The chain keeps coming off my McCulloch electric chainsaw model MCC3516F. 25% Off £112.50 £150.00. asked on June 29, 2014. I was cutting a tree and suddenly, the chain came off. 3. Keep extension cord clear of the saw and any obstacles at all times. When you have to go overhead the saw is very top-heavy and clumsy with the extension handle. 0 Answers How do i bye pass the secerity code on a worx landroid mower. See all questions about this product. Worx JawSaw Chainsaw Makes Cutting Branches Both Safer and Easier. The chain moves as it should but , the bar stays in a fixed position. WORX WG329E.9 Cordless JAWSAW Safety Chainsaw - BODY ONLY 3.9 out of 5 stars 16 £79.99 £ 79. I have flipped the bar like the manual says but the chain continues to come off after 3-4 logs. 24. The JawSaw is solidly built to tackle hardwood branches and makes use of tough, steel teeth and a powerful 600 W motor for high performance. While the chain is in normal operation, it starts sagging on the saw’s guide bar. Needed a saw to trim small low limbs on the trees in my yard. Wrap the jaws around your target and a chainsaw tongue does the slicing for you. 358.34141. As a result, even a first-time jaw saw user will feel confident while pruning and chopping tough branches. A lock off safety switch system keeps you safe when you are done using your chainsaw ; This power tool has a 110 volt motor; Added on May 03, 2018 More Information. Now I hope I can find my Stihl saw as we keep cleaning the out. by tdf50 Jul 27, 2016. The bar and chain actually retract into the neck of the tool when not in use, so you’ll never have a bare chainsaw just lying around the yard. I loosened the bar (unscrewed the two nuts), put the chain back on, ran it but it sounded very loose and then came off again. With a fully-enclosed bar and chain, the With a fully-enclosed bar and chain, the Worx 6” 20V JAWSAW™ Chainsaw is the safest chainsaw you can buy. A quick, easy tutorial on how to safely replace the bar and chain on the WORX JawSaw. Worx Garden | Posted on Jun 28, 2019 | Be the first to answer. Currently unavailable. Among the cordless chainsaws, WORX WG320 Max Lithium Cordless Jawsaw Chain Saw is the best selection. Chain keeps coming loose every 5-10 mins of can I fix it? I have an electric chainsaw, model no. It contains a lot of impressive character. Shop WORX WA0163 Jaw Saw Extension Pole. The jaw saw has a unique design that lets you cut directly on the ground without kickback or damaging the chain. Let the 3. It also leaks oil which means you need to drain it before storing it. The sprockets may be worn. Free delivery on eligible orders of £20 or more. Do not expose chain pull through the wood. Owners manual - English; Owners manual - Spanish; Product Warranty × Terms and Conditions. This process allows the chain to get loose. wArNiNG: DO NOT force the cut. While this WORX jawsaw can be considered more convenient than a corded jawsaw due to not having to worry about cords, it has some major faults. The bigger question is the weight and that comes down to how much weight you feel comfortable handling. I have large hands for someone 5′ 2″ and I do CrossFit. 5 out of 5 stars. Time and money saved right there. Its motor is driven by a 20-volt lithium battery that lasts about an hour when fully charged. 4. I gave my kids choice of the 4 saws in garage and no one wanted the jawsaw. CDN$214.80. The jaw saw is fitted with a set of solid steel teeth that hold the wood securely while you cut, providing extra stability while the chain does the work. Also, the chain kept falling off of the bar. I used a chain saw for several years with my husband so am most familiar with the mechanics. Pushing the orange handle in to get the blade to come out as you press the button and hang onto the handle is a feat to be admired. The chain can come off for different reasons. Answer this question. The chain is a bit of a concern, but with the available automatic tension feature this shouldn’t be a major issue. It attaches easily without any tools. WG320 WORX review. The chain has a ¼” pitch, 0.05” gauge and 42 drive links. Return Policy. View safety first n dont rush Worx Garden | Answered on Jul 03, 2019. It did not take long after using it, and I had absolutely no regrets. The chain has come off before and damaged the drive links. The WORX WG308 6-Inch 5-Amp Electric Jaw Saw with Extension Handle is just what the doctor ordered. WORX WG320 20V Power Share Cordless 6-inch JawSaw Chainsaw with Auto-Tension. The bar is not bent. Refill oil when PACK (See Fig.M) oil level is low. This lightweight, electric powered, cordless contraption offers a set of jaws that can handle one bough or a bunch of sticks up to a 34in diameter. This way the chain is fully enclosed at all times for safety. The WORX WG308 6-Inch 5-Amp Electric Jaw Saw with Extension Handle is just what the doctor ordered. wArNiNG: When starting the saw make the cord to heat, oil, water, or sharp edges. Easier for cut few higher branches in the tree stand on ground. The WORX JawSaw is a low maintenance electric chainsaw for the money since you don’t have to deal with gas, and also has an automatic tensioning unit that keeps the chain at optimal tightness thus saving you the trouble of having to manually adjust it. The saw is also capable to cut directly on the ground. With the included Extend pole, the JawSaw is two tools in one! The WORX WG320 Max Lithium Cordless Jawsaw Chain Saw is a premiere model among the WORX power tools since it is completely cordless. Read owner book and lubricate. BLACK+DECKER LLP120 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless … One of the most common reasons is the chain stretching. Make your JawSaw two tools in one. The WORX WG308 JawSaw electric limbing and trimming chainsaw is the perfect tool for storm debris or tough pruning jobs. The WORX WG308 6-Inch 5-Amp Electric JawSaw has a lot of real benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked despite a couple of deficiencies. The JawSaw is equipped with a 6 inch guide bar and chain. Page 18 TRIMMING BRANCHES: • Keep solid footing and balance at all times. For regular and heavy apply it will be a great saw. It can occur different type of accidents. 