Attack with a swarm of insect beasts, mutate creatures to make them unstoppable, or overcome your opponents with a vast human army! Luckily, Okaun and Zndrsplt ARE the strategy. You make a bunch of Humans, use them to pump your kitty, and play boardwipes which Silvar should now be able to survive. Scotland Yard (officially New Scotland Yard) is a metonym for the headquarters building of the Metropolitan Police, the territorial police force responsible for policing all 32 boroughs of London, excluding the City of London.. Commander 2016 introduces partner, a keyword mechanic that occurs on 15 bicolored legendary creatures. I'm not sure why they went with Dinosaur Cat tokens, but I think a cycling tribal deck might be fun. The synergy with these two is cute but ultimately not something super innovative and thus, not very exciting. There is a lot to go over. You want a companion? Our EDH League hasn't been playing for weeks, but I'm working hard to get our guys back into playing Commander even if we're doing it online and not bothering to track league points. If nothing else we now have an excuse to queue up Marc Cohn's 1991 wedding classic, "True Companion" at the start of every game. Pako is playing fetch with Haldan, not the other way around. All Rights Reserved. There's zero downside and Izzet doesn't exactly need a permanent boost in order to be competitive. I'm not sure yet which of these cards I'll be building around first, but I've got a funny feeling that I won't be able to resist throwing together a four or five-color Cat list with all of the new Cats Wizards has given us. Sure, we should all be running more removal and Chevill is a card that will encourage you to do just that, but we should also be running better commanders than Chevill. October 28, 2020 October 28, 2020. I'll be surprised and impressed if it both exists and works here. What you do on turn three isn't likely to win you the game, but I expect you'll want to load up on that particular slot pretty heavily. Obviously Regna gets you the second colour, and you may as well have another card in your Command Zone, but Krav is the real star here. Umori doesn't actually provide you with any real choic - you have to name Creatures or you're restricted to Pharika as your commander and enchantments as your card type. There are some fantastic cards with cycling, so there's every reason to think Gavi could make for an interesting deck. I've been working on learning how to play Commander on Tabletop Simulator, so I may have a column for you next week about how I was able to get up to speed on how to do that. Lutri isn't overpowered enough to deserve a ban on its own. Will and Rowan lead you to a classic Izzet strategy of copying spells & abilities, but considering Melek, Izzet Paragon is often derided for being too expensive for the decks that want him, I think Will and Rowan aren't exactly the Izzet Commanders we're looking for. This isn't exactly cheap, but she sure can join your Humans and non-Humans together on your battlefield. You have to pick creature or enchantment and if you pick enchantment I think you basically have to run Pharika, God of Affliction as your commander. We've only talked about the new partner Commanders here, but there are some amazing reprints in this set as well as some really cool mechanics that are definitely relevant in a multiplayer setting. Sure, we can house-rule anything, but players want this Otter in their lives and at the head of their Commander decks. Ways to make sure your creatures can get through unblocked, like Odric, Master Tactician and then ways to pump your damage output, like Angrath's Marauders, will go a long way towards winning on the battlefield with Winota, Joiner of Forces. A player may for the first time have two commanders if each of them has the partner keyword. This feels like it would be a better support card than a commander, but I'm also not that fond of looting (draw, then discard) and rummaging (discard, then draw) effects. Clear. What you can use Jegantha for is shenanigans like going infinite with Najeela, the Blade-Blossom or paying the colored portion of any of a number of five-color commanders. Naval Forces Southern Command/U.S. Vorrac Battlehorns make the equipped creature so that it can't be blocked by more than one creature. If you're interested in building a Human tribal deck, General Kudro of Drannith might be worth a look. I expect you'd probably want to copy mana producers like Mana Geyser or High Tide to have a really big turn. Sat - Sun 9 am - 9 pm Half of them are nearly dead