Participants are up against the clock when finishing a mission successfully. Quick, you only have 60 minutes before they lose their patience – think fast and on your feet, it could make the difference between life and death. This is currently the only facility in Singapore that houses two-storey escape rooms – for twice the fun. If you want to be spooked, pick the bone-chilling Annabelle theme from their Haunted selection. Together with your team members, you will fight for Earth’s survival. If you’ve been hankering for a chance to live out your own Christie or Conan Doyle script, give the following a try: Described as an “escape room event”, Captivate Escape Rooms is designed by professional puzzle creators and a psychology PHD. Embrace the hero within you by choosing from a range of special powers that’ll prove instrumental in helping you save the day. However, to avoid any injuries they can only do so much. If you're up for it, try out The Whitechapel Murderer case, where you have to identify the notorious serial killer – Jack the Ripper – within the stipulated time or become his next victim. Or try the latter and find the sources of energy capable of combating a plague that’s threatening Earth. Time is indeed best spent brainstorming over clues at these escape games. Affordable Pricing $20/pax. Have a go at these 10 escape rooms in Singapore for a fun-filled time: 10. Encounter:454A Geylang Road, Level 2, Singapore 389413 | B1-01 302 Jalan Besar Singapore 208963 | Booking Time Slots | Website. 100% virtual escape room experience. The escape room has more than one room in it, and it is up to the team to find the secret passage to exit the labyrinth. We aim to help people escape from … The escape game requires players to be observant and use critical thinking skills in order to solve the challenges and riddles. Trapped.SG, Singapore. The perfect anger therapy for busy individuals, the rage room allows you to release any suppressed frustrations through throwing around plates, glasses, electronic appliances and more from $38. Trapped SG Prices are $12 per hour on weekdays, and $15 on weekends – after a compulsory lifetime membership entry of $5. Instead of just relying on their creativity, the room’s Hero system also allows players to select the abilities they think most viable for escaping… which means they must choose wisely. These are the best places for adventurous room escape games in Singapore: Amazing Chambers Singapura; Xcape Singapore; Trapped Escape Room Singapore; The Escape Hunt Experience Singapore; Lost Sg; See more adventurous room escape games in Singapore on Tripadvisor Did we mention that their Jurong East outlet even houses virtual reality escape rooms. RECOMMENDED: The best hiking trails in Singapore and the top things to do this month. LOST SG Escape Room is a top-rated 60-minute escape room game in Singapore, and they did this by incorporating technology in their escape rooms. Did we mention that their Jurong East outlet even houses virtual reality escape rooms. Escape room is a cooperative puzzle game where the main objective is to escape the room you are locked in within a time limit. Prices start from $21.90 per person. Prices start from $20 per person. One of the most famous escape rooms in Singapore is XCape. Each player gets to move around, search for items, and manipulate objects in their own room that’s equipped with the latest VR gear. 1000+ 5-Star Reviews. Heads up! Lockdown Escape is a Singapore company that specializes in creating real-life escape room games. Less than 30 percent of attempts are successful, so be prepared to crack your brains, combining both logic and creativity to escape. Suitable for friends, families and colleagues, LOST SG Escape Room Singapore is the place to go! U Escape, being our first Escape Room experience, is very suitable for kids and family in my opinion. Xcape incorporates some of the latest sound and lighting effects, as well as mechanical and electrical capabilities to create immersive experiences in its rooms, which consists of various chambers, so be ready to get your hands dirty or climb around. Compilation of Escape Rooms in Singapore ESCAPE ROOM SINGAPORE. Are you looking for some mind-bending, immersive bonding experience that is totally out of the norm? Fortunately, each session at Captivate lasts a good 75 minutes, which is considerably longer than the usual hour afforded to patrons of other escape rooms. Aside from discovering hidden rooms, there are many thrilling puzzles to solve to beat the game. Did the Murder on the Singapore Express. Prices start from $38 per person. There’s nothing like a century-old murder mystery to get your adrenaline pumping. Document your endeavor by striking a pose with chic detective outfits and quirky props. A mystery solved is its own reward, but amateur detectives are also served hot tea and biscuits as a treat. Amongst the largest escape room operators in Singapore, Xcape offers a total of 10 different games, keeping thrillseekers coming back