I have attached a picture to show: The data range is in the correct, logical order, i.e. Reverse Order of Excel Data. I told her to sort the data. How can I reorder the series within the data table? The pie chart lists the data series correctly from the top row down, and clockwise starting at 12 o'clock. She replied: “I did. 1. I'm trying to reverse the order or … It is a similar approach to what E.J. This 1) puts the blank rows at the top 2) makes it hard to visually align to the pie chart. To chart the data so the date is left to right, I've turned on Categories in Reverse Order. Data are plotted on x-axis in same order as they appear in table: recent dates on left side of plot ... older dates on right side. I know it sounds a bit confusing, but when we know that the data is … To reverse X Axis: Step 1: Right-click on the X Axis, and click "Format Axis" in the dialog box; To reverse Axis Order in a chart, you need to create a chart based on your original data firstly, and then do the following steps: Step1: right click on one Axis that you want to reverse, such as: X Axis or Y Axis, and then select Format Axis option from the drop down menu list. GUN has posted. In this case both the pie and bar charts are looked at together. The reverse order in excel is nothing but flipping the data where the bottom value comes on top and top value goes to the bottom. And the Format Axis pane would be displayed in the left of Excel … 3rd series is a Clustered Column Chart They are in the order as follows: Series2 Series1 Series3 (Where Series 2 is stacked on top of Series 1) I want to change the series order now as follows: Series2 Series3 Series1 I tried right clicking on my chart and went into Format Data Series - Series Order and change the Series order … In this example, we use bar chart as the example, but it is the same procedures when you work with other type of charts. The data is sorted in descending order.” Then I added: “Sort it in reverse order, i.e. Change the axis type to a Text axis, and plot the categories in reverse order, which should fix the data table. The issue is the bar chart lists the data series in reverse order. Is there a way to create a chart in this format without creating a seperate table or rearranging the data in the current table? As we can see, the bottom value is at the top in the reverse order, and the same goes to the top value as well. Excel Reverse Order (Table of Contents) Introduction to Excel Reverse Order; Methods to Reverse Column Order; Introduction to Excel Reverse Order. I have tried moving the series up/down in the Select Data Source dialog box, but nothing happens. Reversing order is nothing but flipping the column values, this means, the last value in your column should be the first value in reversed order and second last should be the … I have a pivot chart with date as the x-axis, 2 series on a primary and 1 series on a secondary axis. My pivot table is sorted in descending order by date because I need the most recent date on top. Hello, Returning to Excel after a couple of years, and I have created a chart in Excel 2013. Click here to get the most useful information you need to know about creating a chart in Excel 2013 from start to finish. However, my table that the data is taken from is in alphabetical and not numerical order. You'll probably need to move the Y axis to cross at the lowest point as well. One day, a friend asked me how to sort a bar chart in descending order. In Excel 2010, I need to create a chart that shows my data in a descending order. For a clustered column chart, the zero value series need to be sent to the secondary axis, since even with 0 as values they take … Hi Shara, Glad you reached out. Keep us posted. However the data table is showing in reverse order. ascending order”. I think that's a bug. Sometimes you may need to reverse the Axis order in a chart, please see below for details. For example, look at the below image. Yeah! For a stacked chart you can simply stack zero value series on top of your real data, set their color and hide the legend for the real data. As simple as this. 429553 Hi, The attached excel file (version Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus) shows a single line graph with data plotted on both primary and secondary axis.
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