Related Reading: 9 Ways to Experience the Natural Beauty of Vancouver This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I shrugged into my heavier-than-normal backpack and set off up the trail to the Sunshine Meadows. Many folks made multiple trips up the Nub each day to get that one iconic shot. With the number “400” meters stuck in my head for total height gain, I was again surprised by a significant height gain over the NE shoulder of Quartz Hill. Shark TH. After slipping and sliding my way around Howard Douglas Lake and past an empty and eerily silent campground, I was faced with another climb towards Citadel Pass. Howard Douglas Lake Campground (SU8) has 5 sites and is worth a visit for an easy backpacking trip. Assiniboine Park Banff National Park Castle Provincial Park Crowsnest Pass David Thompson Country East Kootenay Elk Valley (BC) Ghost Wilderness Height of the Rockies Jasper National Park Kananaskis Country Kokanee The campground is located at the North End of Og Lake, and has 7 tent pads, an outhouse, a central cooking area and food storage lockers. Incredible trail that offers a stunning view. It will depart the Sunshine Village Parking Lot at 2:30pm arriving at Mount Shark trailhead at approximately 4:15pm. As you can imagine, it really hits the spot after a long day of hiking. No doubt in my mind. The entire slope was rotor tilled by a bear - and by the damage done, I would guess a pretty darn big one! Starting at Sunshine Meadows, we headed through craggy mountain valleys before ending up at the Lake Magog campground, right and the base of Mount Assiniboine. Pass Watridge Lake turnoff after 30-45 minutes and follow the logging roads and the abundant signing to Mount Shark Trailhead. Now the backpacking begins and we embark upon the most scenic hiking route out of Assiniboine, to Sunshine Meadows via Citadel Pass. Now that there is the Mount Assiniboine Shuttle, you no longer need to drive one car to Mount Shark and another to Sunshine. From the vast park-like Assiniboine Meadows we drop into the eerie landscape of the aptly named 窶弖alley of the Rocks窶�. Hiked from Sunshine to Mt Shark in September 2018 and it was fantastic. Assiniboine Park; Banff National Park; Castle Provincial Park; Crowsnest Pass; David Thompson Country; East Kootenay; Elk Valley (BC) Ghost Wilderness; Height of the Rockies; Jasper National Park; Kananaskis Country; Kokanee; Kootenay National Park; Robson Provincial Park; Waterton National Park; White Goat Wilderness; Yoho National Park; Galleries; explor8ion; Contact; Home»Trip Report … The next 1.9 km is all downhill, taking I have spent many hundreds of hours and kilometers in the backcountry by myself over the past 20 years and have learned to embrace the solitude. The campground was a bit different than I was expecting. 3. I chatted briefly with a group having breakfast and almost delayed my exit by a day for a chance to bag Windy Point with another solo hiker. In Golden Valley, trees grow straight off the top of some of the boulders along the trail. You’ll reach Wonder Pass approximately, At Wonder Pass continue on the path as it curves, and you pass into Banff National Park. Sunshine Meadows Mount Assiniboine park is a user maintained park. Hiking Banff National Park 窶� Sunshine Meadows to Healy Pass On July 22, 2012 October 12, 2019 By GeoKs In Banff NP , Hiking Neil Jennings was one of the guests on alberta@noon (CBC Radio) last Tuesday. I’ve done many solo trips over the years and I was OK with it for this one too. Once you get there you’ll probably be pretty tired. So – if the Sunshine Meadows approach has much more height gain, more exposure to weather and animals than any other route, and has no water sources for at least half the route. We start with a day and a half in the core area around the base of Mount Assiniboine before heading out on a three-day backpack trip to Sunshine Meadows. Maybe I missed it, but I didn’t see any other water sources around the campground at Og. Do not underestimate the mental and physical effects of gaining and losing elevation repeatedly on this route – and at least 12-16km of it without a drop of easily accessible drinking water! Most of the campers had come or were returning to/from Sunshine meadows. Finally, Marvel Lake Campground (BR13) is also nearby. Assiniboine Lodge can be reserved in advance. But again, to each their own! There’s a turn-off here for Porcupine campground, which is 12.5km from