99. Answer. If the chain itself has broken teeth or does not fit back into the rails once it has come off, it will likely need to be replaced. 4.3 out of 5 stars 600 ratings. This saw is powerful enough for the majority of tasks around your yard, producing 3.5 Hp at its peak. The charger is poor, some components are poorly made and the chain is known to fall off quite a lot. Once a chain has come off of a bar, it usually damages the drive links and it will NEVER stay on the bar again. Electric motor runs off standard household receptacles (15 amp). The jaw of the tool almost completely encloses the chain, guarding the operator from potential contact and also reducing the risk of coming in contact with unintended objects. WORX has a solid line of corded and cordless electric chainsaws that come close to matching the power of their gas-fueled counterparts. If operating with a newly replaced Saw Chain Depress the battery release button to release (8), check the chain tension around every 10 battery pack from your JAWSAW . The chain … read more The WORX JawSaw is a great alternative to a conventional chainsaw for smaller jobs around larger gardens or small farms. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Not only are they easier then using chainsaws, some of the Jawsaws come with an extension pole. The Worx WG308 JawSaw … Currently unavailable. As with other saws the chain tension must be right to ensure that the saw cuts properly. WORX WG629E.1 18V 20V MAX Cordless HYDROSHOT Portable Pressure Cleaner Shop now. Because I purchased the jaw saw for clearing, the only complaint that I have is that it does not cut close enough to the ground with a horizontal cut and I still will need a chain saw to cut the “stobs” to the ground for safe mowing. You can cut the most inflexible limbs and branches of your garden with this beast machine. Like with all other battery operated power saws, the battery drains faster if you push the saw hard. Showing 1-4 of 4 answers. It is important to ensure that the chain fits snugly inside of the bar and that the teeth that keep it from running off of the bar are not worn down too low. Cons of WORX WG308 Jawsaw. My worx 20v jaw saw doesn’t work properly the chain bar doesn’t move. Overall, this is an excellent chainsaw for small to medium-duty cutting around the house. If there is, replace the chain. Look at the drive links of the chain and see if ther is ANY damage to them. Some chains can be repaired from this type of damage with a flat file. What It Does Best. Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: Pre-owned. You get praise and unplug the base idea of what a foot or herself. The JawSaw takes the hassle out of using an ordinary chain saw, while making heavy-duty limb and brush clean-up safe, quick and easy. CDN$124.99. How can I put the chain back on and tighten the chain/adjust it? Wired Pruning Saw with Enclosed Chain, Steel Teeth and Chain Guard, WG329E.9 3.9 out of 5 stars 10 £142.24 £ 142. If the chain is loose, it’s very much dangerous for the user as well as the chainsaw. TORRYZA Mini Chainsaw 4-Inch Cordless Power Chain Saws, Portable 26V Electric Chainsaw, Pruning Shears Chainsaw for Courtyard Tree Branch Wood Cutting -Black 26V+Spare Battery 3.9 out of 5 stars 42. Save up to 70% off exclusive deals | Found Deals For : WORX JAWSAW. The Jawsaw with extension pole removes the need for a ladder in many cases. During the WORx WG307E 600W Jawsaw Safety Chainsaw bar code on anything about strategies rather play some cases, pay attention to keep the recycle dollars and how they leave the need a new hobby that they will come up the club on my father used to recycle there. Jawsaws also use a lot less oil then a chainsaw, since the chain speed is slower. This again makes life maintaining the yard more pleasurable and less strenuous on the back. We have cut tons of fire wood with this. Just will not cut larger limbs. As the name suggests, the WORX WG307E JawSaw is a safety saw. The extension pole fits onto the JawSaw series WG307. I purchased this reluctantly after reading some of the reviews from people that purchased this saw, stating that the chain kept coming off and that it was hard to use. JawSaw Features. Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! The WORX Chainsaw WG303.1 has a 16″ bar and chain with an easy-to-lubricate sprocket on the bar nose for increased longevitity. Trending Deals Hot deal. WORX WG320 Max Lithium Cordless Jawsaw Chain Saw, 20-Volt, Battery and Charger Included 4.5 out of 5 stars 836. I purchased this reluctantly after reading some of the reviews from people that purchased this saw, stating that the chain kept coming off and that it was hard to use. Just as advertised....item arrived on time. Positec WG308 WORX JawSaw Debris & Pruning Chain Saw with Extension Pole (4 piece displayer pack) (PositecWG308) by Positec. Not good for cuts over 2″ branches, otherwise terrible, chain come off repeatedly; Due to attachment extension, the head, working end, is extra heavy. The chain has come off a few times, but is easy to put back on. • Stand slightly to right side of saw. Get more reach out of your JawSaw with the 5 ft. JawSaw Extension Pole. The extension pole will allow you to reach branches up to 12 ft. Their corded models offer up to 14.5 amps of power for home or commercial use, and their cordless chainsaws boast excellent battery life, though they’re not as powerful as the corded saws.
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