If you’ve heard about glycerin for natural hair, you’re probably confused about whether you should use it on your natural hair.Many naturals swear by it, but others hate it. How your hair absorbs and retains moisture is largely due to genetics. It has a small enough molecule structure too enter low porosity hair strands, but big enough molecule size to cover and protect your hair strands. Though considered one of the healthiest levels of porosity, this type of hair is prone to protein build-up. I tend to use gels that are water based. High porosity curlies seem to be particularly sensitive to humectants, but any porosity can have challenges with them. 0 comments. I use products with no glycerin or glycerin lower in the ingredients list when we have a lot of humidity where I am. What do I do?”. Low porosity hair requires products that attract and hold moisture to your hair. It’s a good idea to have a low porosity hair regimen in place if you know you have low porosity hair so that you make sure your hair is always at its best. Low porosity hair have a hard time taking in moisture because the hair strands are flat and closed shut. Thanks for all this tips, my hair are soo stubborn i’m thinking of given up, they are low porosity and really thick but i can get the moisture to stay in! Best Oils For Low Porosity Hair – Detailed List. Glycerin is a humectant meaning that it attracts moisture from the air into your hair. Here are a few tips for you: 1. It is because such products tend to build up and leave the hair feeling stiff. For daily styling products, if protein is part of the first 5 ingredients, put it back on the shelf. 100% Upvoted. Use the right products Every product is not for every head of hair. In the summer, I use Long Aid which contains glycerin. no comments yet. In brittle hair, it’s best to avoid using glycerin when the weather is dry, which means when air humidity is low (below 70%), since the product may then make hair even drier. Besides that, low porosity hair also resists moisture when you try to wet it and is often difficult to process since it repels chemical penetration. You’ll find that your hair looks healthier and shinier if you use a leave-in on wash day. To ensure good health of hair with low porosity, you must avoid using products high in protein content. In the slightest. Hey guys, in this video, I share how I moisturize my low porosity hair. A low porosity hair routine should consist of … Sort by. Those with low porosity hair may find their hair is difficult to moisturize. Depending on where you live glycerin can be a really great product to add to your hair. I’m glad to report that the perpetual dryness seems to be gone. Before now using glycerin for natural hair had always been a tricky topic for me. Low porosity hair is resistant to moisture and can be “protein-sensitive”. As mentioned earlier in the article, the best oils for low porosity hair are light oils that don’t weigh down your hair and are easily absorbed. By adding “unwanted” protein to the hair strand becomes stiff and brittle, causing it to break. It's got crazy slip. Image source: easysofttech.us. Having low porosity hair should not ben condemned as hard work, or be looked upon as difficult hair. Whether its from genetic disposition or years of manipulation, low porosity hair has a hard time humectant and keeping in moisture that it draws from water and other substances. Hair types range from wavy, coily, and curly,types A, B, and C, to high and low porosity.But what does it … hide. For low porosity hair, that buildup can make moisture penetration even more impossible. share. Make sure you pre-poo before washing your hair. I once ground up fresh juice and put it in my hair, and my hair also loved it. That's why special kinds of hair care products that contain little to no protein are needed to help take care It better to opt for products without protein or with relatively less protein and look for moisture-retaining ingredients such as honey or glycerin. Below you’ll find my low porosity hair … Just be sure to dilute it before using it. Choose the right products for low porosity hair for the best results. Trying it as a leave in is next on my agenda. It pulls moisture into the hair and if the humidity is high, there’s a lot of moisture to pull, creating frizz and volume - not the good volume. For the first time since my first big chop, my hair is able to retain moisture and it feels so soft. best. Low porosity hair is often considered healthy, and is usually shiny, especially if it’s dark in color. Maybe I just need to apply heat. report. Smooths my frizzies while still penetrating even the lowest porosity sections of my hair. More good news is : That being TRULY protein sensitive is usually not the real problem. Good day Naturalistas and welcome back to the Jostylin blog. To go the extra mile for low-porosity hair, a little exfoliant is a good idea as “the ingredients of these shampoos open the cuticle to allow moisture to enter.” Tips On Forming The Best Natural Hair Regimen for Low Porosity Hair | 4B Hair, 4C Hair / Black African Hair / Afro Hair / Curly Hair. When your hair feels tangled, use oils that have good lubrication for your pre-poo like sunflower oil, grapeseed, jojoba, olive or avocado.
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