on arrival. Swinging her with Blade of Selves attached would give you a nice source of soldiers, especially if Jirina was on her second or third tour of duty. With his ridiculous sac-outlet-card draw engine, he lends more towards a value based strategy than the combo side of things. How much do you really hate that everyone runs Sol Ring, Signets, and cheap staples like Rampant Growth and Farseek? Check out the video to find out! That means there's really only one viable choice: creatures. An opponent might Fog but you can just use Kinnan to cheat in Glen Elendra Archmage to counter the spell. Hardened Scales is already a great card, but when you make the counters it affects any type and add in the raw card advantage Toothy offers, it isn't hard to see how powerful this duo can be. Zndrsplt, Eye of Wisdom & Okaun, Eye of Chaos. Let's not mince words here though, if you were to choose this new pair, you're really doing so for Krav and not so much for Regna. The name derives from the location of the original Metropolitan Police headquarters at 4 Whitehall Place, which had a rear entrance on a street called Great Scotland Yard. I wish I could say the same types of things about Khorvath and Sylvia that I did about Virtus and Gorm. Namely that they're a cool new pair featuring a different take on the guild's traditional abilities. Partner is one of the most popular keywords ever printed, but since the initial printing of partner commanders in 2016, they've only printed "partner with" commanders. Because both commanders start the game in the command zone, the remaining library is only 98 cards. Pir, Imaginative Rascal & Toothy, Imaginary Friend. Two creatures with partner can serve as a deck's commander only if both have partner. 2019 was a great year, but we have a feeling that 2020 is going to be even better! I'm not sure why the rules committee didn't just decide that the command zone and the role of commander is a worthwhile stand-in for the companion mechanic, but the two do work differently. I'm not even sure how you'd wind up trying to win with a deck like this - maybe with Psychosis Crawler or a Niv-Mizzet on the field. The tribal decks that lean on Kaheera, the Kenrith Zirda decks, and the crazy folks who experiment with the other companions might be upset, but it's not like we'd be losing 10, 9 or even 8 amazing companions. 4th Fleet, and Brig. Another way to look at Yorion is to dodge wraths. I feel like Kaheera should have had all five creature types or just been a changeling and thereby been given every creature type, but they didn't ask me. Players are able to battle through a series of special scenarios together, leveling up their commanders’ capabilities as they progress. Sure, there are enough to make a deck. However, there are some real stinkers and even when you include tall of them, they don't really add up to support any specific strategy. Online Store is always OPEN! But in defense of this kid and his weird monster friend, these abilities haven't been on creatures in this way ever before. You'd be killing every creature that doesn't have indestructible or hexproof (or shroud), and then you'd probably have a free swing at someone. You can find more info on this reputable casino website . They are something of a trap and while I could see trying it out, you're not going to find a lot of success outside of the most casual of metas. Draw enough of your coin flipping spells with Zndrsplt and then swing in with a massive Okaun for a voltron-style win. Welcome back! Copy. That's all I've got for you today. It's hard not to like the idea of forcing these decks to go all-in on a limited number of tribes if you want to run Kaheera as a companion. Stuffy Doll is a great way to push damage over the walls of a pillow fort, and you can work with an opponent and have them send their biggest creature that doesn't have trample or evasion at you to send a little pain to the player you named. Geth, Lord of the Vault won't cheat mana costs, but will let you grab some of the odd-CMC creatures you couldn't get with Gyruda. 