Jan 27, 29 Clear Achievement Expectations Stiggins Chap 3 & Website Gym Usage 4. Add to cart More. Learning and Teaching in Higher Education 1 (2004): 3-31. 10. LEARNING PLAN: TOPIC/S INTENDED LEARNING OBJECTIVES TEACHING/LEARNING STRATEGIES METHOD/S OF ASSESSMENT Orientation 1. To be useful in OBE system, assessment should be guided by the following principles. Web. “Conditions under which Assessment Supports Student Learning. Available: Out of stock . Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item. Student selection and certification 2. Describe the differences between assessment for learning and assessment of learning. Assessment of Student Learning I . Understanding Why We Assess Stiggins Chap 2 & Website. Assessment of Learning I. 1 SYLLABUS IM SYLLABUS (2018) PHYSICAL EDUCATION IM 36 IM 36 Syllabus (2018): Physical Education. Theories and Concepts . Gibbs, Graham and Claire Simpson. Syllabus 2. =) Class policies 3. Basic Measurement Concepts Website. Jan 13-22 Introduction to Course & TaskStream Syllabus, Website *Jan 13 Pre- Assessment (#1) Classroom Assessment for Student Success Stiggins Chap 1 & Website. Determine whether learning will be best measured using formative assessment, summative assessment, or both. Module 1 Objectives: Classify the intended use(s) of the assessment results. Php 303.00 . Determine how the results of your assessment results will be used. Course Requirements Exhibit awareness and knowledge of the facilities and equipment in the De La Salle Animo Center, grading system and house rules. I hope it will help you guys! Instructional Monitoring 3. Assessment procedure should be valied. Since in OBE, there is a need first to establish a clear vision of what the students are expected to learn (desired learning outcome) , then assessment become an embedded part of the system. Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers. This is the prescribed syllabus by the Commission on Higher education (CHED) Philippines for the New Curriculum of Gen Education.This is entitled The Contemporary World Taylor and Francis+NEJM. For: Public accountability and program evaluation Making decisions about different aspects of the educational process Helping make GOOD decisions, if they provide accurate, authentic, reliable and valid information about educational LEARNING GOALS Reasons for Assessment 1. by Flordeliza Buendicho Composed of five modules with exercisesto monitor comprehension. Henderson, Euan S. “The Essay in Continuous Assessment.” Studies in Higher Education 5.2 (1980): 197–203. Assessment of Learning 1 / Chapter 1 Test, Non-test, Measurement, Assessment, and Evaluation - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt / .pptx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. 1. 2 ... Scheme of Assessment Prerequisites: None The examination will consist of one exam paper (80% ) and a practical component (20% ). Child and Adolescent Development ; Characteristics of 21 st Century Assessment 1.1 Responsive 1.2 Flexible 1.3 Integrated 1.4 Informative 1.5 Multiple Methods 1.6 Communicated 1.7 Technically Sound 1.8 Systemic 2. 21st Century Assessment 1. Assessment of learning 1 1.
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