I have been making this today. Once it appears "jiggly" and a visible ribbon forms when you drizzle some over the top with your spatula, remove from heat. I can’t believe that this pie is both Vegan AND GF! Problem solved. And then I got a cold. I bake daily and Add thickened flax mixture and vanilla and continue to mix until combined. I’m making this for my MIL this Thanksgiving-should the coconut milk be unsweetened? And make sure your coconut cream is nice and thick by using coconut cream in place of milk. . Thanks for the awesome recipe! of coconut extract as standard recipes call for in addition to the vanilla extract. I am still confused as to what type can coconut milk to use? The only downside was the filling was a tad soft. Thank you! Once it was solid I broke it up as best I could and added close to 7-8 tbs of the powdered sugar. Wondering how to save this now, can I put a merrienge on top? I was just talking to my husband about attempting a gluten free vegan coconut cream pie. Has anyone tried freezing the pie as a whole or maybe just the crust and filling ? more protein to set up. My boyfriends family wants me to make this every thanksgiving! And I used a standard pie dish, but the filling and whipped cream didn’t come anywhere near filling it like it looks in the picture. I’m letting it set out a while and planning on mixing it once it “melts” a bit. Canned coconut cream is much more creamy and fatty than the box coconut milk. I’d love to try it all & would *really* appreciate your expert feedback! There’s no way I could only eat a tenth as a serving lol… much less just a bite or two. I just made your brownies and everyone loved them. Thank you! So just poured the base into crust (I lined my entire pie plate w/parchment paper) let cool in fridge then topped with the whip cream and toasted coconut. So my coconut whipped cream never set as I would expect it to. I was so pleased with how it turned out. Hope that helps! Whisk the milk occasionally until it starts to steam - do not boil. We’d love to help troubleshoot, if possible! 6 ounces whole wheat graham crackers 1/4 cup vegan margarine, melted 12 ounces Japanese-style tofu 1/8 cup sunflower oil 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Culturally wheat is a staple in our cooking but reading through your blog was an education as well as a source of comfort! Pour the custard into the tart crusts or the pie crust and refrigerate to set. Really shows how easy it is to make delicious vegan recipes! 3. Dead over how delicious and amazing this looks. On that note though, is there anything you’d recommend in place of bananas in your yummy smoothie recipes? Transfer to bowl and refrigerate until set. :). Hi Kristen, we wouldn’t recommend freezing it. It is so delicious, so creamy and yummy and sweet, without being too sweet. Otherwise, check out our extensive guide to coconut whip here. Could I add that anywhere? It’s the only thing I don’t have on hand. Thank you. Hi Cindy! We were out of all things nuts, so I used almond flour as a substitute for the crust. Pulse/mix on low until a loose dough is formed, scraping down sides as needed. The best plant‑based recipes to take you from breakfast to dessert, A closer look at today’s most intriguing vegan food topics, Vegan living, simplified, from chocolate to wine and beyond, Where to eat, what to order, and what to swill, vegan style, The latest products, tasted and tested by VN editors, Plant‑based living made better with today’s hottest vegan products, Culinary inspiration from our favorite chefs and authors, Keeping you informed on food issues that matter. I promise to share any results when I try it myself. More creations to come with this beauty – stay tuned. I made the crust and filling yesterday and the crust was excellent, however my filling was slightly gelatinous. Too much cornstarch? I wish you were more specific. I followed the recipe exactly! Next time I definitely have to double the recipe.. unfortunately I made this for our thanksgiving dinner tonight and don’t have time to make another batch of filling.. Had the same exact problem with the crust… so oily! Hmm, perhaps next time make sure your pudding is thick enough (add a little more cornstarch). Once the pie has set, simply top with more coconut whip and toasted coconut and you’re good to go! Probably should have just added in more oats or something to get it dry again. I wish I had read the comments before starting. Reduce heat to low and continue to stir until it thickens. Hope this helps. Super coconutty Just delicious all the way around! print recipe. Fluffy, cloud-like Hope that helps! My favorite part is the crust — it’s not fussy at all, which makes it a crust recipe I can imagine using as a gluten-free go-to. Dying. 