At Housatonic River Outfitters, we have great, handpicked guides. James Gorman Outdoors column discusses smallmouth bass fishing in Housatonic River (Conn) as means of alleviating frustration of midsummer slump; photo (M) As a result, a river smallmouth feels like a lake bass twice its size. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I fished a favorite mark that was, to my delight, devoid of other anglers. If you are looking to trade in, sell, or are just scaling down as they say, bring your items in or take pictures and email them to us and we will happily purchase or offer a trade up. So I rested up to be able to fish on Sunday. I fished the TMA from 5pm-8:45pm last night, dedicated to the smallmouth cause. Williams River is a stream located just 2 miles from Housatonic, in Berkshire County, in the state of Massachusetts, United States, near Van Deusenville, MA. But, they were there- just had to keep looking. Change ). When fishing rivers or streams, bass will congregate along the current for food passing by. ... Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass are by far the most popular species. This film captures the world's largest migration in all conditions and every method used to catch these fish. This entry was posted in Fishing Reports and tagged best smallmouth bass bugs, best smallmouth bass flies, fly fishing, fly fishing Housatonic River, fly fishing smallmouth bass, Housatonic River smallmouth bass, Housatonic River white fly hatch, Steve Culton. Jim Plante will be back at the shop for a smallmouth bass clinic on … The temperature was forecast to reach almost 90 degrees later in the day, so I knew this would be a morning session at best. Holdover Stripers . HOUSATONIC RIVER TROUT MANAGEMENT AREA. So I rested up to be able to fish on Sunday. Fishing for bass — largemouth, smallmouth & striped. Thanks for the reports- We will find more deep pools to explore in 2021. 1 Comment Posted in Articles and Essays Tagged best fly Housatonic smallmouth, best smallmouth bass streamers, catch big smallmouth bass, Countermeasure smallmouth bass bug, fly fishing, Housatonic River smallmouth bass, Steve Culton Fishing for smallmouth in rivers is an exciting way to spend a day. And so … So why did I go dark? I'd caught some peacock bass in my limited time in Florida. Fishing for bass — largemouth, smallmouth & striped. The last day the fishing started out slow in the morning, so Smith ran farther up the river where we keyed in on the lower half of the swift water spots again. But we can take comfort in the hope and promise of 2021. You had to have that fly right on the bottom or near to get a decent one. There's a lot of things that make a fishing day good, or great, or even one you'll remember forever. I really had intentions of fishing Saturday — until I woke up early Saturday morning and realized I was beat from my first day back on the water. Fishing Tips: Try fishing The Peninsula at the mouth of the Naugatuck River where it feeds into the Housatonic during the falling tide. The Housatonic also has a good population of Smallmouth Bass that can provide some great summer fishing. Small smallmouth bass caught out of the Housatonic River, Connecticutt...(thats small compared to the others caught on the trip but we didnt have the camera the day before) Farmington River Report 12/2/20: The high water streamer tease, Support your local fly shop (even when it’s not local). These fish become what are called holdover fish, as they take residence in the river and hold there until spring. Pound for pound these may be the best freshwater species to catch and there are some truly monstrous bronzebacks here in the Housy. So I explored. Fishermen will find a variety of fish including rock bass, brown trout, brook trout, smallmouth bass, carp and rainbow trout here. Housatonic River is a stream in Connecticut, United States. Housatonic River, Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut, United States. I hit the White Fly hatch perfectly — in fact, I’d rate this as one of the top three blizzards I’ve ever experienced. Aug1. Copyright © Rowan M. Lytle 2019. I ran into anglers in places where I’ve never seen a soul. Regardless, you can’t go wrong fishing these streams. Best of all, I had the water to myself. Salmon River/Creeks Steelhead Report: Comedy is hard. Great story and pics as usual Rowan. What started out as seasonal plan to film anglers intercepting striped bass quickly morphed into a multi-year journey from the Chesapeake Bay to Maine. Moving water creates a conveyor belt of food, washing everything downstream to the fish without them having to travel for it. That was a good journey. The white fly evenings were a mixed bag, We fished the hatch 