Can i use +10 Explosive Bloddy Western Outlaw? Based on what you gather, know when to switch from rapidshower spam to full buster if you absolutely have to get stuck in that pattern. Gunslingers have some advantages that can be exploited, which will be covered in this section. Often, having a lot of VIT would limit the need for high defensive equipment. 40 int Wounding Shot: Causes Bleeding at 15% chance at level 5. Alright guys, here’s the deal. PVM also easy , you can party with prist or knight to lure undead, or dark mob, and finsh them with your silver bullet, and desperado. When Summon Spirit Sphere is cast by a Gunslinger, they gain a coin used for skills. Triple ActionArtillery Trapper Weapon: Pistols being an old LRO player(the server this guide was for,now dead/closed)I can say you rarely ever saw Taekowns going into pvp. Atroce (has a chance of giving +100% ASPD). If you can’t disarm them though, then you’ll have to rely on hiding out of their AV (unless they have neigh-instant cast, which a *good* clown/gypsy should) Clowns and gypsies are rarely prepared to handle silence from my experience. 18-40: Metalings (usually north of Lighthalzen) second why does the author recommend Western Outlaw for a vit/dex build?! Tracking is supposed to crit. Vit=? If you have the skill points to spare, you can invest in Last Stand to increase your ASPD and ATK at the cost of movement. Bind Trap (slows enemy) Use Desperado at portal to ran out from danger. Bulls Eye For example one day I don't want to use a pistol so I switch to rifle etc... Lastly should i pump my points into Snake Eyes, Coin flip, Tracking and Coin Fling? Of course, chances are as a GS, you’ll be stuck in a non-serious guild, or a non-organized one sadly. Simulator here: http://www.divine-pr.../skilltree/4215 Note: There are apparently no weapon restrictions for this skill, so go nuts with the damage. Seriously guys,can anyone tell me a reasonable reason (haha) why the rifle build is SO not popular,other than “Desperado/Full Blast kicks Tracking’s ass!” and “I can kill you by the time you finished cast Tracking!”?! Unlike hunter traps, Gunslinger Mine can be used on occupied cells and still deal damage. PvP Aspects please Blue,need guide for renewal iRO.kind a lost at lvl90/70. See Artillery Trapper above for details. A prerequisite for some skills which are needed. Gunslinger Mine: Mines can be planted right under a player's feet. for this purpose, builds do revolve on getting high aspd, high enough to hit 17x with shotguns. As stated in the first post, damage is calculated the moment a mine is activated, meaning you can switch to a gun with a different card(s) and the mine will gain the card effect. An average ninja will be dead meat in 3 seconds. Gunslingers have some advantages that can be exploited, which will be covered in this section. Ragnarok Online is a fast-paced, community driven fantasy MMORPG. An ASPD Gunslinger can benefit from a Greatest General-carded accessory more than any other build. It will only 1 hit KO targets that do not have a cranial shield (Thara Frog Card inside a shield). 3. A few ground rules: Don't put down another player's build suggestion. I think the best skill of gunslinger’s desperado. Camping the emp is your real role. I don't remember what it's effect is. With a decent skill build, you should have room for this. You got any int in there? It’s best to avoid this type of battle, though it’s completely possible. Has a 5*5 AOE) This build is for Gunslingers that camp the emperium. If you’re in a pvp skillset build, disarm can really destroy them, doing this isn’t near as unpractical as it sounds if you have the ranged reduction gear to tank enough of their doublestrafe spamming.. This class can be a pain to fight against in pvp, but it all depends. It’s also fun to hide, and stay hidden until they come up to unhide you with improve concentration, then unleashing desperado hell. Poison them, then freeze them and wait for their hp to dwindle down. remember that gs are too soft to hunt most MVPs ALONE. When exploded by Flicker it deals explosion damage in an AOE) A: An agility GS will still have low SP, so even if you spam RJs or whatever to regen sp you’ll be basically just skill firing(see the irony here) see, this is where int comes into play. wow nice guide really nice guide However, they are the weakest weapons available to the gunslinger. Weapons, Stats, Skills, and Cards are similar, but with max level increased to 150, you can invest more into stats. INT and VIT