Her songs are fictional stories. No she can sing way better than you ever could and if you people haven’t noticed, she’s not permitting suicide she’s actually ending it atleast she helped me not kill my self, and some people have mental issues that’s just how we were born, just like me I have an major anxiety disorder and I have ever since I was 6, not because of Billie, plus Finneas writes her songs not her, People aren’t soft these days and no one said she was the devil, in fact he said to pray for Billie. If you’re an extrovert, like myself, go do it and be crazy with your best friend!! She’s not girly and I’m not sure why you say that she’s possessed by the devil and she’s not evil! [Verse 1: A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie & Trey Songz] You could say these same arguments against famous author Stephen King, who writes primarily in the voice of horror, with dark depressing elements. Love Jesus but don’t shy from anything. in the chorus of the song Billie clearly says this by saying “hills burn in California” and in the first verse of the song she says “Animals, Evidence” because there’s evidence of climate change and yet still no one is doing anything. My parents didn’t like my music growing up, (And yes I survived. [Outro: Robin Thicke] You just need a lil' spanking from your daddy It troubles me to the bone so it does. What surrounds your child affects their mindset. Then I became a mother and realised she is no role model for young girls. But be honest about what you are choosing and the weight it holds. Honestly, everyone all needs Jesus just the same amount! Find more of Ariana Grande lyrics. Billie is a person. She needs Jesus the same way ANYONE does. But Honestly , Bringing The Evil Terms In Songs Is Against What JESUS Said. so before making rude one-sided blogs like this, give Billie some respect. I totally agree with these concerns. yes because the lyrics “i dont need a xanny to feel better” is so dark. But at least they were only popular among edgy teens. Leave her alone, go with ur business, and she will go with hers. That pretty much says it all right there. Obviously, this character hasn’t read it at all. . What you do need to consider is two opposing spirits don’t occupy the same space. WOW!!! Look at any author of any book, movie, television show etc…. Tell me to slow down if I'm goin' fast, girl (so fast girl) My god is gonna owe me The lyrics of James Taylor's "Fire and Rain" chronicle his reaction to the death of his girlfriend in a plane crash. so dont ever do that again. We have free will and are given the choice. Not everything is religion based or satanic, she’s using the imagery as a metaphor. So then you must agree that it is not a “healthy state of mind” for a person to make music videos showing themselves depressed, and wanting to kill themselves? Be aware of this and guard yourselves. I am not Christian, but I can clearly see there is something messed up about her, and I still can’t understand why is she that famous and brought on top that fast. Eminem has clearly evolved from the quick-witted, soul-crushing battle rapper who first caught the attention of Dr. Dre in the late 1990s, but old habits are hard to break. That also, I find really strange. If you still think Billie is a “devil worshiper” then I don’t even know what’s wrong with you lmao she has helped me through my toughest times and still continues to help me through life and I cannot stand people like you writing articles like this. There is more to the Influence of Music than the lyrics. As a parent I would be concerned if my kid writes things like that even if it was to get popular. It’s about, well, Billie Eilish! Her music is 100% uninspiriring and has no positive message at all. Please please do your research before talking down upon artists to your children, it crushes their creative abilities. I know you want me to sweat you It’s laughable how in plain sight it is and people refuse to admit that it’s evil. Also she knows that the suicide and depression rate is high, that is why she makes songs about it. And we are not Christian or conservative people but we are decent peope who believe on God and goodness of people . She had a major influence on me and both my husband and I are raising our children in the ways of the Lord now. Have you ever listened to a single interview with her? i cherish him. 11 Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many. She said that when a young child sees satanic imagery, it sees it as a cartoon devil dressed for Halloween. The Evil Tried JESUS Three Times , And He Failed. You've been a bad girl, you've been a bad girl Anyone who really knows her (personally/fan wise) knows that she is a happy and cheerful person most of the time. To put it plainly, the songs sung by Billie Eilish are depressing. → The worst kind of depressive state: Anhedonia, Satan no longer hides and kids think its cool. There is no sin greater than the other all equal in God’s eyes. And lastly, I am a Muslim and I love Jesus. Nobody goes to a party to do that… hopefully. there’s false information, and billie is not being used by satan. Let our smart song creator , lyrics