He informed me of the sale, and that all of the ball ammo in those calibers was gone. Federal 55 grain for 150 plus tax per thousand. The two guns … If the commies win here in VA, my go to rifle will be my M1. Why in God’s name, would I ever give these scumbags any of my money? I just did the same. If you are lucky everyone will quit selling ammo to bow down to progressive anti Second Amendment groups and even more deals will be had on ammo clearances. They cut boxes of 500 rounds of 9mm to $45. .223 ammo @ $2.50 a box. This content is provided "as is" and is subject to change or removal at any time. The last thing I want to do is wait 10 minutes for a surly employee so I can play 20 questions on what kind of ammo they have at what price. I spoke with the Sporting Goods guy and he said they’ve still been getting shipments of ammo in every night. I saw a sale on Henry .22 rifles for a stupid price that a bunch of people were discussing on some forums. I just spent a little over 1700 at 3 of my local walmarts. My local WM in SC had 1 last Sig M400 in the display case, it was listed for $949 but the girl behind the counter told me it was on the list to go on clearance and COULD be anywhere from 25-50% off so I put it on layaway. Shame. More for you, have fun. Thankfully I was able to wheel and deal and since I never left the property they allowed me to swap those out for another 200 round box of .40. .40 aluminum cased was as low as $5 per 50 count box but damned if I am going to shoot that stuff again. I picked up 500 rounds of Federal AR feed for .15 each, and a couple of boxes of Federal 9mm hollow point. My local Walmarts in northern California haven’t sold ammo since the first of last year. Thread starter 9mm Preacher; Start date Jul 2, 2020; 9mm Preacher Well-Known Member. I expect it may take that long for the legal challenges against CA to make their way through the courts and have this abomination overturned. *unless they legitimately have no other choice* I asked the manager why they couldn’t sell it to me and he said that if it isn’t in the computer they couldn’t sell it to me. i open carry and have a gun license up to date and my state has the law for open carry but crooks like walmart do not do their jobs but to jump on people that have never broke the law or been in jail and treat them like crooks so if this keeps on the only people that will have the guns are crooks only and i was jump on when i did not have my gun on at all and they still jumped me law broking walmart. Online Markdown Feed is the most extensive list of recent online markdowns across the web. Many months ago, I checked out the “good” store and it had all been completely wiped out. The (first two) Walmart Black Friday Ads Have Dropped! Feet free to tell me I am supporting the evil Chinamart but at these prices, someone is going to buy it. From Reddit user blong217 , a current Walmart … That’s when I got tired of it. Interestingly this store usually has .45 Colt but there wasn’t even a tag for it…the last couple times there’s been none either so I can’t chalk it up to the bum rush on ammo this week. Even if they’ve gone full Fudd. Idgaf if they pay me to take their ammo. if youre a gun owner Nothing wrong with buying ammo from “anti gun” organizations when they are selling it for less then their cost to acquire it. I paid 90 plus tax for brass win white box 115 per thousand. I have bags of brass for 5.56, .308, .30-06, 9mm and .40. now i shop at 4 different stores plus i get my ammo from my local gun shop or get it through the mail Will check back in a couple of days, but…. Let it rot on the shelf. Nothing left but premium hollow point self defense ammo. I tried everything i could to get those 3 cases, but no luck. All out of .223/5.56 and most 9mm. All the Walmart’s in Northern California still sell plenty of ammo – I think you must be thinking of that southernmost Northern California called, “city folk”. Win some, lose some…, Don’t support them. It’s been a lot of fun building them, and scouring the internet for great deals on components.. I’m still wondering why people are just now buying ammo??? My local Walmart in California won’t sell me ammo even though the local shops will because I don’t have the right kind of drivers license for the ammo background check. