The rally and march featured U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., as well as other community, faith and elected officials. Protesters attempt to pull down the statue of Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Square near the White House on June 22, 2020 in Washington, DC. People protest in Los Angeles on June 1, 2020. Protesters gathered at Laurelhurst Park Saturday evening before marching to the Penumbra Kelly building. UCLA students march through campus and protest the death of George Floyd in Los Angeles, Calif. on June 4, 2020. Surfers take part in Black Lives Matter Paddle Out on June 20, 2020 in the borough of Queens, New York City. ", Joshua A. Bickel, The Columbus Dispatch via USA TODAY NETWORK. Protesters continued to demonstrate against the death of George Floyd while in custody of the Minneapolis police. during a protest march in the death of George Floyd on June 6, 2020 in West Palm Beach, Fla. Greg Lovett, The Palm Beach Post via USA TODAY NETWORK. ", "The thing about all the outrageous acts of police violence, nonsensical arrests and holding people indefinitely that have been shocking everyone in the news is that... it's always been happening," agreed Olayemi Olurin, a New York City public defender. Later, police and protestors clashed violently. Federal officers prepare to disperse Black Lives Matter protesters at the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse on Tuesday, July 21, 2020, in Portland, Ore. A federal judge is hearing arguments on Oregon's request for a restraining order against federal agents who have been sent to the state's largest city to quell protests that have spiraled into nightly clashes between authorities and demonstrators. The Trump administration sends federal agents in cities like Portland by citing the Department of Homeland Security. "None of that happened whatsoever," protester Clara Kraebber told the outlet. Demonstrators gather downtown in front of the Justice Center as protests continue in Portland, Ore., Sunday night, Aug. 16, 2020. C.M. During the arrest, video footage showed Chauvin kneeling on Floyd's neck for almost nine minutes as Floyd repeatedly said "I can't breathe. FILE - In this July 4, 2020, file photo, protesters gather near a fire in downtown Portland, Ore. Oregon's largest city is in crisis as violent protests have wracked downtown for weeks. With four sons she has fears for their safety as they grow up. Michael Jackson shakes hands with Chris Buntin on Monday, June 1, 2020, at the intersection of South 26th Street and West Broadway in Louisville. Protesters carry signs and march as they attend the T-Town Peaceful Protest at Government Plaza Sunday, June 7, 2020. A protester stands alone as he faces off against JSO officers as the law enforcement officers move North on Main Street dispersing one of the last pockets of protesters on May 30, 2020. David Margulis, owner of Margulis Jewelers, emerges from a double layer of plywood doors he had installed to protect his store from protests that have dominated the city of Portland, Ore., for seven weeks, Monday, July 13, 2020. Minnesota Gov. Protesters hold their hands in the air during a Black Lives Matter protest in front of the Multnomah County Justice Center on July 20, 2020 in Portland, Ore. Monday night marked 54 days of protests in Portland following the death of George Floyd in police custody. "Stop breaking the law A**hole! Two women embrace in front of the Hall of Justice for the death of George Floyd in Los Angeles, Calif. on June 3, 2020. Protesters march west on Broad Street as protests continue following the death of Minneapolis resident George Floyd on Tuesday, June 2, 2020 in Columbus, Ohio. Federal officers deployed tear gas and fired less-lethal rounds into a crowd of protesters late Thursday. San Diego junior lifeguards run along the beach behind half-buried surfboards marking of the death of George Floyd while in police custody in Minneapolis, Monday, July 6, 2020, in San Diego. Sam Greene, Cincinnati Enquirer - USA TODAY Network. Protests have been erupting all over the country after George Floyd died earlier this week in police custody in Minneapolis. Junfu Han, Detroit Free Press - USA TODAY Network. Men in jeans and SWAT vests jump out of the vans holding assault-style rifles. Hundreds are expected to show out for a large day of peaceful protests in Washington DC. Derek Chauvin, one of four Minneapolis police officers involved in Floyd's arrest, has himself been arrested and charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter. A protester kicks in temporary boarding at