4. But there were a few things that happened that I’m not sure what I did wrong. It was so runny that when I pressed it into the pie pan, it would not stay. If you make this recipe, let us know what you think! It’s: Creamy Also burnt the crust but saved half of them, obly but in 10 mins (but I made 12 small vs one big one). Thanks! (including our all-time favorite recipes)! *I tried using arrowroot starch in this recipe in place of cornstarch and it was very gummy as a result. Hi Caity, sorry to hear that! I can’t eat corn products but this looks wonderful. Thank you! This is a vegan version of an Asian coconut jam, typically had for breakfast in Singapore and Malaysia. I have salted, roasted almonds on hand. Made this!! If you are not vegan you could add milk with the light coconut milk to make it lighter in fat. It may fulfill your lemon craving;). It took me two days as well, but it looks great! Report back on how it goes if you give it a try! 4. I made this and it taste amazing. He was thrilled to have made something so tasty and beautiful as well. I added quite a bit of that to my filling and stirred it well before adding the cream. Bake for 35 minutes, until slightly raised and edges are golden brown. Hmm, we haven’t tried that! Definetly worth it to make if you have some free time. Should I just soak these for several hours in lieu of the raw almonds? When thawed, it gets watery. I saw here that some other people had the same experience. (light is good for sauces and smoothies). Next time I make this, I might try a different nut instead of almonds in the crust. We just retested the recipe and it seems that it turns out more oily with pecans, but is a good texture with almonds. Instructions. Second time I only added 1 tbsp of coconut oil and it still came out slightly damp but eatable. To Make the Crust: In a large mixing bowl, combine the almond flour, possible to use anything else or is it needed to stabilize? Thanks so much for sharing, Juniper! I’m glad I tested this recipe first. It was fabulous I loved this recipe so much. I loved the crust. Kind of like a lemon meringue? Wow! Reduced the sugar in the crust by half and reduced the sugar in the filling by a third. I am not much a baker but this looks amazing! How can we tweak this recipe to make key lime pie? It is super creamy. Why can’t we use carton of coconut milk instead of the canned kind in the filling? I love your recipes!! Step ahead so I dont have to make 5 pies this week! Hi Tasha, we wouldn’t recommend a granulated sugar because it will impact the texture. Hi, I just wanted to know if you could substitute the coconut sugar in the filling for a blend of granulated stevia and erythritol. Our FREE 49-Page Fan Favorites e-Book has 20 recipes we think you’ll LOVE! Hi Jodi, so sorry to hear that! It doesn’t, when they thaw out, they tend to be watery. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Pour the plum custard into the pie shell, then sprinkle with the remaining ¼ cup untoasted coconut. We haven’t tried this one with roasted almonds so we’re not certain how it will turn out. Place over medium heat and stir constantly until it begins to boil. This looks so good! I didn’t leave my coconut in the fridge overnight! If you do, let us know how it goes! Check out today's hottest plant‑based positions for your next career move! Your no churn vegan ice cream is sitting in my freezer and I just can’t wait to taste it!! Thanks for sharing, Mandy! For Indian-ish coconut custard, you will need 6, 4-ounce ramekins, dishes, jars, or small cups, or a serving dish that holds 4 cups. Thank you :). Super expensive ingredients to have to start over ☹️. Thank you if you reply, I am really struggling with tat one. I have coconut extract in my pantry. Coconut cream pie, to be exact! When I placed the cans in the fridge to chill, I hurriedly shoved them in there, with one upside down. Step #4: Top with toasted coconut and enjoy! ). Experiment with different flavor variations, such as swapping the cinnamon for cardamom, ginger, or allspice; fold in dried currants, blueberries, or nuts other than pecans; and try other dry additions such as lemon or orange zest. We must be on the same wavelength. Then proceeded with the instructions to finish the pie. I am looking forward to your answer :) I used store bought coco whip for the whipped topping. Making it for grandma’s 93rd birthday tomorrow and having he same issue! The crust is like Pavarotti, if graham cracker crust is Justin Bieber. Slice while still a little warm and not completely cooled on a slight diagonal every ¾-inch into 