Is there a specific brand or type of corn meal that you all prefer to use to make this recipe? Thanks, Hi Tricia, Cornbread is a little dry by nature but next time, try using 1-1/2 cups of flour and 1/2 cup of cornmeal instead. Now I can be! First time I ever tried making cornmeal muffins , could not believe how tasty and light these were. So you leave 2 stars because of user error? Bake at 400 degrees for 25-30 min. This may be a stupid question but I am going ask anyway. Also, most of my recipes (including this one) have conversions to weight. The batter was grainy a bit, but the muffins (you know.. after they were baked) tasted delicious! Refrigerated. My muffin tins were normal size, not those super-sized ones. Made them twice so far. thank you! Glad you like them! Want to make tomorrow, many thanks. Maple Syrup? But I didn’t mind the sweetness. Thanks for helping us all look like competent cooks! Sure Maria, I’d add 1 cup to the batter along with the dry ingredients and butter. I didn’t alter the recipe in any way – they were perfect! Sorry! Perfect with meals or just eat them alone; yum. I made the cornbread muffins, these are the best muffins. They are the Best Cornbread Muffins. These are the best corn bread muffins ever! Because there’s not a ton of honey in the recipe, I suspect the cornbread should taste essentially the same with regular honey. So happy to find a keeper recipe. now my elderly father loves my cornbread muffins…in fact I can’t quite get a hold of one lol unless I make them in the middle of the night and steal a few lol…great recipe!!! Do I have to use unsalted butter or can I use salted ? Edit: This did make 12 which it called for. A friend brought them to a potluck and I immediately asked for the recipe. Hi, thanks for the recipe Jenn. Ha! Thank you so much for posting this amazing recipe. When done I cut them into squares. Hi! This recipe is our favorite. This recipe for moist and fluffy cornbread can be customized! I also used half buttermilk & made cornbread, not muffins. What is the best way to store them prior to reheating? I have added frozen whole cranberries and they were delicious! About a year ago my boyfriend and I went to a restaurant where they served cornbread muffins. To begin making Fluffy Corn Muffins Recipe, for making muffins first preheat oven in to 350 F (180 C). Just took a bite… heaven. And using a little extra flour can create more of a dome. Hi Jenn. Thanks! If you like this recipe, try more recipes like. Glad you liked these, Laura! Thank you. These cornbread muffins are absolutely delicious! Loved the recipe!!! This is my first time doing this and it get so delicious thank you for the recipe, the best thing is So Easy to made … thank you again, So delicious, light and fluffy! In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, cornmeal, sugar, baking powder and salt. Hi Mary, Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience with high-altitude baking so I don’t have any wisdom to share. And what bake time and temperature would you suggest? Everyone loved them. They’re soft and sweet and not at all dense or crumbly. Jenn, I like the ingredients you have in your recipe. I also added gouda and roasted red pepper. FINALLY!!! No more boxes for me! Ditch the box and make these instead! Great recipe! Very good and very easy and fast to make. Thanks a bunch Jenn!! Can I just use honey? We don’t use cow’s milk so I substituted Rice Milk & I used Unbleached All-purpose flour & I made this in my medium stoneware pan from PC (which I lightly sprayed first). Definitely a keeper and no longer going to buy the packaged mixes. They came out buttery, slightly sweet, slightly salty, and just divine. Had reviewed other recipes that called for buttermilk or sour cream…substituting butter for other shortening, but glad I opted for this recipe….took to book club yesterday to accompany host taco soup…so made jalapeño butter to spread on corn muffins…perfectly delicious! Great recipe – stays together and doesn’t crmnble. Soft and sweet. Or are they too different? According to my daughter, her teacher and classmate LOVE corn muffins and have placed an order! Thank you Jennifer! Please LMK how they turn out! Scooping the ingredient with your measuring cup will cause packing and you’re more likely to use too much flour that way. I’d love to hear how they turn out! It helps to use less cornmeal. A corn muffin that does not make a mess all over the kitchen table. I’d feel comfortable serving to guests without having tested first–that’s how consistent you are! I loved them and will make often. I make them every two weeks and freeze them. This is a moist and sweet cornbread, so I prefer eating it with something spicy, especially chili. They are perfect with dinner and even better the next morning with butter and honey. Thank you!! Thank you… I think? It is truly the best! I left out the 1/4 cup of sugar and added a mashed ripened banana with the two Tbsp of sugar. Blueberries would be delish! These win hands down. I made them as mini muffins, and they were a big hit! But after my toddler requested our Whole Foods corn muffins, which we were fresh out of, I decided to give it one last go. (If making skillet cornbread, place about 1 1/2 tablespoons of butter in the pan … Hard to spread butter. I used half the sugar and the muffins turned out plenty sweet enough. I am a 58 year old male – have never tried to make a cornbread muffin in my life – but this recipe is a WINNER! Delish! But I used Old Fashioned Stone Ground Yellow Cornmeal. These are great muffins, with just a hint of sweetness. I substituted gluten free flour and made them mini-muffins (400 degrees for 10-12 minutes). Please let me know by leaving a review below. Enjoy! Use an 8×12 baking sheet? As I’m putting the corn bread on the table my son said “mom, you know I don’t like your homemade cornbread, but I will give this a try”. Hi, I’m about to make these for Thanksgiving and I noticed that some people used buttermilk and it was fine, but you told one reviewer not to… do you not recommend buttermilk? Was not able to find exact cornmeal that you used. Mini muffins should