Only a selection of the more relevant references is provided hereunder and with the respective genus accounts. Common species. ... ECONOMIC IMPORTANCE: (1) They yield vegetables used in Kitchen, (2) Some plants have medicinal value. Economic Importance. Edible Genera: Citrullus lanatus Brassica rapa is a crop species of economic importance. Som_g of vegetables and fruits are: wax gourd , Water melon , Citrullus vulgaris Mask melon vegetable marrow , cucumber Loofah , Momorclica chat-antics . 4. One of the major groups of angiosperms is the nightshade or potato family, Solanaceae, which contains nearly 3,000 species across more than 90 genera. Gertrude Stein The Rose Family i/Ue ease is ci rose And was always to But the theory now goes That the apple's a pscc, And the pear is, and so's The jtliaii. Abstract. 2. The family is important so that there are available members to produce and distribute goods and services. Economic value of the family is out lined below. Shakespeare A ,soe is cc rove is a rose. Summary - Taxonomy and Systematic Botany. It belongs to the genus Brassica, tribe Brassiceae of the family Brassicaceae.The genus Brassica includes many important crops. It has 200 genera and 3000 species. It is distributed all over the world. The economic importance of the plants belonging to the Liliaceae family are: Source of Medicine -Aloe vera, Smilax and Colchicine. Rosaceae: Taxonomy, Economic Importance, Genomics Kim E. Hummer and Jules Janick A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Economic Importance of Family: Fabaceae (Pea family) Botany : Taxonomy and Systematic Botany. Cell Theory. The earlier investigations have been summarized by Kirkwood (38), Davis (26), and Singh (60). This family is commonly known as mustard family and following are the characteristics of mustard plant. Home Botany Family Cucurbitaceae, Examples and its Economic Importance Family Cucurbitaceae, Examples and its Economic Importance Faizan Bhatti 12:44 PM. Fabaceae family has great importance. Study of Economics helps in proper budgeting. Many crop species are included in the Brassica genus, which provide edible roots, leaves, stems, buds, flowers and seed. •identify ancestry. Modern education and modern economic life use to compel woman more and more to leave the narrow sphere of the family circle and work side by side for the enrichment of society. Given the economic importance of the Cucurbitaceae family, a vast and very divers literature is available. This increases the happiness of the family. (eds. In this scope, family Cucurbitaceae is a prominent source of secondary metabolites, mainly Ocimum basilicum Mentpa viridis (mint) Lavendula vera (Lavender) Salvia splendens. female male Squash Family - Cucurbitaceae. It is a source of high protein food, oil, and forage. Microscopy and its types. As sources of vegetables, fruit, and seeds rich in oils and protein, they have the potential of making an even larger contribution toward meeting the needs of humankind. Vegetables and fruits: Many members of this family produce vegetables and fruits. Economics is useful to the householder. Chrtková A. The following is a list of some of the economically important members of the family, ordered alphabetically by common • Between 1990 and 2000, the share of people driving alone increased, while the share of all other categories decreased. it helps the family to manage their homes effectively. It is rich in tartaric acid, sugar, vitamine- B, and calcium .The seeds of Tamarindus indica yield starch. Discovery - Cell: The Unit of Life. 1. Family units make up the institutions that run society. ), Květena České Republiky, vol. Characters of Sapotaceae 2. Family businesses are increasingly concerned about the role government policy is playing in their business planning and future growth. These pulses are used as food and are rich in proteins. Abstract: Compounds derived from nature have played a major role in drug discovery. 0 1 With family businesses making up such an important part of the economy, it’s important that we understand how family businesses view the current economic and regulatory environment. Out of the c. 1000 species of Cucurbitaceae, 10 are of worldwide economic importance, cultivated globally, and are here considered ‘major crops’ (Table 1); another 23 are of more local commercial importance, are often cultivated in their native range, and might be called ‘minor crops’ (Table 2). Importance of Agriculture. ; They are generally annual herbs with tap root system that may be branched. They are native in most countries of the world, especially in the tropics, where they are cultivated in every country, state, and province. It tries to explain outcomes unique to family—such as marriage, the decision to have children, fertility, polygamy, time devoted to domestic production, and dowry payments using economic analysis. Economic importance as - Food 1.The flower buds of Piliostigma racemosum syn. •assign people to social categories, groups, & roles on basis of inherited status. Distribution of Sapotaceae 3. Cucumbers, melons, squashes, zucchini, gourds, pumpkins, loofahs Fruit type - pepo 3 carpels Parietal placentation . (1990) Cucurbitaceae. Economic Importance Economic importance: Citrullus - watermelon Cucurbita - pumpkin, squash, gourd Cucumis - cucumber, canteloupe, muskmelon Medicinal uses - members of the Cucurbitaceae have been used for a variety of ailments. She can be member of any women’s organisation and can launch various programmes like literacy programme such as adult education, education for disadvantaged girls etc. Economic Importance of Fabaceae. Free Economics Project Topics and Materials PDF for Undergraduates and Masters Students. Rosaceae Taxonomy, Economic Importance, en om ics f. l-Itinuuei' iiid j uics Janick A race by any other name icould smell as sweet. 