Sunshine. Please help by packing out all your garbage and 窶ヲ The meadows were shrouded in low cloud but the larches were stunning and I knew that I was in for a gorgeous, scenic day even if there would be very little sunshine or blue skies. Great views ahead to Cascade Rock and Mount Cautley on the left, Ely's Dome and Wonder Peak at center and The Towers at right. As expected, the first 6.5km went by pretty quickly and I didn’t see a single Grizzly. The one downer is the elevation gains and losses as the trail tries to make up its mind. Total distance is about 13 kilometers with a massive … It is also hard, but you forget about that. Hiking just a bit further I passed a dried up tarn and entered another thick larch forest, just west of Fatigue Pass, which is located south of Fatigue Mountain between it and Golden Mountain. The path from here on is unfortunately pretty bland, with only a few views as you go through the forest. Randonnée sac-à-dos. Learn how your comment data is processed. Enjoy…, The backpacking trip to Egypt Lake takes you through the beautiful Healy pass and then down to some stunning scenery…, A backpacking trip through Gibbon Pass, Whistling Pass, and Healy Pass traverses three flower-filled alpine passes, multiple lakes and tarns,…, Today for free and be the first to get notified on new updates. There are many incredible hikes. It turns out I would do many more as Citadel Creek was my last source of running or clean water anywhere near the trail until Lake Magog! Further along is the Bryant Creek Shelter. Soon after passing the dried up tarn the beautiful larch forest suddenly gave way to normal Rockies Evergreens and foliage and I found myself plunging very steeply down a major avalanche slope and narrow valley towards the Simpson River and Golden Valley to the south. The turn-off is to your right and the campground is about 1.0km from the main path. Finally a trail goes through Allenby Passand then Og Pass. The trail is primarily used for hiking, camping, and I love backpacking to Assiniboine, and the shuttle from Mt Shark makes it so easy to do this one-way hike without a complex car shuttle. sunshinepic1. The photographers who’d made their way up the Nub at 03:00 (!!) Better yet, book a night at Sunshine Mountain Lodge the night before and explore the area without a heavy pack. Sunshine is about 15 minutes from Banff. The ride from Banff to Sunshine Meadows is only a picturesque 20 minute drive. Sometimes you just don’t get lucky with the weather in the mountains and in 2016 this was par for the course rather than the exception. As a section of the backpack all the way over to Assiniboine, it is a scenic and moderate section of the 52+km one-way route. All it really offers is a roof and 4 picnic tables, but absolutely no protection from wind or blowing snow – both of which I experienced in it. Assiniboine can … be reached from the Sunshine Village ski area via the rambling alpine meadows of Citadel Pass. Follow the trail from the Sunshine Interpretive Center up to the alpine meadows of the Great Divide (2,300 meters-1.2 km). I was surprised by how empty the first bus of the day was. From the base of Citadel Pass, where you have entered Assiniboine Provincial Park, follow the main path across a steep open hillside. If we had more time we would have stopped at the pretty Rock Isle Lake, but it was a ... into two days. For those that don’t want a 26.0km+ hike out in one day, there are three sleeping options near the Warden’s Cabin. Looking back towards Og Lake with Golden Mountain at far left just showing up and Nasswald left of center. This campground is only, The route is clear as you pass below Quartz Hill and then down to Howard Douglas Lake (, Continue on the trail from Citadel Pass. While you’re only 6.0km from the parking lot, you now have a long uphill on a broad path to finish off your day. H@H Tip: Assiniboine would be a reasonably challenging, long-weekend adventure I’m sure I’m not the first experienced backpacker to arrive at Lake Magog swearing that we’ve never felt so exhausted doing 400m of height gain before! The trail contours around Golden Mountain heading southeast until is plunges south directly into Golden Valley below. I thought long and hard about taking the bus from the Sunshine Ski Resort parking lot up to the upper Sunshine Village because I detest using motorized assistance when there’s a perfectly good trail / route, but in the end I had put a lot of