maker or rap wizard — whatever you call it — help you out creating a new shiny romantic song! It is one thing to let your kids walk their own path with Jesus Christ. His influence is real and dangerous. She isn’t the devil and we aren’t in end times. Parents, stop being afraid to PARENT your kids. yeah, her lyrics might be dark but that’s her style. Each year, almost 5,000 young people, ages 15 to 24, kill themselves. And you don’t have to keep it quiet” that entire song just screams SATAN. “i gotta sell my soul” is referring to literally selling her soul to the devil, but actual selling her “soul” to the music industry to become a star. My kids really liked her music however I have been taking to them about my concerns with her music. And you've been a bad girl, you've been a bad girl (You've been a bad, bad, bad girl) How the fuck is that love? There definitely is a border and Billie passed it to gain popularity and of course fill her pockets. I m so happy my preteen daughter hates her music and lyrics. Being sad is a apart of life but it doesn’t mean were sad our whole lives. Thank you for being brave enough to go against the grain and speak truth! Let’s see who has the answers: scientists or the Big Baboo. I've been a bad girl I've been a bad girl I'll be your bad girl I'll be your bad girl I've been a bad girl I've been a bad girl I'll be your bad girl I'm such a bad girl Choke me because I … You have every right to decide not let you child listen to Billie. But what I don’t get about it is the instead of saying ‘God HIMSELF’, she says ‘God herself’. This song was released in August 2018. She ended up popping the Percs And even if it’s not the end times, we should always be guarding our hearts from what we know is wrong! A mockery of Christ’s lover cherishing Christ. I am upset whenever I think about her. What if it was your child was dealing with heavy things during their teen years or mental illness issues and writing about them or making music, would you call her/him satanic.. Believe that the beginning of enlightenment is when you are determined to go beyond whereothers will be afraid to go, and this makes me to believe that every light is light but remember that when you place your own light under the table and cover it, it is no more light because it shows nothing and indicates no way but rather becomes darkness, and indeed we are so fortunate to embrace the real light of The Illuminati organisation that it’s Indications and teachings has brought the advancement of the humanity and their well being and as well working tirelessly to get the planet earth out of darkness, I am happy, or inbox him on WhatsApp now ( +1 (815)923-9249 ) or e-mail: iluminatihood123@gmail.com And be happy if you are involved, your life will change around forever and may your own light boom so that many will see through the light you possess, many thanks to The Illuminati organisation for this great message, while my loyalty remains untouchable. Cause you've been a bad girl Read it for yourself. My parents also turned a blind eye to some very disturbing and depressing music that I listened to as a preteen and teenager. I’m a minister of religion, and have NOT studied Billie or her poetry, but I can tell you that my hair does NOT stand on end when I hear her talking about “selling her soul”, because you’re right about what she means with it. but listening to her music IS NOT a sin. Cause you've been a bad girl, bad girl The fall of Satan is imminent when Christ returns (Revelation), and he is desperate and scared as hell. Comment and share your favourite lyrics. Research ANYONE. If you are calling yourself a Christian parent and allowing this garbage into your home you need to remember that we are all what we consume. But please do not be oblivious to the lyrics and the things she does in her videos. And that is definitely something to rejoice over! I grew up listening to Earth Wind and Fire, Chicago, Rush either positive views on life and pain with intelligence of societal dangers and causes to fight for. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. She never told anyone to kill themselves literally. no. When are Christians going to get off their self righteous high horse? You've been a bad girl (ohh) It’s not her fault she’s popular and people listen to her. Depression and suicide are clear elements in her brand of music. Ha ha :). Why’s your 5 year old listening to her tho shouldn’t he be listening to “Oh McDonald” or something. Luke 11:23 says, “Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.” The Bible already said The enemy prowls to devour us (1 Peter 5:8) and kids are easy targets. There used to be Heavy Metal Bands likking littlr chicks on stage. If you don’t want your 5 year old to listen to her, don’t play it. Why on Earth would you even consider allowing that into your home for a moment? So my old fashioned grandmother’s became my role models. The monster under her bed she refers to is herself because she feels like her own worst enemy at times. I was really sad when one of my close friends unexpectedly died. This is so dramatic. As a 17 year old atheist female, I will not stop listening to my