Is security appropriate for evening conditions? Check all contiguous paving for ponding, potholes. What Are Commercial Building Inspections? Are the exits onto public streets free from visibility obstructions? Offered suggestions for and building inspection checklist is building inspection service and warranties. For the continued safety of all our employees and staff, we are still asking to keep the number of those attending the inspection to a bare minimum, if any at all. Are there any frayed wires in the building? We continue to strive for highest regards to transparency and reliability, ensuring our customers will continue to count on us. Check all metallic thresholds for rust or wear. Page 2 of 5 Element (continued) Yes No N/A Comments/Hazards Y = Up to standard (adequate), N = Below standard (action required), N/A = Not Applicable 3. Check the premises at might at least once quarterly. Is the postal address and building identification clear? We offer more than just commercial building inspection services. Then, we will provide practical feedback and recommendations on how to make the space even better. From checklist items to the addition of notes and photos, everything can be done at the swipe of a screen using the inspector’s regular smartphone. Remember that further investigation is always warranted when unfamiliar or unexplainable circumstances raise an element of concern. When booking the final inspection for the first building in each phase of a townhouse project, as well as at the end of the project, a group inspection … Check security system and all exposed devices. Do all outlets located within two metres of sinks and exterior doors include Ground -Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs)? Check engineer’s office for certificates, reports, notices, work standards and schedules. So the security of any income stream that depends on tenants must be carefully evaluated too. 78°). Inspect glass, caulking, weatherstripping. Is the mansard wall exposed masonry sealed? Check for proper temperature of return air (approx. Whatever the format of the checklist, provide space for the inspectors' signatures and the date. We have additional commercial building inspection services that you may want to consider before you make such a large purchase. Are baths clean, well lighted and all fixtures operating properly? At The BrickerKicker, we’re able to offer proper and thorough basic commercial building inspection services for you. During our three-day Commercial Building Inspection Course you will learn all you need to know to get your Commercial Inspection Division up and running. Are test tags in place on valves and fire extinguishers? We have expanded our availability and will assist with pricing concerns as they arise in order to keep services going. Using a general checklist can help you prepare for the inspection. Each inspector will be disinfecting all tools, self and vehicles after each inspection and may even wear gloves and masks on sight. When you choose basic commercial building inspection services you’re going the extra mile to ensure the desired building … Is the HVAC equipment discharging condensate? property inspection form template property inspection report template building inspection report sample rental property checklist template mercial property maintenance checklist template mercial property inspection report template new create a inspection tag template … Is there evidence of remodeling; trash and debris? Preparation is Important to Passing Your Fire Inspection . First and foremost, we will continue to be laser focused on monitoring all WHO, CDC & DOC broadcasts to a) guarantee The BrickKicker is contributing to keeping our community safe & healthy and b) to take advantage of additional resources available to offer comfort to our employees and clients alike. We wish to remind our clients that we have a full service team supporting all your needs and it is the strength of our team that will allow us to continue to maintain our high service levels in the months ahead. Is the elevator penthouse properly heated and cooled? COMMERCIAL INSPECTION CHECKLIST & GUIDE . The outbreak of COVID-19 has impacted businesses and markets all across the globe. It visible evidence and verification with the grocery store manager suggests that the building was constructed in 1996. Is there any evidence of ultraviolet damage to roof materials? Our team at The BrickKicker will remain committed to delivering full operational support throughout the weeks and months ahead. Are there drafts of dust in elevator shaft? Are valves and pipes marked and/or tagged, and direction of flow labeled? Stuart Professional Park Suite 4204 It was determined that the building has an approximately area of 35,000 square feet. Are exterior lights in working order? The BrickerKicker team is ready to help you choose the perfect building for your business. Check condition of mail drop, ash trays, vending areas, phones, elevator areas. Subsequent inspections will reveal what action, if any, has been taken to implement necessary modifications. Are road grates in place for drainage where necessary? Do sanitary discharge pipes and traps need insulation? Should project