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > RWMC Member. They don’t get my money. So true. (smile). Probably my favorite caliber and it pays off in moments like this. Trendee Boutique – Keeping You and Your Home Fashionable. As mentioned by ME 2 daze ago I got a 200 round Winchester WB 556/55gr for $49+cheap Indiana tax. They had FMJ, HP, or just bullets sitting on the shelf. Choose any store near you and view its recently detected markdowns in one convenient place. Same here. I keep .40 around as during Firearmageddon 2013, it was the only thing I could still buy off of the shelf. The latest ones are on Dec 05, 2020 So no soup for me. I have not been there since they gave the angry moms support. he said they will most likely donate it to the local police. Havent bought ammo from Wallmart since the great ammo shortage of 2013. I don’t know if all Walmarts are doing this now, but I need to go check it out. Just remember, no big corporation is your friend, all of them will sell you out. Maybe tomorrow. I’m not going to worry whether or not Walmart made a few cents on my purchase while I smile knowing that I have more ammo to train and practice. … ... VGCA Life Member, GOA Member, USMC, FBI/NA 179th, NRA Police Firearms … $.45 per round. That’s not just “below cost” for Walmart. I just came back from my local Wal-Mart. I was fortunate enough today to find and buy a new Savage Axis rifle and .30/06 at my local Walmart for $150 plus tax out the door. Good Luck Everyone. This is an area of our community which includes exclusive content available only to Premium and Extreme members. Hey guys! whats wrong is wrong There were two guns on clearance at my local store which did not participate in the recent clearance for firearms. Your money your conscience spend it wherever you like. ... Clearance prices on some savage rifles at Walmart. Large bulk packs hadn’t hit clearance yet. Try our SKU finder. Also a company that does not support our 2A to say the least, and they surely love the made in China junk. Included with each listed markdown is a secondary expandable list of the nearby stores which that markdown was detected in. All .223 gone. is not out of line here: Joined Aug 10, 2019 Messages 147 Reactions 101 Points 28. Perhaps the are doing the clearances region by region, so it may pay to keep an eye out for pricing. I mostly use 9mm so I stocked up on that. I checked my local Wal-Mart, saw prices I could beat online. Turns out is was 50 round boxes, and by the time I got there they were sold out. 03-13-2020, 08:31 AM #2 ... 03-17-2020 at 01:26 AM. When the news hit the fan back in 2016 that Jerry Brown had signed AB63 and the law would take effect in 2019, I backed up the truck and literally bought enough ammo to handle all my needs for an estimated five years (yes, it was a lot of money). With Popular Searches you can view the most popular items on BrickSeek. The least they could do would be to put it under the glass display where you can see it…. I returned the battery, and headed for the ammo aisle. its a total pain in the ass which costs me more time energy and money than i really care to afford in my life right now Since I live in VA, I should go stock up. Didn’t Walmart donate to the Hillary super pac? When local Wal-Mart’s moved ammo behind a counter I quit checking prices. I ran to the store and it was not on sale at any of the stores near me. Same with .45 and 9mm. A deal like that is like a sore on your dick….. ya can’t beat it! Someone will buy it, why not me and be able to buy more with the money I’ll be saving. Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by RWMC, Jun 14, 2020. I use Amazon Smile/Prime for things I would have bought at Wal-Mart (which come to my door now) and set the Second Amendment Foundation as my charity of choice – a portion of every order goes to support gun rights now. It's every deal hunters dream. ~*Official WalMart Clearance thread*~ (Page 654 of 659) Previous Page. I tried that 220g subsonic load, and didn’t like the chunky cycling. Hammond,IN. This store has a new case and will continue to sell guns. 12 20 round boxes of Federal Syntech Defense 205 grain SJHP in .45ACP @$7.00 ea. I wish I had the bucks to buy all of it! Need more 6.5 CM. It’s easy to resist when your neighbors will be doing the same thing. if youre offended by this youve proven my point .22LR was not deeply discounted and they had plenty. 03-17-2020… At my Wapmart the cheapest 223 is 21 cents per rounds for tula. The clerk asked what I needed and I said a few boxes of range ammo in the 2 calibers I wanted. My money goes where it is appreciated. If y’all haven’t you should keep an eye on the “gundeals” subreddit. One had almost nothing firearm related other than a few cheap scopes and a few air guns. He asked how much I wanted, and I said, “All of it.”, My haul was; I settled on using standard 150g or supersonic 120g rounds. Ammo and Amazon fills my trunk (Travis Pike for TTAG). Remember Chick-fil-a? I live in the belly of the beast. Like many, I don’t necessarily like shopping at big blue, but in my town it’s between this place and Walgreens and, if anything this place still sells guns. 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