Amis, who seems to be turning himself into a British Thomas Berger, continues his twisty tour of formulaic genres (The Information, 1995, etc.) He has a job as editor of a small literary rag and also works at a vanity press. Martin Amis appears through the novel as an omniscient narrator. Job Market | Site Search | Real Estate | They're all the same book, a template worked over three times, retyped rather than rewritten [...] The Information reads like 500 pages of smart, highly finished extracts. Technology | Throughout the narrative Amis digresses into depicting different vistas of interstellar space. Writer Martin Amis has never been at a loss for words, in person or on the page. "[4] A further review from the same paper said "Amis has [an] idiosyncratic vision and his ability to articulate that vision in wonderfully edgy, street-smart prose [...] an uncompromising and highly ambitious novel that should also be a big popular hit.". Mr. Amis is one step ahead of this criticism. jealousy, egomania, and revenge, and how authors, often held up as gurus or immortals, are just as petty and biologically driven as supposedly lower forms. The New York Times said, "Amis is quite dazzling here [...] drags a bit around the middle, but you're never out of reach of a sparkly phrase, stiletto metaphor or drop-dead insight into the human condition. It's a Herbie Hide of a novel, a pumped cruiserweight, flashy, fast, brave and hopelessly overmatched."[6]. Martin Amis has 73 books on Goodreads with 269691 ratings. Which of course is why he is so rich and famous. Martin Amis’s most popular book is Money. To his chagrin, Gwyn Barry—whose literary skills Tull holds in low esteem—has written a phenomenally successful novel and won a lucrative and respected literary prize. Maybe it's just a case of Amis envy. Automobiles | We hope they will enrich your understanding of this brilliant new novel by a writer who has provided one of England's most consistently provocative and commanding voices for over twenty years. With her slender form, “lawless smile,” and air of febrile emotional damage, Phelps is a compilation reel of Amis’s girlfriends from the late seventies smelted … "Time's Arrow" was about a Nazi death camp doctor. You have to hand it to Mr. Amis on a couple of counts. Martin Amis's "The Information" is a novel that's glibly self-conscious about the entire literary publication process, and bitter as horseradish about it, too. The law of unintended consequences kicks in with a bloody heel. International | Diversions | As literature’s oldest enfant terrible turns 70, John Self, who took his pen name from an Amis character, revisits the collected works. Interview with Charlie Rose of "The Information", "Raging Midlife Crisis As Contemporary Ethos", Time's Arrow: or The Nature of the Offence, The Moronic Inferno: And Other Visits to America, Visiting Mrs Nabokov: And Other Excursions, Koba the Dread: Laughter and the Twenty Million, The Rub of Time: Bellow, Nabokov, Hitchens, Travolta, Trump. He is also "rich and Labor." Who's to argue? A former employee of Tesla was ordered to pay the company $400,000 for leaking confidential information to reporters. Arts | Services | Automobiles | Wrong Daddy , she said. But later things become much more serious as Tull makes contact with violent men he later finds he cannot control. And there is the humor; Mr. Amis goes where other humorists fear to tread. Surprisingly, yes. As Gore Vidal famously put it, "Every time a friend succeeds, I die a little." The Information is a 1995 novel by British writer Martin Amis. His best-known novels are Money (1984) and London Fields (1989). Services | Real Estate | All power to him if he can continue to pull it off at the age of 45. Men attended only one school of acting (the method), that of the cool. Science | Pictured: Martin Amis with Kingsley Amis at home in Notting Hill, London in September 1989 Instead, the story suggests, it might be Kingsley's fellow writer, the poet Philip Larkin. New York: The first edition of the novel was published in 1995, and was written by Martin Amis. Except for saddling him with a weak bladder, the gods have smiled on Gwyn. These begin relatively innocently, attempts to cause Barry inconvenience. with his most deadpan pastiche yet: the police investigation of an impossible suicide. Arts | Martin Amis’s presence in those books modishly alluded to Heisenberg’s principle (an observed system interacts with its observer) and dramatised the unequal, even sadistic relationship between author and creation. However his career flags and he finds himself depressed writing book reviews for a small literary paper and running a vanity press. Amis came under attack for two reasons around the time The Information was published. Instead, it is about human nature, e.g. 374 pp. 374 pp. [5] In London The Independent gave a less favourable review saying, "The Information has been seen as the conclusion of a London trilogy that opened with Money and London Fields - but that argument doesn't stand up. He has received the James Tait Black Memorial Prize for his memoir Experience and has been listed for the Booker Prize twice to date (shortlisted in 1991 for Time's Arrow and longlisted in 2003 for Yellow Dog). To a novelist like, say, Jeffrey Archer, $800,000 is a mere rounding error; but to a literary novelist like Mr. Amis it is giant clams indeed. . Home | The main characters of this fiction, literature story are Richard Tull, Gwyn Barry. Copyright 1997 The New York Times Company, Quick News | The Information features more of ‘Martin Amis’ but less of the playfulness. In the end, Richard's scheming will exact a heavy toll on himself and his family. Review: The Information by Martin Amis by Matthew Selwyn September 20, 2012 4 Comments. On the Shelf. THE INFORMATION By Martin Amis. However you feel about it, you can't avoid it: Mr. Amis is his generation's top literary dog. Look out, Joyce! Quick News | Editorial | Money is pouring in from his novels. Reflecting on the suicide of a lover, Richard wonders "why so many writers' women killed themselves, or went insane. This escalates to crunchier means of revenge, involving the usual Amis menagerie of dangerous proles, grimly amusing London netherworlders with names like Scozzy, Darko, Crash, RoosterBooster and 13. The book was published in multiple languages including English, consists of 374 pages and is available in Paperback format. In addition the book deals with ideas of success, failure and envy. Running through the book (indeed what "The Information" in question turns out to be) is the awareness of mortality and, relating to that, midlife crisis. Martin Amis has written his “most intimate and epic work”, an autobiographical novel that will draw on the death of his closest friend, the polemical writer Christopher Hitchens.. "The Information" drags a bit around the middle, but you're never out of reach of a sparkly phrase, stiletto metaphor or drop-dead insight into the human condition.
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