km’s and elevation on my body over the past few weeks and I knew it would be prudent to save myself the 6.5km of distance and 500m of height gain. Assiniboine Lodge offers tea, cake, and beer from 4-6. The highline traverse along the southwest slopes of Golden Mountain is just as nice as I remembered it from the approach. I was completely alone in the swirling mist and clouds. They hiked in via Mount Shark / Bryant Creek and were hiking out via Sunshine Meadows the same day I was. I enjoyed a great conversation with Inge and her friend as I drove them to the Mount Shark trailhead. Sunshine Meadows to Mt. Now the backpacking begins as you embark upon the most scenic hiking route out of Assiniboine, that to Sunshine Meadows via Citadel Pass. At Citadel Pass with Citadel Peak rising above. Taking a helicopter is a wonderful experience, with great views and a relief for tired legs. In the 1890s Peyto would guide tourists through the Sunshine Meadows to the base of Mt. It wasn窶冲 too trafficked, not to much climbing with variable We hike through Sunshine Meadows, passing Howard Douglas Lake and the Citadel Pass, on our way to Porcupine Camp, for our first night on the trail. For a great experience consider staying at Sunshine Mountain Lodge the night before. To hike out via Wonder pass, head to Assiniboine Lodge and then hike past the Naiset Huts and along Gog Creek. This is a spartan shelter, with nothing but a wood stove, wood and a building. Week too 4 nights 5 Days in total, enough time to do some extra hiking from Mt Assiniboine. The first leg of our adventure through Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park begins at Banff Sunshine Village, a ski resort located on the Continental Divide of the Canadian Rocky Mountains between Alberta and British Columbia. Nice afternoon lighting looking past Cascade Rock (R) towards Mount Mercer. More than 9 km from the Standish to our lake side view by Lake Magog. All the other approaches are mainly gaining height on approach and losing it on egress, which is much more in line with what you’d expect. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Backpacking to Assiniboine is incredible. Dropping further you will enter the Golden Valley to reach the campsite below Citadel Pass for a welcome cup of tea. Assiniboine. Ever since I first backpacked into the Mount Assiniboine area in early September 2008 from Mount Shark, I’ve wanted to go back in larch season – sometime in the last two weeks of September. Marmot-for-web. Sunshine Meadows to Citadel Pass hike, Banff National Park, Mount Assiniboine Jason Egervari. Windy Point Ridge and Og Mountain slowly came into view. But there's a sucker hole in the clouds! Nestled in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, it sits at an altitude of 2300 m, with spectacular views over the region’s highest peak, Mount Assiniboine. Looking down the tight valley running south of Citadel Pass and west of Golden Mountain down to the Simpson River and Golden Valley - about 3km from here. Mt. While you’re only, Day 2: Og Lake to Magog Lake + Explore Assiniboine (, Day 4: Optional day to Explore Assiniboine, Day 5: Magog Lake to Mount Shark via Wonder Pass (. I thought I’d be able to easily get water at Og Lake, but I didn’t feel like hiking all the way down to the water, so I decided to have a quick bite to eat and push on the remaining 6.5km to Lake Magog. and I was tired of being cold all the time in the afternoons and evenings, so I decided to take advantage of a beautiful day to egress back up Citadel Pass and out to civilization via the Sunshine Meadows. I had food and supplies for 5 or even 6 days so I was feeling it by the time I started seeing signs for the Assiniboine Lodge, Naiset Huts and finally the Lake Magog backcountry campground. SSm. Day two involved waking early for sunrise and hiking up into As a side note – this is why a covered picnic shelter would be so much nicer at Lake Magog – it wouldn’t be so dang chilly sitting around for 4 or 5 hours each evening in late fall! $29 is pretty steep, but it did include a ride down too, so I kept the ticket tucked away in my pack to use on my return. Sunshine Meadows is a large, open area with expansive views. The rotor tilled Grizzly Bear slope was just as intimidating as I remembered. A 57km backcountry trail run from Mt. (They were parked at the Shark Mountain lot and would need a lift from Sunshine to their rental car.) We hiked this spectacular