To select assistants to aid in special tasks. To promote interest in Motorcycle related or Club activities. Such cash to be accounted for to the Committee at each monthly meeting. A member may be expelled for conduct unbecoming a member be eligible to hold office in the Club. To promote interest on the part of each member in Club life and activities. The objectives of the club shall be the providing of a meeting place and the arranging 6. these rights include freedom of assembly, freedom of press, freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom to ride and wear our fucking patch!!! Simply answered, we are not an outlaw motorcycle club. Unlike most Motorcycle Clubs (MC's), our club has limited participation requirements, but it is important to understand how the rest of the MC world got their patch. To keep a record of the meetings of the Club. To plan all Club tours, runs, activities, etc. 3. that such amendments in no way supersede or contradict the constitution 1. Some institutions require that clubs adhere to set membership policies. Benefits of Club Application Form Templates. Honorary members shall The Club shall then take a vote to decide whether 2. You must have a clear criminal background and possess the values in our mission statement and the desire to help people, and your community. A register of all Members present at the Club General Meeting shall be kept. Find out why you need to create your bylaws and what needs to be put in them. To arouse interest in activities. To have general supervision of the affairs of the Club. The name of the Club will be The Rover Motorcycle Club. 2.2 The Club is not formed for the purpose of carrying on any business that has for its object the acquisition of gain by the Club or by the individual Members thereof. GENERAL CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS - of the - PRODIGAL SONS MOTORCYCLE CLUB. The rules relating to misconduct of members equally apply to all classes of membership. You many still post on your site with this email the Revised DRAFT (8/00) Devils Breed Club Constitution By-Laws, Regs and SOP of a 1% Club. c. Club colors shall be sewn to either a black leather or black denim vest. Grad internship report template 2 pages. Plan your bylaws– Before you begin, you should understand the purpose of your bylaws. and will demonstrate his ability to ride in group formations. 4.4 Upon acceptance into Membership of the Club, the Applicant agrees to be bound by the Constitution or any other governing Bodies and any other amendments thereto. To have general control over all Club affairs. Devils Breed M.C. The name of the Club will be The Rover Motorcycle Club. On the third presentation however, providing that seventy five percent (75%) of the Members present at the General Meeting immediately preceding the third presentation voted in favour of the resolution being passed, the Committee must pass the aforementioned resolution providing that the matter under discussion does not pertain to matters affecting the Constitution. and shall report on and certify any statement prepared by the Treasurer at the end of each financial year or when called upon to do so. “Club Honours shall be awarded to Members who have participated consistently in National Motor Sport Competitions and/or those Members who have given outstanding service to the Club and these colours be awarded at the Club’s annual prize-giving. 4.5 Agrees that eligibility for election to the Club Committee shall be restricted only to Members who are not serving Members of another Motor Sport Club Committee. The regular meetings of the Club shall be held the The Activities 2. Any member two(2) months Writing the Charter for a newly-formed club may be easier than you ever thought. first Tuesday of each month unless otherwise announced. Listings of dues, accounts receivable, or funds due the 1. will be maintained. XYZ MC is a motorcycle Club and a non-profit organization. Operation depends on compliance with the requirements of applicable Marine Corps Orders and policies, state … The officers of the club shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary, Model club constitution. ordinary member means a member of the committee who is not an office-bearer of the association, as referred to in rule 14 (2). or annual mode of payment is desired. Revised DRAFT (8/00) Devils Breed Club Constitution. 12. The reporter writes club meeting reports and sends them to the county 4-H office, and also may write and send club news to local newspapers, radio stations, etc. Download the membership card template. by each member in good standing. It To assist all other officers of the Club in their records, correspondence, The Club shall be dissolved only by seventy five percent (75%) or more Members of the Club being in favour thereof. The reporter shall collect newspaper and county newsletter clippings, photos, etc. Revised DRAFT (8/00) Devils Breed Club Constitution. Members calling for this special general meeting shall do so in writing to the Secretary, stating the business to be dealt with. 2. functioning. club, are numerous and require considerable time and effort throughout his/her term in office. The Dawgs Motorcycle Club, Ferris State University and any/all associates and organizers assume no responsibility for lost or stolen items during the event. For the membership card template we’ll use the MC-Peel-IL blank membership card template for Microsoft Word®. proceedings of this Club unless otherwise provided in the bylaws. To act for the club in all matters ordered by the Club. 3.4 Under no circumstances shall the assets of the Club or any part thereof be distributed to Members in the form of a dividend or a share cut of profits or remaining funds and in the event of the Club being dissolved, the assets shall be handed over to such a body as the Committee may decide. CLUB CONSTITUTION 1 NAME The name of the Club shall be "Steelwings Motorcycle Club", hereinafter referred to as the Club. 5.5 At the first meeting of the Club year the Committee shall allocate routine duties to the Secretary. A banking account in the name of the Club must be opened at a registered Commercial Bank. 4.10 Agrees that “Life Membership” of the Club will be conferred on a Member at the sole discretion of the Committee. ARTICLE II – PURPOSE It is the purpose of this Club to operate a social organization to promote the use and enjoyment of motorcycles and outdoor fellowship among it members, through group … on a prorated basis until a regular renewal month occurs. In the event of the post becoming vacant, the Committee shall have the power to fill such vacancy for the unexpired period of office. of probationary period and meeting these qualifications, he becomes a full 5.23 All monies shall be handled by the Treasurer who will be responsible for its safe custody until banked. to veto the recommendation of the Executive Board. 5.2 The abovementioned officials shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. Nominations for Club officers will be proposed in advance of elections To lead the Club in formation riding or parades. The elected officers of this club shall be a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary and a Treasurer. 6.5 Country Members resident outside the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan area may be admitted to the Club on payment of the subscription applicable to Country Members. the charges be considered proven and the accused member be expelled, or To keep a record of the meetings of the club. 6. Directorship gives the president authority to judge items not in the constitution. They follow traditional type bylaws and have a definite chain of command to follow and elected club officers. Transactions in cash will be covered by to be held on the first Tuesday of May each year. The club is staying strong and will continue to fight for the biker community and every patch holder's civil liberties. … ARTICLE II – Object The purpose of this club is to a) promote motorcycle safety, b) upgrade the image of the motorcyclist, c) to serve as a vehicle to share our common interest, d) to keep abreast of upcoming legislation concerning the motorcyclist, and e) to … To be EX‐OFFICIO a member of all committees and shall have the general powers and duties of supervision and management usually vested in the office of president. The top rocker patch is the club name, the center patch is their logo, and the bottom rocker is the city, area, or state they ride in.
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