clean, polished, uncluttered environment. Check security guard area, delivery entrance and areas for storage. Building Inspections’ office open Monday is Friday, - 8am-5pm, excluding City-approved holidays. Once you complete the commercial building inspection checklist, you can then make an informed decision on your purchase. In fact, The BrickKicker isn’t stopping here to service our customers during this difficult time. Do directional signs and warning signs serve their purpose? Fill out, securely sign, print or email your Commercial Property Inspection Checklist - John Dixon & Associates instantly with SignNow. Building Self-Inspection Checklist. This Fire Inspection Checklist is geared for use assessing buildings of all different kinds. Check condition of stairs, railings and handrails. Check tenant storage areas for fire hazards or chemical hazards. Check emergency lighting for battery test. Water cooled bearings should drip a little. Does the building skin need cleaning or caulking? Commercial Building Inspection Checklist. Check vents and drains and look for “ponding”. It comes from field experience of commercial building inspection and commercial building inspection training. A facility maintenance checklist, also called a preventative maintenance checklist, is an invaluable security tool to keep a building safe by periodical planning, checkups, and maintenance activities. We have created this simple tool to help you ensure that your business is properly insured. Please visit the lobby or contact a Representative at (972) 2925301 or email -bicsr if you have questions. Are all building sides accessible to emergency equipment? Check cleaning supply room for clutter and hazardous materials. Commercial building inspections are designed to assess the current condition of a commercial property. Check for sprinkler system leaks and check drip leg for condensation. Check for oil rags, trash, dirt in elevator room. Check lighting and covers over mechanical vents. Is access restricted to authorized personnel only? Commercial property inspections can be hard work, but they are an essential part of managing commercial properties and ensuring that your properties are in good and safe condition. Are special features such as fountains, maintained and safe for children? At The BrickKicker, our reputation has continued to stand tall during these times of uncertainty just as it has over the last 30 years. Is there any evidence of damage from vehicles too high? Are janitor, electrical and telephone closets clean and free of subcontractor debris? Are there leaks in air changers or pump assemblies? Check all coverplates, grates, mechanical assemblies. Daily Vehicle Inspection Checklist. What is the condition of walkways, curbs, concrete slabs, spillways, gutters? Our associates are specialists who have a combined 300+ years of insurance experience. © 2017 BrickKicker®. They are detailed as to specific condition of items sampled. The best checklist for your workplace is one that has been developed for your specific needs. Learn more commercial building inspection services down below, we also offer residential and environmental inspections as well. Examine planter boxes and inspect for tree hazards. Lack of adequate heat may necessitate heat tape on exposed pipes. Fort Collins, Colorado 80525-1193. Site by, – Site Review (Paving, Landscaping, Utilities), – Structural Frame (Building Exterior & Envelope), – HVAC Systems (Heating, Cooling, Ventilation Systems), – Probable Cost & Recommendations (if requested), – Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Assessments, – Engineering Specialist or Certification. Are lights, antennae and ductwork all properly fastened and connected? Commercial Building Safety Checklist May 2018 General Inspection Checklist Page | 1 of 1 . Pre-requisites. Here are additional commercial building inspection services: Now that you’ve read our commercial building inspection checklist, you can now go into your next inspection with a peace of mind! Do airplane warning lights clearly identify building height? Look for concrete spawling and exposed reinforcing bars. Does the elevator penthouse have a telephone? A commercial building inspection checklist helps you figure out what you need to look for on the exterior and interior of a building you may want to purchase. Oh, and no need need to be a worry of missing valuable information or stress over deadlines, our team is great about getting the reports out within 24 hours or often the same day. In addition, our staff is fully available as if we never shut down, via phone or website to answer any questions that come up once reviewing the inspection report. During our basic commercial building inspection services, we conduct a visual test of the physical property, accessible areas, and operating systems. 