will be your best friend. It works best with handguns but damage isn’t comparable to how fast you would be dealing it with other skills without so much investment. I’ve been actively playing GS since late 2006 so I’ve gotten the chance to see them change over time. After maxing out DEX, I suggest evening out the other stats. This skill is particularly deadly in WoE against emp breaking SinXs and LKs, that is, people who default Evil druid Armor. Shatter Storm (deals damage and has a chance of destroying up to 5 random equip when maxed) Instead, their role is along the lines of offensive support, in which they deal damage to inflict status effects or distract opposing players from damaging full support classes.Bulls Eye: The best skill available for sniper gunslingers. I only find it hard against Ninja, Paladin and SinX lol. Hi, i have read ur build, and its acually pretty good, in fact, the best i read, and most complete. You need to switch both inferno and spheres to make that work… The best weapon for that would be the Wasteland's Outlaw with a pair of Archer Skeleton cards. However, too much STR is not recommended as it will only give you a higher weight capacity. Use with Bloody Shells for a higher chance.Crowd Control Shot: Pushes the target 5 cells back. 4. Sniper. 2)There’s not a single aspect in game aside of soloing and atk speed in which a vit GS can’t outperform agi GS.That being said vit GS’s are superior.Also vit GS’s gets some agi nowdays for WoE SE. Setelah meraih Job Level 10 sebagai seorang Novice dan naikkan skill point untuk Basic Skill pergilah ke perkumpulan Gunslinger di Einbroch yang berada di sebelah barat dari Menara Einbroch (einbroch 134/199). Cards: Due to its uneven damage output, chances are you might not land all the required hits to keep a nice DPS against him. 8424 « anterior ... el de desperado podria beneficiarse de gunslinger panic, cracker para aumentar sus probabilidades de ataque y defensa. Useless beyond lvl.5 which is the prerequisite for Dust. An alternative leveling route that I often see other experienced gunslingers take is as follows: 11-18: Poporings and miscellaneous things in Payon Dungeon I'm not sure about the alicel doll though. When planning your skills, remember the total amount of skill points available is 118. It’s a pretty standard self buff for some classes, but the difference is that the other classes’ buff doesn’t suck as much. Skills: 1 agi Either one works. @Leonknight is wrong about some things though: westen outlaw is better than a garrison because it is a lvl 3 weapon, last stand can be used by vit/dex build too. Any status you can lay down on them is worth investing in, anything to keep them from having a chance to out-heal your desperado. No AGI is needed at all for this build. VIT and INT will be very useful, so get a lot of it. on what exactly the WS is carrying to pvp with(Aloes, Mastela/RJs, Speed pots, etc). Girito: Guide was made before WOE SE, sorry to say :/. The original author is Blue and permission to publish this guide has been given to from Itakou, the owner of Legacy RO. dex Phen or Bloody ButterflyPVP: Updated. An interesting guide, but it appears to be flawed or confusing in places. Agility doesn’t have any effect such as cooldown reductions and stuff like that on any of the good skills such as rapid shower, desperado, and full buster. Don’t use dual zerom gloves. Dozens of classes, hundreds of weapons and armors, tons of different skill load outs to customize your character to your play-style and truly you are in control of your game destiny For Snake Eyes, Tracking, and Coin Fling, it would be wiser to invest in Snake Eyes if you have a DPS build so you can have a longer range and thus more time to shoot when the target's chasing you down. k lemme reply to you. Can be used to knock players out of Pneuma or Neutral Barrier and into the range of teammates. Combo: Stun with Cracker, attack with grenade launchers via Triple Action, tag shotgun for Full Blast or Crowd Control Shot, tag pistol or rifle with bloody shells, Disarm or Bulls Eye. in WoE SE the ranged damaged is really important, so 20% less ranged damage is really nice, with a few cards and gears u may take 85% less ranged damage (noxious, alligators, horn, this skill and 10% from battle ground armor set) a creator does 1800 damage against u with 130 int. Just reading his replies shows me he has the right idea of what GSs do nowadays where it matters, WoE and battlegrounds. Desperado: Last stand has its uses, yeah. If you have any status effects you can throw at them, this is the time to do it. A disarm can still make their Cart Termination not so fearsome. 