All Portfolio Websites … The Creative Art Class: Mark-Making & Drawing video download teaches you how to loosen … There are links to shop and about page at the top. Here are a few things that make an art portfolio website stand out - Design, Creativity, Content, and Usability. Although the scrolling seems endless, a user doesn’t get bored, discovering different formats of the artist’s works. Consider starting a blog to share more of your work, go behind-the-scenes to tell stories about the work you're creating, and further differentiate yourself from other artists in your space. Make sure that you include your artist statement on your art portfolio website. For her illustration portfolio, she opted for a … Are you in need of a story artist… You can visit her website to see some of her abstract paintings. Pei-wan Huang Shea is another set and costume designer on our list, who has an incredible portfolio website. Made for photographers, artists, designers and small businesses - Pixpa’s website … Pastel background, thin lettering, and simple navigation make this site a perfect example of minimalistic design. Jeffrey Barge is a graphic designer. Please find below my storyboards, life and gesture drawings and personal art. It duplicates the main menu, just in a simpler style. Check out his art portfolio website design to discover some amazing film and sports posters. Annie Ryan is a graphic image maker/illustrator who creates art using mixed media. A click on it takes you to the next page with all the details. Visit the website: Right below it, you can find a gallery showing how some of the works look in media or decor. Add your contact details, or your agent’s so that potential clients can connect with you. Calzada has been fascinated by Cuban and Caribbean architecture, and the subject of his paintings has been the same from the beginning of his career. Dianne Bennet is a painter whose works reflects mainly things related to nature as she feels that her art should reflect the problems of the natural world and it should be medium to show the beauty of it. Pay attention to how they present their work online, write content and the engaging visual elements they use to make their work stand out,  be it painting, illustration, design, photography, or something else. These websites are captivating; they hold our attention and make us want to revisit them. Deborah Gregson is a London-based painter. Linda Haag Carter is a Houston-based artist. Made for photographers, artists, designers and small businesses - Pixpa’s website builder makes it easy to showcase, sell and share your work online. No Credit Card required. Get our emails on inspiration & tips to grow your creative business. Matthew Park is a user experience designer, animation, and sketch artist. We’ve done the hard part for you and looked around the web for the best portfolio website templates for artists… Pixpa is an all-in-one platform to create beautiful, professional portfolio websites, client galleries and online stores without any coding knowledge. If you are an artist looking for a way to make your portfolio shine, there are many free portfolio websites to choose from. Pixpa enables artists and illustrators to create stunning art portfolio websites and showcase, sell and share their artworks easily. Meanwhile, the doodles are moving. Here you will see the artist’s name, links to other “chapters,” and a headline written in big letters. These are the links to other pages. It comes with a blog layout and a website template to showcase your visual artwork in a portfolio layout. An art portfolio helps artists find new clients, get spotted by agencies, and build a fan following. An artist’s portfolio website is not just a collection of artworks; it’s also a business and marketing tool and should be treated as such. You would like to see more? She has done her Ph.D. in fine arts from Monash University. The lettering reminds an encrypted message or ancient symbols rather than familiar words. The navigation is user-friendly and well-designed. She loves traveling and most of her watercolours are inspired by her travels. It’s a virtual white cube with a limited amount of … The information page is well-organized and features literally everything you need to know: a short bio, awards, publications, selected clients, and much more. Click on the sign to go to the website, take a minute to adjust to the wording, and discover neatly arranged works, exhibitions, and information about the artist. Visit her portfolio website to see her unique perspective on nature, people, and more. Artists like to stay engrossed in their world of creating new art most of the time. Having an organised digital art portfolio on a single, central website is a great way to promote your work. Weblium Team offers to try our new AI Website Builder of the fifth generation and get your really beautiful artist website! Check out her online art portfolio website to see her creative work on paper. Artsonia is a gallery of student art portfolios where young artists (grades PK-12) display their art worldwide. If you are looking at creating an online website, there is a lot to learn by simply looking at art portfolio examples. Curate and structure your artwork into galleries instead of laying out all of them in one place. Everything looks absolutely unexpected and even shocking at first. As you scroll down this black and white background, you can see the words “works,” “news,” “info,” and “shop”. An artist portfolio website is essential for any professional artist. He's credited with designing some memorable movie posters, such as Indiana Jones- Raider of the Lost Ark, Clint Eastwood's The Outlaw, among others. She has presented her work through many exhibitions in California, and you can see this talented artist’s art portfolio website to know more about her work. Personal portfolio websites and social media pages have become artists’ own virtual galleries—open 24/7 for the whole world to see and share. Start your free trial now.We have selected 25+ stunning Art portfolio websites that perfectly embrace the above three traits, and will inspire you to create yours. Take a look at this fine artists website to understand his philosophy of the world through his art. The hand lettering artists is pretty well-known for boards and murals in London and the video portfolio highlights