Description: crawdad trying to climb to get some bloodworms. Some hobbyists, however, might think the loach can be a hassle to live with for the discus. WHAT ARE GLOFISH AND HOW DO YOU CARE FOR THEM? Postage and packaging. very healthy and lively it is around 5-6 inches in length and has shed it's shell twice since I've had it. Fish Orders; The standard cost is £14.95 for any orders under £100. 0 1. Image: Courtesy of the Akron Zoo . It can become a beautiful addition to any aquarium. When it comes to keeping discus fish beginners would often inquire about the acceptable or doable number of discus that they can keep in an aquarium together. JackB. They are territorial towards their own kind, and a larger aquarium will be needed if housing more than one. Aquarium crayfish like Hammers Cobalt Blue Lobster and Tangerine Lobster are also not good tank mates because they can capture and eat a slow Ramshorn Snail. Ista. Everything in fine, no attempt by the lobster/cray to eat any fish. Barbs and danios make excellent tank mates for crayfish in my experience. A nano tank is more than just a small fish tank -- it is a compact, self-contained ecosystem. I have a larger tank that it can't share with my piranhas. Therefore, you can introduce into the tank any food remains, pellets, fish flakes, and live plants. if you add any fish in a tank with a blue crayfish (which is what this is, not a lobster) - when your cray molts it will be eaten. A perfect tank mate for discus fish is the clown loach. In fact, they are the only crayfish species native to the state of Florida. This image is still accumulating votes. So I upon visiting my LFS today I spotted a bright blue lobster, in a tank with several other peaceful, small fish including corys and neon tetra. Other then their unique coloration, they are highly similar to other crayfish and lobsters. The Cobalt Blue Lobster is a stunning addition to an aquarium. • Minimum Tank Size: 12 gallons • Water Conditions: 68-85° F, KH 3-10, pH 6.5-8.0 ... Cobalt Blue Lobsters also tolerate a wide range of aquarium conditions including pH, GH, temperature and water quality and should do well in any reasonable aquarium setup. However I was thinking of adding a Hammers cobalt blue lobster to my tank mates. Tangerine Lobster: A Tangerine Lobster is known for its bright reddish-orange shell and dark eyes. 6 years ago. Sponsored Links . Would Rainbow fish be an okay fit with a lobster bottom feeder? Lobsters will chase and catch small fish where they can. Balogh and a colleague loaded up a giant cooler with cold saltwater and made the 15-minute drive over to help relocate the Red Lobster’s blue lobster – … Does that mean that no one can succesfully keep a crayfish in a community? Pellet-type foods are high in protein and contain all the nutrients crayfish need to grow and develop healthy shells. Feeding & Nutrition. The Hammer's should only reach 5" in length and should be fine in a 20 + gal tank with mid size fish, brackish water and plenty of filtration. Hammers Cobalt Blue Lobster: Known for their rich blue colors, Hammers Cobalt Blue Lobsters are eye-catching and captivating. Again having a big tank is the most important factor for territories and it's not good to have it overcrowded, that is just for Africans. Like its name suggests, the Blue lobster is blue in color and shades of blue vary from bright electric blue to a duller bluish white. Any thoughts, feelings or suggestions? Blue lobster's eating whatever sink in the bottom of the tank, since flakes usually float your blue lobster won't get anything and will start to hunt the smaller fish. Thanked 744 Times in 679 Posts Welcomes: 3,078. reply #4. Aquaholic. i keep the tank between 76-78 degrees. cobalt blue lobster tank mates crayfish tank setup how to set up freshwater lobster tank lobster fish setup tank click to enter! If I started a second tank and put a blue "lobster" in it, what tankmates could safely live with it? 6 years ago. They need a bigger tank than you'd think. Jweyer24 is offline Quote Quick Reply. trending. post #2 of 7 Old 06-17-2011, 06:44 PM. its a HAMMERS COBALT BLUE LOBSTER. 2,858 Posts #2 • Jun 17, 2011. The seller hasn't specified a postage method to United States. Their blue claws and long blue antennae really add accent color to an aquarium, especially against black gravel. Provide at least 20 gallons per lobster and include plenty of rocks and plants for cover. Clean water and proper pH are important in maintaining an mbuna tank. What size is you tank? Advertisement . Posts: 2,858 Thanks: 479. Yes Rainbows will do well. It is unusual in the fact that its colour will get better with age (although when it first arrives it may seem quite dull due to shipping). for more info. They are considerably small in size and tend to swim in groups. You might even be witnessing your crayfish trying to make their efforts to mess with their tank mates a bit more creative. Sprinkle the pellets around all of your pet’s favorite hiding spots to make it easy for it to get to them. This kind of behaviour may spook the more peace-long discus fish. I have a Hammer's blue cobalt crayfish (the more aggressive one with the bigger pinchers) and I keep him in a tank with African Cichlids (all medium sized, about 4" now and won't grow over 5") and other aggressive fish with no problem. I have a Hammer's Cobalt Blue Lobster in a 20Gal with 12 little danios for about a month. Sinking shrimp pellets