It means he is defying fateor attempting to, at any rate, because unfortunately fate will ultimately defeat both . Though impulsive and immature, his idealism and passion make him an extremely likable character. In Romeo’s mind, being Star-Crossed Lovers means fate will keep them apart, and he sets out to subvert this by joining Juliet in death. 2 What does Romeo mean when he says Then I defy you stars This statement refers from ART MISC at Des Moines Area Community College Balthasar tells Romeo that he has terrible news that he must nonetheless deliver, as is his duty: Juliet is dead and buried in the Capulet crypt. The stars represent fate, and Romeo is challenging fate's apparent decree. (line 24) Hint: Think back to the Prologue.) Asked by ron h #370264 on 5/4/2014 2:45 PM Last updated by Aslan on 5/4/2014 2:49 PM Answers 1 Add Yours. 2. Quote interpretation. T... Ok does anybody kno what romeo is saying when in l... Who is apothecary? Since you did leave it for my office, sir. Why does he think it is What does Romeo mean when he says "Then I defy you, stars!"? What does Romeo mean when he says "Then I defy you, stars!"? 4. What poison does Romeo say he gave to the apothecary? A: He tells him that Juliet is dead. How does he describe the apothecary? 5. 5. Romeo, the son and heir of Montague and Lady Montague. “Is it even so? 6. What does his abode look like? What does this mean? How does Bathazar know that Juliet is dead? Answered by Aslan on 5/4/2014 2:49 PM I think he says, "I defy you stars". then I defy you, stars! 2. A tragic love story between a teenage boy and girl, who defy the odds and live happily in love with one another until fate takes its course and a lover dies. What poison does Romeo say he gave to the apothecary? He is beside himself with grief and he curses "I defy you, stars," which means he denies fate. But, how is this quote relevant? 85-86). Romeo calls out, “I defy you, stars,” and then urges Balthasar to prepare some horses so that he can leave Mantua and return to Verona.Balthasar begs Romeo not to do something “wild” and dangerous, but Romeo orders Balthasar to do what he says. ROMEO Is it even so? is literally saying that he defys *fate* and defys his destiny, which back then, was supposed to be foretold in the *stars*. Does he REALLY defy them? In the play Romeo and Juliet, what does Romeo mean when he says, "Then I defy you, stars"? Romeo rages against the malevolent influence of fate — a driving force in the play from the outset. If his interpretation is correct, then fate does not want him to die, yet he succeeds in killing himself against fate’s wishes, and thereby does indeed “defy fate”. ... Why does Paris think Romeo has come to the tomb? Why doesn’t the apothecary want to give it to Romeo? What do you think Romeo means when he says, “I defy you, stars!”? ... Itachi thinks those eyes wouldn't be out of place on young Sasuke, but he doesn't say it out loud. It is an emotionally fraught point in the play, as Romeo declares his intention to “defy” the future that destiny has for him. To disrespect the body and do something bad to it. Romeo’s remark “O, I am fortune’s fool!” illustrates the fact that Romeo sees himself as subject to the whims of fate. That he is going to take his life into his own hands, instead of letting fate control him. He is going to go see Juliet for himself. Answer and Explanation: Why does he think it is BALTHASAR I do beseech you, sir, have patience: on act 5.1 Get the answers you need, now! 5. He is in charge of his own fate/Juliet’s fate and is going to see the tragedy himself and choose what to do. "But, Shisui- we are shinobi. He then sends Balthasar away so he can purchase poison, which will 'go with me/To Juliet's grave, for there must I use thee' (V.iii. I'll do it my way." On today’s episode, Jennifer shares some new poems, and talks about vacations to Vegas, relating to Romeo and Juliet, the changing seasons and her struggles with envy. What news does Balthasar bring Romeo? Romeo's servant Balthasar (ironically the name of a wise man in church tradition) arrives with the news from Verona. So, basically what is Romeo trying to say? Of course, if you look back to the Prologue, you can see that the As fate again mischievously meddles in Romeo's life, his melodramatic idealism gives way to defiant anger, "I defy you stars!" (line 24) Hint: Think back to the Prologue. When Romeo hears from Balthasar that Juliet is dead (well, fake-dead), he declares "I defy you, stars!" General Comment*another side-note I forgot to mention* The title supports all of this in that, in truth, the line from Shakespeare's play, "Romeo & Juliet" - "...Then I defy you, stars!" What does Romeo mean when he says, “I defy you, stars!”? In Act V scene I Romeo has just found out that Juliet is dead. He is inverting light and dark and robbing the stars of … While reading The Fault in Our Stars, I could not help but notice the parallel nature of the book and Romeo and Juliet.Does this sound even a little familiar to you? (In simplest terms) I mean I understand the concept of "star crossed lovers" and fate. He will get to Juliet before the stars come out. Then I defy you, stars!” (5.1. ROMEO Is it e’en so?—Then I deny you, stars!— 25 Thou knowest my lodging. Why? Later, as he plans his own death in Juliet's tomb, Romeo says: "O, here / Will I set up my everlasting rest, / And shake the yoke of inauspicious stars / From this world-wearied flesh."
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