The weight of the car dropped by just over 700 pounds, then length shrank 10.6 inches, it was 4 inches narrower, and the wheelbase was 5.5 inches shorter. It definitely had some advantages over the GMs by the late 80s, but IMO they were on pretty equal ground, with personal preference being the real dictator of choice. Youu can contact me at ago by previous owner, not rusted. They were certainly on par with the Ford 302/AOD. And that car, 3 years old and barebones, was considered quite luxurious…. See more ideas about impala, chevy, chevrolet. Between the 228, CX5, and Impala you have a lot of diversity and have covered the bases. Completely operable. She must have been a little lady. There are 2 1975 to 1977 Chevrolet Impalas for sale today on $1,225. The Impala certainly is different from the MONSTER, achromatic, tall belchmobiles that dominate todays’ roads……sadly. All Rights Reserved. * A “100 Point” or “# 1” vehicle is not driven. Quantity. There’s actually a similarly optioned (even more basic, actually), Impala down in Bedford Indiana listed on facebook marketplace right now for $1500. There used to be so many of these cars on the roads but so few are left today. When I was 14 my parents realized that the back seat of a Vega Kammback was a bit tight, (plus it was starting to use oil again on the second engine). Your email address will not be published. This is an unusual 2-door “sport coupe” model and the seller has it on Craigslist for $3,500. 43k mile South Dakota car, body/paint done twelve years. Trending at $95.10 +$14.90 shipping. In my B body article, I mentioned a lightly optioned Impala in which my girlfriend and I had a 300 km road trip. I drove really well, probably because it was so light. This is a great car. The true character of a car shines through in its base trim. The body design of the 1977 B-cars was considerably more space efficient than the 73-77 A-bodies. This column does not represent a ‘parts car’ or a non-running vehicle.Note: Some of the vehicles in this publication could be considered ‘Daily Drivers’ and are not valued as a classic vehicle. I must ask, how are the seats? I have an 87 Ford Escort wagon that my cousin stopped driving 8 years ago. I remember the CR report and actually found a copy of it in my local library. She bought it new here in Illinois in the fall of 1978 and it mostly stayed around town, only going on a few longer trips. The B body had the opposite trajectory with a steady diminishment of powertrains and cost cutting inside. 3) (Landau) Standard and Alternative Wheel and Tire Sizes. There is 1 1977 Chevrolet Impala for sale today on great overal... More Info › Simple, basic machines that did the job for families – room enough to carry people, hold groceries, store luggage on the family vacation, shuttle to work or school. 1977 Chevrolet Impala Parts - Doors. The second owner usually got rid of them. The impala came in six different forms: 4-door station wagon, 4 door sedan, 4 door hardtop, 2 door hard top, 2 door coupe and the 2 door convertible. I think GM kept their system through the 1980 models and replaced it with the first ALDL when Computer Command Control debuted on the 1981 models. Classic Industries offers a wide selection of Body Panels for your 1977 Chevrolet Impala. The interior would be in excellent condition. More listings are added daily. Having no A/C may be a blessing in disguise. The remaining chrome was taken off and some sound deadening removed. Otherwise, I haven’t found the 305 to be lacking otherwise. What a terrific car. ), and it’s got that short lived 229 V6…. One quick look at car number 27 erased any doubt as to its purpose. I always assumed – by personal experience – that parental rejection of the boulevard ride had something to do with its’ carsickness-inducing qualities. $ 2.42. ... Front; Driver Side, 4 Door Sedan or Wagon, RWD only. To top it off it is totally original and not some butchered or modified version unlike most left. It shrank both in steel and in mettle (pun intended). It’s the sort of car that would draw my attention at a car show, particularly in its pristine survivor condition. Superb write-up on an excellent, iconic car, thank you Steve! GRAND RAPIDS, MI 49508, USA 42,099 Miles Great story about a really nice car, and welcome. My dad once had had a ’68 Biscayne spec’d similar to your dad’s ’67. no leaks or blue clouds. The exterior paint, trim and mechanics are not in need of reconditioning. 1977 Chevrolet Impala - 4 Door Car is in excellent condition. Great writeup and pics, and I look forward to seeing more from you. In retrospect, I should have kept that Caprice longer. It has a new engine, New brakes, and a new exhaust. But had they tested a 305, the 305 would probably best 18 seconds, which would also (by 1977 standards) make it quick. As to JP’s 305 comment, from my teen perspective, in 1977, the horsepower difference between the 305 and 350 didn’t seem that much. But other than springing for the “upgraded” engine – a 305 V8 – and some chrome moldings, grandma kept it light on the options sheet. Search 1977 Chevrolet Impala for Sale to find the best deals. High Retail. ago by previous owner, not rusted. Most usable ‘as-is’. Which highlights another plus – everyone over the age of 35 drove, rode or knew someone who owned some version of this formerly ubiquitous “box” Chevy. Sometimes in moments of delirium, when I daydream about buying an older car, I find myself inexplicably drawn to cars exactly like this. My only gripe is that they were of an era where the 305 was so much more common than the 350, which would have made the package almost perfect. It was refreshingly pleasant to drive and handle compared to prior years bloated barges.
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