favorite artist. Heck turn on the subtitles. I’ve shared this article with my mom so that it can be discussed with my sisters, and I’ll talk with them about it in person too. She is glorifying and romanticizing that darkness. Who said listening to her music was a sin? He won’t judge you! Yes we are in the end times. And once the water starts to rise She like how I'm modest and she call me Artist Billie lets people know that you should never be ashamed of being sad and that it’s ok, That it will be ok. The world would truly be a better place if these parasitic individuals were gone. but in all reality she does what everyone wants to do, she just has enough guts to do it. So let’s stop tiptoeing around the subject of the devil. I do not denounce that she is a talented female….. but the signs are obvious… something is not right. Heck, even I like Ocean Eyes and find some of her songs catchy! "Obviously, because Daryl is really smart, he realized that 'Rich Girl' sounded better than 'Rich Guy.'" You only force yourself to believe its “devil’s music” cause you yourself don’t like it. Even though you've been a bad girl Punk rock (or simply punk) is a music genre that emerged in the mid-1970s. Their views may change if or when they have their own children who mean more than their own life. Satan no longer hides, and kids think it’s cool. i hate her and her music because it’s quite overrated and bland, but if supporting her makes annoying christians angry then i guess i will, I know it was just autocorrect. You’re payin’? I disagree with this whole article so much. There are plenty of other articles about plenty other superstars. You will never know what is in her heart, she has said she knows God. The rapture is going to be any day now, be ready. Something is wrong with you, if you think something is not seriously wrong with this girl. She does mock Jesus and she isn’t a good influence to young teens at all. Most people are, unfortunately toi completely stupid to understand anything symbolical or poetic in nature. Teach ya, teach ya, teach ya, teach ya, She like how I'm modest and she call me Artist. I have no words… Not sure but any killing sounds evil to me . You will just go on being angry and upset, caps lock yelling at people with different opinions then you, so who cares. Teens All Around The World, As A Teenager Like You I Am Telling You To Be All Little More Conscious Than That. There are people in this world that do not have to know God or just do not believe in God and can clearly see that something is off about her and the videos she makes. This crap is not normal! Then the God of peace will be with you.” I encourage you to. Further, it has nothing to do with Jesus. I’m not judging her for herself. She is Promoting it, and that’s what’s wrong. If ur such a fan of other people’s songs, maybe u should learn how to spell their names out. Right now she is 18 and has won numerous awards that she herself said she doesn’t deserve. first of all, All The Good Girls Go To Hell is a beautiful song and it surprises me how you could misinterpret it so much. And she’s not screwed up! It makes the time go by faster! I think that you should definitely tell this to your own child. all she is doing is writing songs, and if you dont like it dont listen to it. Billie Eilish is a monster poisoning the brains of our kids. What would he learn? Idk how old you are but you sound like you’re twelve in terms of you’re thinking. Please do yourself a favor and research satan symbols and rituals. Cause you've been a bad girl (hah) Thank you for your article. She’s a talented kid that writes about stories. You are so correct! if you dont like it than just dont listen to it. People are so messed up, tottally agree, Billie helped me get thru a lot of hard times, i can’t believe people are patronizing her. Jesus loves you very much. I am a Christian so I avoid using the word “Hate” as you said your daughter used. Clearly, this “artist” is promoting demons. Ask Jesus christ to forgive you of all your sins and surrender your life into His hands fully. Men have the okay to do shit like that but women can’t be genuinely good and successful without being seen as Satan. All kids should avoid this music indoctrination! I am a christian and I actually enjoy her music. But, nothing good can come out of young people(people of all ages actually) listening to music about “selling your soul” and using random, shocking and demonic ideas to express themselves. She likes to use a lot of metaphors when she sings. Today the industry lives and pushing the angst and depression with rap taking care of the disrespect to women and country sporting its redneck racist vibe. I know you want me to sweat you I was young to and not prepared for that. Your friends in the back, they like go and see him" y’all actually stupid. So many don’t actually practice acceptance and love. The pair record almost exclusively in their comfortably cluttered childhood bedrooms, never far from their parents, Maggie Baird and Patrick O’Connell, long-toiling actors who pieced together bit parts, regional theater and voice-over work.
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