mountain range in the summer of 2020 for 5-days, starting at Sunshine Village and ending at Mt. The hike is not terribly steep although over 5 miles if you take the... Read all 528 reviews. Sunshine to Assiniboine backpacking trail. It is located within the peaks of the Canadian Rocky Mountains of Banff National Park. The Simpson River runs through here, providing fresh water. From Assiniboine Pass it is approximately a 2.1 km hike to Assiniboine Lodge. ... Photographing BC's Mount Assiniboine Park - Duration: 1:22. The highlight of our 3 day and 2 night hike was indeed Mt. Sunshine Village to Mount Shark is a 34.5 mile moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada that features a lake and is rated as difficult. There’s a turn-off here for Porcupine campground, which is, From the base of Citadel Pass, where you have entered Assiniboine Provincial Park, follow the main path across a steep open hillside. I was surprised all day that I wasn’t catching up to the two Dutch backpackers. This is a popular access point for hikers heading into Assiniboine. Sunshine Meadows Banff. When the dust finally settled, it turned out that if I wanted to do this trip I was going to have to do it solo. The iconic Mount Assiniboine (pointy peak on left in picture below) with an elevation of 3,618 metres is located in the continental divide near the southeast … At the start of the trailhead, hikers have two options they can either take the scenic gondola to Sunshine Meadows or hike the access road which will add 6.5 km and 500 meters of elevation gain to the hike. Add forested valleys and rocky peaks and you have a world-famous hiking area which we look forward to sharing with you. [1] From the vantage point of Sunshine Meadows one has a clear view of Mount Assiniboine , the highest peak in the region at 3,618 metres (11,870 feet). Reservations for next year start in August the prior year. Taking a helicopter is a wonderful experience, with great views and a relief for tired legs. Hike from Sunshine Ski resort past wonderful Rock Isle Lake, over Citadel Pass and then down to Assiniboine Park. Over the next, From Og Lake, the walk to Magog Lake is a short one, only, Once you’ve settled into your campsite, you have the afternoon to explore the stunning hikes in the area. Yes, immediately I noticed that the trail went up at least 100m and I started questioning the 400m total height gain right from the start of my trek. But each to their own! The pass is just left of the peak with Fatigue Mountain hidden in clouds to the left of that. Over the next 10.0km you will pass some interesting rock formations before arriving at Og Lake Campground. Mt. Hike out via Wonder Pass and Bryan Creek to the Mount Shark trailhead. Sunshine Meadows is one of the most popular hiking and sightseeing destinations in Banff National Park, a stunning natural garden covered in a carpet of wildflowers. The traverse across the steep SW slopes of Golden Mountain was very nice in the warm, morning sunshine, with great views of Simpson Ridge and towards Mount Shanks. Continue down Assiniboine Pass and past the O’Brien Meadow Group Campground. Looking back towards the resort as I start my trek. As you come to the Marvel Pass Junction (roughly, Eventually you reach trails that may be familiar to you if you do a lot of skiing in the Mount Shark area. The gorgeous Matterhorn of the Rockies rises over the surrounding area like a king. This is the weather I was expecting the entire time in the Mount Assiniboine area! As if that wasn’t enough, Sunshine Meadows is also an excellent place for wildflower and wildlife viewing. Mount Assiniboine in the eponymous Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park is also known as The Matterhorn of the Canadian Rockies because of its resemblance to the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps. They can feel a bit cramped, but the common cooking facility is incredible. We like to take the trip up to Niblet (or Nub Peak if we are feeling strong) once we get our camp setup. My exit day started out on a great note, with a beautiful sunrise on Mount Assiniboine. Back at Og Lake, I was surprised to see a number of tents. No spam. It starts with a steep descent down to the base of Citadel Pass, which is also the border between Banff National Park and Assiniboine Provincial Park. We highly recommend heading over to Assiniboine Lodge between 4-5pm for afternoon tea. This hike is just