for more. Be strategic about who you enter these simulations with – grab a couple of your brainier friends and work your way through our top picks. Ever wanted to save a city from a dirty bomb or rally a band of survivors during a plague outbreak? Suitable for friends, families and colleagues, LOST SG Escape Room Singapore is the place to go! Escape Room Singapore - LOST SG is Singapore’s top rated Escape Room provider – offering you a complete escape game experience like no other. One of the most sought-after escape rooms in Singapore, V-Room is a virtual reality space. Now, you and a buddy can experience being stranded during a world flood with the multiplayer puzzle game, Sam & Dan: Floaty Flatmates. If you hit a dead end, appeal to the wise gamemasters for a hint or two. If that doesn’t get your attention, we don’t know what will. The SINGAPORE'S UNIQUE ESCAPE ROOM GAME KITS Transform your office, your home or even your classroom into an Escape Room. But if you’re with kids or are just looking for some fun, try out the more light-hearted Kungfu Panda X theme from their Funtasy genre. The Drawing on the expertise of professional puzzle designers, Captivate has refined each of its rooms to confound and confuse – ensuring that only the sharpest of daring participants make it through. If you hit a dead end, appeal to the wise gamemasters for a hint or two. With over 10 rooms to explore from a single escape room, you can work together with your friends or colleagues to solve the mystery. These rooms will challenge your braveness, quick thinking, and composure while also having fun. Billed as Singapore’s biggest reality escape room provider, Xcape takes up 8,000 sq ft with 52 game chambers. The labyrinths are filled with rampaging zombies that grow in number the longer the gamers are in it. Prices start from $20 per person. Therefore, we recommend the best 20 escape rooms in Singapore with best services, themes and price ranges. As its name suggests, Virtual Room is another VR-focused escape room providing you and your mates an immersive 3D cinematic experience when you play its games. I've done other escape rooms where the imagery on the website was clearly "thematic" and not an actual representation of the room. We know you will too. The photos on the website were of an elegant train car. A must-try is the VR Escape game – Abandoned Mine. Step inside the Medical centre where accidents and emergencies are dealt with. Challenge yourself at Singapore’s biggest escape room with over 52 game chambers and 13 exciting video game or movie themes to choose from. Once you've entered this Victorian era-themed escape room, there's only one way out. Participants have to break into a sweat to break away from the room. For sure! If the Purge isn’t to your liking, try out Tekong Army Bunk where the ghost stories you’ve heard come to life, or the Mental Ward – where perhaps it is you that is a little crazy. Figure out the clues, solve the mystery and escape from the room within the given limited time, or bear an inconceivable aftermath! They must solve the puzzles in time to hopefully persuade their captors to release them, or the participants can force their escape by decoding more riddles amid spooky creatures. 100% virtual escape room experience. El 4 de enero del año 2019, Columbia Pictures estrenó Escape Room, una película de terror psicológico dirigida por Adam Robitel y escrita por Bragi F. Schut y Maria Melnik. SINGAPORE'S UNIQUE ESCAPE ROOM GAME KITS . At Trapped Escape Room, you and up to nine other friends can experience a night of the Purge. Well, here’s your chance to prove it. At most escape rooms, the gamers are tasked to solve puzzles to beat the game. In fact, most groups don’t manage to make it out of the room on time. Image adapted from: Singapore Virtual Room. Trapped SG is a horror-themed escape room. Apart from having sophisticated themed rooms, their carefully plotted, riveting scenarios involve players immersing themselves fully into the roles of movie stories. That is from our experience of 2 different Escape Room concept between U Escape and another similar Escape Room provider. Escape Room Singapore requires participants to work as a team towards a collective goal. Voice-sensors are built into the walls too, so the gamers’ screams will activate clues and doors for escaping. It hosts different kinds of brain-squeezing rooms! Virtual Escape Room Singapore Escape Rooms are one of the best team building activities for you and your team to try. Booking fees for an escape room are from $28.90 per person. Choose any of our best escape games and begin your escape mission today! We already have this email. Put those extra minutes to good use as you race against the clock. A must-try is the VR Escape game –, The best indoor playgrounds for kids in Singapore, The best trampoline parks to check out in Singapore. With our technology-heavy setup, our games are perfect as bonding or ice-breaking activities for friends, families, companies as … The actual room