of Reps. in May 1876. From shop GenealogicalSurveyor. On September 5, 1876, Charles Crocker, President of the Southern Pacific Railroad drove a gold spike to complete his company's San Joaquin Valley line. But financial troubles in 1867 imperilled both companies and the Central Pacific Railroad's owners, the Big Five, bought them out in 1868. In 1966 and 1967, Southern Pacific provided a rare spectacle for me – construction of a brand-new main line. SOUTHERN PACIFIC SOUTHERN PACIFIC - Origin Unknown - 1990'S. The new charter approved a route from Marshall to El Paso and San Diego, and required 100 consecutive miles of construction by 1882. Many local people invested in the proposed Santa Cruz Railroad, and after years of politicking and financial maneuvers, a 15-mile line was completed in 1876. Known as the River Station, the two-story depot offered separate "ladies' and gentlemen's reception and waiting rooms," the Los Angeles Star reported, and was "finished on the outside with redwood rustic, all material being used of the very best quality." One runs on a side track, and the other dashes by at a high rate of speed. The diesel era covers the freight and passenger locomotives that dieselized the railroad to the end of the Southern Pacific with SD70Ms and AC4400s. Colton & Co & Southern Pacific Railroad Company. In 1885 the Southen Pacific assumed control over all operations of the Central Pacific, and in 1913 the U.S. Supreme Court forced the Union Pacific Railroad to sell its stock in the Southern Pacific Company. Co. of Cal. Construction on the SPCRR in Santa Clara County began at Dumbarton Point. Texas and Pacific Railway and its connections. to government lands under Acts of Congress passedand March 3, 1871 made before the committee of the judiciary of the Senate and Ho. LANG SOUTHERN PACIFIC STATION. Main map shows western states and includes relief by hachures, drainage, cities and towns, township and ranges, counties, railroads, and proposed railroads. Maps showing the Southern Pacific Railroad and its connections. The Southern Pacific Railroad was founded in 1865 and was purchased in 1869 by Collis Huntington, Leland Stanford, Charles Crocker and Mark Hopkins, better known as the Big Four. By March 1876 with the lawsuits partially resolved the County issued $114,000 of the $240,000 of authorized bonds for railroad construction. First rail connection of Los Angeles with San Francisco and transcontinental lines. The longest tunnel was 6,966 feet and it wasn't opened until July 1876. The steam era covers little 4-4-0s to massive cab-forwards. In 1870 the Memphis road was renamed Southern Transcontinental Railroad, and in 1872 Congress issued a charter for the Texas & Pacific Railway, which soon acquired both the ST and SP. With cash in hand the pace of construction quickened and the railroad opened for operation between Santa Cruz and Watsonville on May 18, 1876. REGISTERED HISTRORICAL LANDMARK No. A further corporate layer was added on August 14, 1884 when the Southern Pacific Company was created in Kentucky to manage all properties under the "Big Four's" direction. [89] South Pacific Coast Railroad Station. 1876 Map of California Southern Pacific RailRoad Company GenealogicalSurveyor. In 1876 the Southern Pacific completed a line through the San Joaquin Valley of California, connecting San Francisco and Los Angeles. On the back — which we have not seen — is the official timetable of the Southern Pacific Railroad between San Francisco and Los Angeles. At the same time crews were building northward from Los Angeles. From Point A to Point B: The Southern Pacific Railroad Links to Los Angeles, 5 September 1876 by Paul R. Spitzzeri As Los Angeles embarked on its significant period of growth in the late 1860s, it was abundantly clear that the city could not properly develop without a vastly improved transportation network, especially with railroads. This was the first rail connection between Los Angeles and San Francisco. This goal accomplished, the four looked to the east, and by 1884 every standard gauge railroad in California was under SP control. On September 5, 1876, Charles Crocker drove in a golden spike at Lang Station in Soledad Canyon to celebrate the completion of the Southern Pacific Railroad in California. “Impressed! On September 5, 1876, at Lang Station, near Palmdale, Charles Crocker, President of the Southern Pacific Railroad drove a gold spike to complete the San Joaquin Valley line. It was the first railroad to connect Los Angeles to the rest of California and its lines extended as far as New Orleans. SOUTHWESTERN ONTARIO 1860 - Origin Unknown TORONTO GREY BRUCE RAILWAY TORONTO GREY BRUCE RAILWAY - Ron Brown, Author - Date Unknown TORONTO GREY BRUCE RAILWAY - Ron Brown, Author - Date Unknown. This monumental day would not have been possible were it not for the completion of the San Fernando Railroad Tunnel by a crew of about 1,000 Chinese workers (and 500 others) in the summer of 1876. & C. Colton & Co. - Southern Pacific Railroad Company Date: 1876; Map New enlarged scale railroad and county map of California showing every railroad station and post office in the state. In 1876, the Southern Pacific opened a new depot on the current site of Los Angeles State Historic Park (the Cornfield). Date: 1876; Map Map showing the California and Nevada Railroad and its extensions and connections. Work started March 22, 1875, opened August 12, 1876. It connected Santa Cruz to the farming town of Watsonville, which was served by California’s principal railroad, the Southern Pacific. In 1876, Senator James G. Fair and Alfred E. Davis, both wealthy from the Comstock Lode silver strikes, established and incorporated the South Pacific Coast Railroad (SPCRR), a narrow-gauge line to compete with the Southern Pacific Railroad line in the South Bay. Decorate your home or office with an old railroad map of Southern Pacific Railroad. 