10 biscotti. I used Let’s Do Organic organic heavy coconut cream. What brand did you use? So I got my emulsifier out to smooth it down like you’d imagine a cream pie filling to look and boom! I made it, and it worked perfectly. This vegan pumpkin pudding tastes just like pumpkin pie filling! Is there anything I could have done differently? Could whipped aquafaba be used anywhere… like as a (separately-baked?) Gently place biscotti on parchment cut side down. For the custard combine the coconut milk, sugar and vegan butter in a sauce pot over medium to high heat. Gently scoop out the top hardened "cream" into the chilled bowl, leaving any liquid watery portion behind. I have to throw this all out and start again… Perhaps with a more traditional crust…. P.S. There is no way you should start with 5 tbsp of coconut oil. Let biscotti cool completely before dipping in chocolate. Next time I may add a smidge more tapioca and cook another minute or 2. I think cream de coconut has added sugar, so when you say a can of coconut cream, is it just the cream top from a can of coconut milk? Hope that helps! Lightly sprinkle top with cinnamon sugar. had concerns this recipe wouldn’t “set up” with only the cornstarch as the ingredient. save recipe. Is there *any* way to get something comparable w half the fat? The filling seems quite runny. You can however use unsweetened coconut if you like, and increase the sugar in the custard. :), This is the fluffiest pie I ever did see! Like many others, I didn’t get a ribbon, and I didn’t have much time to spare so I just cooked it … https://www.flavourstreat.com/coconut-milk-custard-vegan-custard-sauce-video In short, this whole dessert relies on a good quality canned coconut milk. Make sure your coconut milk is just coconut milk. It looks like a cloud of creamy coconut goodness! My experience was that the filling was gelatinous as well, but it did mix with the cream topping well. I’ve just tried this recipe and couldn’t even get started because the pie crust itself is a disaster. Could I use full fat coconut milk instead of lite? Also, as a result, could you sub another milk to reduce the fat? And I don’t see why you cannot use aquafaba as the meringue topping. I have had my eye on this recipe for long time and finally got around to making it today. I used toasted shredded coconut in the filling and toasted flakes on top. Coconut cream is the cream off the top of a can of coconut milk. Thanks for this tip! I’m always looking for vegan sweets! What I found to help was to go ahead and spoon what did separate out into the cold bowl and put it back in the freezer for around 15 minutes or so. Cheers, friends! The flavor is spot on! You need cow cream to make whipped cream, and the vegan substitute is coconut cream. This looks amazing! Let us know if you try it! Thanks for being a. Form into rectangle ¾-inch thick and 10 inches by 4 inches. Anyway, found your recipe here, which looked easy, yet challenging enough for him. Luckily we had another vegan backup dessert. What is a good substitute in your crust? Just made it! Use full-fat coconut milk. I have some more crusts in the freezer and am itching to make another! In short have patience and depending on the quality of coconut milk you get it might take longer than the recipe calls for to make the coconut whipped cream. :D. Hi, great recipe and pictures. I included the optional coconut in the filling (unsweetened, toasted). Next time I’m going to also add 1 tsp. Yum! Bring to a simmer and continue whisking for a good 5 to 10 minutes on medium-low flame until the custard has thickened. This will be my third time baking them! 2. And if so, what would work best? Did you use pecans? Why will you love this vegan coconut custard? Hi, I followed this recipe to a tee and found that the pie filling didn’t really “set” and is actually still quite soft even after being in the fridge for 12 hours. Have you considered making this recipe with a lemon filling? I am looking for a crunchy-gluten-and sugar-free crust :-), This coconut cream pie looks so gorgeous! Maybe you could sub the eggs with flax seed eggs, Dana what do you think? Just made this for my husband and he had no idea it was vegan. I’ll be more attentive to the cornstarch step. Remove coconut cream cans from fridge, being careful not to shake or turn them and remove top. We are so glad that everyone enjoyed this recipe, Mable! Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (176 C) and either line an, Add oats, almonds, sea salt (optional), and coconut sugar to a. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Vegan, Up‑to‑the‑minute news on all‑things plant‑based, Gadgets, apps, and the latest tech for better veg living, Your destination for eco‑conscious, planet‑friendly news, The latest in animal‑friendly legislation, initiatives, and politicians, Books, blogs, and apps—VegNews reviews them all for your enjoyment, The latest plant‑based studies, wellness trends, and prevention news, Experts weigh in on the hot topics of the day, From clean meat to ice cream, we bring you today’s top vegan trends. Just made the pie and here’s a few pointers for others. I eventually just got out a whisk to beat it to death until it was blended but it still had a grainy texture :(. And it’s making my day! Hmm, that doesn’t sound right! Thank you for the recipe. this vegan pumpkin pudding actually doubles as a Vegan … And if you dig this, you’ll definitely like our Banana Cream Pie (where are all my cream pie lovers at!?). Thanks! Great recipe! Add 2-4 tbsp coconut milk from a 400ml can and mix to a smooth paste. The flavours blended superbly, and I enjoyed the rest if the puddings in cups as I burnt crust as I put in cupcake cups so as I wouldn’t eat it all in one go lol. Heat coconut milk and heavy cream until barely simmering. I’ll try making this pie again and will report back if there are any improvements. I love your recipes and have not found a bad one yet. Hi Nerissa, maybe! I made this for a work holiday party and everyone LOVED it, it made me feel very proud :D Thanks for the wonderful recipe with detailed instructions as always. We recommend just using coconut sugar, so regular brown coconut sugar will work! live a super-fabulous vegan life Thanks for such a great recipe. Always ended up having disgusting layer of water and gooey layer of coconut something. Then reduce heat to low and continue cooking for 4-6 more minutes, using a rubber spatula to scrape the sides and bottom almost constantly. Almonds? This recipe requires that consistency, which isn’t found in a carton of coconut milk. Bake again for 30 to 35 minutes, flipping gently to other side halfway through baking, until firm and golden brown. Vegan Coconut Custard by Karolina Szewczyk / August 21, 2020 August 21, 2020 The most silky consistency with a perfect level of sweetness and coconut creaminess became my favourite dessert out there! filled with everything you need to know to I skimmed cream off can but only left 4 hrs in fridge. I was diagnosed with Celiacs and I found out I had egg allergies. Instead of almonds i used half cup walnuts and digestive tea cookies 3 broken up with the one cup of oats. This blue thing – is it a foam board? email recipe. I just bought 3 cans of coconut milk so I can try again. Although the process is long…the end result is SO GOOOOD. I must have gotten a weird batch of coconut milk/cream. All-things vegan,in your mailbox and inbox, Never miss out on exclusive stories, recipes, and giveaways, Copyright © 2020 Fresh Healthy Media, LLC. We decided to make it as one of our Christmas desserts. Whisk in vanilla and coconut flakes (optional - will add a 'crunchier' texture) and transfer to a glass or ceramic bowl and cover with plastic wrap, making sure the plastic wrap is touching the surface or it will form a film. Hope that helps! Except for one tweak, when I went to combine the cold custard (that had set perfectly), the whip cream did not smoothly blend in. I am absolutely loving the coconut whipped cream and will be making the banana cream pie with it soon! That being said, the brand I purchased was Mementa and the ‘fat’ did not sperate as well since it does have added water to it. A layer of stewed pears and optional Marie biscuit create a wonderful topping and base that add a nice twist to this classic dessert. Ok …I made it with the brown coconut sugar and my custard was brown not yellow like your picture … I’m not sure what went wrong as I followed the recipe the way you gave it ??? Tried to make it, subbed pecans for almonds in the crust and the coconut oil made the crust so runny I could add enough oats to fix it. I love vegan coconut cream pie too. But you can also buy it separately. That looks amazing!! Let us know if you try again! I would love to make so many of you recipes but don’t always have the different kinds of nuts on hand because they tend to be so expensive. hi! thanks for the feedback. Yay! This vegan lemon curd is so wonderful! I’m ecstatic to have stumbled upon this recipe. Hi Cyndi! In the meantime, place a medium-large glass mixing bowl in the freezer for your coconut whipped cream. Coconut Custard Pie [Vegan, Gluten-Free] One Green Planet almond flour, desiccated coconut, water, coconut milk, salt, cornstarch and 7 more Lime Coconut Custard with Graham Cracker Crust It Doesn't Taste Like Chicken