things people might have seen before when they come to this portfolio site. Your online portfolio … With a click on the “Portfolio,” you get a chance to discover the clean, minimalist illustrations and humor-themed subjects Rebecca Miller is best known for. Emily Lang is an English printmaker and book artist. Best Website Builder for Artists (2020): Top 15 Free & Portfolio Sites By: Sean Garrity Updated: July 15, 2020 The best website builder for artists is a work of pure poetry: nimble … Most likely, at first, you will not understand what has happened to this website and whether it works at all. She is currently working on photography projects related to nature and culture. An impressive portfolio of this Toronto-based artist features custom illustrations, paintings, political satires, branding concepts, family portraits in various techniques, from ink to digital. She studied BFA from Kutztown University in Pennsylvania and then worked on various Interior and Architectural design projects. The online portfolio of this artist will be a good source of inspiration for someone interested in illustrations for children. Instead of the ordinary names for menu sections, we can see “Inside,” “Outside,” “Q+A,” “Shows” that don’t sound boring and explain what we are going to discover on the next page the best way. Zyro’s Website Builder makes creating your website a … With every move of your mouse, these letters change the color. He earned BFA from Indiana University and MFA from the University of Pennsylvania, followed by Visiting Artist Exchange Fellowship from the Royal Academy of Art, London in 2003. This website is a state of art itself — digital art. Here are a couple of examples that will make you forget about everything and dive into art. Particularly interesting is his range of theatrical set design for various productions. In over a decade, her paintings have exhibited across the UK. The homepage features three slides displaying his latest graffiti. Visit her art director portfolio website to witness a uniquely creative viewpoint to set design. She has exhibited her artwork in solo and group exhibitions across America. You can see his painting portfolio and his other works on the artist’s portfolio site. The drawing art portfolio of Paul Booth showcases his views on the interaction of people with the world, how they spend their time, how much control they have on their lives and such ideas. For her website, Annie lets her art do most of the talking. Format Team 04 July 2017 When displaying your work online as a painter, it’s important that your portfolio website looks like a solo gallery exhibition. Besides creating a visually pleasing website, she also filled it with interesting content. Visit the website: Ella, from Oregon, credits creative expression for playing a big role in her life. An art portfolio helps artists find new clients, get spotted by … So, get inspired by their art, understand their philosophy and the process of the art they are creating. As you scroll down, you discover the gallery with concept illustrations and paintings. Her work includes set designs for films such as Sleepy Hollow, Alice In Wonderland, A Christmas Carol, Cinderella, and more. If you would like to see my production boards, please connect with me directly. As you proceed to the next page, you will discover the projects with detailed descriptions and other information about the artist. You can visit her art portfolio website to see some incredible watercolor paintings. Cynthia Sanders is a Texas-based photographer. Pixpa is an all-in-one platform to create beautiful, professional portfolio websites, client galleries and online stores without any coding knowledge. Combining our expertise and research of the best website builders for artists, we’ve ranked them in two separate categories – those that are best for showcasing your art, and those that are best for selling your art. He has worked extensively across the digital and gaming industry. Over a decade of experience in film & branded entertainment under her belt, Alicia Haberman, is now a production designer at a leading marketing and music agency. Visit the website: Elif has been the Co-winner of 'People's Choice Award,' Moreland Summer Show in Brinswick among other mentions and awards. Her work has been exhibited in the US, Japan, Australia among other places. Now he primarily focuses on fine-art projects. After working for 30 years, she is finally pursuing her passion for painting. Protect sensitive work from prying eyes by password protecting it. A click on each reveals more details. A newsletter form and links to social networks are placed at the bottom of every page. He works with 3D visualization, prints, and animation. Her artist portfolio shows her still life and portraits paintings. Adding a blog to your portfolio website is a great way to tell your story – make sure that you keep it updated and make it authentic and insightful. This website is one of the most extraordinary you will find, and it is probably one of the kind. Visit the website: get your really beautiful artist website. May-Linn Aaslie is a Norwegian artist, who specializes in painting and graphic design. Our Artist Portfolio Websites are jam packed with clever privacy controls: Mark projects as private to hide them from public view. Elif Sezen is a multi-talented artist as she has worked in many fields in the visual arts like painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, digital media, and others. We meet painted humans in different life situations. She is also a writer and port. Although there are many links to other pages, the navigation is user-friendly and neatly-designed. Gayle Saunders is a New York-based photographer. She explores the broader context of the interactions people have with their natural surroundings. Gosia has illustrated the Polish version of “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass.” In 2008, her book “Hanukkah Moon” was recognized as a Notable Book for Younger Readers by the Sydney Taylor Book Award. Cami is a freelance illustrator from Portugal, and her website takes a user to one more alternative world. Get started with a 15-day free art portfolio right away. The website is synchronized with the Instagram account so you can see recent photos directly on the homepage.
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