3 nights with the first being the best of the lot. X. I’m back! Join local chapters of Trout Unlimited for a fun day of smallmouth bass fishing, followed by a cold beer and lunch at Housatonic River Brewing! Day two of the return. However, in rivers, smallmouths are active all day long, even in the heat of summer. Of course, passing a bridge pool on the way down to our first stop, I couldn't help but deviate from the plan and catch a beautiful wild brookie to start out. Usually by the time December hits, you can find hordes of them from the mouth of the ri… I believe I fished more days this summer for smallmouth than I have since I started seriously pursuing them (in 2016). ( Log Out /  In my opinion, there is no bad time to fish the Farmington, unless the river is in excess 2000 CFS. About the Housatonic River “There is no tonic like the Housatonic” – Oliver Wendell Holmes is supposed to have said. I fished new water. Housatonic River is a stream in Connecticut, United States. 3), For the Love of Brook Trout and Clean, Cold Water, Part Time Home Water Ep. Housatonic River Outfitters is a Fishing Guide, Fly Tying instructor, Casting instructor in United States for Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Carp, Pike, Rainbow trout, Brook trout, Brown trout. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. One reason I didn’t go into greater detail on methods is that there is a magazine article in the works. What’s worse, what was rising was small. During the day, they stay in water 10 to 30 feet deep, and although you can catch them on a sinking line it’s a lot of work. We caught landlocked salmon, smallmouth bass, brookies and suckers. So is steelheading. So, today it was. The jiggy crayfish remained the most productive tool through the evening. And I tried new methods (like indicator nymphing and dead drifting crayfish patterns along the bottom). Farmington River Mini-Report 12/4/20: What streamer bite? The lack of bass on the bugs was both extraordinary and discouraging. Due to strong evidence of Smallmouth Bass overharvest in the Bulls Bridge TBMA (severely truncated length-frequency distribution), the In my opinion, there is no bad time to fish the Farmington, unless the river is in excess 2000 CFS. Smallmouth bass are numerous and provide good fishing throughout the river. Today I headed out to the Housatonic River for what I thought was going to be a chance to chase trout with dry flies. For juvenile smallmouth, my 4/5 wt. Post navigation ← The most popular species caught here are Striped bass , Smallmouth bass , and Bluefish 513 catches are logged on Fishbrain. I connected with several smallmouth bass (including the big girl pictured below), rock bass, and fallfish. I continued my fall fishing tour and fished the Housatonic for the first time on Saturday. Before you leave, you will need to contact the local smallmouth bass fishing outfitters to find out which baits work the best to catch smallmouth bass. Transition week. These efforts will pay off handsomely in the future. Fishing for bass — largemouth, smallmouth & striped. Fishing for bass — largemouth, smallmouth & striped. Includes articles, videos, news, and forums for beginning to advanced anglers. I checked out 3-4 spots and did pretty well on a mixed bag of fish. HOUSATONIC RIVER AT FALLS VILLAGE, CT. ... Once the river hits 70 degrees or more look for the bass fishing to improve. Housatonic can get fairly warm during the summer so it is largely a spring, early summer, and fall resource unless you are willing to fish very early in the morning or at night. This means that the bass will set up in areas that provide an ambush point. The smallmouth bass will face upstream angled towards the current but be resting in slack water to the sides called the eddy. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The last night, the hatch did not get started until it was dark. Bass fishing Connecticut may not be world renown, ... was created in 1955 by the Connecticut Light and Power Co. by building the Shepaug Dam across a section of the Housatonic River. Some Housatonic Smallmouth A while back, my friend Rick, his grandson and I made an afternoon and evening trip to the Housatonic after smallmouth bass. Being a frog and snake catcher since I had the reflexes to be able to d... A month ago I spotted what I thought was a huge brown trout. I'm certain we were fishing over bass pretty much all day, we just weren't feeding them what they wanted most of the time. Whether you choose to fish the Housatonic River, Farmington River, Upper Naugatuck or many of the smaller tributaries and lakes, you will find these guides to be an invaluable resource for learning more about fishing these premier waters. 