2. Utility or uses of diagrammatic presentation: 1. Statistical Maps: When statistical data refer to geographic or administrative areas, it is presented … The quantities can be easily read in terms of heights of the bars. Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers. Take a look at this slide with a pie chart: Though it’s a simple chart to … Data … Graphical methods for presenting data 2.1 Introduction We have lookedatways of collectingdataand thencollatingthem intotables. Also … These scales are nominal, ordinal and numerical. Quantitative data has been gathered from primary and secondary data sources have been analyzed in this section. EFFECTIVE DATA PRESENTATION TECHNIQUES Prof. Phil Murphy and Prof. Moyara Ruehsen . Quantitative " Numerical values representing counts or measures. " This works best for simple observations, such as: "When viewed by light microscopy, all of the cells appeared dead." Visual displays provide a multidimensional space to organize data and show connections between different pieces of relevant data … 3 Types of Data ! One cannot expect to get liner data from a pie chart, thus basic knowledge and application of different type of presentation methods saves time. Comparison can be made between values of a variable. First-party data will typically be the foundation of your dataset. Method by which the people organize, summarize and communicate information using … General merits 1. Visual Style. It wasn’t because of the data itself, but the way in which the data was presented. The underlying lesson can be applied to so many aspects of my job as a technologist. several distinctly different methods that can be used to collect data. 3. The Data. What it is: If you’re a firm believer slides simply exist to complement your talking points, … Mrs. Suja Santosh Professor RVS College of Nursing, Sulur, Coimbatore 2. Here are 7 top data collection methods and tools for Academic, Opinion or Product Research. Here, procedures and methods for working with both quantitative and qualitative data … As with most research design techniques, each method has advantages and limitations. ôg®çj–þ°U¢šY6©Ú}{¢ÑnÚ³ßvÓ>¨+ܟÏRµÛõѶ`ÕîÕµ`ÕnÔµLaìXóÊÒî҇Teeá-ú†U»?œ‹Y¶›óA-+ËvS±Š;óê7nË«m :xO¾-îÀ¬â†|´­XÕ £Ý~mî#XƒŽv>8»j7á7áV6•¾äaªÝ‡«pǃ'8. 3. P resenting data doesn’t need to be boring. When data … Specific procedures and methods of data analysis are discussed with clear ways of using and working with data in order to identify results. The decision is based on the scale of measurement of the data. Qualitative data. We can compare these values on a number line. This method … But, it is also true that this matter often enables one to emphasise certain points of the presentation… Diagrams are attractive. Generated in Pajek using national trade statistics data . how the different analytical procedures and methods can be powerful and effective tools for MSHS managers. Adding these other types of data … 2 pounds is … ... Color denotes different levels of coordinator roles. • You have multiple data sets with different units of measure A graph is best when: • The message is contained in the shape of the values • You want to reveal relationships among multiple values (similarities and differences) • Show general trends • You have large data sets • Graphs and tables serve different … ... that you need to disseminate and format of data presentation you will use for different … Qualitative … Data may be presented in (3 Methods): - Textual - Tabular or - Graphical. An important type of interdisciplinary work is the collaboration of specialists in different … CHAPTER 4 – DATA PRESENTATION AND ANALYSIS 4.1 General This chapter discusses the data analysis of the research. Mixed Use labels instead of legends. … 4. approaches may mean a number of things, i.e. a number of different types of methods in a study or at different points within a study or using a mixture of qualitative and quantitative methods.
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