Our dog went for the puppy class and we went back for the GD class as well! Individual training sessions available, $75/hour. Came out with a great dog. Such as chords, tabs, etc. Since 2010. their successes. I had an excellent experience with GoodDoggy and the owner. The dogs took turns walking an obstacle course and following directions. Careers in Dog Training. I did not know what to do. him like her own pup and helped develop his mindset to being positive instead of apprehensive. New update as of Sept. 18, 2020. For more information, please send a text or email to Nadine at 905 429 9177 or nadine@gooddoggy.ca. Nadine has helped us with her wealth of knowledge. Welcome to Team Fido Dog Training! Goose loved her too! My family is still making comments about what a difference the training made!! Nadine was absolutely incredible in handling my Rottweiler and I. She’s was there every step of the way, and continues to be long after my dog has come home. $25 discount on your next class for those who refer customers that sign up with Paus-n-Train. We are looking at achieving a nice, balanced, happy, obedient dog we can take anywhere with us. We never imagined having a dog, off leash trained and behaved enough to take anywhere...even into stores. Good Doggy! Our pup was just that, still a pup and needed all the basics still. Be sure to ask us about more info if you are interested. With training and small shifts in daily life, every dog has the potential to be the joyful companion you want. Louis needed to be crate trained but having neighbors below, I, couldn't just let him bark it out. Do they listen to you? Nadine totally transformed our little Yorkie. supports the Doggonesafe Bite Prevention Program, and is a Licensed “Be A Tree” Presenter. Then you need Manorly Mutt, dog training in Peterborough, Ontario! You may have bought training books and spent a fortune on various recommended dog training equipment – all of it promised to fix the problem - but this may not always fix the issue as every dog is an individual. If you are looking for dog training school peterborough you've come to the right place. You and Your Dog Must Must Complete these 12 Steps to graduate with certificate: For more details, please:TEXT: 905 429 9177EMAIL: nadine@gooddoggy.caor find us on Facebook or Instagram. We have the best trained dog and get compliments all the time about how well behaved she is!! The last 2 sessions will be 1 hr each as reality field trip sessions to practice your new skills with your puppy in the public. My name is Cindy VanFrankfoort and I have been the owner/operator of Team Fido for the past 6 years. Send us a message! Our 9 month old lab has been home for almost 2 months now from board and train with good doggy and it was the best decision we’ve ever made. Classes/Schedule. I would highly reccomend Nadine and Good Doogy! introduced us to the E-Collar. The reward could be anything the dog values, treats, toys, praise. walks were a daily struggle. She provided me with a ton of resources and homework to help continue Goose's training in between lessons. I had completely forgotten life with a puppy. Mateo needed work on both aspects and he is now a pleasure to be around! Is your dog pulling and jumping on leash? First Class Dog training classes are reward based. She is very personable and you can tell she has a passion for what she does. Contact us directly for all dates, times, and to book. In these page, we also have variety of tutorial videos available. We mentioned that problems could come up, but Nadine assured us that she was “just a telephone call away“. Nadine provided us humans with a good amount of training to so we knew exactly what to do when Angus came home. I came to join, bringing treats, and she was hesitant but receptive. I was nervous at first because we had hired another dog trainer when our pup was a few months old and he came, took payment, moved her crate from one room to another and we never heard back. Give a bit of extra time on lesson 1 for introductory information.  Prior GD clients are also allowed to attend at no extra cost. She has been amazing with with my dog. With class sizes limited to 5 students per trainer, each participant can benefit from lots of one on one time with the trainer. Private Training I brought my puppy to her for basic obedience and it really stuck with her. Please note: If you are paying by cheque for Paus-n-Train classes, cheques are payable to "Gwen Little" not "Paus-n-Train". Nadine trained our 1 year old Cane Corso, Mateo. I brought my dog, Angus, to Good Doggy for training after he bit my son. We aim to serve Peterborough and surrounding areas, providing training for Pets, Show Dogs and Working Dogs at appropriate levels and standards to meet your needs as a Dog Owner including Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards in Puppy Foundation, Bronze, Silver and Gold. The location will be Omemee, Ontario. Dog Training in Peterborough. Here’s The Deal: "Turner & Pooch Dog Training provides an excellent training program that can be tailored for you and your dog.Ineke is a Peterborough trainer who helps dog owners cohesively live with their canine companions. The manor Leisure centre, Station Road, Whittlesey, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE7 1UA dog training peterborough uk 🙀Can my 8 week old puppy meet other dogs? **MANDATORY MASKS INSIDE THE TRAINING HALL** Team Fido Dog Training is based in Peterborough, Ontario. I would highly recommend Nadine to help with any issues you are having with your dog...