125°). Are lighting controls, sensors, smoke detectors and sprinkler heads properly maintained? You can help. Available for PC, iOS and Android. Is the facade/mansard connection sealed and secure? Copyright 2012 - 2020 National Inspection Services | All Rights Reserved. The following itemization is by no means intended to be exhaustive, however, a clean bill of health would be hard to come by without satisfactory examination of the majority of these components. National Headquarters 849 N Ellsworth St.Naperville, IL 60563(800) Check storage rooms and kitchen areas for unsafe/ unsanitary conditions. Inspect for tripping/slipping/failing hazards. Are fluorescent light bulbs uniform (all cool white or all warm white) and are lenses intact? Examine physical integrity of concrete and building elements. A huge, largely untouched commercial inspection market exists which is completely separate from the residential inspection market! How do ceiling tracks, wall surfaces, accessories, HVAC grills look in terms of cleanliness? Is the elevator certificate current and on display? Are trash removal and cleaning services adequate for demands on building? Check to see that all landscaping is trimmed and plaza cleaned. Please use our checklist as a guide to review your insurance. Payment histories and tenant credit files should be examined to determine how much risk is involved. Are window washing outriggers and supports tight? During your commercial building inspection, you can expect to learn all about the interior and exterior condition of a building. Allison Insurance Group- Commercial Insurance Coverage Checklist Allison Insurance Group has been serving West Tennessee for our 45 years. Are disconnect controls easily locatable? 1136 E Stuart Street systems in commercial and multi-occupancy residential build-ings. Below is our comprehensive commercial building inspection checklist: When we complete our inspection, we will inform you of any areas of concern. Check fire extinguishers for current inspection tags. Is the elevator properly levelled at each floor? What’s condition of walls, cove base and wax build-up? Is there any damage to expansion joint material from snow removal equipment? Check for adequate wiring and ventilation for large computers or copiers. Is there vandalism, litter or graffiti which need attention? All Rights Reserved. There is a lot of work that goes into a commercial building inspection. Check for presence of unauthorized materials and handbills cluttering area. Our inspectors are equipped with SentriLock access (with proper agent approval) and take plenty of photos during the inspection to produce a very detailed report. All deficiencies should be jotted down in a notebook which reflects the time and date of inspection. Preparing for the annual inspection is key to developing a good working relationship with the fire inspector and gaining positive results. You may want to print a copy and use this form to discuss your needs with your insurance advisor Liability (click the specific coverage line for a brief definition of coverage) Property Coverage (click the specific coverage line for… Insurance. Commercial Property Building Inspection Checklist Is equipment that requires higher voltage plugged into the proper outlets? Despite taking all precautions, we strongly recommend our clients to contact us in regards to changing inspection dates in the short term, and to provide us with any questions they have up front so that we can ensure all gets answered by the time the report is delivered. Is the parking area secured to prevent vandalism and crime? Our goal is to improve FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY for our customers; the business community and the citizens of Phoenix . Mold: what property owners need to know to keep building safe. Paper inspection sheets can be cumbersome on job sites — a building inspection checklist app eliminates the hassle of paper processes and enables the instant sharing of building inspection records. Annual Building Inspection Checklist Facility Exterior YES NO N/A Is the building address or identification clearly visible? Here are the essential elements of a commercial building and the key items to inspect when evaluating the physical condition of any substantial structure. Check operation of sprinkler system equipment. Is there excess accumulation of leaked oil and gas? Start a free trial now to save yourself time and money! A Commercial INSPECTION would normally entail an actual inspection of the whole building on its interior and its exterior, from the roof to the foundation. It covers: Certified fire extinguishers; Checking escape routes and exits; Assessing the electrical systems Contact us to request an inspection when you’re ready! Finally, please do not hesitate to contact me via email or call with any requests or questions you may have. To make things as efficient and safe as possible, our inspection agreement and payment can be made electronically, via the confirmation email that went out upon booking. The inspection is often an educational session, we must not lose sight of this. Check for presence of fire extinguishers. Building owners with commercial tenants are vulnerable to sudden economic downturns; a fully occupied building with a major tenant can become an under-occupied building if that tenant goes under. A Group Inspection will be required for new commercial buildings (including apartments), some tenant improvements, and townhouse projects. Is the roof access hatch operating properly? Are directions, manager’s office sign and other signage and arrows in place? The most secure digital platform