the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse on Tuesday, July 21, 2020, in Portland, Ore. Federal officers emerged from the building and used teargas and crowd control munitions to disperse the crowd. O’Shea called the situation an “insane escalation” in a city that’s seen more than 50 consecutive nights of Black Lives Matter protests. BREAKING: The @ACLU_OR is taking federal authorities in Portland, Oregon, to court.This is a fight to save our democracy. After a peaceful march Friday, May 29, 2020, in Atlanta, the Georgia State Capitol that swelled with protestors returned to the area around the Centennial Olympic Park and CNN center where some confronted police, who sprayed some demonstrators with pepper spray. A protester kneels before Hampton police officers at Peninsula Town Center in Hampton, Va., on June 2, 2020 during a rally against police brutality sparked by the death of George Floyd, a black man who died after being restrained by Minneapolis police officers on May 25. "He is putting both Oregonians and local law enforcement officers in harm’s way. Police officers stand at the scene of an accident involving a white pick up truck late Sunday night, Aug. 16, 2020, in downtown Portland, Ore. Police detain a protester on Burnside. Smoke rises from a fire on a police cruiser in Center City during the Justice for George Floyd Philadelphia Protest on Saturday, May 30, 2020, in Philadelphia. Protest organizer Frank Nitty speaks to several hundred protesters moving on North Avenue through Wauwatosa, Wis. on Thursday, June 4, 2020, demonstrating against racial injustice and in response to George Floyd, who died at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer. Multiple videos posted to social media on Wednesday show unmarked vans stopping near a group of protesters. A protester gestures to an armored police vehicle outside the Hamilton County Courthouse in downtown Cincinnati on Sunday. NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JULY 20: Members of the 32BJ union hold up signs spelling out "Essential Workers" during a "Strike for Black Lives" rally on July 20, 2020 in New York City.The SEIU union held a socially distanced rally and press event demanding passage of the HEROES Act and calling out 121 days without essential pay. Brown, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and other local leaders have said they didn’t ask for help from federal law enforcement and have asked them to leave. Protesters kneel in remembrance of George Floyd, who died after being restrained by Minneapolis police officers, on a part of 16th Street Northwest renamed Black Lives Matter Plaza near the White House in Washington, Saturday, June 13, 2020. Meg Vogel, The Enquirer via USA TODAY NETWORK, Adelynn Hinton looks at a banner bearing the image of George Floyd as she attends the T-Town Peaceful Protest at Government Plaza Sunday in Tuscaloosa, Ala. on June 7, 2020. Tear gas is sprayed outside the Metro Courthouse in Nashville, Tenn., Saturday, May 30, 2020 during the “I Will Breathe” rally to protest the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man who died after being pinned down by a white Minneapolis police officer on Memorial Day. Jacksonville Jaguars Leonard Fournette (C) kicked off a rally and protest march on the steps of Jacksonville's City Hall building June 9, 2020 to add his voice to the national and local protests over police violence and the inequities in the African-American community. A protestor holds a sign supporting Black Lives Matter and a flower during a rally on Vine Street in Hollywood on June 7, 2020. event at the County City Building in downtown South Bend calling for justice for George Floyd, who died May 25 after being restrained by police in Minneapolis. During the arrest, video footage showed Chauvin kneeling on Floyd's neck for almost nine minutes as Floyd repeatedly said "I can't breathe.". Federal law enforcement officers have been using unmarked vehicles to drive around downtown Portland and detain protesters since at least Tuesday. Protesters in downtown Detroit march to the police station May 30. Officials say protesters in Portland smashed windows at City Hall in a demonstration that started Tuesday night and stretched into Wednesday morning. Tips/Email: Twitter: @IgorDerysh. The community-based yoga practice shares half of the donations with grass-root organizations like the Detroit chapter of Black Lives Matter, the Detroit Justice Center and the Ruth Ellis Center. Federal agents disperse Black Lives Matter protesters near the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse on Monday, July 20, 2020, in Portland, Ore. Officers