2/2) Email us your questions, comments, concerns, or episode ideas, at A little research into Orzhov Aristocrats decks showed some Humans, but lots of Vampires and Angels as well, so I'm not sure that's a way to go. As fun as a deck full of only creatures might sound, a deck full of cards with activated abilities sounds even more fun - until Cursed Totem or Collector Ouphe hits the field. Companion is so flawed and so unnecessary to our format that it would be better to just ban it. EDH Recommendations and strategy content for Magic: the Gathering Commander. You'll be losing 1 life each time you flicker Yannik,,so you might want to run Soul Warden or another way to offset that life loss. The team played their home games at the Alamodome. This feels more like duck hunting, but however you look at it, you'll want to give Haldan some evasion and possibly use a tool like Strionic Resonator to double his triggers. NEW ORLEANS (press release) – Commander’s Palace is thrilled to announce two partnerships with beloved local beverage brands to bring the leading-edge Haute Creole experience and Louisiana rollicking charm to homes across the country. Since you'll be cheating costs, you probably want a Winota deck to be loaded up with low-mana evasive non-Humans, high-mana Humans and as much draw as you can possibly get. If nothing else, it will be a nice excuse to dust off a Rakshasa Vizier and Rakshasa Deathdealer. The best Partner for cEDH seems to be Sakashima of 1,000 Faces. Any deck built with Yorion in the command zone could easily have a focus on enter-the-battlefield effects, so a deck like Brago, King Eternal might be happy to have another way to generate ETB value. You can run Keruga in a Simic deck or in any three, four or five-color deck that includes green and blue. If you do, draw two cards, then draw another card if the sacrificed permanent was a commander. In case you can't tell or haven't listened to the most recent Commander's Brew episode, I love Battlebond. Is there some hidden brew around Khorvath and Sylvia? She's the "face card" for that deck, so it's well-stocked with cycling cards. I might suggest adding in Decree of Silence and Complicate, but you'll have a good time with that deck right out of the box. Clipboard (0 Cards) Card Kingdom: $0.00. Its primary … Eldrazi Displacer might not be quite as good as Deadeye Navigator, but it will let you flicker Yannik to load Nikara up so you can swing for the win. Commander Legends has given a lot of amazing Legendary Creatures. I don't know if it'll be a true cEDH deck or not, but it sure has potential. All I know is that Kaheera is going to be an auto-include in the companion zone for every Selesnya Cat tribal deck and probably every Naya Dinosaur deck. With Obosh out, that's two damage, which becomes four when it hits your opponent. Battlebond is about to drop, and with it come a wealth of exciting new cards, mechanics and of course, commanders. +1: You may sacrifice another creature or planeswalker. For Kelsien you'd want ways to give her deathtouch with Basilisk Collar or a few other ways and then equip Thornbite Staff. Ashen Powder will also do the trick, but it'll be worth doing deck checks on Gyruda deck because it's easy to forget that odd CMC cards can't be anywhere in your deck, including the command zone. Blaring Captain (4) Creature — Azra Warrior (2/2) Partner with Blaring Recruiter (When this creature enters the battlefield, target player may put Blaring Recruiter into their hand from their library, then shuffle.) There are even-CMC ways to cheat additional creatures into play, but you'll need to do some digging to find them. The commander rules committee has basically decided that our format now has a one-card sideboard, but we can only put cards with Companion in it. Halana, Kessig Ranger. The ministry also revises its tally for Monday up slightly, reporting that 1,244 new cases were found. A fun odd-CMC creature who should be an auto-include in an Obosh companion deck is Stuffy Doll. That means we're basically stuck with this card ONLY able to be a companion to an Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim deck or a Karlov of the Ghost Council deck. Our next companion is a legendary Hellion Horror with the most metal art and creature type and the LEAST metal card name imaginable. The new deaths come after two days in which only a single death was reported. Alena, Kessig Trapper. The Prismatic Piper is intended to be used as a failsafe, providing an additional color for a deck when the player isn't able to draft the right commanders. Lurrus requires you to be playing Ayli or Karlov as your commander. This might be the deck to build if I wanted to force myself to start using those types of cards more often. EDH Recommendations and strategy content for Magic: the Gathering Commander These new cards get to be played outside of your 100-card deck in your sideboard in formats that allow the use of sideboards. It's just a little bit more of a glass cannon that I would expect but then again, that sort of makes sense in a deck based