is just a black square. Set out to think critically at these escape rooms that are loaded up with puzzles and vexing situations to test your companionship. Singapore's first interactive virtual escape room built-in with highly interactive clues and tools. As you finally break free from years of torment and enslavement, soak in the Egyptian-inspired artefacts that contribute to a ridiculously convincing atmosphere that’ll have you believe you’ve been transported back in time to a mystical era. So when all else fails, you know what to do – or you could press on by phoning in for clues. Try out The Exodus – a room loosely based on the biblical journey across the Sea of Reeds. This facility holds the answers to the unimaginable horrors and experiences faced by the soldiers during the previous mission. Amazing Chambers Singapura offers an immersive and interactive lifestyle experience via the use of escape room technology – designed for specially curated themes focusing on Singapore’s ancient history and culture. Lockdown Escape is a Singapore company that specializes in creating real-life escape room games. Amazing Chambers Singapura offers an immersive and interactive lifestyle experience via the use of escape room technology – designed for specially curated themes focusing on Singapore’s ancient history and culture. Prices start from $22 per person. Scenarios range from eerily realistic murder investigations – think Cluedo on steroids – to uncovering lost treasures. Known all over the world across ten countries, jump into your favourite video games and web-games such as Jurassic Park, Poseidon and Old Changi Hospital, as you solve puzzles, challenges and mysteries with your friends at Freeing SG. 10K likes. As part of the leading room escape games globally, they have been providing players with an unprecedented entertainment and team-building programme. Captivate Escape Rooms. Escape rooms are challenging. Captivate's Escape Rooms are the largest in Singapore; brimming with amazing puzzles and technology. Ever wanted to save a city from a dirty bomb or rally a band of survivors during a plague outbreak? With challenging puzzles and clues, teams will have their teamwork, communication and problem-solving skills put to the test. We know you will too. Beat the clock of horror and make the quickest exit out of Escape Hunt Singapore’s mysterious escape rooms. By: Lance Teo If you’re having trouble planning a friend’s bachelorette party, worry no…, By: Ryan Lim One of the most effective ways to relax after a stressful…, By Jasmine Wee Want to visit some famous tourist attractions on the island but…, 8 Escape Rooms In Singapore That Will Fire Up Your Nerves, 100 Orchard Road, Concorde Hotel & Shopping Mall, #02-43, Singapore 238840, bars serving the best bourbon in Singapore, 190 Clemenceau Avenue, #06-28 Singapore Shopping Centre, Singapore, SGD 22 per person per game (Monday-Thursday), SGD 26 per person per game (Friday-Sunday), 1 Sophia Road, #03-01/02/03 Peace Centre, Singapore, 52 Telok Blangah Road, Telok Blangah House, Singapore, 11 AM – 11:30 PM (Monday-Thursday & Sunday), SGD 22 – SGD 32 per person per game (rates depend on the type of escape room). Lost SG’s 60-minute challenges let players crack head-scratching clues and seemingly abstract puzzles to escape from locked rooms. By entering your email address you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and consent to receive emails from Time Out about news, events, offers and partner promotions. Prices are from $32 per person. Together, survive the apocalypse, escape the chasing hungry shark, and get onto the boat for safety. There are many versions of Escape Rooms in Singapore. We love it. This cool escape room concept in Singapore offers various enigmatic themed games like Japan’s infamous suicide forest, a prison island and a haunted mausoleum where you need to outwit the terracotta army. We have developed our very own original Online Escape Room for participants to be fully engaged in a totally immersive virtual environment with an exciting storyline combined with challenging puzzles. From the brains behind large-scale escape games in heritage precincts like Chinatown and Haw Par Villa, Lockdown has no doubt made its mark on Singapore's escape room scene. Lost SG Escape Room. Following an unfortunate landslide, you're trapped inside an abandoned mine and getting an old elevator to work is your best chance at survival. Fortunately, it’s the age of technology – when Virtual Reality (VR) meets Escape Room, the possibilities are endless. It’s one of the best escape rooms in Singapore, particularly if you enjoy VR. Have a taste of what it's like to be the leading character of horror, mystery or animation movies at an escape room in Singapore. Being The First, The Largest & The Most Popular Reality Room Escape Game Provider in Singapore, Xcape Singapore has proudly hosted over 118,200 groups with more than 686,500 players by the end of 2019.
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