Save the Sound and the Town of Darien have reached a collaborative agreement that will reduce water pollution and help ensure local residents can enjoy a clean Long Island Sound. The Long Island Sound Study is a collaboration between state, federal, and citizen organizations in Connecticut and New York. “New York is undertaking significant efforts to restore Long Island Sound’s water quality—reducing nitrogen pollution by investing more than $1.5 billion to upgrade water infrastructure, carefully regulating the Sound’s watershed to reduce polluted runoff and combined sewer overflows, and taking enforcement action when violations occur. The Long Island Sound is a body of water between Connecticut, and Long Island. These pollutants are often carried by runoff to streams, rivers, and Long Island Sound. Pollution Problems Concerning the Long Island Sound Essay 2481 Words 10 Pages "The Long Island Sound is a national treasure, to be prized for its beauty, abundant and diverse resources, and recreational and commercial opportunities" (Long Island Sound Study). This assessment is known as the Enhanced Implementation Plan for the Long Island Sound Total Maximum Daily Load. Students will be examining its causes, impacts and cures through discussions, and hands-on activities and labs. The Sound's drainage basin is very large, extending from southern Canada to Long Island Sound and includes all of the streams and rivers that carry water to it. Luckily, we have our many beaches in Stamford – and the greater Long Island Sound – to thank for these fun summer getaways. Long Island Sound Ocean Pollution. "Long Island and the Long Island Sound has more frequent high air pollution events than even New York City." Beaches in both Connecticut and New York received high marks for … Map of Long Island showing sampling locations, permitted wastewater treatment outfalls (in millions of gallons per day) (NYDEC 2004), population density in people per square km (US Census 2016), and dominant 2011 land cover type (Homer et al. Preserving the Long Island Sound and All of Its Beauty by Preventing Pollution. January 31, 2019 March 8, 2019. In this unit I plan on exploring the past, present and future of Long Island Sound. Long Island Sound has been called the crown jewel of Connecticut's natural resources, but for decades it has been threatened by various types of pollution. It has areas of sandy shores, areas with high cliffs, areas of residential homes and seaside towns. Long Island Sound - Long Island's Salt Water Estuary, Get information about the Long Island Sound, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York Thanks for joining me! The decision to close the beach after heavy rain is up to the individual town and some may instead choose to issue an advisory warning that residents can swim at their own risk. In 2012, the LISS Management Committee and the five watershed states approved a framework for the assessment of the LIS TMDL. Tracking NPS Pollution and Stormwater for Long Island Sound . Countless visitors flock to these soft sandy beaches every day. It is adapted from the LISS fact sheet – A Healthier Long Island Sound: Nitrogen Pollution. As a volunteer, there are many ways you can restore Long Island Sound’s shores and water quality and protect the land, air, and waters of your region. What You Should Know highlights key concepts about climate change and its impact on coastal areas, including Long Island Sound, from the EPA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the National Academy of Sciences, and the Long Island Sound Study and its partners.There also are links to other websites to learn more. Date of experience: June 2019. Long Island is home to millions of people, precious wildlife, and ocean life. If we don’t make a change now in a few years we will be surfing on hazmat suits. The Soundkeeper is your eyes and ears on Long Island Sound. Deadline: 15-Jan-21 The Long Island Community Foundation's (LICF) Long Island Sound Stewardship Fund (LISSF) is a competitive grant program seeking proposals to restore and protect the health and living resources of Long Island Sound. The Commission, in cooperation with the Long Island Sound Study Watersheds & Embayments and Water Quality Monitoring Workgroups, is inviting proposals to develop a Nonpoint Source Pollution and Stormwater Tracking Tool for Long Island Sound. It is being polluted in it's air, land, and water. In addition to being our on-the-water watchdog, the Soundkeeper speaks out on behalf of the many marine species that depend on a […] 2015).Numbers for research sites are listed in Table 1.Counties are shown in bold, water bodies in italics. The potential costs, ecosystem service benefits, and broader applicability of innovative management strategies, such as the use of shellfish aquaculture as a nutrient management measure, are being evaluated in the specific context of two regional ecosystem restoration programs: Long Island Sound (Connecticut and New York) and the Great Bay/Piscataqua region (New Hampshire and southern Maine). Menu Contact; How our Community can take on Ocean Pollution. It protects the Long Island Sound estuary by focusing on nitrogen management, habitat restoration, water quality monitoring, and outreach and education. Rockland/Westchester Journal News. Long Island Sound Pollution by James Dever and Taylor Auer What is the Long Island Sound? The Long Island Sound is often referred to as the arm of the Atlantic Ocean. Written by Sunny Holland. This body of water separates the beauty of Long Island from the metropolis of New York City and Connecticut. Research Webinars; 2017 Estuary Research Workshop; 2016 Estuary Research Workshop; Climate Change. A multiyear study will test water quality in more than two dozen bays and harbors from Connecticut to Long Island. 0. Through regular patrols of your bays and harbors, the Soundkeeper focuses on finding, reporting, and fixing our most vexing water quality problems. Long Island Sound pollution study begins in Mamaroneck. -An estuary that borders both CT and NY -Surrounded by the cities and seaports of New Haven, New London, NYC, Stamford and New Rochelle -Final destination for the Connecticut, Housatonic,
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