1. The Cucurbitaceae family commonly known as the gourd family is an excellent example of a plant family with many economically useful species. •Rules people use to: •determine parenthood. ADVERTISEMENTS: In this article we will discuss about Sapotaceae:- 1. The Cucurbitaceae consists of many important food plants such as melon, pumpkin, squash, cucumber; … Agriculture not only provides food and raw material but also employment opportunities to a very large proportion of population. It is the backbone of our economic system. Therefore, traditional forms of development such as neighbourhood renewal — efforts to develop and bring businesses, services, and residents into a specific neighbourhood, as well as R E S E A R C H R E P O R T S S E R I E S # 0 9 . With the knowledge of economics, the householder is able to utilize his little income to get the maximum satisfaction for his family by proper budgeting and careful spending. Bulbs of Allium cepa and the roots of various species of Smilax are used as flavouring agents. (3) Hard dried shells are used to form flasks as vessels and utensils. •Descent systems are divided into: 1. unilineal systems : descent traced through parents & ancestors of only 1 sex (either mother’s or father’s side). Descent •Socially recognized links between ancestors & descendants. Ornamental Plants -Lilium, tulips, Gloriosa and Ruscus. It is a large family. Medicinal importance: Some plants of this family give important drugs. maintenance. The Cucurbitaceae is divided into two families on the basis of whether or not the styles are free and seeds winged or not. There are four major issues in the development of a family: mate selection, spousal relationships, parenting, and change. of Economic Importance . Family economics applies economic concepts such as production, division of labor, distribution, and decision making to the study of the family. Because of its economic importance, disputable taxonomic position, and morphological peculiarities, the family Cucurbitaceae has attracted the attention of embryologists during the past 150 years. The economic functions of a family are important for society. In : Hejný S. & Slavík B. 2.The fruits of Tamarindus indica (Chinch) are spicy and used as condiment. ; The plants are terrestrial and cultivated for oil value which is normally pungent smelling watery sap. It teaches the family how to plan, cook, serve and eat good food. Without family, a weak economic unit would be left with no stability or dependancy. 1. My findings reveal that there is consistent relationship between the role of family and students’ academic achievement. Food: Most of the important pulses belong to this family. The genus Brassica is one of 51 genera in the tribe Brassiceae belonging to the crucifer family, and is the economically most important genus within this tribe, containing 37 different species (Gomez-Campo 1980). In our research archive, we have lots of free economics project topics and premium research papers in the department of microeconomics, economics education e.t.c. Bauhinia variegata ( Apta) are used as vegetable. Squash Family - Cucurbitaceae. Economic Importance of The Family Musaceae (Banana Family) Family: Liliaceae (Lily Family) Botanical description of Allium cepa. KEYWORDS: Cultural Capital, Socio-Economic Status, Language Learning, Family Role, Cognitive Development, Competence, Performance INTRODUCTION Family plays the most important role in children’s development and education. It can help family members to get along very well with one another. Importance and Impact of Cars for Family Economic SConfidential Informationuccess Urvi Neelakantan 12.09.10 The majority of workers drive to work • Over three-fourths of workers 16 years and older drive alone to work. or a “lens” through which economic development or social service delivery can be viewed. Importance of Home Economics to the Family.

The cucurbits (Cucurbitaceae, or gourd family), which include squash, pumpkin, melon, cucumber, and watermelon, have long been of economic significance. Electron Microscope. 3 The genera included in the family are of food, medicinal as well as useful for other purposes. The following facts clearly highlight the importance of agriculture in this country. Fabaceae are also used as ornamental plants. Agriculture plays a crucial role in the life of an economy. It is cultivated worldwide as oil and vegetable crops. Shakespeare A rose is a rose is a rose. Economic Importance of the Family: Family cucurbitaceae has long played important role in economic affairs of man. They became the basis for the development of new pharmaceuticals. And also, related research seminar topics and journals for final year students in the economics department. Source of food (or) Vegetables-Asparagus. Abstract. it helps members of the family prepare for their expected roles in the society. The fruits and seeds of majority of them are laSatives.

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