harbour] This looks like a nice spot here, what do you reckon? Top 10 Funniest Movie Quotes of the 1970s . I flamin' mean it... Pippa: [Jack is struggling during the 40-hour famine] Don't let the bed bugs bite. Gypsy: [to Colleen] Haven't you heard of knocking? Why would anyone want to steal a crab? Believe me, I'm not going anywhere 'till I get it! You're not in a flamin' barn. Donald: Looked into what? Denny: I was just helping Casey put the mats away. Rosie: Since I'm no good at self-defence and had to make something up quickly. 5 out of 5 stars (954) 954 reviews. Morag Bellingham: [Has heard everything and is clearly annoyed] I'm sure some people may find you charming but I'm not one of them so I am only going to say this once; You presume that tone again with me and I will kick your spoiled, gucci-clad little backside from here unto the other end of Summer Bay. You'll then be asked to choose a password so you Miles: Excuse me, I resemble that remark. [to Leah] He didn't mean that.I mean, it's true but he didn't mean it. Home and Away (often abbreviated as H&A) is an Australian television soap opera. Feb 23, 2019 - Explore team_home_and_away's board "Ray Meagher", followed by 1196 people on Pinterest. Alf Stewart: [Yelling at Luke who continues playing his sax] I hope you've got a permit for that! Sally Fletcher: [telling off Jack who's trying to make himself Taller] This Family's falling apart and all you're worried about is how tall you are! It’s definitely not brindle, no no brindle’s different. So you could talk me out of it? In Australia, Home and Away is the most awarded program at the Logie Awards, with a total of forty-six wins, including Best Drama Program. Steven Matheson: That's bull... You knew damn well what you were doing. For Fifty Bucks. No You cannot! Gypsy: And I'm that friend. Leah Patterson-Baker: Yeah, you're right, maybe she does need to go out there and have some... fun. Irene: Or option two:You lay your cards on the table.You tell him how you really feel. Willie: That's the object, ALF. Irene: I'm ashamed of ya. Jai: Can we not do the whole Happy Birthday thing with the singing? Ha! For all I know, you're with him. In his early years, Alf was described as a "good-natured rogue with a finger in every pie" He was born in Summer Bayand lived with his parents Gordon and Sarah-Jane Stewart. Chris: [serving Alf] One steak: Well done, as flamin' ordered. Damian Roberts: [spots Angel wearing a "Summer Bay Fish Shop" shirt] Is that where you're working? Tom Fletcher: [to Grant] Pass me the scissors. That expression has been around in Australia forever. Home and Away (often abbreviated as H&A) is an Australian television soap opera. Marilyn Chambers: [Marilyn worries about Donald being on his own over the holiday] Here we are right in the middle of the festive season and there he'll be; in his office, alone, cold, slaving away under a single desk lamp, no one to talk to... Alf Stewart: Didn't you say Steven was going to be there too? View Quote. F-I-R-E-D! What are you doing? Adam Cameron: [laughing as he finds the coin] You beauty! Rate this quote: (0.00 / 0 votes) 152 Views. Go on, Get out! Haydn Ross: What are you doing throwing my hat in the water anyway? Alf Stewart: That you took it upon yourself to dob young Curtis into the cops. Rhys: Er, that's because you're tone deaf as well.Which, come to think of it, is probably where she gets it from. Jesse McGregor: Look, mate, it's none of your business. Alf let go of me! Tom Fletcher: What the hell do you know about that? [laughs] Brian: I'm gonna tell Dad! Home and Away actor Ray Meagher has clarified how much time he will be taking off the soap as he reduces his workload.. Alf Stewart: [incensed] Now you listen to me... Travis Nash: Yeah, I have been listening to you and I'm tired of your "she'll be right, mate!" Brax: I let him play this stupid game with Dad and... Jett: Sorry I'm late, the bus service down at Yabbie Creek is absolutely rubbish. Dexter: I'm dumber than a box of dumb things that you can only buy at a supermarket full of dumb. Jeff Samuels: Just thank your lucky stars you're not like Burgess, Boys. Tug O'Neale: [Tug sees Roxy's old swimsuit photos in a magazine] Yes, Sir! It's the wrong flamin' flame! [goes into kitchen], Damian Roberts: Here, this'll get it all off. I'll wring his flamin' New York Neck! Donald Fisher: Oh? Travis Nash: You can't sack me, because I quit! — ALF (voice), ALF, Season 2: Take a Look at Me Now Tagged: amusing , real , Unreal “I wish you would stop calling me little buddy; I’m in my 40s for, crying out loud.” Do you understand *that*? Wouldn't you like to take a wild guess? Luke: You can't have a proper shower in two minutes.
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