around 50/50 chances of winning. You can only cast your companion once and after you cast it, there's no way to put it back in the "companion zone" - which to me sounds way better than the "friend zone." Zndrsplt and Okaun are officially my favourite partner commanders with the most underwhelming deck around them. Thasios bears a solid 1/3 stats for his low cost, and like Kydele, he … Click JOIN to become a Creature Token and earn your channel Badge and access to our emotes for live streams! ps EDHREC is gonna die from webcrash they have to put in 1,540 new commander deck combos and that also includes one of every partner legend from from 2016 plus 40 of each I doubt we'll get Yawgmoth at full power in this set (base set, we have no idea who the faces of the Commander Legends precons are), and Gix will probably be B R . WBR Vial Smasher the Fierce & Bruse Tarl, Boorish Herder. Of course, I'm not on the Rules Committee and have no reason to think they'll come around to my way of thinking, but I'm hoping they'll see the light. A repeatable way to put Gyruda onto the top of your library might serve that goal, but I need to move on to our next companion. You won't be using Scheming Symmetry to trick an opponent into putting a juicy card on top of their library and you certainly won't be cheating Sheoldred, Whispering One, Sepulchral Primordial or Void Winnower into play with Gyruda. None of that directly involves Zirda, but I feel like it's the direction you'll find yourself in if you build a deck with only permanents that have activated abilities. TCGplayer: $0.00. They've brought back mechanics from old Commander decks and Kelsien, the Plague is a legendary Human Assassin who cares about experience counters. The six-mana 4/4 vampire noble is one of the 41 mono-colored partner commanders in the set. Buy Collector Booster Box – $259.99 Buy Collector Booster – $23.99. I suspect they don't trust themselves to not accidentally break our format. Arguably the most unnecessary addition to Commander is the new Companion mechanic. General Kudro has a daughter named Jirina Kudro who is also a Human Soldier and who adds red to her dad's black and white color identity. It looks to me that while you could build a sweet Knights and Dragons tribal deck, you may actually want to stick to one half of the tribe. There's no reason you should get a 101st card when lots of other deck types or strategies don't just because you're building around Cats, Activated Abilities or some other goofy theme. Bringing back the Partner mechanic in a new form has EDH players everywhere scrambling to brew around two new creatures and the synergies they offer. Then you get out Avenger of Zendikar, flicker that a bunch of times, then play Craterhoof Behemoth and swing for the win. So, you might think one returning Commander-based mechanic was enough. And then the Planeswalker-as-Commander mechanic was spoiled with Will & Rowan Kenrith. Rear Adm. Don Gabrielson, commander, U.S. Verhay notes… This video specifically ranks new, Partner commanders, from uncommon to mythic. We don't need it. This year's Commander precons come with a cycle of new partner commanders, each of which has a Human and a non-Human partner. May I suggest giving those counters to Nikara? Last week, I covered the Kaiju creatures from Ikoria, and today it's part 2 as we look at Commander 2020. As always, thank you for spending your time with us. I can see this going in a storm direction and using flicker effects to get a few additional Lutri ETB triggers. You can run the tried-and-true Deadeye Navigator combo where you flicker Palinchron, Peregrine Drake, or even Great Whale to untap your lands again and again. This week's column was a big one, so if you're still reading i want you to know that I really appreciate those of you who follow my work and find something useful in the ideas, opinions and decklists I put up here every week. Messing with counters. Where you may have originally had Teysa, Orzhov Scion heading up a sac-themed value or combo deck, Krav and Regna might be a new consideration. Jirina Kudro is the new Mardu commander, and she represents more support for human tribal commander decks. There seems to be an awful lot of weird Cat hybrids in Ikoria. Whether they come with a steed or just a little buddy to keep them company, they were all designed to play uniquely well with each other. Not all companions are adorable and our first just happens to be a legendary Demon Kraken. Vial Smasher the Fierce & Akiri, Line-Slinger
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