or lobster bites should make up the majority of your crayfish’s diet. That is not the case with mates of Electric Blue … snail . Although some recommend using underground filters, external filters and bio-wheels simultaneously to maintain quality, my experience is that underground filters are not suitable for mbunas. Also known as oto cats, otocinclus catfish are some of the smallest aquarium fish out there and also some of the best algae eaters. Hammers Cobalt Blue Lobster (procambarus Sp.) Tank setup and care tips. Ideal water conditions are a temperature of 18- 25 . Photos. Cobalt Blue Lobsters prefer a temperature between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit, but they are hardy and the temperature can vary to other freshwater fish needs without trouble. Tank Size: 75 gallons. Provide a freshwater aquarium of at least 20 gallons with plenty of rocks, and a substrate with a moderate grain size or finer, for the Hammers Cobalt Blue Lobsters to burrow. The Hammers Blue Cobalt 'Lobster' is actually a species of crayfish (Procamberus alleni). Go buy algae wafer for the blue lobster, and make sure that the blue lobster well-fed to avoid he's craving for the fishes (FYI: BL are pigs, they love to eat, eat and eat) Source(s): I had one before. A rare blue American lobster in the tank of a Red Lobster restaurant in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, last week. They are territorial to their own kind and so a large aquarium is required to keep multiple specimens. i just dont know. Even among long-time discus hobbyists, this dilemma has been plaguing the minds as to how much you can pack in a single tank.Searching online, one can stumble upon a lot of responses. Some such as the cobalt blue lobster are scavengers and can feed on just about anything found at the bottom of the tank. They are generally referred to as blue lobster. What are the ideal water conditions? How many can I keep? It really isn't good for a community tank and will, given enough time, eventually attack its tankmates (including the crab). A 55 is a good size tank to keep them all together. The Blue Lobster that is found in aquarium hobby is actually not a true lobster, but rather a blue color crayfish. A healthy pH for these crayfish is around a 6.5 or neutral 7. How to properly feed Cobalt Blue Lobster and provide a healthy diet. I don't want them to eat the lobster or vice-versa. Maintaining other creatures with aggressive invertebrates is typically a big no-no. The Hammers Cobalt Blue Lobster is one of the most striking ornamental crayfish you’ll ever see. SPOTLIGHT ON THE OTOCINCLUS CATFISH. Join Date: Aug 2010. The Blue Lobster originates from New Guinea. Possibly some snails. Fish Popular Name: Hammers Cobalt Blue Lobster. Alternative names for this crayfish include the Blue Crayfish, Everglade Crayfish, and Florida Crayfish. The Electric Blue Crayfish hails from Florida, specifically areas east of St. Johns River, various locations south of Levy and Marion Counties, and even some of the Florida Keys. Contact the seller- opens in a new window or tab and request post to your location. Water parameters fine, but it seems the little gal keeps trying to climb the plants to get to the top. White Crayfish: if you have black gravel on the bottom of the tank, the White Crayfish will be a joy to watch while scavenging through it. Category: Corals & Inverts. Blue lobsters are a color form of a crayfish. as well as Blue Knight Lobsters (Cherax sp.). I w I w Cobalt Blue Lobster/Crayfish - Freshwater & Saltwater Aquarium Forum reply #3. Hammers cobalt blue lobster: like the name suggests, this Crayfish has a stunning blue coloration on its claws and antennas. also, crays need to kept in non-heated tanks as 70-72 degrees is max for them. Here I am selling my blue cobalt lobster/crayfish cause he is outgrow ing his tank. If you have any question on what species can go with another species just email me. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Most stores in the us import Hammer's cobalt blue crays (Procambarus sp.) Remove Advertisements. OrionGirl No freelancing! Description: crawdad resting. maybe mine is fully mature. Keep on its own as they are territorial or if keeping more than one make sure it is a large aquarium. Blue crayfish Tank mates. My tank cycling is coming along nicely and I am starting to see my ammonia decrease from 0.25 to zero and my nitrites increasing to 0.25, just need to wait for the nitrates to begin to show and the nitrites to drop off to zero. … Thanks for the info Aleesha, it would have been cheaper had I bought it there. he was my cpur of the moment buy, because i just had to have something that color in my tank. Hardly. Fish Scientific Name: Procambarus Sp. Category: Corals & Inverts. Aug 14, 2001 14,053 341 143 Poconos Real Name Sheila Sep 11, 2013 #2 Another crayfish. As often observed, these striped fishes tend to go frenzy during feeding. Share It … Country: United States. What else could I add to make it a beautiful community tank but not over crowded or use live plants? do they ever stop molting. These blue crayfish are escape artists so make sure your tank has a secured lid. Just wanted to ask for some help choosing tank mates for my aggressive Cobalt Blue? For me I have found a balance. Same habits, same needs. Both fish and inverts apply. i just dont know that much about'em. Lv 7.
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