used teargas and projectiles to move the crowd after some protesters tore down a fence fronting the courthouse. Volunteers Lee Beard, right, and Mar, no last name given, paint the phrase Black Lives Matter on Washington Street, Sunday, July 5, 2020, in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston. Participants kneel during a Juneteenth love demonstration Saturday, June 20, 2020, in downtown Chambersburg, Pa. Officials say protesters in Portland broke out the windows of a county government building, sprayed lighter fluid inside and set it on fire in a demonstration that ended with clashes with police. Center in downtown Louisville. The protester was identified by her friends as an 18-year-old homeless trans woman named Nicki Stone. Jay Janner, Austin American-Statesman via USA TODAY NETWORK. “The critical question we should all be asking is, which one of those two scenarios are we talking about in Portland?”. Let friends in your social network know what you are reading about, Civil liberties groups call the actions "flat-out unconstitutional," while lawmakers call it "authoritarian" and "chilling.". Meg Vogel, The Enquirer via USA TODAY Network. Protesters in Portland broke out the windows of a county government building, sprayed lighter fluid inside and set a fire in a demonstration that started Tuesday night and ended Wednesday morning with clashes with police, officials said. "Don't hurt us. The woman, who said she was pregnant, cried "My baby!, My baby!" Crisis officer Christian Whittaker rallies demonstrators on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art Saturday, May 30, 2020 in Philadelphia, Pa. Joe Lamberti, Courier Post - USA TODAY Network. They had her arms on her neck, and then they drove off. His work has also appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Boston Herald and Baltimore Sun. Protesters gather in Washington, D.C. at the Lincoln Memorial on June 4, 2020 for a seventh night of demonstrations triggered by the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis. Andrew West, The News-Press via USA TODAY Network. But his friend Mark Pettibone, 29, has told media he was arrested and booked by federal agents, a story O’Shea confirmed. Friday, July 17, 2020. Richmond residents spent the night listening to music, eating food and watching projections on the Robert E. Lee Monument on Saturday, July 4, 2020, in Richmond, Virginia. The officer has been charged in his death. A link has been sent to your friend's email address. After Pettibone, who did not respond to calls from USA TODAY, declined to answer questions, he was released, he told the Post. A protester displays wings while marching on June 14, 2020 in Brooklyn, New York. After hours of largely peaceful demonstrations, violence escalated downtown late in the evening. A protester bumps fists with an officer holding a line outside the Phoenix Police Department in downtown Phoenix June 1, 2020. The death of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer has spurred protests nationwide. "We saw a murder take place before our very eyes. Demonstrators march in the "Red, Black and Blue" protest in Nashville, Tenn., on July 4. They're targeting our leaders – that's what's going to happen now. A protestor speaks with a police officer during protests in Austin on Friday, June 5, 2020. Ricardo B. Brazziell, Austin American-Statesman. “Nothing so far has been as scary as this,” O’Shea said. Jake Crandall, The Advertiser - USA TODAY Network. US President Trump on his way to Arizona warned that protesters who attempted to establish an "autonomous zone" in the US capital would be met with "serious force," following a night of protests at Lafayette Square where a crowd of protestors tried to topple the statue of Jackson. Buntin said the action showed protestors a lot of respect and that Jackson cared about the situation. Protesters set off fireworks in front of businesses on West 7th Ave. at Jefferson St. in Eugene, Ore. early Saturday May 30, 2020. A woman tearfully joins protesters at Union Square in Manhattan on May 30. ------------------------------------------, no federal authorities were involved in the arrest, refused to release any details of its investigation, said civil rights attorney Rebecca Kavanagh. Hundreds gathered as Rock City Church held a prayer rally at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus on Sunday, June 7, 2020. Protests continued in Nashville following the death of George Floyd, who died after being pinned down while handcuffed by Minneapolis police officers on Memorial Day.
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