You can even use it to help heal bites from mosquitoes, wasps and bees. Beauty benefits of Mint. It also helps in treating other health problems like digestion, weight control, treating nausea, mouth freshener, etc. But ensure not to apply the mix on the eyes or around your eye area. All rights reserved. Cucumber hydrates your skin and has soothing properties that calm inflammations. When applied topically, mint leaves will brighten your complexion, fades pigmentation and blemishes because of its antibacterial properties. Rose water is one of the best skin care ingredients. In combination with mint leaves, it nourishes your face with its rich mineral content and removes excess oils from your skin while deeply cleansing your pores. When applied to the skin, it allows it to relax while acting on any blemishes that might be present. Copyright © 2011 - 2020 Incnut Digital. Multani mitti is one of the best ingredients to use for oil control. Leave it on for 20 minutes before washing your face off. It is often found in moisturizers, cleansers, conditioners, lip balms, and even shampoos. Mint water has the refreshing feelings which is produced by the menthol oil naturally and is known to have benefits mainly in weight loss. 3/4 cup filtered water (where to get a water filter) 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar (where to buy) The benefits of mint leaves for skin far outweigh than being considered just an aromatic herb alone. Mint Leaves: Mint naturally has salicylic acid which keeps acne issues at bay. Benefits: Mint Leaves: Mint naturally has salicylic acid which keeps acne issues at bay. Apply this mixture onto your face as you would a face pack and let it dry for about 7 minutes. It is often used in cleansers, astringents, toners, and moisturizers. You can store the solution in your fridge for 6-7 days. Yet it's made with simple ingredients everyone is likely to have on hand -- a pinch of mint from the pots on your front porch, some apple cider vinegar, soft water. From commercial products to homemade remedies there are so many holistic approaches. Although no worries when there are plenty of home remedies as an alternative to using commercial products. As mint boosts the circulation of blood to your skin and hydrates it, it also delays the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. Mint and testosterone have a bit of a chequered past, with studies indicating that consuming mint reduces men’s testosterone levels. Mint or Pudina is a common ingredient used to flavor dishes all around the world. From shop RasayanaEssentials. Boil the mint leaves in half a litre of water for about 20 minutes. One of the most important properties and benefits of mint is that it helps to combat digestive problems. There are so many factors such as sun’s UV rays, pollutants, chemical products which cause harm to our skin, clogs the pores, fills the clogged pores with bacteria, dirt, excess oil and thereby leads to annoying acne issues and several other problems. Refreshes the scalp. Benefits of mint. Mint is also a great source of rosmarinic, which is a natural acid that treats rashes. Else you can leave it overnight on your face and wash it in the morning. Apply the mixture onto the affected areas of your skin. This article is about a DIY homemade toner with mint leaves and lemon to obtain a bright and clear skin. As mentioned above, mint keeps your pores clean and tightens them. Read on to know the benefits and the recipe. The scrub is gentle on your face but it also cleans your pores and sloughs off any dead skin cells. Like how we crave for ice cream or a pizza, similarly we women always crave for glass-like smooth skin. Grate the cucumber and mash the mint leaves. Not just that, mint is treated as a mild astringent which can be used to tone and rejuvenate your skin. Allow the water to cool and then filter out the mint leaves. Mint is an abundant source of menthol and has strong antibacterial properties. Don’t you? There’s also zillion of remedies to treat every particular skin problem. Honey has mild bleaching properties that can lighten a tan and fade blemishes. Mint leaves contain salicylic acid, which treats and prevents acne. It is also a common ingredient in cosmetic products thanks to the excellent skin care benefits that it offers. Combine mint leaf juice and rose water and put it on in your face. In this article, we explore the various skin benefits of mint and the different ways that you can use the ingredient. Lemon juice also contains vitamin C, which boosts the healing process of your skin. Its salicylic acid content controls and prevents acne. This is one of the best scrubs you could use for dry or sensitive skin. But, did you know that mint has a lot of benefits to offer for your skin? In the morning, you can apply this cooling toner after using a raw honey face mask and then follow up with a homemade moisturizer like this mint chocolate whipped body butter. The antioxidants in mint heal your skin and revitalize it. Mint has strong antibacterial properties and contains salicylic acid – both of which effectively prevent acne. Apply this mixture onto your face as you would a face pack. Grind mint leaves and mix it with honey to use on your skin. Leave the mixture on for about 15 minutes. Benefits – This mint skin soothing toner cures skin problems relating to acne and pimples, the astringent and cooling properties of mint heals acne, calms down skin redness or inflammation, lightens dark spots and blemishes and gives the skin clear, fair and acne-free face. You can spray some of the mix any time in the day and leave it on your face for a couple of hours. ; It is also important for the treatment of the respiratory tract because it contains certain components that are powerful expectorants. Now, let’s look at the different ways you can include mint in your skin care routine. The ingredient removes dirt and grime from your pores and refines them to leave you with smoother, softer, and well-hydrated skin. Keep reading to find out about all the benefits of mint for skin. Mint leaves and extract (including mint juice and oil) can be used in many different beauty products as it's hugely beneficial for both skin and hair. This face pack will leave your skin feeling smooth, hydrated, and nourished.
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