Naugatuck River, Thomaston, Connecticut. Naugatuck River Stream Flow. Waterbury lands $800,000 grant to clean up polluted sites along Naugatuck River. Naugatuck River (TMA) (Litchfield - Harwinton ~3,200 trout stocked annually . Atlantic Salmon are also stocked here. The Naugatuck River is a 40.2-mile-long (64.7 km) river in the U.S. state of Connecticut. Beginning in 1991, Connecticut stocked large soon to be retired Atlantic salmon “broodstock” into sections of the Naugatuck River and Shetucket River. Helps support Nutmeg Trout’s conservation and educational efforts. It carves out the Naugatuck River Valley. ... 100 feet of signs indicating such closure posted by DEEP at or near the mouths of tributaries that are closed to all fishing from June 15 to September 15. When fly fishing for Atlantic Salmon, anglers have two area on the Naugatuck River to focus on. A number of these cool-water refuges on the Housatonic River, Naugatuck River, and Salmon River have been identified and under current regulations are closed to all fishing from June 15 through September 15, inclusive. For more information about fishing the Naugatuck, check out: Trout Unlimited is America’s leading coldwater conservation organization. Fly Fishing The Naugatuck River Connecticut The Naugatuck River is a tributary of the Housatonic River located in Western Connecticut. ... from March 1st to the 2nd Saturday in April for all species other than broodstock Atlantic salmon except in the upper Naugatuck River Broodstock Area. Naugatuck River, Connecticut fly fishing report. About the Naugatuck River. Folks used to be able to tell the day of the week by looking at the color of the water. Fishing Map. Blakeman, a state trooper assigned to Beacon Falls and who often spots kayakers on the river when out on patrol, started fly-fishing in the Naugatuck four years ago. Then the Clean Water Act started the long healing process. Join us as we discuss the Connecticut Fishing License options, fishing rules and fishing regulations. Fishing Tips: Try fishing The Peninsula at the mouth of the Naugatuck River where it feeds into the Housatonic during the falling tide. 54 likes. Pulled an 18" and a 16" Rainbow out today. Broodstock Atlantic Salmon fishing allowed during the salmon season for the entire length of the main stem of the Naugatuck River. 1 review 118, and from the Thomaston Flood Control Dam to the Kinneytown Dam in Seymour, and there is a 2 fish creel limit. NAUGATUCK RIVER FROM THE CONFLUENCE OF THE EAST AND WEST BRANCHES To THE THOMASTON DAM NAUGATUCK RIVER NOTES Naugatuck, a word derived from the American Indian; the original Naugatuck was most likely an Indian phrase that is thought possibly to mean either a tree or a place of fishing at the falls. Salmon are stocked from Route 118 (Litchfield and Harwinton) to the Thomaston Dam (6.3 miles) and from Prospect Street (Naugatuck) downstream to Pines Bridge Road/Route 42 bridge (6.3 miles) in Beacon Falls. I haven't been fishing much is season since I've been busy but I got out today. Salmon are stocked from Route 118 (Litchfield and Harwinton) to the Thomaston Dam (6.3 miles) and from Prospect Street (Naugatuck) downstream to Pines Bridge Road/Route 42 bridge (6.3 miles) in Beacon Falls. The river flows from northwest Connecticut southward into the Housatonic River in Derby, Connecticut. Naugatuck River. Ive been hitting 16" and above trout of all types out of this river in the Naugatuck, Beacon falls, Seymour areas this year. Naugatuck River Fishing Reports Recently shared catches and fishing spots. Nutmeg TU needs volunteers to further its mission. The Naugatuck River is a popular destination for fishing in northwestern Connecticut, though not on the same scale as the Farmington or Housatonic rivers. I pull at least 2 nice trout out every time I go there for a few hours. Check out Whacking Fatties for the latest fly fishing report and forecast. Fishing will start at 10 a.m. and we'll meet at the intersection of Valley Road and Campville Hill Road in Harwinton - use Exit 41 off Route 8 and 200 Campville Hill Road, Harwinton CT … Join the Mianus, Nutmeg and Naugatuck-Pomperaug Chapters on Saturday, Nov. 21 for this fun, free trip. Petersen began fishing … The Naugatuck River was recently stocked with Atlantic salmon. The state stocks salmon during October and November. Naugatuck River Fly Fishing. Designated Broodstock Area Fishing Restrictions. The lower section runs from Prospect Street in Naugatuck downstream to Pines Bridge Road in Beacon Falls - Exits 23 through 28 on Route 8. A river with a long and troubled history. Use only a single fly or artificial lure with a single free-swinging hook. In the upper portion, a few sections of the river … Atlantic salmon naugatuck river late march number 23, camera man got 31 this year. Copyright © 2012-2020 Nutmeg Trout. The Naugatuck River. These closures are intended to protect fish from any additional stress during periods of very warm water temperatures. The Naugatuck River is a 40.2mi river in the U.S. state of Connecticut. Naugatuck River: The Naugatuck is stocked with released broodstock Atlantic Salmon and is also a trout river in its upper reaches near Campville in Litchfield County. The Fisheries Division continues to raise Atlantic salmon specifically to support this unique recreational fishing … One of the river's main uses is hydropower, which is used to power industrial plants among the river. Housatonic River: Entire river downstream of the Derby Dam. Whether you are interested in fishing our small wild trout streams, catching Atlantic Salmon in the Naugatuck River or any of the other fantastic angling opportunities that Connecticut has to offer, such as the fabled Farmington River or the amazing scenic Housatonic River, you’ll be sure to enjoy trout fishing. This watershed is great for catching trout as it is stocked with around 1300 annually. This tributary of the Housatonic follows along Route 8 for the most part, ultimately emptying into the Housy. I was pitching a jig around a tree and hooked into this fish. From the confluence of the East and West branches to Route 118 (Trophy Trout) – 2.8 miles, From Route 118 to the Thomaston Dam (Trout Management Area) – 6.3 miles, From the Thomaston Dam to the Kinneytown Dam (Trophy Trout) – 26.4 miles, From the Kinneytown Dam to the confluence of the Housatonic River (Tidal Water) – 4.2 miles.
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