limes, cornstarch, full fat coconut milk… In order to get the right consistency, I am considering freezing it and then thawing for a little bit before serving at lunch time tomorrow. I substituted cane sugar for the coconut sugar. Reduced-fat will not give you the creaminess you are wanting for this dessert. The coconut cream topping didn’t work. Refrigerate until cooled and set - about 2-3 hours. Hi Kristen, we think you’re right about cream de coconut having added sugar. i know you recommend NOT to use carton of coconut milk but can you tell me WHY it has to be canned? I had to offer thanks to you here, for sharing this recipe! Add custard-coconut whip mixture to the baked crust and smooth the top with a spoon, then cover with plastic wrap and set in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours, preferably overnight, to chill/set. Yeah, I know this isn’t vegan with my changes. Everyone who tasted it commented on how good it was. Otherwise discard it. Thanks! Eco‑friendly strategies to veganize every room in your home, Vegan‑approved treats and more for your four‑footed friends, Helping you bring even more green to your garden, All the buzz from Hollywood’s compassionate set, Rev up, work out, and get inspired the plant‑powered way, Meet the creative forces cooking up today’s tastiest vegan eats, Meet the innovators shaking things up, from food‑tech to high‑tech, Meet the movers and shakers bringing the veg lifestyle into the mainstream, From near‑death to peak health, these individuals found their cures in plants. Instead of vanilla i used coconut extract. I followed the recipe but my pudding was kind of gelatinous and came apart in huge clumps when I tried to fold in the whipped cream. I understand coconut milk is very fatty but the pudding mixture was extremely oil-y and after a few minutes of setting before going into the fridge a good amount of oil was on top. Feel better! Hi Holly, we haven’t seen coconut cream in a carton, only coconut milk. We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Claudia! I never ever achieved it. Just because we’re vegan doesn’t mean we can’t have epic custard to satisfy all our vegan dessert desires. Hmm! The pie itself didn’t set enough, it could’ve not been cooked long enough on stove, or maybe it was because I used tapioca starch instead of corn. 2 tablespoons cornstarch (more for thicker sauce, substitute with arrowroot powder) 2 – 3 tablespoons maple syrup (or other sweetener to taste) 1/8 teaspoon turmeric powder (or vegan yellow food colouring) 1 teaspoon rose water (or 1 teaspoon vanilla extract / 1 vanilla bean) In a … I can’t eat corn products, and read you tried arrowroot, and it didn’t work. The toasted coconut looks absolutely fantastic on each creamy slice! The result was a very creamy filling. I think next time I would half the cornstarch or just add 1 TBSP. (1 can coconut milk yields 1 2/3 cup // do not use carton), (or two cans full-fat coconut milk // refrigerated overnight), (organic often indicates vegan friendliness // check package for more information). Instead I used Earth Balance vegan buttery sticks with great results. I’ve been a professional natural foods chef for over 25 years. Last I missed the step to combine 1/2 the coconut cream into the pie base. Place dough on prepared baking sheet. I personally love the apple deep dish crumble pie I make from here too (so delish if you haven’t checked it out)… but they LOVE this pie and BEG me to make it every thanksgiving. Might I serve you up a slice of my latest vegan, gluten-free pie? I made this over the past two days. It is so delicious, I just had to tell you. x. I made this with a pecan oat crust and had to add cream of tar tar to the whip cream as the coconut milk wasn’t full fat- which added a yummy tangy flavour. This looks delicious! I have never eaten a cream pie, vegan or otherwise, so I am not entirely sure if that is the consistency it is supposed to be? Check out my recipe for coconut cream. Adding the ingredients to my grocery list as we speak. This is amazing! Vegan vanilla custard is a must with any apple pie, chocolate cake or ice-cream. It is so satisfying and delicious. I’ve never been a huge fan of coconut…so I added a layer of your delicious vegan lemon curd to cut through the coconut and creaminess. I saw it in my email this weekend and couldn’t wait to make it, so it was my Monday morning project. They are quite helpful. Just wondering how do you manage to make whipped coconut cream? Thanks so much for the lovely review! I definitely missed that 3rd can though…I wanted more filling…but what was in there was delicious.
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