take 12 – 15 minutes in the oven. Made them to go with steak chili. Reminds me of the ones we would have at the diner or lunchonette growing up. Perfect with chili or just as a simple breakfast bread. first time i tried this and followed all steps, my husband loved it! Hope you enjoy! I translated everything to grams as way easier and (I think) accurate (I’m in the U.K.). This recipe is foolproof – I make these muffins to go with any main course! Hi Susan, I think either of those add-ins should work. !,had company over they loved them ,and husband loved them,and he is picky on cornbread!muffins where something I will make again! and added approx. Looking forward to trying this recipe. Each batch made 12 muffins. I know that baking at dinnertime might seem a little ambitious but these muffins are super-easy to prepare. Very yummy!! I did start hunting up local wildflower honey and it somehow got even better. We made mini muffins with your chili and Franks dip for the Super Bowl today 2.2.2020 Best regards, Kim. Love this recipe. Unfortunately, buttermilk won’t work here. They are regular sized muffins. and so easy and quick to whip up. Thank You! I’m not a fan of cornbread but these pair well with Ribs and chili. It took 25 min at 350. I made these muffins last night to go with shepherd’s pie, and they were perfect. I heat them in microwave for a few moments and pour syrup on them. Next time I’ll try to purchase some butter. My family loves them and as Jenn recommends even the leftovers are great warmed up with butter. Now I love it too! I used margarine because I had no butter and they were still good . Came across this recipe, made them the next day and since then have made them several times with great results. Baked for 17 minutes and they turned out delicious! Thanks for sharing. Thanks for answering my question so quickly. Hi Jenn, I want to make this cornbread muffins, I am wondering if the muffins will stick to the pan or are they easy to take out? Mine turned out a little dry though and I’m wondering how to correct that. Hi Leisa, you can definitely add shredded cheese to the batter but wouldn’t add the jelly. Awesome recipe! I’ve updated it. Thanks, I appreciate it! It is the easiest recipe ever, the taste is amazing, I changed a bit, I used a little bit more corn. My friends all love them too. I tweaked it just a little. These were moist and a lot less crumbly. Hi Trish, you could bake this in a 9 x 9 baking dish at 400 degrees. Whisk in the honey, and then the milk. Today I made them with buttermilk and they were delicious. Light, fluffy, and sweet but not obnoxiously so! Your site is one of my go to places when I’m looking for new recipes idea. Thank you. Sorry I can’t be more definitive! Thanks for the recipe! I made the cornbread muffins but put them in a 8×8 pan – this is great with chili. Enjoy! These will be getting made again, and again! Hi Smk, the muffins should be baked at 350°F/175°C. Already did haha! What is the best way to reheat these muffins. Love these muffins! I’ll also substitute non-dairy margarine for the butter. They’re quick, easy, and consistently delicious. You make me look good ;D, I just realize I have self rising Corn Meal I saw the review about self rising flour would I do the same with self rising Corn meal reduce baking powder to 1 1/2 tsp and salt to 1/2 tsp? I’m so glad I found this site and can not wait to try more! Can almond milk be used in place of regular milk? Will be saving this recipe to use again and again. As I live in the UK I used Polenta ( soaked it in milk for 30 min) and as a bread not muffins . They still came out great, and if I didn’t mess up and have to over stir them, I bet they would have been even better! So simple to make, they are great served with a bowl of chili and will definitely not be out of place at any Thanksgiving or holiday table!. Nope! We made some muffins with this recipe today and it turned out like it was shown in the picture. This is it! The white chicken chili is always delicious and the corn bread provides an excellent balance to the light spice of the soup. What about jalapenos? You don’t even need to put anything on them they’re so incredible alone and extremely easy to make! Made these tonight and they turned out amazing!! My 8 year old couldn’t get enough! Also, they freeze beautifully. Thanks. I also halved the amount of sugar. Loved these. The taste was amazing too- a little more salty than sweet which I thought was perfect. Easy and delish. Worked really well for getting the muffins out with ease. Absolutely perfect! Okay, these muffins are DAMN GOOD. I’ve tried several corn bread recipes over the years, but this one is perfection. You can leave the temperature the same but start checking them for doneness at about 12 – 15 minutes. OMG guys! I make cornbread a lot. Thanks! I liked the sweetness it gave with the honey and the corn grits gave it the bit of a crunch. Fantastic recipe! Made other recipes for cormeal muffins including the recipe on the corn meal box. I used whole wheat pastry flour because I had it and thought it would produce a more tender crumb (less gluten), without fear of overmixing the batter. If so, can it sit out in room temperature? My husband doesn’t like his cornbread very sweet but I did add the sugar. To begin making Fluffy Corn Muffins Recipe, for making muffins first preheat oven in to 350 F (180 C). Can I make these and freeze them and then serve them at room temperature? I will say, if you are a person that likes a more dense cornbread (not light and fluffy like this recipe calls for) you may want to consider how you’ll tweak it to your liking. Hands down, the best cornbread recipe EVER! Can you adjust recipe to use cream corn? We don’t have Cracker Barrel in Canada so this recipe is exciting! I used self rising flour so I didn’t need baking powder or salt and I didn’t add honey. I made these muffins over the weekend and they are delicious. You pictures helped me out. These are great! From the oven to the table, they didn’t last 5 minutes at a recent backyard BBQ. Our new family favorite!
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