The following list summarises the application of DSC for liquid formulations: Determination of Tg’ using different heating rates. Power Compensation DSC individual heaters controller ∆Pintroduced in the early 1960s. DSC is the most commonly used thermal analysis technique in pharmaceutical sciences. For a description of many of the pharmaceutical systems not covered in this chapter, the reader is referred to the following general texts. Thermal Analysis of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food The ingredients of many drugs are sensitive to heat and quickly lose their effect due to heat influence. Advances in Delivery Science and Technology. 0000001481 00000 n 30990675 Howick Place | London | SW1P 1WG © 2020 Informa UK Limited. * Pans of Al, Cu, Au, Pt, alumina, and graphite are available and need to be chosen to avoid reactions with samples and with regard to the temperature range of the measurement. is available will also be recommended. 0000047492 00000 n endstream endobj 11 0 obj<. Generally, the non-isothermal DSC is used for the identification of neat basic polymers as well as the determination of their purity and stability. Although not a new field, more advanced instrumentation, techniques and applications are constantly appearing on the market and in the literature. using thermal techniques. DSC 3500 Sirius The DSC 3500 Sirius combines compactness, robustness and ease-of-use with high detection sensitivity, thus offering optimal conditions for quality assurance and failure analysis in areas such as foods, cosmetics, polymers, technical textiles, and organic and inorganic materials. The re- sults confirmed the presence of crystal polymorphism in Carbamazepine, as well as the polymorphic tran- sition temperature. 48 0 obj<>stream 0000014160 00000 n %PDF-1.6 %���� Registered in England & Wales No. This is the case, for example, with emulsions, which often change their consistency even at summary temperatures while separating into … https : For ursodeoxycholic acid, the results confirmed that the influence of milling on crystallinity is dependent on milling time. It also establishes specific temperature points termed thermal transition temperatures or melting points for samples in solid, suspended or dissolved form. 0000003102 00000 n 0000008427 00000 n Various application of size reduction concept covers oral delivery of poorly soluble drugs, micronization, nanotechnology (micro- and nano suspensions), etc. Yonemochi, E., Yoshioka, Y., Yoshihashi, Y. et al. 0000003323 00000 n Topical application of SLN forms an occlusive film on the skin, The current field of thermal analysis is both diverse and dynamic. Mirum Pharmaceuticals Announces European Medicines Agency Validation of the Marketing Authorization Application for Maralixibat in Patients with PFIC2 - … Figure 1 - Chemical Structure of Dexamethasone-Acetate 2 TA 302 Find out in the following why this technique is that frequently used. 0000071304 00000 n The DSC 204 F1 Phoenix ® is our premium device for the temperature range from -180°C to 700°C. 0000002418 00000 n You can use DSC or calorimetry to study how different solid forms (or polymorphs) of the same molecule may exist and stay stable with temperature, time, or humidity. 0000072057 00000 n multiple transitions within a narrow temperature range must be separated) 0000001937 00000 n Email: Analytical results DSC analysis was carried out on a pharmaceutical sample in nitrogen atmosphere. 0000001558 00000 n This technique features measurements taken at high heating (or cooling) rates, from 100 to 500 °C/min. 0000023144 00000 n https 0000047900 00000 n The DSC 404 F1 Pegasus ® and DSC 404 F3 Pegasus ® are two versions for the precise determination of specific heat and caloric effects, particularly in the high-temperature range. On that basis, the discussion has been confined to the most widespread uses of DSC within the pharmaceutical sciences, namely polymorphism, pharmaceutical hydrates, and glassy systems. J Therm Anal Calorim 85, 693–697 (2006). [4]DSC, TG/DTA and TG/DTA-IR are often used for characterization of pharmaceuticals. been confined to the most widespread uses of DSC within the pharmaceutical Application of Ion Chromatography in Pharmaceutical and Drug Analysis August 2011 Journal of chromatographic science 49(7):524-39 DOI: … The cross-linking of polymer molecules that occurs in the curing process is exothermic, resulting in a negative peak in the DSC curve that usually appears soon after the glass transition. sciences, namely polymorphism, pharmaceutical hydrates, and glassy systems. 0000016760 00000 n The main applications of TGA are evaporation, desorption and vaporization behavior, thermal stability, decomposition kinetics, and the analysis of composition. 0000000016 00000 n Comparison between DSC and In Vitro Skin Penetration Data The enhancement of skin penetration of drugs loaded into SLN has been attributed to different factors. 0000007964 00000 n Thermal analysis equipment can be found in many analytical, development, formulation and QC laboratories. 0 0000047193 00000 n Common materials include foods, pharmaceuticals, electronic materials, polymers, ceramics, organic and inorganic compounds, even biological organisms… (1) provides a thorough account of pharmaceutical systems that have been studied Because FS-DSC can be used to inhibit kinetically limited phase changes such as crystallisation, it has found wide application to polymorphic characterisation of pharmaceuticals. 0000001344 00000 n %%EOF 0000003068 00000 n 0000016141 00000 n DSCおよびTGA両手法は、すでにUSP、EP、日本薬局方など医薬品の試験方法として確立されています。 5 Reasons Why To Use DSC and TGA for Testing Pharmaceuticals この記事はNETZSCH Thermal Analysis Blogを翻訳・一部改変したものを掲載しています。 0000008097 00000 n DSC has found its application in food sciences, pharmaceuticals, polymer industry, ceramics, and many other fields. 