slice. You can't just top it however you like though. Roasted garlic, Parmesan cheese, and herbs team up to make this fabulous dipping sauce, inspired by the beloved and popular sauce at Buffalo Wild Wings. The tangy, spicy mixture of mayonnaise with Italian seasonings and garlic gets amped up with a generous amount of spicy crushed red pepper and a bit of Parmesan cheese. 403.609.4443. Menu has specialty pizza, chicken wings, cheesy bread, desserts, chips & drinks. Ultimate Pepperoni Pizza Add the milk and stir until thickened. Sodium 135mg. For those looking for something different from Dom’s standard tomato pizza sauce, this pie is a real standout with its garlic Parmesan white sauce. 2. 6%. Parmesan Bread Bites - Oven-baked bread bites handmade from fresh buttery-tasting dough and seasoned with garlic and Parmesan. 1 slice = 1/8 pizza. ADDRESS: #3, 906 Bow Valley Trail. According to the Domino’s website, this pizza is inspired by American, Irish, and Kiwi tastes. ideal proportions of salami, fresh baby spinach, fresh onions, roasted red peppers, banana peppers, and a dash of oregano, all over a garlic parmesan sauce on an artisan-style crust. All balanced and baked to perfection on an artisan-style crust. Buffalo Chicken Pizza Grilled chicken breast, fresh onions, provolone, American cheese, cheddar, cheese made with 100% real mozzarella and drizzled with a hot sauce. Domino's Pizza South Africa. Cheese & Garlic Scrolls . 16-piece $3.99/Fls 7,20 32-piece $6.99/Fls 12,60 Marinara Dipping Sauce 50¢ Menu has specialty pizza, chicken wings, cheesy bread, sandwiches, desserts, chips & drinks. Perfectly delicious for sharing! Browse coupons & order Domino's online for delivery or pick up. Cook spinach in a little bit of water until it is wilted. When the cream cheese is thoroughly incorporated add the parmesan and feta cheeses. The new pizzas each feature a creamy garlic, Parmesan & Romano sauce and toasted Parmesan crust with a sprinkling of a Parmesan-parsley blend. All balanced and baked to perfection on an artisan-style crust. Calories % Daily Value* 11%. Served with a side of marinara sauce for dipping. If you’re a chip-and-dip fan, here’s an idea: load some salsa-esque toppings on to a … (13" x 9" rectangular pizza. Drizzled with garlic and Parmesan cheese seasoning, and sprinkled with more Parmesan. My name is David. Authentic, soft & foldable New York-style dough, topped with Marinara pizza sauce & lots of stretchy mozzarel... 9440kJ^ Order Now Alfredo sauce, feta and Parmesan-Asiago cheeses, fresh baby spinach and onion toppings. Salsa style. Add to the white sauce. Add Marinara or your favorite dipping cup for an additional charge. Inspired by Domino's Parmesan Bread Bites, these little nuggets of baked pizza dough are bursting with garlic, butter & parmesan cheese. (13” x 9” rectangular pizza. Add the roasted garlic. The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. Available in 16-piece or 32-piece orders. Serving Size. Includes Marinara Dipping Sauce. Fiery Hawaiian™ Pizza: Sliced ham, smoked bacon, pineapple, roasted red peppers, hot sauce, jalapeños, cheeses made with 100% real mozzarella and provolone on a cheesy Parmesan-Asiago crust. 5% Saturated Fat 1g Trans Fat 0g. Total Fat 7g. Garlic Chicken & Bacon Ranch 5328kJ^ Succulent chicken, crispy rasher bacon, spinach and red onion, topped with a creamy ranch sauce and served on a pizza sauce base with zesty garlic sauce. Serves 2) Pizza Hut offers up new Garlic Parmesan Pizzas as their latest limited-time menu item. If you love Dominos garlic parmesan bread bites as much as I do, you’ll know that there just isn’t enough to go around sometimes. Toppings: Whole Shrimp, Octopus, Mushroom, Pepper, Red Onion, Parsley, Parmesan, Feta Cream, Mozzarella, Horseradish Sauce, Deep Cheese Sauce Price: Medium — 31,000 won Large — 36,900 won. Accompany Cumberland sausage with smoked bacon, mushrooms, crispy onions and mozzarella, and whack a garlic and herb dip on the side to pull you from your bleary-eyed stupor. PRICE RANGE: $15 - $33
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