Without a doubt, there needs to be some kind of grassroots campaign. rendezview Three reasons why men should get paid more than women Women on average are still earning nearly $27,000 a year less than men, despite making up half the workforce. Thanks for the tip—I will follow up. Some salient factors have been given below which shows why the workers with dangerous jobs are paid more. An anonymous contributor on wiki.answers.com, in response to the question “Why are social workers willing to work for low pay?” posted: “I am just entering the field as an LLMSW and I am very concerned about why we have accepted this (low pay) for so long. “Although (social workers) are being paid more, we cannot do as much with it,” says Schervish. You have already proven that such research exists—the more the merrier, I say! A few years ago, experts were predicting that pressures on government budgets would shrink the job market for social workers. And it may take longer than the average three months. Yes, yes, yes. That’s what gave rise to this article. It results in better customer service and far better financial performance for the organization as a whole. You’ll be your own boss and your first decision should be how you get paid for your work. Just because no one could pay social workers enough to properly reflect the heart we bring to our work doesn’t mean we, as a profession, should be Number One on the list of the 15 most stressful jobs that pay badly. Dr. Jones started her career as a social worker running a group home for teenage girls in the inner city of East Orange, New Jersey where, among other things, she learned to make a soufflé in a roasting pan to feed the large brood of teenagers and staff that she was responsible for.  And with social workers in short supply and programs underfunded, few must juggle the work of many, while reaping little reward.”. However, it’s very difficult not to feel somewhat resentful when I’m trying to stretch my too-meager paycheck to cover basic living expenses. What’s not been tried? Are you up for it, Dr. McClain?  Are you with us?  We need to hear from you. This was every manager’s dream. When you start as a locum social worker, you’re making a conscious decision to go self-employed. In your article “Helping Social Workers Help People” (July 2013 NASW News) you wrote “We know there’s a pressing need to raise social work salaries to levels that allow retention of experienced social workers and incentives for students to enter the field.”. Additional ideas and information about preparing for a career in social work are included in the article, “Better Wages for Social Worker’s — Why Not?” that I wrote for the professional trade journal Social Work Today. Learn more about Dr. Jones at Lynn K. Jones' website. As a first step, take a look at some of the following jobs, which are real jobs with real employers. I love social work and I love the work I do. What studies can you cite (or what studies need to be done) showing the benefit to consumers and funding entities of hiring masters level social workers?  Send me links, email me (contact information is available on my blog ‘Contacts’ link) and we’ll move this conversation toward meaningful action. Here, she offers 4 reasons why companies should offer employees paid volunteer opportunities. With regards to your letter to Dr. McClain; consider getting other social workers to sign on to your letter. Why more men should become social workers At Frontline, we believe social workers should reflect the diversity of the communities they serve. Social workers should be paid and trained like doctors July 31, 2014 5.25am EDT Lena Dominelli, Durham University Author Lena Dominelli Professor in the School of Applied Social … Thanks so much for reading, and taking the time to comment. That hasn’t happened. About a year ago I attended a meeting of supportive housing providers (not-for-profits) hosted by the New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) at Creedmoor Psychiatric Center in Queens Village, NY.  While we were waiting for the OMH reps to come in, word went around this enormous conference table that RFP’s (Requests for Proposal) were about to be issued for the creation of new CR-SRO’s (Community Residence-Single Room Occupancy residences, a category of supportive housing).  As word spread of these impending RFP’s, the individuals seated around the table, middle- and upper-level managers from an assortment of contracted service providers, looked at one another stealthily, furtively.  First left, then right, a series of head movements that pulsed like a slow wave moving around the table.  I’m watching this, and forgive me for being crude, but it was like someone passed gas and they were seeing if anyone else smelled it.  But instead of “It wasn’t me,” the facial expressions read more like “I don’t want it,” “You can have it,” and finally, “No thanks.”  But sure as heck those same people knew that their organizations would compete fiercely for those contracts, with their puny budgets.
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