Alliteration was used to make the play transition smoothly and to make it entertaining. The first example... See full answer below. List three of the oxymorons Romeo uses to describe the conflict between his family and the Capulets. ! What is the opposite gender of an express? Oxymorons: Oxymorons are figures of speech in which two contradictory ideas are paired together. Why then, O brawling love, O loving hate . What Effect Does Alliteration Have. For instance, he is in unrequited love with Rosaline. How can I re-use this? She wants to stay chaste. Romeo and Juliet both use opposing terms, oxymorons, to explain their conflicting feelings regarding life, death, love and hate. 2 Answers. Civil Brawls. Loving Hate Heavy Lightness Shakespeare uses oxymorons in his characterization of Romeo to show how confused Romeo is. This resource is designed for UK teachers. Why does Shakespeare use these oxymorons in his characterization of Romeo? Home Romeo and Juliet Q & A An oxymoron is a contradictory p... Romeo and Juliet An oxymoron is a contradictory phrase. An oxymoron is a contradictory phrase. Relevance. There are several moments where William Shakespeare uses oxymorons in his play Romeo and Juliet.Let's highlight a couple here now. Act 1. The personification was used to create powerful imagery and to create moods and settings in several places in the play. Why are oxymorons used in romeo and Juliet? Why does he refer to Cupid and Diane in this line . The prologue of Romeo and Juliet warns the audience of an unhappy ending to its tale of “star-crossed lovers.” Throughout Acts I and II, oxymorons remind us of the prologue’s message: these opposing forces will not end peacefully. Shakespeare used the oxymorons there to emphasize Romeo's distress and the irony of the situation. 17 18 19. In line 200- Romeo uses mythological allusions to make a point. 3 Educator answers. ariadne7 Dracula extract for close-reading (differentiated) FREE (6) ariadne7 Shakespeare True or False Quiz Worksheet. Where shall we dine?-O me! To represent the contradiction of loving and not receiving the love back. These oxymorons show that although her beauty and emanence is objectively true and undeniable, Romeo can tell that she is not the type he's seeking. Answers will vary, but. Lord Capulet. List four examples of oxymorons in his lines. On page 489, Romeo uses metaphors to describe love. List one. Asked by darrell c #381629 on 9/16/2014 6:16 PM Last updated by Aslan on 9/16/2014 6:51 PM Answers 1 Add Yours. A popular joke is describing “Government Intelligence” as an oxymoron; the idea is that the two terms are mutually exclusive and so cannot be true.In Romeo and Juliet, there are many oxymorons throughout the text. Romeo uses oxymorons to describe his feelings to benvolio, why? What are some oxymorons in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet? Lv 7. Answer Save. 4 years ago. seriously funny, fine mess. Oxymoron in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet. … Perhaps the oxymorons physically symbolise the internal struggle of Romeo's love as his heart is denied what it desires, eliciting sympathy from an audience who witness just how troubled and love-sick Romeo is. O heavy lightness, serious vanity! Why does Romeo use so many oxymorons? Why then, O brawling love, O loving hate…” (I. i. Feather of lead, bright smoke, cold fire, sick health! Tes Classic Free Licence. Get an answer for 'Consider the oxymorons, "heavy lightness," "serious vanity," "brawling love," and "loving hate," from Romeo's oxymoronic speech in Act 1, scene 1. Why does romeo use oxymorons in scene one of romeo and juliet? 2014-01-24 19:19:08 2014-01-24 19:19:08. Other resources by this author. As such, Shakespeare demonstrates this with the "feather of lead" that she will weigh him down with and the "cold fire" that shall never let its heat and true colours show to Romeo. O loving hate! An Oxymoron is any phrase with contradictory parts. Why does shakespeare choose to have romeo express his emotional distress through the use of oxymorons? What fray was here? Look at Romeo’s lines 168-179. ROMEO Alas, that love, whose view is muffled still, Should, without eyes, see pathways to his will! Opposites Attract Romeo's oxymorons. Romeo and Juliet is a love story that is just filled with oxymora, but that's sort of how love is. Juliet uses oxymoron to describe her internal struggle of reconciling Romeo as her husband