♡. Nadine is so knowledgable and was extremely patient with me, my pups have come such a long way. Pet cot or dog bed (in the owners home) we provide the ones you will use here. She treated. Nadine sure knows dogs! Training our dogs can seem like just one more chore to get done. I had a very scared and anxious pup who thrives as an extravert after Nadine's training.He learned how to self calm, but also learned some wonderful new tricks including being completely off leash following any direction given. After the passing of my 13 year old chocolate lab, Hershey, I brought home a puppy black lab about 8 months later in the summer. 559 likes. After a little time, help and teaching from Nadine, we have reclaimed our “happy home“ and now have a happy doggy too. We focus on the serious business of making sure your dog is well behaved, well mannered and friendly, but we do it in a light-hearted way that makes it enjoyable for all. Thank you Nadine. Riley snarled and growled and lunged at us, dragging her crate with her force.What are we getting ourselves into, I feared to myself.We let the people delivering her bring her out of crate on a leash as we removed ourselves from the situation. Wait, what?? We also brought our other two year old dog to her that had severe reactivity issues and fearfulness and Nadine has helped us to overcome these, We are so happy and pleased with the arrival of our dog, Maverick, after a 3 week board and train with Nadine. We were downtown Bowmanville. We have had our dog since he was a little puppy, but due to a family emergency he did not get the proper socialization. As she gets older she is having some manner issues and Nadine has been amazing in helping us correct that. strangers, break out of the crate, pull on the leash, whine and cry uncontrollably... things were getting really out of hand. Best Dog Training in Peterborough You may have bought training books and spent a fortune on various recommended dog training equipment – all of it promised to … She is straightforward, knowledgeable, expert and easy to work with. She doesn't bark at the door either! I enrolled Goose in Nadine's basic puppy obedience course to get Goose and I started on the right path. He’s happy and playful and he still listens to us, even after several years! He was impossible to walk and wouldn’t listen to any commands. My daughter directed me to Good Doggy. We have years of practical experience (... and happy dog owners to show for it). Do you want to know how to crate train or housebreak a puppy? What a difference only 6 weeks has made! Reserve your spot now as spaces are limited! We are located in Omemee, Ontario, however we also service clients in Peterborough, Toronto and GTA, Bowmanville, Newcastle, Courtice, Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, Scarborough, Northumberland, the Kawarthas, Clarington and Durham Region. Nadine helped us to train our Brittany pup Chase from a tiny crazy little guy into a well mannered, behaved dog that is a joy. Training your dog can be an overwhelming and daunting task. Thank you for teaching us ALL to be better!! Ever since, we have been able to take Roxy to parks, for hikes and play dates knowing she would come when called. A Dog Trainer and Behavioural Consultant based in Tidworth, Wiltshire. However, we could not have company. Since 2014. Please do not call unless you have made an appointment. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!!! We received a booklet with instructions post-stay and the owner was available to us and still is for any training questions or needs. Reward Based Dog and Puppy Training in Stamford, Market Deeping & Peterborough. Thank you so much for all of your help, patience and guidance. Does your dog bark, reactive or pull on the leash? We are very thankful to Good Doggy and Nadine for fixing our dog/ training problems. We began training with her in December and since then, our dog has done a complete 360. While your dog visits us at PetsHotel or Doggie Day Camp, our Accredited Trainers can help your dog master good manners and basic cues during a private session. In order to keep our kids safe we need to be educated in dog behaviour, and know the warning signs. I adopted Andy he was already almost 3yrs old , lunging, biting ankles & no recall at all. Post training, Maverick is able to be in the same room as our cats, and walks are an enjoyable part of our day. Professional Dog Training in Peterborough and surrounding areas. Let us help you with any training problems or behaviour issues you are having with your dog or come and join us for our fun classes and build a strong relationship built on fun, trust and respect. If you love your dog and he’s not behaving, Nadine Is definitely the ONE! Located in the Peterbororough, Lakefield area we use the best training techniques personalized for your dog.
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