3.) I hope it helps. Great for leveling on the Metalings south of Einbroch) This skill will fail to do damage on Magnetic Earth. (The Shotgun and Desperado builds can be combined for an AOE-based build)Rifle: Whether this works on markers set by others is unknown at the moment. A sizable chunk of VIT is needed too so you can survive. By the time you’re 9x(which is very soon with these rates), actively woeing, PvPing, and MvPing, you’ll see the agility you took for whatever reasons becomes just wasted stat points that could’ve been used for str, vit, or int. but well, slotted panties and undershirts are simply expensive. Unfortunately, Gunslingers can only use guns and their equipment selection is very limited. Keep them pinned against a corner until you can time a skill like fullbuster or rapid shower between their rebuffing. Unlike traditional classes, Gunslingers are allowed 70 job lev… It decreases movement speed, but increases ATK and ASPD to have almost the same power as a rifle at the speed of a pistol.) A one-man/woman army, Gatling Gun users unleash storms of bullets against their foes. Lucky luke tell us more about your best build O.O Cards: Against Martyr’s Reckoning (MR) paladins, be at full defense mode until he’s used up the 5 hits, switch from your cranial valk to start desperado. Even though your guide is outdated, it still has some good points though: Gatling guns are still suck now like before. Try to find the right balance between defense and weight for any armor you choose. So far the best i made was 10k HP with 130 dex pumping out 9k+ FB on my demi-human dummies (bathories, don\’t have the oportunity for pvp). Weapon: Gatling Gun Can be used to knock players out of Pneuma or Neutral Barrier and into the range of teammates. From what I'm assuming, we may be able to get this class several months to a year or more. This situation is pretty easy in a 1 vs 1. It is how much damage you dealt. I always go straight forward and use Desperado trololol. Stopped reading there, sorry, bad player. Any to increase DEX Ground Drifted mines deal pitiful damage in WoE which can be easily outpotted, and this is a bad skill to use. In the first round I was able to kill him by using 3 trigger happy shots and a lvl 10 full blast, but during the second he pinned me down with his high aspd causing me to lose. In this thread, our goal is to make the Gunslinger a more fun class to play, no matter what kind of build you suggest. better use a two slot Garrison which is stronger. More info here: Be warned though, you can't upgrade it of compound a card onto it before you enchant or else you lose the card and/or upgrades you had! and hmm if you guys want to know, I gathered all the current “lolexperience” I have by playing in visionRO v1, a highly competitive server back then, which allowed me to try all sorts of shit with GS since everything was readily available. I have a +8 double bloody western outlaw and you guys are right, it is the best you can have. Eternal Chain Coin Fling would not be that effective, especially if you have a mob you need to kill, so I wouldn't bother with it. 'Nuff said. Desperado [10] 10. if you planted a fire mine with a Santa Poring-carded Grenade Launcher and switched to a pistol with a Hydra and Snake card, instead of inflicting 20% more damage on the Shadow property, the mine has a chance of poisoning and it deals 20% more damage to any Demihuman that activates it.) Snake Eyes Third, for-fun builds are encouraged. I should mention a good 7x int GS doesn’t really have SP problems, especially under magnificant+RJs. plus Chain Action helps in hitlocking people, Magical Bullet is a waste of skill points cuz silver bullets are better to use on ghosts than this skill, Cracker is just a cutesy skill because of it’s low chance to hit, switching between guns & cranial shields is still a practical technique to use in WoE, wat card is in the superior boots? Gunslingers are famous for their, well, guns. Slug Shot (get a special heavy bullet to hit a single target and force it to sit but at longer ranges accuracy is reduced) Highest ATK out of all guns available. Tarot might be troublesome but it relies on chance so its not all that bad. Why, is the western outlaw the ebst option, if its effect is to: “Increases HIT and Attack Speed depending on the AGI of the player.”.
2020 ragnarok gunslinger desperado build 99/70