A brief gentle descent lures you into a false sense of simplicity for the first 1/2 mile. The Cory Pass - Edith Pass hike begins at the parking area for the Edith Pass trail-head, just off the TransCanada Highway, in Banff National Park, 5+ km (3+ miles) west of the Town of Banff near the beginning of the Bow Valley Highway (Hwy 1A). Recomend doing it clock wise. very hard on the knees going down. Cory Pass Hike . Note: As of September 9, 2020 users have reported that the parking lot at the trail head is CLOSED and there are limited parking at the entrance. Length:13 km loop Elevation gain: 915 m Hiking time: 6 hour round trip Trailhead: Fireside Day-use Are. The pictures of Gargoyle valley don’t do it justice, Ok so after reading many reviews on this hike I did find them all fairly accurate but I felt I should point. We did not have such and got off track; luckily connected with others who had such access and made a world of different. However, there are very steep drop offs on both sides of the down climb. climbing Cory Pass. i would not suggest it. Cory Pass is a 13.0 kilometer heavily trafficked loop trail located near Banff, Alberta, Canada that offers the chance to see wildlife and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. Definitely a hike that requires proper footwear, even more so if you go counter clockwise (not recommended). Beatuiful and amazing Rock Formations but very Strenuous and Challenging hike but nice Views. But for those with lots of time to do full loop do it Clockwise up cory and through edith. Distance: 13 km return. Edith. You will climb for the next 4.5 km and eventually reach Gargoyle Valley. Just wow. The shade of the forest is a relief after the the haul up to Cory Pass. Fall is here. The trail starts of so pleasant and then turns mean, with a long unrelenting steep climb. Although I enjoyed the hike I wouldn’t say the views are spectacular for the amount of effort required. Limit of 12 participants. Plan Accordingly and look up weather forecast Not Recommended in rainy weather for this or be very careful on rocks. The rest of the way down is nice and clearly marked. This event is for A level hikers. rocks. The views start within half an hour as you ascend a wildflower slope after a short jaunt though aspens … Karst Spring Hiking Trail. Spectacular views include the pinnacles of Gargoyle Valley, the towering face of Mt Louis and the vista of Forty Mile Valley. Please choose a different date. There are several points to stop to catch your breath and take photos on the way up. Hiking Poles | … The initial climb up Cory Pass is long and steep after which the pitch flattens some although still a ways to the summit. Loop can be hiked in either direction; most guidebooks and personal opinions favor the clock-wise direction and this is how the trip is presented on this site too. The hike begins at Sunshine Village and passes beautiful lakes and the magnificent Quartz Ridge. Then back in forest back to parking lot. Definitely do it counter clockwise as advised, the hike back through the forest is such a pleasant way to end off. Most people do the loop in a clockwise direction. I'm happy on the decent it was a little easier after cory and edith pass in the Clockwise Direction. very technical and difficult hike as everyone else has said, but fantastic views and good experience. We are 68 and able to finish the loop although a bit slower than most. Unfortunately we had a smokey day but the views were still amazing, can only imagine how good they could be. The Edith Pass and Cory Pass hike in Banff National Park is best suited to advanced hikers. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. Start / Finish – Mount Shark trailhead. It is quite a challenging hike of about 13 Km in a loop that takes us up to Cory Pass, through an area called Gargoyle Valley and returning by way of Edith Pass. you have lost the views. Out a few details. Dress for the changing weather and wear comfortable sturdy shoes. Amazing hike. Completed August long weekend, 2014. See this Tour and others like it, or plan your own with komoot! Once you reach the top of Cory Pass and Gargoyle Valley, simply follow the trail down and around the backside of Edith Mountain and enjoy the stunning views of Mount Louis; a limestone behemoth. We did this as an in and out on the west side. It’s an amazing hike with many challenges I wouldn’t recommend to beginner hikers or children it’s defiantly got a few challenges more for moderate to experienced hikers in good shape. Cory Pass, Banff. The last part to the top is quite pleasant again. WHAT TO PACK FOR CORY & EDITH PASS HIKE Bear Spray | Remember that you are in a bear country. From the Fireside Picnic area follow the trail 1 km to the Cory pass junction. An excellent hike worthy of the effort required on a very difficult trail. For those who want a shorter hick I recommend Edith pass and go back the same way you came. It’s a hike that starts just a few kilometres west of Banff at the Fireside Picnic Area and is one of the popular ‘classic’ hikes … This hike is definitely one of the more technically challenging in Banff. I give four stars instead of five because there is no lake at the top! Of course the view was stunning. Then you continue to a large shale side hill section which is very exposed but a good size trail only 2-3 sketchy sections that aren’t too bad. The next 2.0 km are the highlight of the hike, as you get incredible views of the mountains flanking Gargoyle Valley, including Mount Cory, Mount Fifi, Mount Louis and Mount Edith. Keep in mind while bear sightings are quite rare in Banff, it is definitely bear country so do your research on how you prepare yourself. Strenuous hike to see a great view - clockwise loop recommended. Cory Pass Mt Edith Circuit – A level hike. Hiking along Edith Pass Trail. Who: Ed, Jace, Dave, Geoff, Lynn, Chris, Finn, Winnie, An . If you choose to stop here, make sure it is safe from rock fall. But I recommend just Edith for a better decent then cory pass at the fork. There were still snow patches in many places. Then you head up to the forest area which is a very long trek out that eventually connects u back to the Corey pass stating point and then to the parking lot overall a super amazing hike and the gargoyle valley was spectacular I felt like I was in another planet just breath taking. On Saturday, I recruited Robin and Jess and we were off to Banff to hike the Cory and Edith Pass trails (aka the Cory Pass Loop). There are a view very short patches where the trail has partly collapsed down the slope, need to pay attention there. you add an extra km each way but can just park at the 1A exit and walk to the trail head. There are also long stretches where 2 way traffic is not feasible. I did this hike with a group as a loop in the counter-clockwise direction. Plus, this way you get the tough part over with while you're on fresh legs. Very steep drop off of the trail during this part which is why I wouldn’t bring anyone with runners on the trail. This is a great pick for wildlife fans visiting Banff. The initial climb up Cory Pass is long and steep after which the pitch flattens some although still a ways to the summit. Most hikers begin by going up the Cory Pass Trail and then back down on the Edith Pass Trail. The Classic: Plain of Six GlaciersThere’s no way around the Plain of Six Glaciers hike. Edith Circuit. Get more out of the trip than if you were exploring alone by having informative commentary about local wildlife and preservation schemes from a guide. Along with the suggestion to have access to a trail app I would also advise not doing in inclement weather as trail would be very slippery. Then u hit the pass after that you start your decent down a shake scramble to a large boulder section just use common sense and you’ll be fine. Time – 4 … Mounts Edith and Louis are spectacular and the hike is very open before and after Cory Pass with great views. The hike to Cory Pass requires some serious leg power, but the … if you arrive around 9am there should be ample parking at bottom of the road and it's a 1km trek up the paved road. We took the hiking loop clockwise, so to glide down the rock scrambles from Cory pass. This is also a popular spot for sighting wildlife. My Dad and I did this Very Challenging and Strenuous hike We hicked It in the Clockwise Direction as it was Steep going to Cory Pass and going down a Rock wall Before Cory Pass. The trail is poorly marked so strongly advise access to online trail app to help stay on track. The view from the top of the pass was just mesmerizing with both Mt Cory and Edith on both sides. Make sure to take lots of water, particularly on a warm and sunny day. Trail is not well marked through the pass- stay right of the boulders. The trail comes to a point where it splits into the Cory pass and the Edith pass. when you're on scree later, it's very obvious where the trail is. Great hike and definitely worth the view. Please be aware that your experience in Banff National Park will differ from previous years. The first bit you are going straight up no mercy it’s long then you hit the spin which requires some rock wall climbing. Coming to Cory Pass (5.9 km, 2350 m), you will see a totally different landscape, known as Gargoyle Valley. Avalanche chutes are also plentiful. May be a little hard to see Edith when you hike there but ok. You will be mostly in Forest For edith till you get there. Rated as a long and strenuous hike with steep climbs and descents, scree and challenging scrambles. A summit/pass hike like this can be hot going for the dogs. great hike, very hard. Please watch the steps as you descend from the pass and enjoy the lovely and beautiful view. Great day hike over Cory pass on two challenging paths with more than 900 meters in altitude. Cory. Very slippery when wet. Once we got up to Cory Pass was Cool Gargoyle. Parking lot at the trail head is closed, limited parking at the entrance. The way down gives a good view of Mt. Cory Pass Edith Pass Loop - Banff. Virtual hike filmed in first person of Cory Pass in Banff National Park. absolutely breath taking. This was such a super fun day. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. Took us a full 5 to 6 hours to do the loop. The road is closed but adds less than 2 km round trip and there is an easily crossed stream at the start. The first bit you are going straight up no mercy it’s long then you hit the spin which requires some rock wall climbing. we got off the path at some point on the way up Cory, you don't need to traverse scree on the first two km up the pass. stay on track. The total elevation was 1100 meters total loop took 7 hours to complete and 17.8 km would of been 15.8 km but the fireside parking lots closed so it added 2 km to the total hike to car. Well demarcated for most part. Crossing the stream was one of the easiest things we did that day. Detailed maps and GPS navigation for the hike: "Cory Pass – Schöner Picknickplatz Loop from Cory Pass Trail Parking" 04:56 h 13.0 km. The first portion of the hike is a serious ascent and arguably the most taxing part of the hike physically. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from May until September. 915m elevation gain to Cory Pass, approx 1,000m elevation gain for the 13km loop. Difficulty Level: Difficult – the terrain is rugged and the … The descent on shale was a little tough but after cory pass my dad and I had to climb up again to edith pass and after again through a forest but after that finally a decent down but loop was worth it but tiring at the end but would have been a more knee banger decending the Cory pass way it was easier but challenging going up cory pass. Sulphur Moutain via Cosmic Ray Road - Out and Back. Definitely challenging, but anything named Gargoyle Valley is definitely worth it. Parking at the trailhead is closed. Definitely for the experienced hiker, not for the faint at heart nor anyone with a fear of heights. This hike offers excellent views of the Banff townsite and beautiful Mount Louis, a favorite of the local climbing community. Get more out of your vacation by going on an evening safari in Banff National Park. Cory Pass – Schöner Picknickplatz Loop from Cory Pass Trail Parking is an expert Hiking Tour. The Cory Pass Trail includes an elevation gain of 915 metres (2925 feet) and the Edith Pass Trail includes an elevation gain of 520 metres (1690 feet). It is one of the few loop hikes in the region and for strong hikers, it is a must do. so thankful that we had downloaded the map! Some might call it “punishing.” An 885-m (2903-ft) ascent in just 4.5 km (2.8 mi) places shocking demands on lethargic muscles. if you want a easier trek up to Cory pass you can take Edith pass trail which connects you back to Cory pass. Citadel Pass Hike: The hike up to Citadel Pass is a bucket list adventure, and one of our favorite challenging hikes in Banff. You hear the noise from the highway for a long time at the beginning and the end. We recommend doing it as suggested- clockwise. Cory Pass – Mt. Not for the faint of heart. The directions on the trail aren’t very accurate and can actually be a little conflicting so try using a map or all trails. Overall the trail is well maintained and steep but does level before you reach the pass. Reason - the views on the Cory Pass Trail. I saw one hiker in 5 hours. The hardes scrambling was about halfway up. At the end, they loved a dip in the stream at the bottom of the trail. We did not have such and got off track; luckily connected with others who had such access and made a world of different. Hiking Boots for Him & for Her | For your comfort, wear broke in waterproof hiking boots with sturdy soles. It was fun but my dad and I may not do this again or I might just do it just to Edith pass and back and not full loop. But you will be in lots of forest before edith pass but would be easier going down that and dont do the shale to cory pass after edith pass. Just over 15km, 1000m of elevation gain, and about 6 hours to do, with breaks. It was Very Steep going up but views were worth it. Edith pass is a beautifully meandering decent (no view). You will then climb most of the 915 m over 4.5 km, eventually climbing well above the tree line. At times the path gets VERY narrow with steep drops. The views on the back side are worth the sweat. There is minimal scrambling. There is a long hike along ridge line with superb views and several rock scrambles including a steep downward section. Bridge is drawn, so you need to cross the river but it's not bad. The trail is well marked for the most part. I did on September 11th from 9:30 to 4:30. different views from where you are and clockwise is the best to try. Counterclockwise would provide a very precarious decent. Once you get past that though, it flattens out for a while. Edith, while Edith Pass Trail is climber access to Mt. Great views all the way up. I gave this hick a 5 for amazing Senery and the views and Unique rock Formations. About 1/2 way there is a seasonal runoff that may be flowing where you can fill a water bottle (filter it, of course).
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