5 out of 5 stars (1,021) 1,021 reviews $ 22.00. Vibrant colours, edge to edge print. On September 5, 1876, Charles Crocker, president of the Southern Pacific Railroad Company, drove a gold spike here to complete his company's San Joaquin Valley Line. ... Sunset Limited, Southern Pacific Railway | Sunset Limited, Southern Pacific R.R. & C.B. A Legacy In Brick & Iron by authors Helmich and Bunker is a comprehensive review of the development of the historic Sacramento railroad shops initially constructed by the Central Pacific Railroad and then fully developed by the Southern Pacific Railroad. The completion of the Pacific Railroad in 1869 made it possible for the first time for countless thousands to travel easily to the farthest corners of America’s western frontier. Year: 1876. In 1885, the Southern Pacific leased the Central Pacific Railroad until eventually merging with it in 1959. "Taken at Fingal, Cal., where the world-renowned "Sunset Limited" trains pass each other. By 1900, the Southern Pacific system was a major railroad system incorporating many smaller companies, such as the Texas and New Orleans Railroad and Morgan's Louisiana and Texas Railroad. By September 5, 1876 at Palmdale, CA the original dream of the Big Four was fulfilled as the final spike was drove in, unifying California from north to south. FREE SHIPPING!! Published as part of an unidentified newsletter on Sept. 9, 1876, four days after the Southern Pacific and the Central Pacific came together. In 1876, the railroad completed its San Joaquin Line from Central California over the Tehachapi Mountains to Los Angeles, then it proceeded to build the Sunset Route east toward El Paso and New Orleans. PURCHASE book - Southern Pacific in the San Fernando Valley: 1876-1996 PURCHASE HO scale kit - Southern Pacific Railroad Common Standard #21 depot VISIT Southern Pacific Railroad Site Tunnel under Freemont Pass/San Fernando Pass on Union Pacific Railroad/Metrolink Open to traffic. General map of the United States showing relief by hachures, drainage, and the railroad network with emphasis on the main line. Contributor: G.W. Pic does not do it justice.looks amazing!”. Co. of Cal. (1876) Map of California to accompany printed agreement of S. O. Houghton as to the rights of the Southern Pacific R.R. A train from San … 590 . ! The original Southern Pacific, Southern Pacific Railroad, was founded as a land holding company in 1865, later acquiring in 1885 the Central Pacific Railroad through leasing. “Vibrant and bright! According to Brian Solomon's book, "Southern Pacific Railroad," the group then formed a new Southern Pacific Railroad on October 12, 1870 to obtain the original and others mentioned (including CP). LACM - Victory Place Overpass (Los Angeles County, California) Built 1932 Bridge over Victory Place on Southern Pacific, Amtrak, and Metrolink in Burbank Open to Traffic. The Southern Pacific Railroad built a line from San Francisco to Los Angeles which was completed in 1876. The "Big Four," as they were known, also controlled the Central Pacific Railroad Company, which built the western end of the original transcontinental railroad. One chapter is dedicated to other railroads in the valley including Amtrak, Metrolink, quarry railroads and two monorails. In 1865, the company established a subsidiary, the Southern Pacific Railroad, which was part of an ambitious plan to reach Southern California. G.W. Plaque placed by California Park Commission in cooperation with Historical … TORONTO HAMILTON & BUFFALO TORONTO HAMILTON & BUFFALO - TH&B - 1958 TORONTO HAMILTON & BUFFALO - TH&B - 1973. By 1876 the railroad had opened service between Oakland and Los Angeles, and by 1883 a second transcontinental route had been built from Los Angeles to Chicago. Print size: 23 x 33.06. The author traces the history of Southern Pacific in the area from the 1850s when it just an idea, the construction of both main lines and the branch line, the operational history of the railroad, and the end of the Southern Pacific in 1996. Through the years, the line expanded to more than 13,000 miles of rail covering most of the southwestern United States. The Southern Pacific Railroad began as a land holding company in 1865 and by 1900 owned or operated 8,300 miles of mainline track from New Orleans to El Paso to Tucson to Los Angeles, then north to San Francisco and Sacramento, including the leased Central Pacific route from Sacramento to Utah. General map, at top of sheet, covers the United States and shows the railroad network. Contributor: G.W. & C. Colton & Co. - Texas & Pacific Railway Date: 1876 Southern California and Los Angeles were linked with San Francisco and the East. Map of California - Southern Pacific R.R. The majority of the railroad workers were Chinese Americans. Southern Pacific Railroad pushed the line down the San Joaquin Valley in 1874 and began building over the Tehachapi Mountains in 1875. The two lines met at Lang in Soledad Canyon in September 1876. Map reads [part 2 of 2]: "1862: President Lincoln signs Pacific Railroad Act -- 1863: First rails come 'round the horn' -- 1863: 'Gov. However, by the middle of the Twentieth Century, the Los Angeles area had become … Detailed map of California, including Nevada.
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