to get legally binding, electronically signed documents in just a few seconds. Check firepump room — look at labels, pressure hold, rust and leaks. This article is an all-in-one commercial building inspection checklist that can act as your guide once it comes time for the building to be inspected. Neither warranties nor insurance policies … The office is located at 6101 Frisco Square Blvd., 3rd Floor, Frisco, Texas 74034. Our instructors are professional engineers, with over 30 years of commercial building inspection experience. Many insurance carriers give businesses premium reductions for properly installed and maintained fire-protection systems. All problem areas found during the inspection should be professionally evaluated and estimated by appropriate tradespeople on a timely basis. Fire Sy stem Isolations and Faults 3.1 Are the fire indicator panel (FIP) and/or EWIS panels free of isola tions and faults? We will inspect the entire building with our Property Condition Assessment. Check operation of HVAC and electrical systems at night. Is there any evidence of building movement in any support members. Commercial real estate inspections, property condition assessments, and environmental site assessments. This commercial property inspection checklist template makes your inspections quicker, easier and more organised. Are there any bare spots in roof aggregate covering? It can serve as a fire inspection checklist for large residential or commercial buildings as well as service smaller homes or establishments. Does the building appear to be in good repair? Check for cleanliness, adequate lighting and safety. However, it is possible that many of the ongoing inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM) activities required by locally enforced codes and standards may not have been completed for a variety of reasons. The National Association of Commercial Building Inspectors & Thermographers™ is the premier trade association providing opportunities in training and resources for Building Inspection & Thermal Imaging Professionals across North America. Check for proper implementation of insect and pest control. 42°). A daily vehicle inspection checklist template can be used by an … If you’re new to real estate, you may not know what to look for when it comes to building inspections. Check adequacy of housekeeping efforts and trash removal. Check return air grills to be sure no objects would obstruct pressurization. Is elevator penthouse roof in good condition? Check condition of tenant finish items — walls, floors, ceilings. This will help ensure we minimize the spread of this disease as much as possible. property inspection form template from commercial property inspection checklist template , Be certain that unsafe extension cords, space heaters or unsafe appliances are not in use. Check for even lighting — possibly recommend filters or reducers. Just Google “commercial building inspections,” and what you’ll find is a small number of inspection companies across North America who perform commercial inspections in addition to residential inspection. Are sparks being discharged from chimneys? Checklist for Inspecting and Maintaining a Commercial Property, All commercial real estate needs a Phase I environmental audit. Environmental pollution: Could your business be liable? Is building properly illuminated to prevent accidents? When you choose basic commercial building inspection services you’re going the extra mile to ensure the desired building is in perfect condition! Check for proper temperature of chilled air (approx. Check carpet condition for unsafe hazards. Are the doors uniformly operating and clearly labeled? Are bumper guards and parking blocks needed? All of our inspections are done swiftly yet thoroughly to be considerate of your time. Format that the equipment such as little pixelated and sent to make sure all field inspections help owners and trees. Are there any vehicular or pedestrian hazards? Are glass hazards marked and sharp or dangerous protrusions removed? With that, it is important for us to share how we are managing our business during these uncertain times. Be sure condensate discharge pumps are operating properly. Property Inspection Checklist. The information you receive can help you make and informed decision with regards to any potential commercial transaction. Building Description This is a single story retail shopping strip center. Check for proper temperature of heated air (approx. A commercial building inspection checklist helps you figure out what you need to look for on the exterior and interior of a building you may want to purchase. NACBI is unique and can play an important role in assisting members to achieve their goals and strengthen their business and individual growth. The examples outlined below do not list all the possible items for office inspections. An expert commercial building inspector does not obtain a working knowledge of every system in a commercial property by attending a few days commercial building inspection course, or reading a few commercial building inspection books. BUSINESS HOURS . Are trash receptacles protected to prevent unauthorized use?
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