and a murderer. Romeo uses oxymoron to reconcile his unrequited love and the drama his family faces with the Capulets. Act 1, Scene 1. They are a reflection of the contradictions & confusion he is experiencing. O heavy lightness, serious vanity, Misshapen chaos of well-seeming forms! . Love,hate) in scene one please help. he's confused and wants it to end. It's wonderful and it's painful. Available at Allposters. Shakespeare’s use of oxymoron here reveals the raging infatuation Romeo feels for his crush. Im doing an english paper and I cant understand why he uses oxymorons (for ex. Here's much to do with hate but more with love. Shakespeare used a great many oxymorons in his plays. Shakespeare is renowned for the language he used and often invented new words. Yet tell me not, for I have heard it all. Why does Shakespeare use oxymorons? In these lines from Act 1, Scene 1, Romeo tells his cousin Benvolio about his feelings for a woman named Rosamund who doesn't love him back: O heavy lightness, serious vanity, Misshapen chaos of well-seeming forms! Wiki User Answered . Some oxymorons Romeo used to describe how own feelings of despair. Categories & Ages. Act one scene one. Oxymorons in Romeo and Juliet, Acts I-II. helene. O brawling love! Report a problem. O anything of nothing first create! (Technically the plural of oxymoron is oxymora, but since so many people use oxymorons and language is always evolving, I'll use both.) Explore the way he uses rhythm and rhyme, imagery and metaphor and oxymorons and opposites in Romeo and Juliet. Lv 4. They reflect the characters’ ambivalent attitudes, torn loyalties, and misaligned goals. Home Romeo and Juliet Q & A List three oxymorons Romeo uses ... Romeo and Juliet List three oxymorons Romeo uses to describe the conflict between his family and capulets? The feud is oxymoronic because both familieshate the opposite family because they love their own family so much. brawling love, loving hate, heavy lightness, cold fire, bright smoke, sick health, feather of lead, serious vanity. . Misshapen chaos of well-seeming forms! what purpose eleven oxymorons that romeo uses . what suggestion does benvolio make to help Romeo forget the woman. Oxymorons are two words used together that have, or seem to have, opposite meanings : e.g. Favourite answer. 179-181) This quote is spoken by Romeo after Benvolio advises him to forego his infatuation with Rosaline. Let’s take a closer look at some popular English oxymorons and get to … O loving hate! 2 0. wei. When describing his feelings to Benvolio , romeo uses oxymorons in lines 170-177 and 184-188. Why do you think he speaks this way ? 9 years ago. Romeo’s speech in A1, S1 is full of them: “Why then, O brawling love, O loving hate, O anything of nothing first create! English; English / Plays; 11-14; View more. While some oxymorons are created by accident – such as “small crowd” – sometimes they are used deliberately to draw attention to something or to create drama for the reader or listener. One classic example of the use of oxymorons in English literature can be found in this example from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, where Romeo strings together thirteen in a row: O brawling love! Top Answer. List four examples of oxymorons … Romeo and Juliet Oxymorons in Romeo and Juliet. look at other women. Unable to overcome his obsession with Rosaline, Romeo has an emotional outburst, and he uses the oxymoron – “loving hate” to express his inner turmoil. According to Romeo, why does Rosaline not return his affection? Answer. Asked by Budova E #970025 on 4/30/2020 3:27 PM Cupid is the God of love and Diane is the Goddess who refuses to love. Three of the oxymorons include "heavy lightness," "serious vanity," and "feather of lead." Here's one more example from Romeo and Juliet. In ACT I.i, when describing his feelings to Benvolio, Romeo uses oxymorons in lines 170-177 and 184-188 cite them, and infer why he speaks this way. I am writing my GCSE course work and i need help with this!! Then, explain how the family feud is oxymoronic in its nature. Asked by George C #898227 on 4/27/2019 7:11 PM Last updated by Aslan on 4/27/2019 7:21 PM Answers 1 Add Yours . Look at Romeo’s lines 168-179. View US version. Love is a fire sparkling in lovers eyes. Act 1 scene 1, Lines 170-177 and 184-188. Asked by Wiki User. It mirrors his confused state of mind.
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