wonderful. The view from Citadel Pass is stunning and is a fine day hike in itself. Access to the meadows is by the Sunshine gondola ( $37 each adult) that gets you way up above much of this great looking ski area. Leaving Og Lake, looking ahead towards The Nub. The combination of gloomy weather, fresh bear diggings and the fact that I was now at least 12km from any civilization emphasized my solitude as I made my way down the excellent trail. From the vantage point of Sunshine Meadows one has a clear view of Mount Assiniboine, the highest peak in the region at 3,618 metres (11,870 feet). Everyone else that I met either flew in and hiked out or hiked in and flew out or flew in and flew out. Such is life. Near the start of this traverse there was a 1km option leading down to the Porcupine Campground which many folks use as a half way stopping point to Lake Magog. The countless number of trails makes it a perfect hiking 窶ヲ Day 1: Sunshine Meadows to Porcupine. Continue past the Og Lake junction. With the shuttle, your first day is as easy as driving to, Go slower, and camp at Og Lake Campground, a, Do a half-day hike and stay at Porcupine Campground (, If you can’t start until after work, consider getting the last gondola or bus up Sunshine (6pm) and stay at Howard Douglas Lake. Mist and rain comes in towards me as I hike along an open section of trail coming into the Valley of the Rocks. Crossing Sunshine Meadows to Citadel Pass. Hiking from Sunshine Ski resort to Assiniboine Provincial Park is a bucket list trek. You cross over a bridge and reach an arm of the Spray Lakes Reservoir. Whether you only spent a day in Assiniboine or a week, when it’s time to leave you can either hike out or chopper out. We had to stand on the bus, thanks to a capacity crowd, and after conversing for a few minutes I realized that the woman I was talking to – Inge Janssen –  had just won a silver medal in rowing at the Rio Olympics – not more than a month earlier! At least half the sites were booked. We start with a day and a half in the core area around the base of Mount Assiniboine before heading out on a three-day backpack trip to Sunshine Meadows. There are two other accommodation types at Assiniboine. The first half of this trail is absolutely gorgeous and so green, as is the last 5 k through the meadows. The Sunshine Meadows are a natural garden set at an altitude of approximately 2,300 metres (7,500 feet). $1695 CDN Includes guide, out-trip meals, Park ‘Wilderness Pass’, group camping gear, helicopter flight and local transfers.Not included: Canmore accommodation, Gratuities for guides & 5% Goods & Services Tax (GST).Trip Cancellation Insurance is available through the Simpson Group. They were super happy when I offered them a ride back to their vehicle which was parked at the Mount Shark trailhead. Finally. Sunshine Meadows: Hike from Sunshine to Assiniboine - See 528 traveler reviews, 432 candid photos, and great deals for Banff, Canada, at Tripadvisor. This was great news as I knew that Og Lake was somewhere just past Nasswald. … Easy unsubscribe links are provided in every email. This 11.0km hike takes about 4 hours return, and gains 575m along the way. Thankfully I had cool weather or I might have had hydration issues. Make your way to the Great Divide, and pass over the invisible line to British Colombia from which point you can see the peak of Mt. Drive 8.2km on this lovely road to Sunshine Village ski resort. You can also fill your bottles here as it’s dry for the next 15.0km. I figured I’d be back some day for Nasswald and Golden anyway and Og Lake is the perfect base for those peaks. It took us 9 hours with some stops but nothing crazy. From Citadel Pass, the path continues for roughly 13.0km to Og Lake Campground. Despite me doing the approach in under 8 hours, I think most folks will find it pretty difficult – much harder than implied on the Assiniboine Lodge’s web site which incorrectly states the distance as 27km and much more egregiously lists the total height gain as only being 400m. Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park is rightly considered one of the most fantastic and picturesque hiking areas in Alberta and British Columbia. The final stretch up Wonder Pass is spectacular in early summer, filled with wildflowers and expansive views looking back. I was already at 200m gain and wasn’t even close to Citadel or Fatigue Pass yet!
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