solaniAG3-PT causing elephant hide in potato tubers in South Africa. Growth cracking and black scurf were also observed with each isolate. Potato Tubers by William H. Bohl and Michael K. Thornton University of Idaho Extension • Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station T here continues to be concern about a tuber defect that is particularly noticeable in retail potato displays. (4) J. W. Woodhall et al. R. solani AG3-PT should thus be considered in addition to Streptomyces as a cause of this symptom and control strategies should also consider R. solani AG3-PT. 2017 Potato Cultivar Evaluations 4 WSU Potato Research Group INTRODUCTION The 2017 Washington “Potato Cultivar Yield and Postharvest Quality Evaluations” is an annual report providing detailed information about promising new potato clones and cultivars grown in Washington conducted by the Washington State University (WSU) Potato Research Group. 6. Why did I win the potato-hiding-contest? In some situations, you can simply remove the scab and the potatoes can still be eaten. They grew cherries at 22nd street--about the only crop "Cucamonga area" failed at was trying to grow cranberries in … The split heals but leaves a fissure in the tuber. For each isolate, genomic DNA was extracted and the rDNA ITS region sequenced using ITS1-F and ITS4 (2). •Skin is netted –have a bit of “alligator hide” •Hardly any deep eyes and the rest are wicked shallow •Bright white flesh and really pretty • Fewer misshapes and GC compared to Caribou Russet • Cons: susceptible to scab Total Marketable Yield (Cwt of Chefs, A’s & B’s) Yield of Marketable Nebraska Potato Eyes Article Index by Author NEBRASKA POTATO EYES articles in 2008 [volume 20 issues 1-3] Volume articles = 7; authored = 6 J. E. van der Waals, Department of Microbiology and Plant Pathology, University of Pretoria, Pretoria 0002, South Africa, © 2014 The American Phytopathological Society, The American Phytopathological Society (APS), APS Education Center Online Teaching Portal, Internship, REU, REEU & Work Experience Opportunities, Can often be confused for tuber late blight infections, or sometimes with pink rot as sliced tubers may show some pink discoloration in … Visual diagnosis. Symptoms. These samples were collected from … Likewise, in fields with a history of elephant hide, heavily netted varieties should be avoided. You can prevent future crops from suffering the same fate by carefully monitoring their growing environment. Because my carbo-hide-rate was so good. Here, Harper Adams potato expert Dr Matthew Back offers an in-depth look at the epidemiology and control of this damaging pathogen to maximise output and produce a bright and … BP1) with elephant hide and cracking were selected for analysis. What do you use to carry potatoes? In addition, potatoes grown on heavier textured soils in our area exhibit moisture-related abnormalities such as elephant hide and enlarged lenticels, both of which can be confused with scab. Because they always keep their eyes peeled. Spicy hot potato roast taste great with rice, rasam, curd rice or sambar rice too. Mid season all-purpose type with oval to long tubers, having a smooth pale yellow skin, shallow eyes and pale yellow flesh. Twitter. Why did the potato salad blush? When seriously detracting from the appearance of the potato. The tubers, originating from a commercial farm in Cornwall UK, were harvested in October 2009. Symptoms of elephant hide and cracking have been observed on potato tubers from the Eastern Free State, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North-Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, North West, Sandveld, and Western Free State growing regions in South Africa. Specific changes in production management may be needed to realize the full potential of new varieties. Russet Burbank seems to be especially susceptible. Cheeky Yam, Corpse Flower, Corpse Plant, Elephant Foot Yam, Elephant Yam, Stink Lily, Telinga Potato, Voodoo Lily, White-Spot Giant Arum, Sweet yam and pungapung are some of the most popular common names of the plant. … Occasionally, they would cut open a promising-looking spud. For these reasons, tuber diagnosis is more difficult for farmers here.
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