0 If you re strapped for bait or rigs, AW Marina will be open on Thanksgiving morning. Appendix E MassDEP/DWM 2002 Fish Toxics Monitoring in the Housatonic River Watershed . ASPETUCK RIVER, Easton-Weston (T) Intermittent sections from Route 58 along Route 136 to the Saugatuck River. Some sections of the two-mile stretch of river pose an increased cancer risk beyond levels that EPA considers acceptable. The PCBs contaminated the river’s water, sediment, riverbanks, and floodplain, as well as various species of fish and wildlife. 659 0 obj <>stream Housatonic River is a stream located just 1.7 miles from Stratford, in Fairfield County, in the state of Connecticut, United States. The most popular section and the part that anglers mostly refer to when speaking of the trout fishing starts near West Cornwall. ABSTRACT Five species of fishes collected in 1998 from two tributaries of the Housatonic River, Berkshire County, Massachusetts were analyzed for total … Housatonic River. The Housatonic River is called the Housy by local anglers. Trout Populations. The current PCB levels ... On HookandBullet, we invite you to share your knowledge with others - what tackle is working, what fish species can be found here, and where the fish are hiding. Trout must have a minimum length of 9 inches to be harvested and anglers may not possess more than 5 fish … In the summer months, as water temperatures increase, some parts of the river are too warm for trout and warmwater fishes contribute more to the angler’s catch. Because the river runs through and over limestone deposits it is very rich in nutrients, thus there is a lot of “life” in the Housy, says Nicholas. iuuj iwcu'u ctillcb i . ... For Housatonic River Flows at Falls Village: 1-888-417-4837. h�b```�Wl\�@��(����� �9�08 �f�0m����pa��;���)?�q|RЈ1{�pd��&�?�f3� �e;Ԑ� ��p�Ar�!����!3N޽����ޛ3g��3�eE� �U3�d����� ���V�(�ԚŸ� (�rA���r���eM�R�9��fq�,Ț�b �8�lWXപ,.�jB%�DU�¤F.��@H TdU!ȊI\,@5E��@�I�.��*M��n2@)�V�"�T��e`-� �=[A���bqX%1��A�������2�,������`4s����f�1+���c)dkC�b��e�`@T4@�� �EPԉ�ǽH��68�L�3��z�c ��m�.U;��g'900*�J �����. You'll also receive community updates, invites to try new features and promotions from our partners. It flows south to southeast, and drains about 1,950 square miles (5,100 km2) of southwestern New England into Long Island Sound. Its watershed is just to the west of the watershed of the lower Connecticut River. Subscribe to receive the latest updates to the US FishFinder community, fishing news and great offers from our partners. 1/6. Please tell us why you would like to flag this item. Follow the State-wide Fish Consumption Advisory for other lakes, rivers, and ponds in Fish and Wildlife Service's New England Field Office, and trustees from Connecticut and the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration allocated nearly $8 million in 2009 for natural resource restoration in the Housatonic River watershed in Connecticut. Flowing through beautiful Litchfield County in northwestern Connecticut the Housatonic River is one of the crown jewels of the Eastern US for trout fly fishing. Fish ... an overview of the various methods utilized by the state of Connecticut to engage in the conservation of freshwater fish species. These fish can be found in all areas of the lower river, and it is suspected that they run out to sea in the spring. segment of the Blackberry River from the Whiting River downstream to the Housatonic River became a Class 3 Wild Trout Management Area; it is one of fifteen watercourses so designated in Connecticut. The Housatonic River Watershed is located primarily in western Massachusetts and Connecticut. We buy, sell or trade used and antique fishing equipment rods, reels, lines, duck and fish decoys, fishing lures, books, artwork, collectibles and tying materials/tools. Five species of fishes collected in 1998 from two tributaries of the Housatonic River, Berkshire County, Massachusetts were analyzed for total PCB content. Housatonic River, Connecticut fishing report, rainbow trout fly fishing forecast, fishing season updates, fly shop and fishing guides, and fly-fishing weather. state o connecticuf t (s -g department of health services . An angler who states that the "The fishing on the Housatonic is best between 400 and 800 CFS (Cubic Feet per Second)" is making too many assumptions. The most popular species caught here are Striped bass, Smallmouth bass, and Bluefish 513 catches are logged on Fishbrain. Comparable in size to many Western US rivers, the “Housy”, as it is known locally, flows through deposits of limestone that supports prolific hatches of numerous species of Caddis and Mayflies from early Spring through late Fall. Lake Housatonic. In Connecticut, common carp (Cyprinius carpio) inhabit a large number of lakes and ponds, as well as larger river systems like the Connecticut, Housatonic, and Thames. The Housatonic River also appeals to anglers with its easy access and scenery that, in places, resembles a river out west. Striper action seems to be better from the CT River west to Norwalk. Sign up for our weekly newsletter to stay updated on Housatonic River and other Connecticut fishing spots. There are tons of schoolies but the river mouths seem to be holding some better fish, take for example, the 49-incher boated this week on Long Sand Shoal. The Housatonic River is a river, approximately 149 mi (240�km) long, in western Massachusetts and western Connecticut in the United States. ... Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass are by far the most popular species. You can access the river in this stretch near bridges and other areas along Route 20. There’s some great fishing to be had in the waters off Milford, which offers a wide variety of habitat and species. United States; Connecticut; Housatonic River; Housatonic River is a stream in Connecticut, United States. Cancer Risks. Followers 285 Catches 53 Spots 39. Housatonic River. ♦ Of 443 trout sampled in standard Housatonic River sample sites during 2014, 152 (34%) were from the Cornwall TMA, and 291 (66%) were from the Bulls Bridge TBMA. This technical memorandum summarizes the results of the 2010 biennial sampling of young-of-the-year (YOY) resident fish collected from the Rest of River portion of the Housatonic River, and presents statistical analyses performed on the YOY fish tissue PCB data from the biennial sampling program from 1994 through 2010 to evaluate trends over time. The northern reaches of the Housatonic in Massachusetts are comprised of the East and Southeast branches, and the waters from Richmond Pond near Pittsfield down offer some great early-season fishing. PCBs are known to cause adverse health effects on numerous Housatonic River species, including fish-eating mammals, some birds, fish, amphibians, and benthic invertebrates. Housatonic River September 2002 Environmental Remediation Contract General Electric (GE)/Housatonic River Project Pittsfield, Massachusetts Contract No. 32 in. The housatonic river is grand. %PDF-1.5 %���� Housatonic River Fishing Reports Recently shared catches and fishing spots. The Housatonic rises from four sources in far western Massachusetts in the Berkshire Mountains near the city of Pittsfield. Wednesday, April 13, 2016, in New Milford, Conn. Fishing is a popular recreational activity in all parts of Connecticut and allows people of all ages to connect with nature in a meaningful way. It flows through the states of Massachusetts and Connecticut. Other fish species are listed for several rivers, see Key to Fish Species Abbreviations in Lakes and Ponds section (Lakes & Ponds). Veronica Varela, a former biologist for the U.S. Appendix G MassDEP/DWM Housatonic River Watershed 2002 Chlorophyll a and Periphyton Technical Memorandum May 21, 2018 - Housatonic River. Having grown up in Shelton and still living in the valley, I’ve fished the Housatonic river my entire life. The Housatonic River is a river, approximately 149 mi (240 km) long, in western Massachusetts and western Connecticut in the United States. 11; ... Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass are by far the most popular species. The vast majority of trout sampled from the Cornwall TMA (116; 76%) … However a small portion of the western headwaters of the river lie in eastern New York State. HOW TO INTERPRET RIVER FLOWS. The most popular species caught here are Striped bass, Smallmouth bass, and Bluefish 513 catches are logged on Fishbrain. UPDATE Nov. 1, 2011: This spring and summer, U.S. View Along the Housatonic River. Ryan Johnson. Anglers can fish the open Sound, the quiet marsh creeks and up inside the Housatonic River. Fishing for broodstock salmon is permitted in the Housy downstream of the Derby Dam, and from December 1 through April 1, fisheries regulations dictate a one-fish maximum per day. Until late 2010 when adult zebra mussels (Dreissena polymorpha) were found in Lake Zoar and Lake Lillinonah, zebra mussels had been found (1998) in CT only in East Twin Lake and West Twin Lake (Salisbury). 638 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<224CF28AEC641E40AD3C513E80397445>]/Index[599 61]/Info 598 0 R/Length 165/Prev 854295/Root 600 0 R/Size 660/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream %%EOF Tips for fishing in the Housatonic River and its tributaries Observe posted warning signs and follow their advice. DACW33-94-D-0009/032 www.woodlotalt.com New England Region Boston, Massachusetts U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Fishermen will find a variety of fish including rainbow trout and brown trout here. Its hard being the bearer of bad news, but it is bad out there! Where to Fly-Fish on the Housatonic River Once the river hits 70 degrees or more look for the bass fishing to improve. Striped Bass with a 9 Inch Slug Go. have elevated levels of PCBs. along the Housatonic River. The river actually starts in the Green Mountains of Vermont and New York. This film captures the world's largest migration in all conditions and every method used to catch these fish. In addition, CTDPH plans to restructure the brochure to make it easier to read and understand. and adjacent to the Housatonic River. Housatonic River. endstream endobj startxref The Aquatic Invasive Species Connecticut Fishing Help stop the spread! Reading flows and trying to determine whether the Housatonic is fishing well is a tricky business. A nine-year-old child who consumes one meal of fish from the Housatonic River each week for just one summer faces noncancer risks about 900 times higher than the hazard-index EPA considers safe. Fish Populations . Elevated levels of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), which originated from the General Electric facility in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, have been found in the river and its floodplain (Blasland, Bouck & Lee, Inc. 1996). Do not eat fish from the Housatonic River and its tributaries. laboratory division ^ . Even striper fishing can be fantastic. The famous Appalachian trail follows the river from Bulls Bridge all the way to Falls Village.
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