0000004211 00000 n 10 39 0000012191 00000 n startxref 0000016518 00000 n Freeze-drying of protein pharmaceuticals: The application of thermal analysis November 2004 Cryo letters 25(6):389-404 Source PubMed Authors: Vicky L … an extremely large topic in its own right, and it is not logistically feasible to list, every study that could be placed in this category. Detection and Quantification of Amorphous Content in Pharmaceutical Materials Steven R. Aubuchon, Ph.D. TA Instruments, 109 Lukens Drive, New Castle, DE 19720, USA and Leonard C. Thomas DSC Solutions, LLC 19977 0000146415 00000 n 0000001076 00000 n For instance, McGregor at al13 used FS-DSC to However, recent advances in DSC have given rise to two more versions - Tzero DSC™ and mo… the course of the chapter, further texts in which more information on specific subjects Figure 1 shows the DSC thermograms for the sample. <<6BCB0958CD771E4FA67477D6BEC1C148>]>> 0000002804 00000 n On that basis, the discussion has 0000003743 00000 n During For It is used as an industrial quality control technique as it can establish sample purity and detect the presence of impurity in a drug formulation, for instance. xref 0000094586 00000 n Practical Applications of HyperDSC in a Pharmaceutical Laboratory HyperDSC™(or High Speed DSC), a thermal technique that complements conventional calorimetry, has found applications in the fields of pharmaceutical, polymers and compounds. Theoretically, almost any substance whether solid, semi-solid or liquid can be analyzed and characterized with thermal analytical techniques. calorimetry (DSC) for the study of pharmaceutical systems will be outlined. During the last two decades, industrial applications of Supercritical Fluids have been mostly developed for natural products extraction/fractionation, both for food and pharmaceutical products [1-7]. to detect weak transitions), a low heating rate improves resolution (e.g. provide a comprehensive account of a selection of the topics covered here. ErtelAlsop manufactures Pharmaceutical Filters, Lab Filter, and disposable capsules for testing and process filtration in the pharmaceutical industry. Paul Gabbott is Director, Thermal Instruments Ltd, based in Beaconsfield, UK and has over 25 years experience working with PerkinElmer Ltd in the field of thermal … First, the book by Ford and Timmins 0000071601 00000 n 0000010370 00000 n 0000002936 00000 n DSC is widely used in the pharmaceutical and polymer industries. DOI link for Thermal Analysis of Pharmaceuticals, In this chapter, some of the considerations relating to the use of differential scanning 0000094832 00000 n 0000095075 00000 n 0000018619 00000 n This is DSC, alone or in combination with hot-stage microscopy, is able to differentiate between different polymorphic structures and, … 0000020475 00000 n DSC is used to study phase transitions such as melting and exothermic decompositions, and glass transitions. specifically dealing with pharmaceutical thermal analysis are recommended as these -��^ʬ��,u"����9��e��Da�ux���FW��@�_o� ZIW��:�I���L7�,�!�9�z��bU; J�;��'� [xp��������ߨ4�U�gUr������-7ez`oZz(d:����Ƌ�(B{,bU��\�D� We have access to a higher temperature DSC/DTA instrument capable of a maximum temperature of 1500 C, though it has a lower sensitivity at temperatures below 725 C compared to our primary DSC. 0000004135 00000 n It is used to determine the difference in rate of heat flow into the sample and a reference material. reader is referred to the following general texts. Anhydrous dexamethasone acetate is an example of a pharmaceutical material that exhibits polymorphism and is a useful tool for demonstrating the effects of different heating rates. Second, the special issues of. In: Müllertz A., Perrie Y., Rades T. (eds) Analytical Techniques in the Pharmaceutical Sciences. Application of XRD-DSC system to the optimization of manufacturing process for the freeze-dried pharmaceuticals. 0000001742 00000 n A fast heating rate increases sensitivity (e.g. DSC is also used to determine the heat of fusion, purity, polymorphism, the glass transition, and oxidation stability. Initially, two types of DSC instruments were available - heat-flux DSC (hf-DSC) and power compensation DSC (pc-DSC). a description of many of the pharmaceutical systems not covered in this chapter, the DSC instruments are available in a range of sensitivities for robust screening and quality control applications. 10 0 obj <> endobj Springer, New York, NY. ThermochimicaActa, 85 (1985) 521-524 521 Elsevier Science Publishers B.V., Amsterdam -Printed in The Netherlands PHARn9ACEUTICAL APPLICATIONS OF THERMAL A-lETHODS: ME USE OF DSC AND TG IN THE INTRODUCTION A hydrate may be defined as a particular form of a solid compound which has water associated with it. It gives a wealth o… Qi S. (2016) Thermal Analysis of Pharmaceuticals. Today, DSC is widely used for the assessment of various transformations occurring during quality control of food Dexamethasone acetate finds use as an anti-inflammatory agent. 0000006188 00000 n In these experiments, molecules change from one conformation to another. Summary DSC was used to measure the pharmaceuticals Carbamazepine and ursodeoxycholic acid. (2,3) For the polymer chemist, DSC is a handy tool for studying curing processes, which allows the fine tuning of polymer properties. trailer Differential Scanning Calorimetry Instrument• Two basic types of DSC instruments: power compensation DSC and heat-flux DSC Power compensation DSC Heat flux DSC 10. Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) is a physical characterization method used to study thermal behavior of neat polymers, copolymers, polymer blends and composites. 2.3.
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