5 Comments Posted in Fishing Reports Tagged Countermeasure smallmouth bass bug, fly fishing smallmouth bass, Housatonic River smallmouth bass, Housatonic River white fly hatch, Steve Culton, TeQueely Housy Smallmouth Report 7/24/18: Feel the burn. Connecticut River (CT, MA): The Connecticut River provides excellent fishing for both smallmouth and largemouth bass, spring striped bass (some quite large), northern pike and shad. Stay tuned for details. There one day and gone the next, but you did find some. I kept with my theme of only fishing streamers in the hopes that I’d stick some bigger fish. Warm, clear, not too windy. Methods: … Trout: Catch and Release Only. Caught some, but the fishing wasn’t anywhere near good enough to keep me in the river for too long. I just got back from five days of fishing at Grand Lake Stream in Downeast, Maine. These fish thrive in the waters with current. The river, which is well stocked, is strictly catch and release. Discover what species are most popular in West Branch Housatonic River Reservoir, and what gear has been used. The river was wide, meandering, deep, and somewhat slow. If you want to have the greatest chance to catch “The Big One” your best bet would be to come here. Sometimes the Smallmouth Bass just disappear. Housatonic Smallmouth Recap: lots of walking, low, slow, and not very big Oct 26 by Steve Culton You may have noticed this year that there weren’t many Housatonic River smallmouth … ). Thanks for the comment, and thanks for reading! This is a popular location for both surfcasting and fly-fishing. KANAWHA RIVER I have floated the upper Kanawha in a raft, putting in below Kanawha Falls and experiencing some quality smallmouth bass sport. We fish the area mostly from the Massachusetts border to Windsor, Connecticut and in Massachusetts from the Holyoke Dam downstream (stripers and shad). The last time I fished was the 5th of the month. Join local chapters of Trout Unlimited for a fun day of smallmouth bass fishing, followed by a cold beer and lunch at Housatonic River Brewing! Big smallmouth bass lurk in Ozark streams. Downstream of the dam, is a river-run lake known as Lake Housatonic. X. From the larger Housatonic River , which is open twelve months a year, to the Farmington and their many tributaries , there is almost always productive fishing . Bass will target baitfish, cra… Unsurprisingly I didn’t find any trout down that far but I hear there are some monsters in there! There were four of us: my buddy Dick, Jim and John (former board members of GBTU) and I. The Housatonic River has long been revered as a great trout stream. This can all add up to those “died and gone to heaven” days that smallie fans fondly recall years later. It's one of a few places where you can enjoy fishing an Eastern river for both trout and smallmouth bass. Smallmouth fishermen are a dedicated lot. Awesome Inc. theme. In order to locate smallmouth bass and effectively catch them, you must first understand current and its intricacies. Not a bruiser in the bunch. Many people miss out on one of the best parts of the Housatonic River; the smallmouths! Great event for beginners and kids as smallmouth are … The Housatonic is a beautiful riverContinue Reading Housatonic River Fishing Reports Recently shared catches and fishing spots. Plus, lower light intensity makes fish less wary. Farmington Flow. As we know- it is difficult to hook what one cannot see. At Housatonic River Outfitters, we have great, handpicked guides. At least the dragonflies had a good meal.… I don't get to the Housy often so it was a nice change of pace from the more local freestones which have much lower densities of those acrobatic brown bass. When the rain let up and the fog started rolling in, I headed for the sound. I live next to the Stevenson Dam, which impounds Lake Zoar. ( Log Out /  4 reviews In addition to Atlantic salmon and striped bass, anglers can hook walleyes, largemouth and smallmouth bass, carp, perch and sea-run trout in this often-overlooked waterway. Great event for beginners and kids as smallmouth are aggressive and fight hard for their size! ", Bonito and a BIG Black Sea Bass on the Fly, Haddock, Cod, and (almost) Hake on the Fly, Giant Maine Brook Trout & Landlocked Salmon, Hooking a GIANT Stingray from a Paddleboard, Catching the Elusive Blueback Trout (PT. It is so often the case that if you want to find a rare fish, you have to do close to the maximum amount of work. Whether you’re going for trout, bass or something else entirely, remember the sun is at its hottest this time of year. ( Log Out /  An ideal position is in a current break (slack water) immediately alongside the swift current.
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